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For The Moreau Catholic High School Community

2010 Fall

Moreau faculty and staff volunteer service at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish

Student Fundraiser brings in $90,000

Link Crew: Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

for Teves Theatre

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The Vector

Letter from the President

Cover: Members of LINK Crew: Katrina Torres ‘11, Jessica Sommer ‘11, Vince Leus ‘11,

Juliann Butz ‘11, Audrey Miciano ‘11, Alex Bemiss ‘11, Jennifer Rillamas ‘11, Megan Sommer ‘11 and Marissa Phelan ‘11 Dear members of the Moreau family,

Cover inset: Dave Baptist ‘85 repairing a doorway during the Faculty and Staff Retreat at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish and School.


Building Tomorrow’s Leaders


Celebrating a Saint — Brother André CSC


Behind the Scenes with Dennis Retallick ‘11 and Emily Nikzat ‘11


Cookies, Cocoa and Cram

8 Transformed


2010 Funding Hopes and Dreams Luncheon


Staying Ahead of the Curve — Saints and Scholars Program


Moreau Leadership Presents Strategic Plan


Your Seat in the Spotlight — Teves Theatre Renovation Campaign


Our Lady of the Rosary — Faculty and Staff Retreat


Welcoming New Faculty and Staff


Class Reunions: 2000 and 1995


Alumni Council Update, Notes From the Chair and Alumni Speaker Days



Mariners Making a Difference Shannon Blankenship ‘97 and Katia Gomez ‘05

Mrs. Lauren (Clark) Lek ‘97


Mariner Waves


In Memoriam

Kristin Delaney-Wiggins Director of Institutional Advancement

­­Published By: 27170 Mission Boulevard Hayward, CA 94544 Phone: 510.881.4300 Fax: 510.582.8405 Volume 27 No. 1 — Fall 2010

President Mr. Terry Lee


Design and Production Christine Kosmicki Communications Coordinator


Alumni Athletic Events: BBall & Soccer

Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ’76 Kristin Delaney-Wiggins Christine Kosmicki Mrs. Lauren Lek ‘97 Mr. Terry Lee Tara Rolle

2010-2011 Board of Trustees

Alumni Boys Basketball Game 2

Saturday, November 20, 2010 2:00 p.m. The Vector | FallMain ‘10 MCHS Gym

Alumni Boys Soccer Game Saturday, November 20, 2010 6:00 p.m. MCHS Soccer Field

Mr. Eugene Ashley, Chair Mr. Dennis Mastrantonio ‘71, Vice Chair Mr. Terry Lee, President Mr. Jesus Armas Mr. David Capurro ’77 Hon. Paul Delucchi ’87 Ms. Barbara Hemenez Mrs. Lauren (Clark) Lek ‘97, Principal Sr. Christopher Miller, OP Ms. Phyllis Moroney Br. William Nick, CSC Mrs. Lois Quilalang Mrs. Charlene Raimondi Mr. Manny Sawit Rev. David Staal, JD Rev. Mathew Vellankal

On behalf of the students, teachers, staff and volunteers at Moreau Catholic High School, I welcome you to our fall edition of The Vector. As you know, fall at Moreau means football, cross country, girls volleyball and golf, and rally squad cheering them all. Fall means our annual student fundraiser, our annual Moreau Fund appeal, and the second year of our Funding Hopes & Dreams luncheon. Fall is Homecoming—both the big game, where we welcome back alumni, and the traditional school dance and Homecoming Court. And fall is Thanksgiving with family and friends, as we prepare for Christmas and the celebration of the birth of Jesus our Lord. This fall, we celebrate a special event in the life of Holy Cross and Moreau Catholic—the canonization of Blessed Brother André Bessette, CSC. On October 17, 2010, at Saint Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will canonize the first saint from the Congregation of Holy Cross, Brother André. Much like the Brothers who many of us know and remember, Brother André lived his life in service to the Church, with a strong devotion to St. Joseph and an incredible capacity to help those hundreds of thousands people who came to see him in Montreal in search of healing. As a school community, we dedicate the month of October to celebrating the life of Brother André. Read more about André inside, and see our website for more information on the Church’s newest saint. A big part of our year at Moreau is a special campaign to renovate Teves Theatre. I know most of you can recall the theatre’s original wooden seats, lacking in both comfort and silence. Well, those seats are soon to become collectors’ items! We are launching an appeal to all Mariners and supporters of the arts to help us replace the theatre seats and spruce up this room that serves as a home and performance space to Moreau’s outstanding theater, music, dance and choir programs. When the school year ends and we meet our fundraising goal, we plan to replace the seats, carpeting and window coverings, and paint the theater, so it will be attractive, comfortable and welcoming for many more years of Moreau performances and assemblies. Please consider a gift to this very worthy cause—we need your support, and we want to see your names engraved on the new seats! I look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming athletic and arts events. It’s not too early to start thinking about our outstanding Crab Feed on January 22—mark your calendars! Best wishes to you and your families, and God bless the Moreau community!

Terry Lee President

Since 2004, Moreau Catholic students have had the opportunity to showcase their leadership skills in the junior and senior years through involvement in Link Crew. Link Crew is a student mentorship program that helps incoming freshman through their orientation into high school.


