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Hotels In The Town of Whitley Bay When did your heart last stir on reading a holiday brochure and discovering a place you've never heard of and a hotel Whitley bay that looked like a dream come true. Manda Bay Lodge could be everything you have ever dreamed of, perhaps even more. It may be somewhat remote, even inaccessible, but that is a huge part of the charm of Manda Bay. You will need to know what makes Manda Bay the incredible place it is. There are obvious, and again less obvious reasons why Manda Bay Lodge gets such outstanding reviews. That quite frankly is the purpose of this brief article. Let me say immediately that the only connection I have with Manda is that I just love the place. So where exactly is Manda Bay. Well it's off the coast of Kenya in the northwestern tip of an archipelago called Lamu. Getting there is always the first thing folks want to know. Naturally you'll want to know how to get there. You will need to fly there that's for sure. You can either fly into Kenya to Nairobi or Mombasa It will be a small aircraft from there to Lamu, and then a speedboat to Manda. From the moment you get on the boat you will realise you are going to be looked after very well indeed. One of the top qualities so evident at Manda Bay is the excellent staff and helpful owners. Naturally you will want to know more about Manda Bay, in terms of rooms, the quality of the food, and what there is to do. Let us take a close look at your room to begin with. If you are wise you will book one of the eleven Bandas out of the sixteen that are beachfront. Privacy is a key to the bandas, plus space, nice large beds, and good bathrooms. The quality you would expect. You will particularly enjoy the large verandas especially the hammock to lie in and gaze at the superb view of the beach and turquoise sea. Next we will look at the quality of the food. The sheer quality of the food may come as a surprise considering how remote it is here. The food is consistently brilliant, and that can be virtually guaranteed. If you like fresh fish, and fresh fruit then they form the basis of great menus. Whilst fresh fish is a speciality, the chefs will cook to order. You can dine at one large table or alternatively eat alone candlelit on the beach. Different dinner locations are a specialty at Manda Bay, and you can go off into the bush for a romantic oil lamp dinner, or join other guests for a candlelit beachfront dinner. If you enjoy snacks then Manda Bay does a neat line in snacks from early morning to late afternoon. Activities in any holiday destination are important, and Manda Bay is no exception, so what is available. In the first place many guests arrive here from safari for some R & R, and that Manda supplies in abundance. You can on the other hand plan your days with the willing help of the owners, and go fishing, bird watching, sailing in an Arab Dhow, and in the evening go star gazing.

Collingwood guest house, it is perfect as a romantic getaway. Whitley Bay is just right for romantic foodies who want five star chic in a deserted spot on the Kenya coast. If you're looking for great places to see in the North East, Whitley Bay should be on your list. It's a beautiful resort, and it's an area that's been popular for a long time but that isn't so overdone that you can't enjoy the natural beauty of it as well as the man-made options. That's one of the great things about Whitley Bay, is that you're able to enjoy both nature and the resort-quality experience that you're looking for. Quite often, you can visit places that are very close to nature and they don't have the kind of accommodations that you're looking for. On the other hand, you can visit resort areas and you don't feel close to nature at all. Guest house Whitley Bay gives you both, and that's such a rarity that the importance of it shouldn't be overlooked. You can stay in beautiful hotel accommodations there and enjoy swimming, hiking, and the beauty of the natural world as well as massages, arts, culture, and all of the finer things that you're looking for by taking a vacation. There are many places to see in the North East, but you'll want to be sure to make Whitley Bay one of them. You don't have to worry about being bored or having enough to do, because there are always things to enjoy there, and that's true of all age groups. Whitley Bay was able to avoid the most hurtful aspects of the decline of the local coal mining industry, though, because of its emergence as a seaside resort of some note in the 19th century. As was said earlier, it maintained this reputation up through the year all the way to the 1980s. Local rail lines, first established in 1882, helped the town attract holiday goers and vacationers from Newcastle. For More Information on bed and breakfast Whitley bay Visit

Hotels in the town of whitley bay