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GREETINGS FROM SUSIE BORGSTROM, Central States Women of the ELCA President

“Journey with Jesus” When on a journey, most times, it is to our advantage to prepare, plan, and think ahead about what we want to do and how we want to go about it. Each person moves at her own pace and there are so many different destinations that we each see as important. When we journey with Jesus, we have a common goal, a common destination and if we keep our eyes on Him and not lose sight of His good grace, we will indeed, at the end of our travels, have had a wonderful journey. The company we keep as we journey along sometimes turns into our dearest and closest friends. As we walk and talk, getting through the rough landscape is a little easier. On any journey people must stop and eat and each person, no matter how dedicated, must have some rest. This is the reason we have many talented leaders and supporters to help. Some lead, others rest and cheer them on…the better that we work together, the stronger our group becomes. Please invite everyone you can to the convention, where our best attributes are evident and on display for everyone to see and enjoy. As members of the Women of the ELCA, we have all chosen to walk with Jesus on this journey we call our spiritual life. We are blessed to have those who have gone before us to pave a little of the path for us. We must each one of us however, make the decision to go and move at our best pace and ability level. On this journey, we have friends who will mentor and support us as we go. In a successful journey, despite a few pitfalls and stops along the way, the destination is clear. A lot can, and usually does happen between the beginning and the end of a good journey. There is usually time for sharing, learning, laughing and reflecting on the way. This is your invitation to join us on our way as we all gather and prepare to “Journey with Jesus” this summer in Lindsborg. I would like to call your attention to the name of our newsletter… ”Walking in the Word”…it suggests that we are walking the walk that is set forth for us in the “Word of God”. Our convention theme is focused on walking, - walking in the word…walking in the journey of life…walking the path of healthiness and wholeness. Walking is the power of moving and acting and doing what we are all called to do in this life in response to the love we have for the Lord. Some of the walking is not done with our legs... reading the scriptures, preaching, teaching, and praying , learning, caring, and sharing, living , giving and loving (just to name a few). Whatever we do, it is a call to be active and “move as the Spirit guides us”. Most importantly, in John 8:12, (our convention scripture)… Jesus spoke to them saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.” No matter what our walk entails, we will be walking in the light, not the darkness, and we will have life everlasting.

Official Newsletter of the Central States Women of the ELCA March 2013 Volume 24 Issue 1

All the Central States Women of the ELCA officers and board and cluster leaders have received the beginning of the information needed for the 26tth annual convention in Lindsborg, Kansas at Bethany College, July 26-28, 2013. Every church will be mailed an invitation to the convention and every active unit is asked to send a delegate in that same packet. We encourage each active woman’s church group to also send in nominations for the president, treasurer, board members, and triennial delegates. We will have a lot of business and will have a lot of activities…you will not want to miss this one! Come join us!

GREETINGS FROM OUR VICE PRESIDENT LISA YOUNGQUIST THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! Approximately four months left until we all gather in Lindsborg to worship, enjoy the fellowship of each other, and learn about our personal “Journey with Jesus”. July 26-28, 2013 we will be gathering in Lindsborg, KS for the 26th Annual CSS W/ELCA convention. Syd Brinkman will bring us greetings and a message from churchwide W/ELCA in Chicago. (Rumor has it she has as much energy as Jenny Michael!) The planning committee has been busy scheduling speakers and fun events for you to participate in. Friday evening following supper and a brief worship service, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a "Ladies Night Out”. Bethany Home will be hosting a spa type of event and some of the merchants downtown will be open late for your shopping pleasure. There will be a walk on Saturday morning to the park near the Old Mill where light refreshments will be served. We are encouraging you to get pledges for the walk. The money raised from the pledges will go to Camp Tomah Shinga. This will be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, reflect on your own "Journey with Jesus" and to help out Camp Tomah Shinga. Don't forget to start planning your baskets for the Barbara Nelson Auction. We always have so many exciting and wonderful things to bid on. For this year’s banquet entertainment we will journey over to Swensson Park and will be entertained by Lindsborg's own Broadway RFD outdoor production of “Guy's & Dolls”. So with a hearty "Valkommen till Lindsborg" (Welcome to Lindsborg), we look forward to you coming to Lindsborg and discovering your "Journey with Jesus".

