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Kim Kardashian is barely out of her seventy-two days marriage and that did not stop her from falling right into the arms of another. Money knows no love and if you don’t know just check out the Kim Kardashian tape story that made her rich and famous. Everything has been just motivated by financial gains. Allegations about possible involvement with Kanye West, even before completely breaking off ties with her ex-husband Kris Humphries, are all over the media. Many sources claim that her marriage was somewhat arranged and in no way love- related. Her past relationships should come as a strong warning sign for her present boyfriend Kanye, who seems to be too caught up to notice. The saying that “the spotlight blinds” pretty much describes his situation. We all hope that he does not realize when it’s too late. Talks about marriage do not appear to be a main topic on their agenda. They are presently caught up in their world of fashion. An interview with Kim’s mom pacified the situation and all of the suspense about the couple preparing to exchange vows. Nevertheless, we cannot be too certain that something is not brewing; rumors tend to carry a bit of truth sometimes. With Kanye in the picture, Kim Kardashian is a bit more regulated and cultured; her taste of fashion and dress code has improved considerably. He has been helping her with straightening up some of her acts, although she still manages to keep the “public display of next to nakedness” syndrome intact. Kanye himself has fallen victim to that aspect about her and has been helping with the same. This has placed him on the sour side of the critics, who find her lawless behavior so disgusting. Some have even viewed her as a remake of Paris Hilton. Others see no difference between rehabilitated sex workers and her. They argue that she should undergo the same social rejection as they do because she has “earned” it.

Kim Kardashian is barely out of her seventy-two days marriage