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Who we are The Ram is a private, independent, family-owned and operated restaurant business. We were born on February 26, 1971 when our founders took their entrepreneurial spirit and experiences they received making pizza and serving beer at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor to open their own restaurant. That first restaurant was called the Ram Pub, which was a “Deluxe Tavern” that served hot food, including cook-your-own burgers and steaks, along with beer and wine. The “Deluxe Tavern” concept gradually evolved throughout the ‘70s into our casual, full-service, family-oriented restaurants of today. Our brand grew further when we opened our first fine-dining dinner house in 1980. In 1995 we launched the Big Horn Brewing Company. By brewing our own ales and lagers, we are able to offer our guests superior quality, nationally recognized, hand-crafted beers at value prices.

Application Definition Statement The Ram iPhone and iPad app focuses on the satisfaction of our guests. We created this in order to provide immediate access to our menu, ordering food, and allowing them to view our waiting list prior to their arrival. This app is designed for people who love to get in and get out, who are in a hurry, or enjoy ordering before they arrive.

User Personas Richard Adbertones Professor Age: 55

Richard is a leading authority on competitive strategy. He spends most of his time teaching undergraduate course and doing his research about the modern strategy field in competitive strategy and management in University of Washington. He enjoys to reading the books and searching the Internet when he has free time. INTERESTS Richard has started enjoying life. He has always been for entertaining and hanging out with friends and the community group. AMBITION Richard is always having the ideas for the new projects and people like his ideas. He is looking for something to save his time and then he can spend more time for his research. MOTIVATION Richard would register as a member for this mobile application. He will save more time from waiting the line for lunch and dinner.

Nicole Roller Undergrad Student Age: 21

Nicole is a sophomore in Department of Management System at University of Washington. She is very interested in new online software applications, but she does not have a technical background. INTERESTS Nicole is a Mac user and she like to spending her time play with software applications. She is comfortable using shopping online and makes a reservation for the restaurant online. She likes the entertaining and enjoying the party. AMBITION Nicole wants a fast and convenient way to do her activities, so she is looking for a tool to help her save time and enjoy. MOTIVATION Nicole would download and visit the mobile application, because the mobile application will help her save time to wait in a line.

User Personas Sara Mills Sale Manager Age: 32

Sara Mills is a Sale Manger who working in cosmetic company. She became as a salesperson for 5 years before working as a sale manager. She is a busy woman and has to take care of her small child, ages 3.

INTERESTS Sara enjoys weekend with her husband and her son and attends any social event going so she can be surrounded by people. AMBITION Sara needs to cut down on time spent doing for waiting. She feels comfortable to using any online order from her phone. So she can have more time with her family and her friends. MOTIVATION Sara would download the restaurant mobile application for her convenience. She thinks the mobile applications can help her time-saving.

Francis Johnson Undergrad Student Age: 23

Francis Jonson is a Senior Student at the University of Washington, Francis pursuing a B.S. in Business Management. He plans on continuing his education to pursue an MBA and a Mater in Educational Leadership. He plans on developing as a professional in the field of Student Affairs. Francis currently works as a Student Facility Supervisor and helps supervise daily operations and student employment. INTERESTS Drinking beer is his favorite activity. The best part is medium dark beer. AMBITION Francis wants to have the opportunity to meet great students and professionals in a field that he loves while gaining experience and knowledge to become a great Student Representative. Francis looks forward to the Fall 2012 Conference and the opportunity to grow. MOTIVATION Francis uses mobile applications a lot. He likes to play and download the new applications. If the application helps him save his time, he will use it.

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For our Ram mobile app, we will determine our color scheme but will abide by the Apple interface guidlines. Apple iphone api

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We created an application for the Ram Restaurant and Brewery located around the US. Specificially for one located in Seattle's University Vi...