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International Freight Forwarders in Dubai

International freight forwarders in Dubai provide an essential service of transporting goods from the point of origin to the destination of choice. Freight forwarding is by no means a simple process. It requires meticulous planning and organizing for the whole process to go smoothly. Freight forwarders are equipped to handle all aspects of freight forwarding, thus turning a very arduous task into one that is simple.

By employing the services of international freight forwarders in Dubai, you can get the entire logistics of transporting your freight worked out for you and carried out at an affordable price.

International freight forwarders provide various options for transporting freight. These include transporting freight using air carriers, sea carriers, or a combination of air and sea carriers. For businesses, ensuring that the goods reach their destination on time and intact is of crucial importance. Delays can lead to huge losses. It is therefore essential to choose a mode of freight transportation that is cost effective and efficient and which ensures that freight reaches its right destination on time.

International freight forwarders charge a flat fee for the services provided by them. They provide you with quotations which include freight forwarding fees, carrier charges, taxes, customs duty fees, insurance charges, etc. Freight rates are determined by the volume and weight of the cargo, customer specifications for handling it, mode of transport used, etc.

Services offered by international freight forwarders in Dubai

For freight to reach its destination on time and without damage, international freight forwarders have to coordinate among multiple agents. They have to have an in depth knowledge of export and import customs regulations of various countries, preparing proper documentation, etc. Services provided by freight forwarders can vary from one agent to the other. The main services offered by international freight forwarders in Dubai include:

• Providing packing and crating of goods in accordance with its nature, on request from clients • Forwarding the freight by using the optimum mode of transportation that will be efficient as well as cost effective for the customer • Providing customized solutions to meet the requirements of customers • Booking and scheduling of space on the carriers • Supervising and coordinating movement of freight from ports to carriers • Providing customs clearance of goods • Providing computerized tracking and tracing of the freight in real time • Preparing the necessary export and import documentations • Providing insurance coverage for freight while in transit • Providing storage, warehousing facilities for inbound as well as outbound freight as per client request • Providing advice to clients regarding the best option to handle their freight cost effectively and efficiently • Paying the necessary fees, duties and other miscellaneous charges that should be paid for the transportation of freight on behalf of the customers

The main objective of international freight forwarders in Dubai is to provide the customers a single source solution for meeting all their freight requirements. By employing the services of reliable freight forwarders, customers can ensure that their goods reach its destination on time and intact.

Freight Forwarders in Dubai  

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