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Guitar Lesson Have you ever wanted to take guitar lessons to improve your playing but felt ashamed because you consider yourself an "experienced" player and shouldn't have to take lessons because you should already know it all? Not long ago, I had a new student sign up and told me he had put off taking lessons for that very reason. Some of his band mates looked at him kind of funny and said, "Lessons? Why do you need lessons? You play just fine." His response: "Yeah, that's the problem. I play fine. But I want to play better!" The two main options to learn guitar efficiently are private one-on-one lessons and classroom instruction, be it guitar lesson for beginners or advanced guitar lessons.

Private, one-on-one lessons are the best approach to learning guitar, because a private guitar coach tailors lessons to you, or there are online guitar lessons too. You don't have other people in class to be nervous about, and you can ask questions that you normally wouldn't. Here are several reasons why you should invest in oneon-one guitar instruction rather than enroll in a class setting. A Private Guitar Coach Tailors to You When you are in a one-on-one lesson with a guitar teacher, all of the teacher's focus is on you and your playing. In a classroom setting, multiple students all simultaneously are vying for the teacher's attention. Those other students might be holding you back when they are not up to your level, or make you feel

uncomfortable when they are a lot better than you are. Either way, they take away attention you could be getting from the teacher.

You Are More Nervous in a Classroom Setting It is already bad enough just messing up or feeling self conscious in the presence of 1 teacher, imagine having 20 other guitar students sitting around you who all witness your insecurities. It's human nature to get self-conscious when you compare your guitar playing to the playing of the other people around you in the room. In a one-on-one lesson, there is nobody else around who can make you nervous with their energy and playing abilities. Guitar lessons are an important bridge to get from where you are to where you want to go as a musician. And if you're serious about being a serious musician, then you won't just brush aside the thought of taking lessons simply because it isn't "cool" with anyone else. It won't be someone else who'll be benefiting from the lessons after all; it'll be you. And if your friends wouldn't dare make fun of their guitar heroes who might have taken lessons in the past, then they most certainly won't make fun of you if you turn up a few weeks later with some new chops under your belt.

In conclusion, getting your child involved in music can be very rewarding for them. If you are an adult and looking to pick up the guitar, it too can be a great source of enjoyment and stress relieve for you. Picking the right teacher, and then committing yourself to daily practice is what will bring desired results. As I mentioned earlier, online guitar lessons can be a great option for you. With online guitar lessons you can be in your own habitat and learn one on one with your instructor, at your own pace. Many students will supplement their private, online guitar lessons with video guitar lessons as well. Whichever you choose, online guitar lessons or video guitar lessons, or a combination of both, commitment and practice is what will bring results. For More Information on Guitar lessons Visit

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Guitar Lessons