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The Allure of the Black Opals Opals are the fifth most popular gemstone in the world right behind diamonds, sapphires emeralds and rubies in the popularity list. The world supply of opals mostly come from the Australia with substantial amount found in continental America and Mexico among other countries. At one time there were no black opals with these stones mostly being of whitish or milky hue and the jewelers used to set them in a dark background to create the darkish effect. But all of these were rendered unnecessary when the first of black opals were discovered in the province of New south Wales in Australia. Only the red opals are rarer to find than the black variety of opal and the choice of color is a very personal thing with it depending on a number of factors such as the color of the buyer’s eyes or the outfit it is supposed to be worn with. With the advent of the internet it has now become possible to choose and order the pattern of opal that you like from the comforts of your home. But it is always preferable that you buy your stone from a reputable jeweler. There are a lot of online stores selling opal jewelry and you can find the best opal bargains by comparing the prices offered at these various web portals.

Black opals are generally found as bars of different colors in the dark body and are one of the most expensive of all opal stones. This stone is made by regular arrangement of silica particles. In addition to the black variety there are semi black and black crystal varieties. The price of the stone depends to a great extent on the depth of the color. Those stones that have flecks of red or yellow add a layered effect and present a different view from different angles. There is also a difference of price between natural and synthetic stones. These stones are available in a number of cuts with the price also depending to an extent on the quality and type of cut as well as on the size of the stone. A number of websites can be found on the internet that provides the buyer with sound advices regarding their choice of buying opals direct as their wedding present. Opal engagement rings can make a beautiful statement of love and commitment. They are available at a number of cuts and are suitable for different types of engagement rings.

Opals can go with a number of attires and are suitable for most occasions. The black opals are among the rarest specimens of precious stones in the world and can make for a nice gift to your better half on that special day. You can buy opals wholesale on the internet from the online stores of reputable jewelers. But while

buying you should be sure about the quality of the stone and whether it is natural or of synthetic origin. Keep in mind these points and make your loved one feel special by gifting them one of these.

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The Allure of the Black Opals