The Vector | Fall ‘10

The Link Crew is a team of sixty-five juniors and seniors who are trained in presentation and organizational skills, and given the tools and strategies needed to assist freshmen during their transition from grade school to high school. Each Link Leader is assigned to 3 freshman. Their relationship begins with a welcome phone call prior to Frosh Orientation, where they are formally introduced. The leaders have contact at least bimonthly with their freshmen group, helping them with their transition, and assisting them with their studies. Since its start in 2004, Link Crew has become an integral part in helping to shape and define our school culture rooted in

community, partnership, respect and being family. These Holy Cross themes are lived out daily in the interactions between upperclass students and our incoming fresman. “Link Crew is where I see our Holy Cross traditions come alive at Moreau,” explains teacher and Assistant Link Crew Coordinator, Pia Shah. “It allows kids who may not be obvious choices for leadership to take on a challenge and see themselves in a new light.” By design, Link Leaders are nominated by teachers, and come from a variety of backgrounds, representing all facets of the school community. These leaders have the desire, motivation and drive to succeed. Consistently each year, the school receives double the number of applicants needed to fill positions as Link Leaders. Fall ‘10 | The Vector


The Magic of Link Crew These Link Leaders are integral to the success of the incoming students. Through the leaders’ ownership and responsibility they are agents of transformation and see the fruition of their efforts first hand. “Link Crew is one of the best ways to be directly connected with other students and help underclassmen thrive in high school,” said Link Leader Nicole Harbert ‘11. “Being involved has made me reconsider how I’m viewed as a role model at Moreau. I’m setting an example for other students.” Mina Chan ‘06 was a Link Leader in the second year of the program and said, “My mission was to make sure every student in my group felt like they belonged to the school. I looked for those kids who sat alone during lunch, or who were struggling. I kept watching over them.” That is the power and magic of the Link Crew program; peers helping peers succeed! According to Blessed Basil Moreau, “We shall always place education side-by-side with instruction, and the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.” These junior and senior Link Leaders are realizing the importance of how their actions impact others in a positive way.

The Power of Student Leadership

Brother André was born Alfred Bessette in 1845 in Quebec. Alfred was orphaned by the time he was 12 and received little formal education. As a young man, he spent time in New England working at different farms, factories and trades, but he eventually returned to Quebec. In 1870 he entered the Holy Cross Novitiate, where he took the name André.

“Over the years, I have seen a plethora of students grow and develop beyond my wildest imagination,” stated Principal Lauren Lek ‘97, who was also the first Link Crew Coordinator.

In 1871, Brother André Bessette was assigned as the doorkeeper at Notre Dame College in Montreal, a post he held until 1909. Brother André often prayed with the sick whom he met at the door, usually instructing them to pray to St. Joseph. Soon many miraculous healings were attributed to his prayers, and large crowds came to see him.

“Students who are shy or previously had minimal leadership experience, have become some of the school’s strongest leaders. They take the time to build strong friendships with the freshmen in their group, and make them feel a part of the Moreau community,” stated Lek. Link Crew has shaped Moreau Catholic, and has helped to develop some of the strongest leaders on our campus. These are the leaders of tomorrow because they have developed the passion for stewardship. The Moreau community has had the privilege of seeing first hand the positive power of these students in transforming a school culture. Jennifer Rilliamas ‘11 is in her second year as a Link Crew Leader: “I am proud to wear the Link Crew shirt around school. It means a lot to me, it makes people recognize me as a leader.”

Educator Andréw Bell stated, “The teacher profits far more than the scholar does – docemur docendo – he who teaches learns.” Over the course of the first semester, Link Leaders present academically focused lessons in the frosh homeroom classes. Link Leaders work with their faculty coordinators to ensure that the academic lessons have a balance between learning new information and time to interact with one another. Lessons are structured in such a way that the Link Leaders are facilitating the learning, rather than lecturing at students.

Holy Cross Anticipates its First Canonization

Using the student as a teacher to their peers puts them in a position where they are not only providing others with the skills to succeed, but they too are refining their abilities. In addition, it provides them with the confidence to believe in themselves knowing that they are positively impacting the lives of others.

Hey Mariners! Contact Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ‘76 at 510.881.4330 or with news or events in your lives.

“Katrina Torres, exemplifies the leadership qualities of Link Crew members. A senior, she is outgoing, athletic, and friendly. She plays volleyball and is part of Moreau’s band. She is always willing to go the extra mile and isn’t afraid to be the first to volunteer for any activity no matter how silly it may be.” —Rick Spinelli Link Crew Coordinator


The Vector | Fall ‘10

Brother André always had a strong devotion to St. Joseph, and in 1900 he received permission to raise money for a shrine to Jesus’ foster father. This shrine became St. Joseph’s Oratory. The first shelter was constructed in 1904, and was enlarged in 1912. In 1909 he was assigned full-time as the caretaker of the Oratory. He spent his days seeing sick people who came to the Oratory, and he spent his evenings visiting the sick who could not make it to the Oratory. By the 1920s the Oratory hosted over one million pilgrims annually, and hundreds of cures were attributed to his prayers every year. Brother André Bessette, CSC died in Montreal on January 6, 1937. It is estimated that over a million people visited his body outside the Oratory during the week following his death. He was beatified on May 23, 1982, and he will be canonized on October 17, 2010. He will be the first saint from the Congregation of the Holy Cross.

“People who suffer have something to offer to God. When they succeed in enduring their suffering, that is a daily miracle.” — Brother André Bessette, CSC Fall ‘10 | The Vector


my Film & Video Arts class and I see tons of potential. She is gifted in terms of technology and graphics. She has already contributed immensely to our MCTV broadcasts and is always eager to take on more responsibility.” Emily has a strong interest in animals and uses her skills as a videographer to film projects for her 4-H club. She adopted an abandoned horse, Andy, who was in sad physical and mental condition, but who has since rebounded under her care and is now healthy enough to be trained as a jumper. Her ambition is to study veterinary science and animal behavior at UC Davis. One can imagine many exciting possibilities for Emily to merge her strong technical and video skills, winning personality and interest in animals to create a unique future for herself. The technical facilities at Moreau Catholic, such as the TV studio, and classes, such as Film and Video Arts, have given Dennis and Emily the opportunity to develop cutting-edge skills. Dennis Retalick has jumpstarted a career that will take him far and Emily Nikzat is developing her creative gifts. Moreau Catholic, unique in comparison with other high schools, supports a 21st Century curriculum that is dedicated to educating hearts and minds.

Dennis Retallick

Behind the Scenes

Cookies, Cocoa and Cram!

