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Invention Help - How To Bring A New Idea To Market With the world's unpredictable weather, there are purification inventions being developed so that you can get safe and health water supply. Things like the New Orleans Hurricane and other natural disasters have left areas in devastation. There is no food or clean water, however a new solar water purification invention has been proven to help those survivors by cleaning the water. It will make sure that the water is disinfected good enough to drink. This is a small device will use the sun's ultraviolet rays to quickly clean the water supply. It will clean your water supply so that you can stay safe and in such an inexpensive way. The rays will kill harmful bacteria and viruses that might linger in the water. It will prevent others from getting cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and other diseases that can be seriously harmful or deadly. This invention has affected thousands of people. It could be used to help clean your day-to-day drinking sources, however, it was made for emergencies. Depending on the type that you get, you may not even have to worry about the electricity it takes to run it because some will rely on gravity for water flow. This is such a great development in water purifiers because you are able to utilize the earth's natural resources. It will end up purifying the water in a natural and safe way. This method is usually used by third world countries because it is also very inexpensive to use and works great when it comes to giving the water a better quality. Although, right now it will not help those who have a major chemical contamination, but it can be used to help filter your water from dirt and soil particles. For right now, they are focusing on the every day contaminations that may occur, not those caused by disasters. You can expect to see new improvements to the solar purification system and you will be able to purify all water from major spills and contaminations. Right now, there are labs that are working on improving their devices and making them able to handle jobs like New Orleans. You can find out more about solar water purification by doing a thorough search online. This maybe the method that could help you improves your water system and water quality. This great start to something that will help everyone and the environment through disasters and spills. Invention help is available for a fee and a signed contract to split the profits. An invention submission company will take care of all the details. Once through these, the next steps might be license agreement, patent management, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, fulfillment, project funding / financing, licensing and product development. A caveat... Through media and web hype, many aspiring inventors identify invention submission companies or invention promotion companies as the best invention help. Not so. A number of invention submission corporations belong to the $300 million a year industry scam, according to MSNBC reports.

This is a simple guide to outline the steps. There is a lot of more information to take in about each step and ideally you need a professional invention company to take you through the process. Check online to make sure there is no bad press about the chosen invention company before handing over any money as unfortunately there are some sharks out there! If you Need Any Help on Innovation feel free to visit

Invention help how to bring a new idea to market  
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