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Watch CRACK MONSTERS it’s a film like no other Filmed in Louisiana, in the dirty south. Where Crack heads go wild for crack. If they could sell or rent their souls, they would. This Crack-u-mentary takes a look at the Crack epidemic from the different angle. We document Crack user’s stories, lives from the tragic to the hilarious. You will laugh and cry when you watch CRACK MONSTERS. Witness street knowledege from Jabari Tehuti. See the funny and real lives of those who fight the good fight of addiction to one of the most powerful substances on the planet, Crack Cocaine and his Sister Ms. Watersticks better known as Embalming Fluid.

CRACK MONSTERS IS SORT OF LIKE CRACKHEADS GONE WILD but it's more funnier and wilder. Plus it has something in it that most videos of this kind neglect U will have to see it to believe it. Very User friendly to WATCH. 90 minutes in lent. crack-u-mentaries in one. 30 Real Crack User are in CRACK MONSTERS. Giving monies worth. See it. Watch it. For More information visit our FB Page

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Watch crack monsters it’s a film like no other