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The Magic Square Lo Shu & Feng Shui Tips - The 4 Pillars of Destiny The Compass school studies the cardinal directions and time, utilizing the complex Chinese Luo Pan Compass and mathematical formulas based on Lo Shu - the magic square.

The ba chai (8 Mansions / Homes) can be employed in 3 various ways. The initial way is to calculate your personal Kua quantity (based on your date of birth) and discover about the great and bad cardinal directions for you. The second way is to discover about the great and negative cardinal directions of your residence, based on the 8 kinds of properties with varying energy distribution. The third way is learning each, your private Kua number and that of your residence, and comparing them to each other.

Several people select to use the simplest approach - figure out the sort of their house and find out about its great and bad sectors, regardless of their private Kua. We will go over this method below.

All homes fall into many sorts based on primary and secondary cardinal directions. In total, there are 8 main types of properties based on their facade direction. The direction of the facade generally coincides with that of the main entrance. Having determined the direction of your residence, you can locate out which of its sectors are good and poor for people, making use of specific tables.

There are also some frequent recommendations for all properties. For instance, getting water in front of a residence is normally considered to be great, as it reinforces the Shen Chi - the sector of continuous improvement and growth accountable for the achievement of the occupants. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in thoughts that any home will have its individual place of the great and bad sectors.

Excellent sectors are Fu Wei, Tien Yi, Nien Yen, and Shen Chi they want to be strengthened. Negative sectors are Chueh Ming (big loss), Lui Shar (six deaths), Wu Kwei (5 ghosts), and Ho Hai they want to be suppressed. It's great if a bathroom, kitchen or pantry is located in a bad sector, as it will weaken its poor energy. As we talked about above, the good and poor sectors differ depending on the type of your residence. As a result, you want to use special tables to decide these for your house in particular.

Varying schools of Feng Shui continue to struggle with each other and provoke controversy, but it's not an obstacle to study this potent teaching. Various points of view are often enriching to a notion, and aid to prevent it from becoming stagnant. Any science evolves and tries to adapt to the lifestyles of various generations. The core values of feng shui, nevertheless, are often the exact same. They are the search for harmony and balance of the positive energy Sheng Qi, and simultaneous elimination of the negative energy Sha Qi. Merely use your intuition and frequent sense, and you might soon learn to choose good places quite intuitively.

Numerology, like astrology, has numerous distinct systems which have evolved more than the years. These systems have the exact same simple principles, but also have main differences in how they prepare your reading. Right here is a synopsis of the four major systems and how they differ. Feng Shui is a approach of balancing and harmonizing the power in your residence to attract good fortune and abundance to your life. There are several different and simple techniques in which you can balance the power in your home. My aim in life is to get rid of some of the mystery surrounding these ancient strategies to ensure that everyone can advantage from the good life enhancements that Feng Shui can bring.

1 of the tools that Feng Shui Consultants use and refer to is something called the Four Pillars of Destiny. By understanding your personal Four Pillars of Destiny we can ensure that your personal private energies can link to the energies in your home. We can also assess regardless of whether you have any of the 5 components, wood, fire, earth, metal and water missing in your own energy so that we know whether or not this element needs to be enhanced in your house.

The term four pillars of destiny refer to your individual horoscope which is derived from the year, month, day and hour of your birth. You have a year pillar, a month pillar, a day pillar and an hour pillar. In every of these pillars you have two numbers, one particular which is your private branch number and 1 which is your individual stem number. Individual branch numbers can be any number in between 1 and 12 and relate to the 12 animals in the

Chinese zodiac. In addition to having a year animal you will also have a month animal, a day animal and an hour animal.

As branches refer to the zodiac animals, stems relate to one of the 5 components and can be any quantity between 1 and 10. Each of the five elements has a yin side and a yang side. The table beneath shows the numbers as they relate to each the branch animals and the stem components.


1. Rat (water) 2. Ox (earth) 3. Tiger (wood) four. Hare (wood) 5. Dragon (earth) 6. Snake (fire) 7. Horse (fire) 8. Sheep (earth) 9. Monkey (metal) 10. Rooster (metal) 11. Dog (earth) 12. Boar (water)


1. Wood (yang) 2. Wood (yin) 3. Fire (yang) 4. Fire (yin)

5. Earth (yang) 6. Earth (yin) 7. Metal (yang) 8. Metal (yin) 9. Water (yang 10. Water (yin)

To create your personal horoscope, and your four pillars of destiny reading you require to know not only the year, month and day of your birth but also the hour of your birth. Once you have identified your four pillars, you can assess your reading to see whether the components provide balance to your life. The ideal reading would be one particular in which all of the components are represented and no one element overpowers the other people. In a not so excellent world you will have a reading exactly where one or a lot more of the components is not represented and you will consequently need to enhance this element in your home if you want to acquire success in the location of your life which the element represents. For More Information on Lo Shu Magic Square or Four Pillars fens shui Visit

The Magic Square Lo Shu & Feng Shui Tips - The 4 Pillars of Destiny  
The Magic Square Lo Shu & Feng Shui Tips - The 4 Pillars of Destiny