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High Commission Rolodex Best Practices

Brought to You By: by Mark Dickenson >>Youtube Bully 2<<

A supplement to the Rich Marketing Rolodex

and the High Commission Amazon Rolodex

Hello Everyone I wanted to make you a quick report outlining the best practices with some of the High Commission Rolodex products I have recommended recently I am going to talk about how to really use this resource to its full potential Then I am going to talk about how to promote these types of High Commission products But first, you are probably wondering...

Why Is There a Picture of Wimpy from Popeye on The Cover? is supposed to be need to be serious all the time... And second, the idea is to increase your cash flow so you can afford to do the things you want to do in life...and maybe even buy a few extra hamburgers :) lets get started The first thing is...the idea is to use these products as a starting point for research Yes, it is fine to promote the products on the list...but take it a step further...and use these lists to find related products to promote More on that in a minute But time for a quick Pep talk based on 2 or 3 emails I received... Sometimes the higher priced items might be out of stock by the time you get your hands on the list DO NOT despair! I had a couple of people of people email me upset because some of the products were out of stock. To be honest, those people are going to be in for a rude awakening in internet marketing. You see, there are ALWAYS going to be obstacles. The people who make a living at this don't let the first setback prevent them from making money The smart affiliate is going to see a list like this as an untapped resource if used properly...and if something on the list is sold out, there are always similar products to promote...that nobody else is promoting! how do we find similar products to promote? 1. Look at the bottom of for the recommended products 2. Take the product name and go over to the Google Keyword Tool and search for the product name That will give you some ideas of products to promote So how do we go about promoting these products? I highly recommend Youtube(big suprise, right?) You can also use Squidoo as I have heard of people having success with Squidoo...but I personally don't use squidoo...just Youtube So most of you already have Youtube Bully I recommend following the promotion strategies in there...but it is pretty simple

Step 1. Create a simple video talking about(or make a slide show with music) the product You can go to and find info on the product...or just get some info from Amazon If you want a quick and easy way to make your videos, I highly recommend the Tube Raider Software Ive had a lot of people email me about how happy they were with the software...much faster and easier to use than windows movie maker

Step 2. Make sure you have the product name in the title, tags, and description...basic stuff here Step 3. Blast the video with Bookmarking Demon Most of you know I am a huge fan of combining videos with mass social bookmarking For most of these keywords, that will be all that is necessary And for those that have already purchased Bookmarking Demon thru my link, I am getting new sites to the list I promised you so I will send out an email when I am done getting those new sites Then rinse and repeat...pretty simple Once you get your links out has a snowball effect. This isn't all that hard. Just stick to it until you get good...and then the money will start flowing in I am getting quite a few success stories with the Youtube Bully 2 strategies...and I gave you a big part of it above in case you don't have the course

Anyhow, I just wanted to get you this best practices report because I have had a few emails asking how to use this goldmine...and now you know :) Don't make it any more complicated than what I posted above And lets look at the income potential here: Lets say you open up the Rich Marketing Rolodex I recommended a few weeks ago...and after you do your research as I outlined above, you find 12 products that have a commish of $500 Lets then assume you make a video for each one of those products...12 videos in all Lets also assume that you have horrible luck..such as the sterotypical cartoon fella who has a storm cloud that follows him wherever he goes....and each video only makes a measley 1 sale per year Well, that is an extra $6,000 per year...or $500 per month on average. Thats a car payment I hope you take action on this. I have 1 customer of mine who has been with me for a long time...and was reluctant to try video marketing...I don't think he believed it would work And he kept asking me over a period of a year if it really is possible to make $2,000 per month with video marketing...and I told him it was easily doable I don't think he believed me though because he asked me that several times over a period of a year...and my answer was always the is easily doable Well, he finally got going and just emailed me the other day saying he broke the $2,000/month mark with the Youtube Bully 2 strategies Here's another success story:

And another one from Paul on the next page, who went after a competitive product in the health niche and made $160 from 1 video...with 20 minutes work

So there you have it If you have any questions, feel free to email me at -Mark Resources Recommended in this Report:

Bookmarking Demon-Best Software I Have Ever purchased in terms of the money it made me. Forward receipt to and I will give you a list of additional bookmarks to add to the software

Tube Raider Software -This software overcomes on of the biggest obstacles to video marketing...and that is video creation

Rich Marketing Rolodex- Make up to $541/per sale with very little competition Amazon High Commission Rolodex- Cash in on high ticket items on Amazon

High Commission Rolodex Best Practices  
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