26th Annual CSS W/ELCA Convention Registrar: Wally Ellis Program Chair: Joan Lindfors Worship/Music Co-Chairs: Julie Olson and Muriel Gentine Local Program Chair: Anki Apel Cluster Assignments: Program: Revelation Worship and Music: Smoky Valley Logo: Mid Missouri Banner: Ozark Mountain Convention Song: God's Sonflowers Bible Study Orders: Northern Lights Table Favors: Heartland (Friday evening) Sunflowers (Saturday evening) Table Grace: SE Missouri (Friday evening) Osborne-Smith-Phillips (Saturday noon) Prairie Angels (Saturday evening) Barbara Nelson Memorial Fundraiser: Post Rock T-Shirts/Pledges: SE KS City Metro Prayer Partner Exchange: Ark River Valley

SPRING MEDITATION/ DEVOTION, by BETH ROCKELMAN, CSS SECRETARY Is it Spring yet??? The anticipation is at an all time high….. just like advent preparations are to Christmas. As the season of Lent stretches toward the precious goal of Easter, we prepare our hearts and minds in a myriad of ways. We turned over a new leaf in those New Year pledges; then maybe slumber followed as winter snowflakes swirled through the cold Northern winds to suddenly diminish; ushering in a warming teasing soothing “ahhhh”, for only a day or two in a seesaw fashion. Garden seed catalogs arrived for us to set our sights on a vision of action!! And, yes, earlier than ever I remember, I see the robins, the first green leaves of crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils springing up from their resting places; to be followed by peach tree blossoms and lilacs. I am anxiously awaiting the fragrance filling the air, visibly seeing the buds swelling, the vibrant colors splashing all over the place!!! “Oh, who can make a flower? No one but God, ’tis true”. (from the Wonder Song) It’s exciting…It’s a miracle! What a wonder it is to me that these plants seem to automatically awaken at precise moments to withstand the struggle through the cold barren days, surprising us each year with spectacular beauty at Easter early or late. I feel there’s a parallel with Jesus, who though divine came to earth in human form; experienced joys and sorrows, revealed miracles, faced struggles of pain, suffering, died a cruel death and redeemed us forever through the power of God. We remember: God can do anything. He is all powerful, all seeing and all knowing. God created the earth and everything therein. God gave us the gift of Jesus for all time; all seasons of our life and seasons of the year. Psalm 111 and Psalm 148 provide a foundation for us to celebrate the greatness of God. There are many favorite hymns we can carry in our hearts to remind ourselves of God’s ongoing presence. I will mention two that catch my attention for now: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of creation! #858 ELW, and I know that my redeemer lives (#619 ELW and arrangement from Handel.) May we enjoy the Easter splendor of God’s power and feel the victory of life in Jesus coursing through our veins as we literally see miracles springing around us, refreshing us as we journey with Jesus today and every day.

GREETINGS FROM OUR TREASURER, JEWELL SWINNEY Update on 25th Anniversary Appeal Have you given your contribution to the 25th Anniversary Appeal? When our president, Susie, announced the Region 4 challenge at our convention last July, she said the appeal will continue until May of 2013. At the time, that seemed like a long time away. Now it is only a couple months away. So now is the time for every woman in Central States, who hasn't contributed yet, to take that challenge and contribute $25.00. At the convention, we collected $1,295.00. Since then I have received contributions from congregational units, clusters, and individuals amounting to $1890.00. Thank you to all of you for those contributions. Central States Women of ELCA has sent a total of $3,185.00 to Chicago for the Appeal. I'm hoping I'll be receiving more contributions so I can report a much larger total in the June issue of Walking in the Word. Please send contributions to: Jewell Swinney, 2132 S. 3000 Rd., Herington, KS 67449


