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Choosing a Herpes Simplex Treatment - Control Genital Herpes If you have been recently diagnosed with herpes, besides the emotional rollercoaster you are currently an unwitting participant on, a key decision you must make as early as possible is which herpes simplex treat ment are you going to use to control your genital herpes symptoms and outbreaks. Your doctor should be able to provide you w ith advice on this issue, although it may take some time and some study of your outbreak patterns, your general health and your body's reaction to certain drugs to determine the right prescription or treatment method for you. There are a few options that may be presented to you. The first your doctor will likely recommend is anti-viral therapy. As herpes simplex is a virus, antibiotics are useless against it. This may seem daunting and scary, but this is why suppressive anti-viral therapy exists, and is generally the most effective herpes simplex treat ment. While the virus may be in the body for life, it can be controlled and suppressed, and after determining an effective treatment, many people experience very few or even no symptoms or outbreaks afterwards. Those who still experience outbreaks will find their symptoms drastically reduced, healing time sped up significantly, and the time between outbreaks becoming longer and longer as they take the anti-virals. However, anti-virals are not for everyone. They are expensive, they can cause side effects, and they sometimes plain don't work. In these cases, you can try taking different varieties of antivirals (there are several on the market, your doctor can advise you on this) or you can try an alternative herpes simplex treat ment. Many patients have great success with supplement therapy, which usually includes taking daily doses of Zinc, Lysine and Vitamin C. Others still have had success with natural treat ments, which can be bought online, at a health or homeopathic store, or mixed up yourself using recipes f rom a homeopathic partitioner, who w ill determine w hich ingredients are most likely to benefit you and your situation. Finding the right herpes simplex treat ment can be something that you can pinpoint right away, or it can be something that can take some time and s tudy of your body and it's reactions. Whatever the case, remember that genital herpes can be controlled, and every case (just as every person) is different. Don't lose hope and keep trying, and you'll f ind the right herpes simplex treat ment for you. Herpes zoster, also called shingles, is something that anyone can get if they have had chickenpox in the past. If untreated it can last for up to a couple of weeks, however it is not recommended. Treat ment is primarily necessary due to the discomfort and pain th e condition causes and few people can endure it for too long. Also, as it is so painful it can cause long-term conditions like postherpetic neuralgia as well as numerous other neurological conditions. Herpes zoster treat ment is rather simple and does not require more than taking medication and if necessary applying creams. It is described as a strip of clusters on one side of the body, which can be very painful and irritating. It usually begins with simple burning or pain in the skin and muscles which is followed by flu like symptoms

as well as the blister like rash along the body. It can appear any place on the body, however, is usually located near the spine and on one side of the body. There are cases that it has been found on the face, arms, and legs. The how to get rid of herpes tips mentioned above if well followed w ill help you the not infected not acquire it, and the already infected contain it by reducing it frequency of outbreak and the severity of its symptoms. For More Information check out this VIDEO

Choosing a herpes simplex treatment control genital herpes  
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