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Much of Grandin’s talk focused on how people address problems based on different kinds of thinking. “When I learned how my visual thinking was different from verbal thinking, it gave me insight into how different people’s brains approach problemsolving,” she said. Despite what was a long day for Grandin, she sat for nearly an hour after her talk, signing copies of her book and speaking with audience members. “Very few people on the planet have the combination of both professional success and a compelling life story with the broad, inspiring, and transformative impact that Dr. Temple Grandin has achieved,” CSU President Tony Frank said. “We’re pleased to host this Presidential Lecture as a special opportunity for the community to connect with this remarkable member of our faculty.” Grandin’s accomplishments as a speaker, author and advocate earned her a place among Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2010. Her life story was detailed in the acclaimed HBO biopic, Temple Grandin. Grandin continues to speak and write about autism, most recently in her book Different … Not Less.

Being able to connect with new diverse groups of people on social media enables me to talk to lots of new people. Professor Temple Grandin delivers a lecture for the President’s Community Lecture Series in April 2015.

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