Moreau’s resident techies, Emily Nikzat ‘11 and Dennis Retallick ‘11, are best

Link Crew’s Secret Weapon to Master Exams

friends. They are part of the indispensable, back-end magic that makes MCTV broadcasts and a variety of stage productions, from choir and band, to elaborate theatre lighting, operate on cue. Dennis, if one were to compare him to a computer, functions at high clock speed. His conversations are peppered with argot peculiar to operating systems and computer servers. An indispensible behind-the-scenes fixture at MCTV and all school productions featuring dance, choir and theatre, he can be found fearlessly installing lights high in the rafters of Teves Theatre or behind the audio controls. Paul McKenna ‘83, Chair of the Technology and Media Arts Department, delivers heaping praise for Dennis: “Dennis is dependable to the point of reliance. I sometimes think he should be on the Moreau payroll because his engineering skills have saved the day on countless occasions over the years. He simply knows how things work.” McKenna added, “MCTV has benefited so much from his hard work, knowledge and dedication over the past 2 years. As the technical director of all of our broadcasts, he has made the show look much slicker and has repeatedly pushed me to pursue other technologies that would improve our broadcasts. He’s one of those students that you will hate to see leave because you are scared of how much he is taking with him that you desperately need.” Like Mozart, who was born to make music, Dennis was born a master of wiring and tools. Pictures of him as a toddler show him “repairing” things around the house. When contemplating his future, he states he would like to attend an engineering-based school and then work as a hardware specialist in a theatre, TV or movie studio. For Spielberg at Dreamworks, perhaps? Emily has helped out at Tech Camps for incoming freshmen and currently works in the library assisting students. While Dennis is more interested in the hardware apsect of production, Emily’s forte is software such as Photoshop and Fireworks, which she uses to create graphics for MCTV. Paul McKenna stated, “Emily is beginning to shine in


The Vector | Fall ‘10

Emily Nikzat

It is 5 p.m. and the Ivaldi Student Center is filled with the noise of computer keys clicking, the sounds of one-onone and small group tutoring and the sweet smell of hot chocolate, cookies and brownies. While the stress level is palpable, the mood is somehow joyful and focused. At first glance this gathering of great minds may seem incidental, but upon closer look the room is filled with final exam study guides, books and 17 weeks of notes. This is Cookies, Cocoa and Cram. Cookies, Cocoa and Cram is an evening of study that occurs before final exams each term. Hosted by the Link Crew, students are invited to the student center to study, receive tutoring and get ready for their final exams. Teachers from each department volunteer their time to work with students and Link Crew leaders are available to provide peer tutoring to their fellow students. Cocoa, cookies and brownies are made fresh and available to students to create an atmosphere that reminds students that

they are cared for and that their hard work is valued and appreciated by the faculty and staff. This three hour event was initially designed as a supportive transition and preparation opportunity for freshmen facing their first final, but after its first year of implementation students in grades 10-12 were eager for an opportunity to participate. By the following year, Cookies, Cocoa and Cram was opened to all students at Moreau Catholic, and hundreds of students were present and excited for an unconventional opportunity to prepare academically. Cookies, Cocoa and Cram continues to be a highly attended event on campus, with over 300 students participating last school year. This year’s Cookies, Cocoa and Cram is scheduled for December 13. Studying together certainly defines what it means to be students at Moreau Catholic and reminds the community about the Holy Cross call to “be family.”

Fall ‘10 | The Vector


Noteworthy transformed

A website that reflects our standing as an Apple Distinguished School On September 28th, Moreau Catholic launched its new website. The transformed site was the culmination of a year’s effort and collaborative work between the Marketing Committee, Kristin Delaney-Wiggins, Director of Institutional Advancement, the leadership team of President Terry Lee and Principal Mrs. Lauren Lek ‘97, web designer Cameron Stewart and Communications Coordinator Christine Kosmicki. The new site clearly delivers the messages: Moreau Catholic is Innovative, Rigorous, Faith-Filled and Nurturing. Cameron Stewart enhanced the site with many rich technical features such as video and interactivity. Moreau Catholic can be proud of a well-designed and well-thought out website that reflects its designation as an Apple Distinguished School and as the preeminent college preparatory high school in the Bay Area.

Staying Ahead of the Curve:

College Bound Students with Learning Differences The days of Catholic, college preparatory high schools keeping their doors closed to students with learning differences are mostly a thing of the past, and Moreau Catholic High School has been leading the way through the Saints and Scholars program (SAS). An advocacy program designed for highly capable students with learning differences, Saints and Scholars has empowered intelligent students who learn differently through a healthy combination of advocacy training, professional development, a network of learning support and school wide accommodations. No modifications in curriculum are made for Saints and Scholars students. This means that students are completing the same work with the same expectations, but may have accommodations such as having an alternate environment for test taking or being seated towards the front of the classroom. Saints and Scholars is designed to help students succeed despite their learning differences, physical limitations, mental health issues or other medical issues that impact learning.

peer mentoring with upperclassmen from the SAS program and professional development for faculty. During sophomore year, SAS students receive accommodations on standardized testing for college including the SAT, SAT Subject Tests and AP exams. Like every other Moreau Catholic student, our Saints and Scholars are college bound. Proudly, 100 percent of the Saints and Scholars students in the class of 2010 went directly onto four-year universities. Upon acceptance, each student receives the support of the Saints and Scholars counselor, Andrea BradyPanlilio, to ensure that all accommodations from Moreau Catholic are transferred to their university of choice, ensuring that they continue to receive the support necessary to thrive academically. “Our students in the Saints and Scholars program are intelligent, highly capable young men and women who will accomplish incredible things in their futures. We are proud to be able to support them in this process,” boasted Andrea Brady-Panlilio.

For Saints and Scholars, the network of support is a key element, including frosh orientation, ongoing parent evenings,

Visit the new!

