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What to Look For in a Landscape Architect? Home and garden magazines make landscaping look easy. Those beautiful pictures of green grass and accents of trees and shrubbery were actually meticulously designed by a landscape architect.These artists of grass and earth have vast knowledge of designing the perfect yard for whatever area you are in. Choosing one can be difficult and must be done with your personal needs and wants in mind. Garden Design Before finding an architect, decide on what you want from your yard.Do you want a serene escape or a functional playground? You need to know what your vision is, so you can give your designer a direction.

Landscaping Considerations After you have nailed down your vision, go over a few more things: •

Budget.Have a number in mind that is reasonable for the type of landscaping you want.Realize that, even with a budget, costs tend to go higher, so give your designer a number in the middle of your budget.This will give him/her room to work with, and give you room to breathe.

Time Frame.If you are getting your yard ready for a big event, set a finish date well beforehand.You never know what might come up to stall progress on your yard.From weather to underground gas lines, there will be some kind of time consuming obstacle.Be safe and set a due date well in advance of your big event.

Access.If you want to completely overhaul your back yard, there must be easy access to it.Make sure there is enough space for machinery to enter your yard.If not, gates or even parts of fences might need to be removed temporarily.

Now you are ready to pick the perfect architect.Here is what you need to do to find him/her:

1. If you have an exact vision, look for an architect that specializes in those areas.For instance if you have your heart set on a flagstone patio or a driveway paved with interlocking stone,make sure you find someone experienced in doing them. 2. If your vision is blurry, or you’re not sure exactly what you want, interview architects and find which one you communicate well with.The consultation process can give you a better idea of what your designer can do for you. 3. Make sure your architect knows your area well.He/she needs to know which native trees and other plants do well in your climate.If you live in Ontario, Canada for instance, don’t choose a designer who has only done landscapes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 4. Read reviews, ask friends and neighbors, and look at pictures of each designer’s work.Make sure they are a legitimate business, with all the proper papers and insurance to avoid headaches later on. A good landscape architect can give you the yard of your dreams.They can transform your little world outside your window into a wonderland.Choosing the right one will keep you from making mistakes that are both costly and that can ruin your yard. If you are looking for a landscape design in the Guelph / Fergus area in ON, Canada, you should check out Robin Aggus – a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Certified Horticulturalist / Landscaper. For More Information Visit

What to Look For in a Landscape Architect  
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