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Abortion in Singapore Unwanted pregnancies have become highly common in today’s society. But while many people think that the issue only concerns unmarried women, unwanted pregnancies also occur on those who are already married, or even to current mothers. However, when a woman gets caught in this situation, she only has two options to choose from. It’s either she continues with her term until she gives birth, or to terminate her pregnancy as early as possible. If she chooses to go for a latter, that would mean to have an abortion. In Singapore, abortion has been made legal since 1969. Parental consent is not required in order for a woman to seek abortion service, provided that she is physically and mentally sound. However, Singapore abortion cases still spark debate every now and then. It’s because to have an abortion would mean to take the life of a child growing inside the womb. But at the same time, abortion offers a practical solution to end unwanted pregnancy, regardless of being a moral taboo. The important thing is that the person involved in the situation should know the pros and cons of abortion, before actually deciding to push through with it. This is why in Singapore, abortion is allowed only after a woman has undergone brief guidance counseling regarding her decision, and the procedure in general. Yes, terminating pregnancy offers practicality and convenience, especially for women who are not yet ready to raise a child. There are also women who choose to go for this procedure because they could no longer handle more responsibility given what they currently have. The main point here is that, is getting an abortion worth it? Once the answer to this question has been fully settled, that’s the time to decide whether to go for it or not. Apart from being a solution to end unwanted pregnancy, abortion can also be a lifesaver. Some women, particularly those who have been diagnosed with certain health conditions, have their lives at risk once they get pregnant. These include women suffering from rheumatic heart disease, and even cancer. Because of these conditions, doctors recommend performing an abortion to save their patients’ lives. As for issue of unwanted pregnancies, the only way to prevent them is by taking responsibility. Women can choose from birth control pills, implanted contraception, and intrauterine devices. Birth control pills can be purchased over the counter, while other devices are administered by gynecologists. Yes, even if it is legal in Singapore, abortion is still seen as the last resort for unwanted pregnancy.

When deciding to get an abortion, the best thing to do is to talk to a gynecologist first and explain why you believe it is best to end your pregnancy. This way, the doctor will be able to fully understand your situation. Your doctor will likewise know how to help you get over the ordeal physically and emotionally. For More Information on OBGYN Centre Visit

Abortion in Singapore  
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