2010 Fu n di ng Hopes an d Dr e a ms

Noteworthy Moreau Leadership presents Strategic Plan On August 18th, the dynamic leadership team of President Terry Lee and Principal Lauren Lek ‘97 hosted a reception and presented Moreau Catholic’s 5-year Strategic Plan to an audience of educators, parents and supporters. Terry Lee talked through key areas of the plan. Among them: Catholic and Holy Cross Identity, Financial Planning, Institutional Advancement and Enrollment.

On November 19, 2010 Moreau Catholic will host its second annual Funding Hopes and Dreams Luncheon, a fundraising event benefiting Moreau’s Tuition Assistance Fund. Moreau Catholic’s Board of Trustees is committed to ensuring that all qualified students who dream of becoming a Moreau Mariner are afforded the opportunity. The need for tuition assistance has dramatically increased to more than $1.3 million this year with 29% of students receiving need-based assistance.

A benefit luncheon to raise funds for Moreau Catholic’s Tuition Assistance Program — making hopes and dreams come true. 10

The Vector | Fall ‘10

Two exciting keynote speakers will share their stories; describing how their Moreau education, made possible through tuition assistance, profoundly and positively affected their careers and their personal lives. The cost of Funding Hopes and Dreams has been generously underwritten by Fremont Bank Foundation. In addition, two anonymous donors have pledged a matching grant of $30,000, doubling the impact of the first $30,000 raised at the event. You have the opportunity to make a profound difference in the life of a student in need. If you are interested in attending this special event or contributing to the campaign, please contact Kristin Delaney-Wiggins at 510.881.4305 or

Ignacio Martinez, Kurt Schaarschmidt, Cindy Bath and Kaiser Adeni

Lauren Lek presented on other key areas — Academics, Faculty, Technology and Athletics — showcasing examples of Moreau Catholic’s interdisciplinary curriculum in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The implementation of web, new media and computerbased learning has won Moreau Catholic the prestigious designation of Apple Distinguished School and has garnered speaker invitations from conferences and schools.

Along with educational objectives, the plan details the phased implementation of improvements. The next phase will be an upgrade of the Moreau’s athletic facilities: All-weather track and field, fitness center, bleachers and announcer’s booth. Fall ‘10 | The Vector


Moreau Catholic Theatre Arts students regularly garner recognition and prizes for their outstanding performances. They participate in many regional festivals and competitions such as: the annual Ohlone College High School Theatre Festival; Cal State East Bay Annual Shakespeare Festival; Lanaea High School Theatre Festival; American High School Theatre Festival, a national competition for high school productions whose winners perform at the international Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Moreau boasts the first and only Honors Dance Program in the state of California, meeting the standards of the University of California. These rigorous courses challenge students both physically and academically, focusing on both modern dance technique and dance history.

Your Seat in the Spotlight

The Moreau Catholic Jazz Ensemble has won the Sweepstakes award at Chabot Jazz Festival, First in class at Folsom Jazz Festival, Sweepstakes award at the Next Generation Music Festival in Orlando, Command Performance at 2010 Santa Cruz Jazz Festival, Unanimous Performance Rating at CA Music Educators Jazz Festival.

sponsor a seat in Teves Theatre

Moreau Catholic’s choir, dance, drama and band programs are robust and award winning. The students involved in Visual and Performing Arts deserve a facility to match the caliber of our programs! With great excitement and anticipation, Moreau Catholic has launched the Teves Theatre Renovation Campaign to raise $180,000 in support of all new theatre seats, carpet, window treatments, paint and needed carpentry work on the stage. The annual Student Fundraiser kicked off the campaign raising more than $90,000 toward the project. Will you take “Your Seat in the Spotlight” and help us reach our goal?

Your Seat in the Spotlight is a once-in-alifetime opportunity to celebrate your family, friends, business, or the memory of a loved one by naming a seat in Teves Theatre. By sponsoring a seat, you will enjoy having your name, or that person you wish to honor, laser engraved on a plaque on the arm of an elegant seat. The engraving you select will let other patrons know that you supported the renovation of Teves Theatre.

Be Serious or Poetic, Sentimental or Clever. Just be sure to act now! You can dedicate a seat: • As an individual, couple or family • For your children, grandchildren or parents • In memory of a loved one • With the name of your business or organization • Marking a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion • To honor a retiring employee • Or, with your favorite quotation Use the attached envelope to reserve your seat today.

Your Seat in the Spotlight Premiere Seat Sponsor - $750 First three rows, center

Locations for seat sponsors will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. A member of the Institutional Advancement team will contact you to confirm your seat contribution. Please note that seat sponsors must still purchase tickets to any performance at the theatre, and are not guaranteed seating in chairs bearing their names.

Priority Seat Sponsor - $500

Next five rows, center

General Seat Sponsor - $350 All other seats in the theatre


The Vector | Fall ‘10

Choir students learn challenging and exciting repertoire in a variety of languages and study music theory and history. Choir ensembles include Women’s, Concert, Honors, Chamber, and Jazz. They compete annually at the California Music Educators Association Choral Festival and consistently win Command Performance, Silver and Excellent awards.

Fall ‘10 | The Vector


Oulady  the Rosary

Faculty and staff day of service

Moreau Catholic’s faculty and staff gather in prayer and retreat at the beginning of each school year. But this year, in honor of the Holy Cross theme, Being Family, they gathered not only in prayer, but also unity with a day of service at Our Lady of the Rosary school and parish in Union City. With more than 100 Moreau Catholic faculty and staff, the team helped the parish school with a variety of needed campus improvements including painting classrooms and decks, cleaning windows and blinds, repairing doors and floor tiles, cleaning gutters and downspouts and repairing and configuring computers.

