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Top 5 Temples of India you must visit! Love and Faith are the two essential requirements to pray any God and attain grace. This world may be divided by a hundred religions but where there is faith and true devotion, nothing else matters. Whether a church, mosque or a temple, what is amazing about a religious place is the serenity, purity and the vibrations that influence us positively. In the same regard, here is a list of top 5 India temples that are known to produce miracles in people’s lives. It may not be fair to call them the only great temples, but yes, from what people say, praying at these places has brought prosperity into their lives more than praying at other places.

1. Vaishno Devi Shrine: Located in the topmost northern region of India, the shrine sees millions of pilgrims every year visit Goddess VaishnoMaa. As they affectionately pray her by saying “Jai Mata Di�, the reverberations echo across the holy mountains. The one day uphill walk above the mountain is a joyride for devotees as they pray their Goddess and revel in her beauty.

2. AmarnathYatra: The shrine of Amarnath is one of the most revered places for all Hindus. By walking the difficult mountainous terrains, thousands of pilgrims visit this shrine to attain peace and salvation. It is said that praying Lord Shiva here ensures that the devotees prosper in all forms, in mind, body and soul and their families stay protected by the Lord.

3. Tirupati: The Lord of the Seven Hills, SrinivasaGovinda as he is lovingly known to his devotees resides in Tirupati in all his bounty and glory. Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, now Seemandhra, Tirupati is a very famous destination for all Hindu devotees who seek peace, harmony and wealth. Donations worth millions are made here every day by people from all parts of the society to impress their Lord and attain eternal grace.

4. Rameshwaram: Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, the location appears in the famous 2013 bollywood movie, Chennai Express. Nonetheless, the serenity and the bounty of this place is unquestionable. Surrounded on all four sides by the Indian ocean, Rameshwaram is just a few kilometers away from the country of Srilanka. It is said in the epic tale Ramayana that Lord Rama started his journed from Rameshwaram to save his wife from the demon Ravana. Known for its medicinal quality, taking a holy dip at the holy waters at Rameshwaram is said

to cure people of all diseases and disabilities. Undoubtedly, this place is a miraculous creation by Mother Nature and is a must visit for pilgrims and tourists.

5. Dakshineshwar temple: Located in the state of West Bengal, the temple is dedicated to MaaDurga or Kali Maa, who in her angry form is said to finish off evil forever. The temple is beautifully constructed and is a great honor bestowed upon every woman who seeks respect and dignity. Millions of tourists from India and world flock this shrine to pray their mother Goddess and attain peace and prosperity.

Besides the above mentioned, there are several other temples located across India where miracles are said to take place every day. Visiting these temples not just gives tourists peace of mind but also brings prosperity into their personal and professional lives. Visit our website, to get to know more about our religious tour packages across India. Call us on +91-80-43000900. You could also join our Facebook Group, to receive regular updates on email and keep in touch with us.

Top 5 Temples of India you must visit!  

Love and Faith are the two essential requirements to pray any God and attain grace. This world may be divided by a hundred religions but whe...