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The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management

The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management

The next stage in biometric identification is here. It’s called FASTVEIN™ – and it is now the world’s leading biometric system, offering huge benefits to organisations to whom assured identity is a critical issue.  Using the latest vein identification technology, FASTVEIN™ offers ultra-high reliability and rapid recognition, and an identification standard that’s almost 35 times stronger than traditional systems. The result is a far superior biometric system – one that provides organisations with the equivalent security and accuracy of iris scanning, but at a fraction of the cost.

The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management

CONSTRUCTION Fast, accurate tracking of site contractors’ activity and hours. The construction industry today faces intense competitive challenges in terms of managing projects to schedule and to cost, if profitability and competitive edge are to be developed or maintained. The application enables the site manager to track which contractors worked and for how long. Use of the FASTVEIN™ system is enforced through policy and contractual requirements. The FASTVEIN™ for Construction application has a rich set of reporting and tracking features, enabling comprehensive control of the progress and the costs of building work. Our client operating in the high-end building refurbishment market, installed the system last year.

“I see tangible payroll savings in the order of 2-3%. Our sites are usually about 35 workers; we are saving £400-£500 a week and are in much better control.” Luke Sanders – Project Manager, LTS Refurbishment

The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management

HM PRISON Croma Biometrics installed FASTVEIN™ in 18 prisons across the UK, providing a biometric identity management system which is used in conjunction with our ID card generation system. The FASTVEIN™ technology allows staff to effortlessly enrol and discharge inmates, as well as giving them the ability to keep total control over any visitors entering and leaving the site.

“FASTVEINTM for HMPS has streamlined our registration process, this saves us a minimum of 81 working days a year, freeing officers for other duties and saving a lot of money.” Andy Livall – Prison Reception Officer, HMP Northallerton

The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management

EDUCATION West Hill Park School is a leading independent co-educational boarding and day school based in Titchfield, Hampshire. West Hill Park have engaged Croma’s services for some time, to provide the routine maintenance, servicing, repairs, and upgrades to their Fire Alarm, Emergency Lighting, Intercom, Intruder Alarm, and Car Park Barrier systems. Croma approached West Hill Park with their newly designed FASTVEIN™ system after identifying that there could be huge benefits to the School and parents in using such a system. Confirming parent’s identities when arriving to pick up children and preventing unregistered individuals from entering the premises are two of these benefits; greatly increasing the children’s safety, the parent’s peace of mind, and also creating a secure area.

“We have been delighted with the Fastvein system and the care given to us by Croma. From design meetings to commission, the staff were knowledgeable, helpful and courteous. The system has done all we asked of it and, with over 500 entries, per day we have seen only a handful of failed entries in the three years of operation so far. We are now looking to extend the system to more doors around the school to further increase our security and monitoring provision” Alastair Ramsay MSC BED (HONS) – Headmaster of West Hill Park

The most advanced biometric system in the world, delivering assured identity management






By processing a near-infrared image of the vein structure in a person’s hand, FASTVEIN™ produces a unique template, which is then stored and validated to rapidly confirm or deny their identity. 

FASTVEIN™ can be deployed swiftly, with seamless integration into your existing IT infrastructure, and requires no user training or maintenance.  

Uniquely we’re able to integrate FASTVEIN™ with your building and premises access control systems enabling people to open doors and even alert authorities.  

FASTVEIN™ goes beyond conventional time recording and attendance systems. Clients within the construction and education sectors are using the technology to track and check people’s whereabouts with high degrees of accuracy. 

A UNIQUE PARTNERSHIP Hitachi Identity Management group provides the Finger Vein authentication technology. Croma have built their own software platform that integrates with the Hitachi technology to enable people to authenticate themselves whilst simultaneously unlocking doors or gaining access to premises. Croma’s integration is highly innovative and complements Hitachi’s finger vein technology.



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