Each year, Moreau Catholic commits to one of four Holy Cross themes. This year’s theme, Being Family, will be woven into Moreau’s curriculum, school masses and activities. Holy Cross Brother Joel Giallanza spoke at the retreat’s morning session and said, “Our union and cooperation with others are more than camaraderie; they are a powerful force of transformation. In his first letter to the community Blessed Basil Moreau wrote, ‘To succeed in the important undertaking entrusted to us, we must be, first all, so closely united in charity as to form one mind and one soul.’” “To celebrate Being Family, I thought there was no better way to start the year than to serve one of our Diocesan family members, Our Lady of the Rosary,” said Moreau’s Principal Lauren Lek ‘97.

The faculty and staff worked hard to clean, repair and paint the school classrooms. Blinds were washed, steps replaced and painted, gutters were cleaned and gardens weeded. It was a busy and fulfilling day. Everyone went about their chores cheerfully and purposefully.

Our Lady of the Rosary Principal, Gloria Galarsa, was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Moreau community. “When Lauren first called with the idea, I began to cry. We are a small school, committed to serving the immediate community, regardless of their ability to pay tuition. There is so much need here,” said Galarsa.

“To celebrate Being Family, I thought there was no better way to start the year than to serve one of our Diocesan family members, Our Lady of the Rosary.” —Principal Lauren Lek ‘97 14

The Vector | Fall ‘10

“We are guided by the teachings of our namesake and founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau,” said Lek. “From Circular Letter 20, he wrote, ‘Above all, let us work with the strength, unity and clear understanding which comes from mutual cooperation and the possession of all things in common. We must never lose sight of the fact that strength in numbers joined with unity of aim and action is the greatest of all strengths and is limited only by the bounds of the possible.’” “We know that resources are limited at Our Lady of the Rosary,” said President of Moreau Catholic, Terry Lee. “And we know that with the strength and resources of more than 100 faculty and staff members, we could have an immediate and lasting impact on their wonderful students.” “God brings us blessings when we need them,” said Galarsa. “Today, he brought us Moreau Catholic. We are so thankful for this opportunity.”

God brings us blessings when we need them. Today, he brought us Moreau Catholic. We are so thankful for this opportunity. — Gloria Galarsa Our Lady of the Rosary Principal Fall ‘10 | The Vector


CONNECT 2010-11 Events Calendar

The CLass of 2000 at City Beach

new faculty and staff

Graham Scott Barton, Cameron Stewart, Serena Maniscalco, Ian Farr, Bob Banos, Frank Knight III and Karen Thomas

We are excited to welcome several new members to the Mariner family, each bringing unique talents and gifts to our community. Mrs. Katie Teekell is serving as Assistant Principal of Campus Life. Mrs. Teekell hold a B.A. in Mass Communications and Political Science from UC Berkeley. While at UC Berkeley, Mrs. Teekell earned the Pac 10 – Academic All American 2002 in soccer, and the Golden Bear Academic Award 2002 given to the student-athlete with the highest GPA. In 2003, she spent a year abroad at Boston University London Internship Program working with NBC News, International Bureau. Mrs. Teekell has completed all coursework toward her Masters Degree in Education from National University.

Mr. Frank Knight III joins us as a social studies teacher and Varsity boys’ basketball coach. He received his BA from St. Mary’s College, Moraga where he was also a member of the 1997 WCC Championship team. He is currently pursuing his Masters Degree in Urban Education at Holy Names University. Before coming to Moreau Catholic, Frank was the boys’ basketball coach, athletic director, activities/leadership director, and social studies teacher at his alma mater, Fremont High School, Oakland.

Ms. Karen Thomas joined Moreau as a teacher in the Visual and Performing Arts department. She received her BFA from the University of Texas, Austin and her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She worked at both the elementary and high school levels in Austin public schools and most recently has been teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute. In addition, she has been active Mr. Robert “Bob” Banos joins us as an AP physics, physics, in many youth community arts initiatives in San Francisco. Ms. and engineering teacher. Mr. Banos earned his BS in Aeronautical Engineering from Drexel University and his BS in Physics from Thomas will be teaching combined arts courses and visual arts. the University of Maryland. He also holds a Masters Degree in Ms. Serena Maniscalco joined the faculty in the Modern Computer Information Systems. He has served as an instructor Language department, teaching AP Spanish, Spanish I, and in engineering for the College of Marin and a chemistry and Study Skills as well as coordinating the Academic Support Center. physics teacher at Drake High School. He was also instrumental Ms. Maniscalco taught Spanish at KIPP Summit in San Lorenzo. in launching the pre-engineering program at Galileo Academy of Previously, she served with the Peace Corps in Paraguay and was Science and Technology in San Francisco. a college level Spanish Instructor at San Francisco City College,

Mr. Graham Scott Barton joined Moreau as choir teacher. Arroyo High School, and Washington High School in Fremont. She Mr. Barton holds his BS in Music Education and a Masters Degree is currently completing her Masters in Equity and Social Justice at in Music and Conducting from Pennsylvania State University. He San Francisco State University. was the director of Choral music at Massaponax Senior High Mr. Cameron Stewart joined the communications team as School in Virginia where he managed a choral program of 250 high our multi-media coordinator. A recent graduate of Cal Poly, San school students, and while earning his graduate degree oversaw Luis Obispo, with a BFA in Art and Design, Cameron oversees undergraduate conducting at Pennsylvania State University. Moreau’s website, including a complete redesign which launched Mr. Ian Farr joined Moreau’s team of four counselors. He in September, and supports the print production needs of the recently served as a school counselor at Maria Carrillo High School school. Prior to joining Moreau, Cameron worked in Cal Poly’s in Santa Rosa and was also a counselor at San Ramon Valley Admissions office, focusing on flash animation, web programming High School and Acalanes High School. In addition, he serves as and graphic design. instructor in St. Mary’s College Graduate Counseling Program and as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Mr. Farr earned his BA from UC Santa Barbara and his Masters Degree in Counseling from St. Mary’s College, Moraga.


