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United Kingdom Holidays in the West Country West Country tradition - alive and well Devon and Cornwall have always been a part of these islands that have cherished continuity and their own distinct way of life. It is not coincidence that these counties retain a certain Celtic influence and charm. At the end of the Roman period, westward Anglo-Saxon expansion was checked in the West Country and for some time a non-English Romano-Celtic cultural tradition persisted. As time passed, the West Country was absorbed into the English realm but that legacy of distinctness remains today. This is much more than simply a question of scones, clotted cream and pasties - nor is it just linked to the stunning coastal and inland scenery. It is more a state of mind and set of values that permeates life here, providing a general atmosphere of charm, patience, friendliness and good intention that are amongst some of the more traditional characteristics of typical English life. It is, of course, possible to wax lyrical about some of the sights and sounds of the county. Plymouth is one of the great historic English seaports and famous in history for being the reputed site of Sir Francis Drake's game of bowls, as the Spanish armada appeared on the horizon. It is also an extremely charming city to visit. For rugged grandeur, Dartmoor and its national park is surely one of the most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom and famous in literature. If you prefer more conventional holiday charms, Torquay and the English Riviera offers some of the best beaches and sunshine potential that you are likely to find just about anywhere in the United Kingdom. Yet all of this is particularly special because it is wrapped in that distinct West Country culture that just adds relaxation into the atmosphere. It isn't really possible to describe this in detail, as words cannot do justice to this aspect of life here. You simply need to get busy looking at holiday cottages in Devon and eventually selecting one that appeals to you - then you can visit this incredible county to experience life here for yourself. The United Kingdom offers several places that not only provide a lot of fun for the whole family but also offer great value for your hard earned holiday money. In case you are on the lookout for a fun place where the whole family could have plenty to do, consider visiting the cities and towns around the United Kingdom. If you happen to travel with children then it is important that you find a location that would amuse them sufficiently long enough for you to enjoy the trip and relax too. Any holiday could become a nightmare if you do not find suitably amusing things to do or places to go for your children. There are several holiday parks and theme parks in the UK where your children could enjoy the amusements and rides allowing you time to enjoy yourself too. Kids would especially love thrilling rides at places like Great Yarmouth seafront amusement park in Norfolk & adults could relax in cafes located around the area.

One of the biggest advantages of vacationing in the United Kingdom is that all travelling plans could be left until the last moment. By using various public transport available such as trains or buses you don't even have to drive around the country. With suitable accommodation found all around the UK easily, you can travel around whenever you desire. For More Inforation Visit

United kingdom holidays in the west country