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Computer Hardware: Necessary Platform for Work Via Software Computers have become ubiquitous in all our lives and there is hardly a household without a computer these days. They have revolutionized our lives from the schools and homes to the office space. The computers have come a long way since they were first introduced and have moved out of the universities and research labs to the common household. However even thought the computers are present everywhere still the common people are confused and ignorant about the different components of a standard model. They are not sure about what constitutes the hardware and the software in a computer. First of all it is to be understood that all the physical

components of a computer that can be touched constitute the computer hardware. The size of the computer plays an important part in determine the type of hardware. However some of them have come to become standard fare in all the computers. But the smaller computers such as the laptops and the notebooks have come to represent development and advancements in the hardware technology and design. The other major component of a standard computer is the software which contains all the programs and algorithm needed to run the hardware as well do the various computing functions.

Without the software the computer hardware represent nothing but a dumb computer. Even after putting all the hardware in place and correctly, one can perform no computing task without installing the operating system which is the major computer software. The operating system is needed to run the computer hardware and to decide how to allocate the different resources. The hardware constitutes a wide range of products. The most visible ones are the monitor which serves as the screen, the keyboard which is used to input data, the CPU or the central processing unit and the tiny but essential mouse. The CPU is considered as the brain of the computing unit and contains all the vital hardware components needed for running the computer. The CPU contains the hard disk that is the memory bank of the computer and is used to store all the data. It also contains the memory card and the processor. There are also the video cards, sound cards and Ethernet cards. And finally it contains the DVD reader and writer which are used to play and write DVDs as well as CDs.

One of the most important of all computer hardware components in the CPU is the mother board. The mother board is considered as the primary circuit board of computer and there are a number of motherboard parts which carry out a multitude of functions. Among the various motherboard parts that constitute an integrated motherboard some of them are the CPU socket, CMOS, BIOS, memory slots, power connectors, IDE connectors, SATA connectors, CMOS battery, AGP graphics slot, PCI Express graphics slot among others. The mother board contains the slots for the RAM and the graphics card which are used for improving the graphics of the computer. The motherboard segment is overwhelmingly in the hands of the Intel Corporation. For More Information on computer hardware Visit

Computer Hardware Necessary Platform for Work Via Software