The Vector | Fall ‘10

Tanisha (Rees-Parker) Torres ‘90 and Thomas Torres

Ann Marie (Starost) Fuller ‘90 and John Fuller

The CLass of 1995 at Ozumo

There are many occasions to connect with Mariners and get involved in the life of Moreau Catholic. Opportunities exist at every level—from volunteering for Alumni Council to presenting your professional experience and advice to students on Alumni Speaker Days. Join your fellow Mariners and see what an exciting, vibrant and growing community will welcome you back! October 23

Class of 1985 Twenty-Five year Class Reunion

November 6

Class of 1975 Thirty-Five Year Class Reunion

November 6

Open House

November 13 Classes of 1969 and 1970 Forty Year Class Reunion November 16 Alumni Speaker Day November 19 Funding Hopes and Dreams Luncheon with Rosie Rios ‘83 November 20 Alumni Basketball Game at 2 p.m. November 20 Alumni Soccer Game at 6 p.m.

Please share noteworthy events, accomplishments or your whereabouts with your fellow Mariners. Submit your photos and news to: Mariner Waves Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ‘76 at

December 4

Hall of Fame

January 12

Alumni Council Meeting

January 22

Crab Feed

January 28

Alumni Speaker Day

February 12

Alumni Baseball Game

February 26

Alumnae Softball Game in Stanley Park

March 11

Alumni Speaker Day

April 16

Theatre Renovation Benefit Concert

May 27

Baccalaureate Mass

May 29


Contact: Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ‘76 at 510.881.4330 or for more information

Fall ‘10 | The Vector


Alumni Council Update

Mariners Making a Difference Shannon Blankenship ‘97

Year Two Goals The Moreau Alumni Council was created in 2009 to support Moreau’s educational mission by strengthening the community of Moreau graduates and encouraging active participation in the life and legacy of the school. All members of the Moreau alumni community are welcome to attend meetings of the council. The full council meets twice a year (once in August and once in January), while the four subcommittees meet additional times during the year. The current council leadership is composed of Dr. Perry Stout ‘74, Chair; Aaron Peabody ‘05, Vice-Chair; and Tamra Appiano ‘00, Secretary. Subcommittees are led by Marcie (O’Connell) McIntire ‘88, Chrissy DeFrance ‘05 and Art Songey ‘73. Dr. Perry Stout ‘74 Moreau Alumni Council Chair email:

Aaron Peabody ‘05 Moreau Alumni Council Vice Chair email:

Notes from the Chair — Dr. Perry Stout ‘74 First, I would like to thank Jason Blair ‘89 and Tanisha (Rees-Parker) Torres ‘90 for their service last year as council chair and secretary, respectively. The Moreau Alumni Council held its first meeting of the 2010–2011 school year on August 11. Building on the foundation established by the inaugural Council of 2009–2010, this year’s council plans to increase its participation in Moreau activities by encouraging more alumni attendance at school events, working to find class representatives for all graduating classes, and increasing our web presence with individual Facebook pages for every class as well as encouraging greater use of the Moreau website. We also intend to provide speakers for the new Alumni Speaker Days scheduled for November 16, January 28 and March 11. I encourage all alumni to find a way to reconnect this year, whether it’s a reunion, social event, alumni athletic event or fundraiser. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Sincerely, Dr. Perry Stout ‘74 Alumni Council Chair

Alumni Speaker Days November 16, 2010 January 28 and March 11, 2011

Tamra Appiano ‘00 Moreau Alumni Council Secretary email:

Alumni Speaker Days are an extension of our former Alumni Career Day, which was geared only to Moreau juniors. The new format will increase all current students’ accessibility to connect to our alumni guest speakers. Sessions have been extended to one hour giving students more time to inquire about their promising careers. If you are interested in participating in one of the three scheduled days, please contact Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ‘76 at


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Dr. Daniel Chivers ‘89, shared his experience as a research scientist in the Nuclear Engineering Department of UC Berkeley at Alumni Speaker Days —an easy way to give back to Moreau and inspire a Mariner.

Upon graduation from Moreau Catholic in 1997, Shannon Blankenship attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon. After college, he was accepted into Teach for America, a nationally recognized program where the nation’s top 10 percent of college graduates pledge to teach in the country’s most underserved urban schools. For three years, he taught 37 5th and 6th grade students in Harlem, New York. He then moved back to the Bay Area as a founding teacher at KIPP Bridge College Preparatory in Oakland, California. “My mission is to ensure that every low income student has the tools needed to succeed in college,” stated Shannon. After three successful years at KIPP Bridge, Shannon was recruited and selected into the KIPP Fisher Fellow Program. The Fisher Program was created by Don Fisher, the founder of The

month leadership program at Stanford University, he learned the instructional, operational and leaderships skills to launch a public charter school. In 2007, Shannon moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to focus on closing the achievement gap in a community where less than one in ten students of color attend college. He founded Hiawatha Leadership Academy, which has grown from serving 80 students with 5 faculty, to serving over 400 students with more than 50 faculty and staff. The five school network will eventually serve 3,000 students. Students at the Academy are thriving with nearly 80 percent on track for college readiness. “The Hiawatha Leadership Academy is proving that the impossible is possible—with low-income students achieving at the same academic levels as their affluent peers,” stated Shannon. Shannon is currently completing a graduate program at Kellogg School of Business and Management at Northwestern University and launching a middle school and possible expansion of the school model to serve low-income students.

Gap to replicate high performing urban schools. Through a 16

Katia Gomez ‘05 Since graduating from Moreau Catholic, Katia Gomez has become an advocate for education in the developing world. While completing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies and Political Science at UC San Diego, Katia interned with CARE USA, an organization that focuses on women’s empowerment and girls’ education worldwide. As the District Chair for the Bay Area region, she traveled to Washington DC to meet with legislators on behalf of CARE’s poverty-alleviating programs. Independently, she traveled as a public health volunteer throughout Mexico, Peru and Honduras. Using the insight she gained during her travels, school work and CARE experiences, she recently founded her own nonprofit organization called Educate2Envision International. Inspired by time spent working near a primary school in a rural Honduran town, Katia saw the impact a lack of educational opportunities had on children. The majority of students never reach 6th grade. Their duty to work and provide for the family caused them to frequently miss classes. Katia and her team are mentoring the first complete graduating class of 6th graders to ever move on to secondary school.

