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UK Voice Over Work - Finding British Voiceover Jobs and Agents If you catch a Leprechaun, he has to give you his pot of gold. As a result, Leprechauns are secretive little fellows. One was however once caught by a young farmer. The farmer couldn't believe his luck. Demanding his pot of gold, the Leprechaun reluctantly pointed to a tree in a forest under which the gold could be found. The farmer tied a red ribbon around the tree and headed off to get a shovel so that he could dig up his new found wealth. It's here that UK voice-overs and indeed many other business people go wrong. You see, when voice-overs classify their voices online or otherwise, they tend to describe themselves as 'versatile'. In other-words "I can do anything". As a result, searching the 'versatile' voices tells your pretty much nothing about the voice. The reason is that they don't want to lose out on all of the other work on the site. Fear is the strongest human emotion and the fear of losing out drives them to put themselves in this bland category where they get lost in the crowd. The Leprechaun in our story used this effect to his advantage. He didn't want the farmer to find his gold so while he was away he tied a red ribbon to all the other trees in the forest making his pot of gold completely vanish. The Leprechaun here knows how not to be found. So does a your average UK voice-over. The only difference is - one wants to be and the other does not. Howard admits he is not one of those character voices, which he admires so much, in-fact he often talks about his friend Andrew Grantham who is the talking pet guy from You Tube as being his idol. We pondered on the notion of being "the voice over" perhaps someone or something that nobody knows, but also everyone knows... As we descended into Oxford Circus Tube, this time more intently listening to the tube announcements wondering who that was and what was his story. Getting a voice over agent is not like winning the lottery. It does not mean that you suddenly are special, famous, better than anyone else, rich, going to earn a living, going to get jobs or going to go heaven. Oddly enough, the same applies to having a voice over page, but they both help...a hell of a lot! There are good agents and bad agents, there are honest agents who have built up large businesses through toil and turmoil and those that have stolen contacts whilst on a payroll and started up on their own, there are those that say they are agents and are not, those that say they are not and are, and of course those who use their fame, position or profile. All of them will help. Some of them will welcome you having a voice over page elsewhere with their number and email on it, some of them will not. In fairness you haven't really got much choice. It's damn

hard to get an agent, let alone a decent one, so you will have to do what they say, even if it is unlawfully obstructive or involves you changing your name to something daft. So where do those of us with British accents find the work? One way is to refine the search, putting in keywords such as " UK voice over agency" or "voice over training in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham". You can be even more specific by mentioning your gender; so "female British voice over artist" and "male British voiceover UK based" will produce some interesting results. However there are limitations to all of this. It assumes that voice over artists only achieve jobs and work in their country of residence; in the age of the internet this is certainly not the case. Those beginning their careers often find there is just as much (if not more) opportunity outside of Britain. There are a couple of reasons for this: So keep your options wide open and broaden your voice over horizons. For More Information Visit

Uk voice over work finding british voiceover jobs and agents