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connor patrick stanton landscape architecture

a collection of work (2007-2011)

Design Intent:

Entrance Plaza

Upper Bucks YMCA

To create a welcoming and relaxing entrance to the Upper Bucks YMCA, by strengthening the walkwayinto the main lobby, and creating a clear and safe circulation patt ern for pedestrians and vehicles in and around the entrance.

Master Plan

Program includes:

Junior Studio Project Fall Semester 2010''

• • • • • • • • • •

Donor Bricks Bike racks Handicap access Sitting/reading area Green walkway Drop off zone Raised Crosswalk Overhead Canopy Moveable tables and chairs Bus Shelter

Section View

Concept Pictures Site Analysis

Arrival Court

Strenghthened Gateway

Sitting/Reading Area

Green Walkway


Concept Diagram


Doylestown Hydrology Analysis

This map displays the drainage pattern of stormwater from Doylestown into the Neshaminay Creek

This map displays the drainage of stormwater from the Neshaminy creek into the Delaware river.

Rain gathered on rooftops and well drained areas.

Stormwater gathered on a very heavy rainfall.

Stormwater gathered on an average rainfall.

Doylestown Fountain Plaza

Junior Studio Project Fall Semester 2010''

Washington Mutual Center Green Roof - Precedent study Seattle, Washington. Phillips Farevaag Smallenburg The greenroof provides decks and pathways that showcase views across Elliott Bay while integrating native elements unique to the landscapes of Washington State. Landscapes from the coastal beaches to the Olympic and Cascade ranges to the interior plateau, are referenced in the design.

Seasonal and flowering plants create bold patterns and textures Reflective surfaces visually expand the space and create alternative views.

Landscape planting includes droughttolerant species such as feather grass and shore pine, which evoke the windswept plateaus and shorelines of Washington State.

Dixon Hall Site Analysis Extensive Plant Growth Model Low growth i.e. aster, Soils 1-6 inches Primary Filter Recycled drainage Suitable water

Filigree Leaf by: Peter M Clarke

Concrete slab (top of building) Aluminum grated walk maximizes the total area of the roof, allowing for sedum to grow underneath visitors feet.

Conceptual Sketches

Junior Studio Project Spring Semester 2010''

Design Reduced; lines become more distinct.

Dixon Hall Green Roof

Having large masses of sweeps and curves can mimic topografic lines which induce themes such as travel or more naturalfeatures such as valleys and hills.

Temple University

Much like a pool table, connecting lines from the ends of beams, the design starts to take form.

METROmorphosis Tr a n s f o r m i n g t h e u r b a n w o r l d • Diversifying ecosystems • Reusing urban materials • Modifying urban structures • Revolutionizing our habits

Award Winning Philadelphia Flower Show Exhibit Junior Design/Build Studio 2010

• vertical garden conserves energy • eco-wall recycles urban material • metro meadow provides habitat • rain garden saves water

The transformation of urban landscapes into diverse ecosystems

Musical Maze 50 Yard Dash Universal Access Porous Pavement Raised Garden Beds Existing Site

Rain Water Harvesting

Stephen Girard Elementary School Yard Design

Senior Studio Project Fall Semester 2010''

Design Goals: Enhance Ecology

Create Education Opportunities

Raised beds

Butterfly gardens

Promote Physical Activity

Manage Stormwater On-site

Rain Gardens

50 yard dash

Section View

Rain Garden

Universal Path

Creative Play Area

Rain Garden Section Porous Pavement

Music Maze

Creative Play Area

50 yard dash

Ponding depth (6"-12” TYP.) Mulch layer Rain garden soil mix Gradual soil slope Overflow

Rain garden soil mix depth (12”-24” TYP.)

• Create a pedestrian oriented campus core.


• Enhance gateways to the campus. • Improve open spaces to meet specific needs and encourage • Improve campus features and plantings to foster a sense of place and create a campus vocabulary.


• Incorporate Best Management Practices throughout campus core.



Senior Studio Project Fall Semester 2010''

Villanova University Master Plan





Oreo Plaza Objectives

A. Provide shade. B. Incorporate sustainable stormwater management. C. Screen service area adjacent to Dougherty Hall. D. Improve physically and visual connectivity. E. Provide seating for dining and social interaction.



North Connelly Objectives St. Augustine Entrance Objectives


A. Establish a strong entrance into St. Augustine. B. Create a gathering/teaching space. C. Provide ADA accessibility along desired pedestrian routes. D. Utilize the steep grade for a wetland planting opportunity. E. Screen library service area.

A. Prohibit vehicular access to campus core. B. Establish screening plantings. C. Retain storm water from adjacent buildings and hardscape. D. Enlarge turnaround. E. enhance transition from drop off to building entrance.

Mendel Field Objectives


A. Improve pedestrian circulation by removing parking and create pedestrian scale paths. B. Reduce lawn maintenance and manage storm water by incorporating planting and bioswales. C. Celebrate entrances to buildings and main thoroughfares into the campus core that introduce spaces for social interactions. D. Screen unsightly maintenance areas and simplify driving access to them. E Strengthen the connection of Mendel Field and West campus with the rest of campus. F. Open important view to St. Thomas Spires from north gateway.

The Central Green at the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Senior Studio Project Spring Semester 2011''






• Design an Urban Park which expresses and educates the public about green infrastructure. • Create a seemless composition of landscaped and open spaces providing a variety of public and private outdoor experiences. • Create a plant palette, which provides oppurtunities for wildlife habitat and reflects the sites history.

EDUCATION Temple University - School of Environmental Design Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, Class of 2011 SPECIAL COURSES & EXPERIENCES • • •

PHS Philadelphia Green Tree Tender Training Awarded “Best in Show” 2010 Philadelphia Flower Show Exhibit Surveying, Plant Ecology, Botany, Soils and Plant Nutrition, Plant Propagation

WORK EXPERIENCE Galka Outdoor Design, Designer Designed and installed residential landscapes

May 2010 - April 2011

Francisville Neighborhood Development Corp., Project Manager Planned and managed Green Street installations

Summer 2009

Sloane Moving & Storage, Foreman Managed crew members

April 2006 - March 2009

COMPUTER SKILLS AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, Google Sketchup, ArcGIS mapping. REFERENCES Penelope Giles, Executive Director Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation, 215-769-1577

Susan Galka, Owner. Galka Outdoor Design, 215-885-5705

Pauline Hurley-Kurtz, MLA, RLA ASLA Professor of Landscape Architecture, 267-468-8173

Connor Stanton

438 New Elm Street Conshohocken, PA 19428 cell: 215-740-3613

Landscape Architecture Portfolio  

A collection of works from 2007-2011