With the strong belief that privileged students have a moral responsibility to help their peers living in poverty, Katia has dedicated herself to spreading the message of global citizenship.

Katai Gomez ‘05 has dedicated herself to educating disadvantaged children and empowering women in the third world. Fall ‘10 | The Vector


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Left to right—Marlo (Groves) Bradley ‘86 Dr. Heather Kranitz ‘98, Matt Hagerty ‘01 Jill (Hyland) Becchetti ‘97, Micky Philips ‘01 Nina (Hyland) Wittmer ’98, Grant Goodman ‘01 Emily (Hyland) Martinez ‘01, Nicolas Martinez ‘98 Ben Greenbaum ‘00, Nick Nimmo ’99 Tiffanie O’Neill ‘02, Melissa Martinez ‘09, Sara Medrano ‘10, Amanda Martinez ‘95, Mike Maier ’96, Paula Greenbaum ‘01, and Carla Silveira ‘01

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Andrew Davis ‘71 Andrew (Andy) Davis has lived in Odessa Texas for 31 years. He has been married to his wonderful wife Judith for 33 years, and has one son, Robert, who is 25. Andy has been teaching for 34 years and is planning to retire after the 2010-2011 school year. After graduating from Moreau, Andrew attended St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, and earned degrees in Sociology and Elementary Education. “The Brothers of Holy Cross shaped my life. Besides giving me a great academic foundation, I was inspired by their spiritual life,” stated Andrew. Andrew has drawn from his experiences at Moreau over the years. “I have borrowed ideas from Mr. Boegal, Mr. Murphy, Mr. White and especially Brother Gary Stone, CSC. I’ve always been amazed by how many times I think about my Moreau teachers,” stated Andrew.


The Vector | Fall ‘10

Moreau Sweethearts Nicolas Martinez ‘98 and Emily (Hyland) Martinez ‘01

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Jan (Darbo) Brooks ‘83 Jan was honored with the ADHA/ Crest Clinical Dental Hygienist Award on June 26, 2010 in Las Vegas. The award recognizes clinical hygienists who make a difference in the lives of their patients. Jan has been a hygienist since 2004.

Marissa Keltie ‘00 Marissa is a member of the Impact Theatre Company in Berkeley and teaches at St. Edwards School and at StarStruck Theatre. She was the recipient of the Theatre Bay Area’s 2009 Titan Award. Look for Marissa in the “Keep an Eye On” section of the September issue of Theater Bay Area Magazine.



Jamie Clark ‘85 Music has been a part of Jamie’s life for as long as he can remember. He is a well known singer-song writer and is currently performing in Nashville, Tennessee. He finds himself reminiscing about his years at Moreau. During his junior year, Mr. Marek Breiger, would bring lyrics of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Roy Orbison to class. The class spent months reading the lyrics, and then towards the end of the year, Mr. Breiger played the songs for the class. “I thought that was an incredible way to teach,” stated Jamie. “That experience added a new dimension to my life and influenced me to write songs as impactful as the ones I experienced in Mr. Breiger’s class.”

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Alisa Wilma ‘90 Alisa is serving in the US Army as a Major in the Veterinary Corps. She is currently stationed at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in support of the Third Army’s mission in Southwest Asia. Her unit handles food inspection and Military Working Dog medicine for a large part of the CENTCOM Area of Operations. She and her husband, Edward Gomez, will be celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary next April. If you would like to write to Alisha, please contact her at:

Brian Copeland ‘82 Brian Copeland, radio host of “The Brian Copeland Show” and star of the solo play Not a Genuine Black Man, moves back into television with a new weekday show on KGO-TV. The show, 7Live, premiered at 3 p.m. on September 13. “The last thing I thought I’d ever do is to go back to the grind of daily, live television. Then the folks at ABC7 came to me with a unique opportunity; the chance to create my own talk show from the ground up, MY way. The idea was so exciting and intriguing that there was no way I could turn it down,” stated Brian.

Allan Ancheta, PhD ‘95 On June 13, 2010, Allan was hooded and conferred the Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by the University of California, Riverside. Elvi and Antonio Ancheta are quite the proud parents!

John Fernandez ‘98 John married the love of his life, Kristine Samson Fernandez on March 6, 2010 at St. James Catholic Church in Dublin, California. He met Kristine in 2008 and immediately knew he would spend the rest of his life with her. Nicolas Martinez ‘98 Emily (Hyland) Martinez ‘01 Nicolas and Emily were married on October 31, 2009. Emily graduated from CSU Chico with a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and is working as a teacher in Pleasanton. Nic graduated from CSU East Bay with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, and is working as a Detective for the Palo Alto Police Department ( photo upper left page).

Michael Okimura ‘00 After graduating from the University of Southern California in 2004 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Advertising, Michael interned and freelanced with the WB Network in the Print Creative department. He then began at Cimarron Entertainment in Los Angeles as a Production Manager and has been there for over 5 years. Cimarron is an entertainment ad agency that cuts theatrical trailers and designs websites, movie billboards and DVD/Bluray packaging. Michael manages a staff of art directors, designers, retouchers and illustrators. In fall 2009, a co-worker submitted Michael’s portfolio for an Apple Japan commercial. After shooting, he was signed with CESD modeling agency. Since then, he has shot for Keds, Disney, Yahoo and Adidas.

