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Hi Gary, It’s great to see you doing so well with WiseBuys. We’ve been by the store several times and are very impressed with the layout, the merchandise and especially your salespeople. As you recall, Horizon Advertising helped make the 98 Cent Clearance Centers a success and would love to help you attain the same kind of results with WiseBuys. Toward that end, we are including a couple of Concept Radio spots that will help brand the store and the WiseBuys name. We’d like to have a quick meeting with you to talk about these and other concepts we have for the store. We’ll call you later to see what time is good for you. It would be great working with you again. Best of the best, Dick Behrle Chris Stola

Horizon Advertising / 1767 Tribute Road, Suite G / Sacramento, CA 95815 / 916.925.0562

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Wise Buys Creative  

General Concepts with Radio Campaign