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The Fitness Business - How to Profit? The health club industry was recently rated a top five business to own or buy in a recession by several respected sources. The lifestyle is attractive, the revenues are predictable and the services they provide are fantastic. However, now more than ever buyers are biting off more than they can chew and being mislead buy sellers, brokers and franchises. For years Fitness Marketing Group has been consulting number one complaint we receive from new operators business they bought is not what the seller represented. off. Revenues, membership numbers, profit centers, improperly represented.

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Of course sellers, brokers and franchises are going to represent their product in the brightest light! They can do this because they understand the business and YOU DON'T. In fact 8-10 fitness club purchasers have never owned or operated a fitness business before. The health club industry is still a great business. Even in the recession well run facilities have been able to increase profit. Starting or buying a fitness center is a great idea for people who are educated on the risk and rewards of owning a fitness club. Even buying distressed health clubs can be lucrative if you are prepared for the turnaround Do you enjoy taking fitness classes and exercising? Do you have a desire to motivate and inspire others to be healthy and fit? If you said yes, then you may find a career as a group fitness marketing will be rewarding. The most common concern about starting a career teaching fitness is whether or not one can make money at it. You will find a variety of job scenarios in the fitness field and some will produce a better income than others. Basically, working as an independent contractor will increase your chances of making more money as a group fitness instructor. Here are some reasons why and how to do it. When you work for an established organization you will most likely be an employee with an hourly wage. Setting up classes at community centers, dance studios, churches and other places with available spaces for recreation will allow you to set your own prices and get paid per person rather than per class. Arrange to teach private classes at residences, country clubs or hotels. When you teach a private class you may have an automatic base of students. Try gated communities that have clubhouses or resorts that have a calendar of activities for their guests.

When a trainer decides to take training sessions for a small group, it means additional monetary benefits. It can help a trainer earn more on the hourly basis. This type of model is good as there are not large numbers of people involved and each person can get special attention. Clients can also enjoy special discounts in groups, but still it gives the trainer a good amount. A small group fitness business helps a personal trainer to get involved with more people at the same time. This also means that there is a big possibility to get word of mouth referrals if your clients are happy with your training sessions. Working with clients of different personalities is also beneficial as the trainer can learn a lot of different things that he might not working with individual clients. It helps trainer a lot in developing their skills in a better way. A group personal training business also helps trainers to learn the art of managing time and people and creating transitions between exercises. For More Information on group exercise certification Visit

The fitness business how to profit