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Permits and Codes in Marietta GA for Home Remodeling and Renovations Taking advantage of the recently introduced tax benefits for home renovation by the US government, many residents in Marietta, Georgia are gearing toward giving their homes a new facelift. From adding additional space to dressing up the home with latest electronic devices, Marietta locals are leaving no stone unturned to turn their homes into comfortable and inviting destinations. Though we would be willing to spend thousands of dollars on additional equipment and a new room, the thought of electrical rewiring during remodeling always makes us halt. Besides being expensive, a rewiring project should only be done by a highly skilled licensed Marietta home remodeling. Do I really need to consider rewiring when I am remodeling my home? The answer would be an emphatic yes, especially for homes that were built during the 60s. The electrical wiring installed in older homes does not meet the present day safety standards by the National Electrical Code (NEC). There has also been more pressure on the electrical circuits in your homes with items such as flat screen TV"s, surround sound systems, sub-zero refrigerators, high speed internet, etc. all need a special cat 5 wire. You can take into account the following parameters which will give you a clear indication that the electrical wiring of your home needs to be replaced. You should check: The color of the existing electric cable in your home and if they are black, you need to go ahead with the rewiring project. Modern cables come in white, yellow and orange colors and are insulated using a plastic coating, while the older black cables were insulated using cloth that decays with time. Other things to check- If you have round pin plugs or metal conduits running right up to your lights or sockets, then note that all these are old electrical components and should be replaced. You should also see if you have only one outlet per room, which reflects that your home is seriously underserviced and the electrical wiring should be upgraded.

By the latest National Electrical Code receptacle outlets should be provided within 6 feet of a door and 12 feet on center for running electrical fixtures such as lamps, radios and televisions. Also, the entire electrical system should be properly grounded. If you regular experience power outages and blown fuses which is a clear indicator that the present electrical circuit is overloaded and should be upgraded. Consider rewiring when remodeling an older home, for nothing is more precious than the safety of your family and your peace of mind. If you are still not convinced whether you should consider rewiring while doing home remodeling Marietta ga, the best thing to do would be to call an Marietta electrician to conduct a home inspection of your electrical wiring. Based on their analysis, you can decide on upgrading your electrical wiring. We have all either done it or have thought about it: remodeling your kitchen. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen space, there are so many things to consider that it can be an overwhelming experience. As soon as you have one idea, another one comes to mind. The constant flow of ideas in your head can get in the way of what the sole purpose of your kitchen - a highly functional, and eye appealing space.

Permits and codes in marietta ga for home remodeling and renovations  
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