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Kristen (Saunders) Erpenbach ‘02 After graduating from Moreau, Kristen went to the United States Naval Academy where she received a Bachelors Degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and a Minor in Spanish. After graduation, she worked in the US Embassy in Madrid. She was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy in May of 2006 and started flight school that September. She has flown the Navy training plane, T-34C and is currently flying F/A-18C Hornet planes and T-45C Goshaw. She is currently in Virginia Beach, Virginia, with her husband, Johnathan, a Navy Flight Surgeon. “Moreau not only provided me a great education, it helped me grow morally, spiritually and emotionally. The faculty and staff at Moreau created an environment where everyone felt accepted for whom they were, and that really allowed me to come out of my shell,” stated Kristen.

IN MEMORIAM Nick Bailey ‘07 Nick was an honor student and played basketball at Moreau and Holy Names University. He planned to apply to Law School after graduation.

At left: Kristen (Saunders) Erpenbach ‘02 and brother, Nicholas Saunders ‘97

Justin Rodriguez ‘02 Martin Arredondo ‘02 Justin and Martin have partnered together to launch a screen printing company called Apparel Canvas. Visit them on David Loudermilk ‘04 David graduated from CSU, Chico in May 2009, and married his wife Julie on February 11, 2010 in Seoul, South Korea. They met each other while he was teaching English abroad. On May 26, 2010, they welcomed a baby girl, Delainey, into the world at Feather River Hospital in Paradise, California.

Glenn deCastro, Jr. ‘05 Glenn earned a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University in June 2009. In 2007, Glenn worked for Boston Scientific in Mountain View, California. Following graduation, he worked for Johnson & Johnson. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Robotics at Santa Clara University.


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Delainey Loudermilk, born May 26, 2010


Jessica Radmilovic ‘04 Jessica was a pole vaulter while attending Moreau Catholic, but was injured in a snow skiing accident during her senior year. With great determination, she was able to graduate with her class. Recently, Jessica swept national titles in Seated Women slalom, tricks, jumping and overall, and won the Pan Am Championships’ Seated Women overall gold medal. Jessica set a Women’s MP2 world slalom record becoming the first woman in the MP2 division to ever run a complete pass in a record tournament.

1969-70 Date Location Time Contact


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November 13, 2010 MCHS Hayward 5 - 10 p.m. John Sommer ‘70

Xavier Sizar ‘06 Feb. 9, 1988 - July 31, 2010

Xavier was a much loved Mariner. He enjoyed his four years at Moreau and took pleasure in following his father’s (Scott Sizar ‘84) footsteps by playing Mariner Robert “Bob” Whitsitt ‘74 football. Xavier’s pride on and off the field September 17, 1955 – August 22, 2010 was contagious. He was a well-respected Bob was a loving husband to Michelle and athlete and student, and a devoted big devoted father to Jennifer and Stephanie. brother to Selene Sizar ‘08. Xavier’s He was the captain of Moreau’s 1973 favorite place to visit was Japan, following Varsity Football team, coached by Al the two visits he made through Moreau’s Vermeil. Bob earned a BA Degree in Funabashi Exchange Program. “My son IT Management from the Jesuit University made me proud and I will always remember of San Francisco. He enjoyed hiking, his generosity towards everyone he met,” kayaking, and taking his family to stated Dominica (Garcia) Sizar ‘84. Shakespeare festivals. His brother and best If you would like to give a remembrance friend, Randy Whitsitt ‘76, passed away in gift, please donate to the Moreau 2009 and Bob rallied around his sister-inFunabashi Program. law, Annette (Gubanski) Whitsitt ‘78, his nephew Christopher Whitsitt ‘07 and niece, Caitlyn. “Bob lived his life to the fullest, Carmen Souza adored his two daughters, and cherished Carmen, the parent of Michael Souza ‘86 his Moreau education — he lived his entire and Christine Souza ‘89, passed away on life by the morals he was taught at Moreau September 2nd, 2010. Carmen worked for and by his loving parents,” stated Michelle. the Development Department at Moreau under Jim Bowen. If you would like to give a remembrance gift, the Whitsitt family has requested that donations be given to the Moreau Athletic Department.

Robert “Bob” Whitsitt ‘74

Carmen Souza

November 6, 2010 Dublin Ranch Golf Course, Dublin 6 - 11 p.m. Vickie (Bryan) Bottero

October 23, 2010 Faz, Pleasanton 6 - 11 p.m. Elaine Clancy

Nicholas Bailey ‘07

Xavier Sizar ‘06 Xavier Sizar at the beach

Eleanor Ahern Nick Bailey ‘07 Dean M. Cortese ‘74 Doug Foxworthy ‘78 Lyle Lake Sr. Jeff Montgomery ‘77 Carmen Souza Xavier Sizar ‘06 Robert Whitsitt ‘74

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2010 Hall of Fame

The Moreau Catholic Athletic Hall of Fame was instituted to pay tribute to athletes, coaches, teams, volunteers, and administrators who exhibit outstanding achievement, character and leadership while at Moreau Catholic and beyond. You are Cordially Invited! Date: Saturday, December 4, 2010 Time: 5:30 - 9:00 p.m Place: Moreau Catholic High School, Ivaldi Student Center

Inductees top to bottom, starting left: Cheryl (Galloway) King ‘79, Softball Angela (Loggins) McKinnon ‘87, Track Brenda Loggins ‘86, Track Stephanie Loggins ‘93, Track Matt Loggins ‘91, Football Becky (Loggins) Brown, ‘95, Track Bob Loggins, Coach Bernie Puccini, Volunteer Ray Breves, Administrator/Coach Glenn Dishman ‘88, Baseball 24

The Vector | Fall ‘10

Prices: (includes heavy appetizers) • $40 per person • $250 Silver Sponsorship (reserved table for four people) • $500 Gold Sponsorship (reserved table for 8 people, two complimentary bottles of wine and 8 commemorative Hall of Fame wine glasses) For more information, contact: Diana (Straggas) DeFrance ‘76 at 510.881.4330 or ddefrance@moreaucatholic,org Christine Krisman, Moreau Athletic Director: at 510.881.4314 or

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MCHS Vector - Fall 2010  

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