Fair Trade Fair A Fair Trade Fair enables artisans and farmers from all over the world to receive a fair price for their products. When they receive a fair price for their crafts, they are able to become more economically independent. The artisans are then more able to provide food for their families, educate their children, receive medical care, and improve conditions in their communities. The artisans benefit greatly and we are able to enjoy high quality, beautiful products. Why not host a Lutheran World Relief Fair Trade Fair at your church? You can offer fairly traded items including: coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, and artisan goods from around the world to the members of your congregation. To receive an LWR Fair Trade Fair information packet, you may call: 1-888-294-9660 or email We have hosted many Fair Trade Fairs at my church. We are always excited to see all the new products each year. If you have any questions, I would be happy to visit with you about hosting a fair. We are working to have a Fair Trade Fair at our convention in Lindsborg in July. We are hoping to be able to offer you some of these products from all over the world. Stay tuned for upcoming news about Fair Trade products at our convention. Prayer Requests If you have a prayer request or concern, please email me at and I will contact your Central States Women of the ELCA board to pray for your concern. A MESSAGE FROM RHONDA TEMPLING – board member

The annual cluster coordinators meeting was held February 1st and 2nd at the Garnett Inn and Suites in Garnett, KS. The meeting was attended by 8 board members, 9 cluster coordinators, and 2 guests. The weekend was started with a catered dinner enjoyed by all. Alice Burnett provided opening devotions. This was followed by an ice breaker and introductions done by Gloria Sharp and Beth Rockelman. Phyllis Glasker shared information from "Today's Dream, Tomorrow's Reality" with the group. Closing devotions were provided by cluster coordinator, Nanette Ellis. Saturday began with devotions provided by Lois Viebrock. Kathy Reghr presented information about the Triennial Gathering to be held in Charlotte, NC, July 24-27, 2014; the theme is "of many generations." Kathy hopes to have a bus from Central States. We had a report from President Susie Borgstrom, a treasurer's report from Jewell Swinney and a stewardship presentation from Rhonda Templing. Lisa Youngquist shared information about the 2013 Central States convention in July in Lindsborg, KS. This was followed by a sharing time for all to share ideas and information. Rhonda Templing closed the gathering with devotions.

A MESSAGE FROM LOIS VIEBROCK – board member Journey with Jesus! You have heard this and will be hearing it more and more. It is the theme for our Central States Synodical Convention on July 26-28 at Lindsborg, KS. Jesus called his disciples and today we too are called to be his disciples. A disciple is a student who follows the teaching and practices of a teacher. It is a lifelong journey of living out and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Jesus modeled to the disciples seven practices that we can call the seven marks of discipleship: Praying Studying Worshipping Inviting Encouraging Serving Giving They are essential to accomplishing Jesus’ great commission in today’s world. Come to Lindsborg in July and join other women of the ELCA in singing, praying, and being inspired to continue this journey daily. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there.

A MESSAGE FROM Alice Burnett – board member

The LWR Quilt Campaign Tied in Faith Sent in Hope Wrapped in Love Lutheran World Relief is challenging US Lutherans to donate 500,000 quilts in 2013. Quilts are the most requested item and LWR supplies are limited. Answer God’s call and give a tangible symbol of God’s love and compassion.


Susie Borgstrom 265 Eisenhower Road Windom, KS 67491 Ph: 620-664-3906

Vice President:

Lisa Youngquist 913 Meadow Lane Lindsborg, KS 67456 Ph: 785-342-4877


Elizabeth (Beth) Rockelman 2103 Blair Drive Apt E Jefferson City, MO 65109 Ph: 573-761-0722 or 573-782-4759


Jewell Swinney 2132 South 3000 Road Herington, KS 67449 Ph: 785-983-4479 (work 785-258-2415)

Board Members:

Alice Burnett 12130 Dove Hill Court Derby, KS 67037-9485 Ph: 316-776-2838 (cell: 316-258-7685)

Mary Kern 4210 Hwy D Syracuse, MO 65350 Ph: 660-287-2115

Gloria Sharp 1702 Canterbury Rd. Jefferson City, MO 65109 Ph: 573-636-8843

Rhonda Templing 234B NW 210 Road Hoisington, KS 67544 Ph: 620-935-4213 (cell: 785-483-9402)

Lois Viebrock 13672 Graystone Road Versailles, MO 65084 Ph: 573-378-5783

Newsletter Editor Sharon Hoffman 208 W. Garfield Lindsborg, KS 67456 Ph. 785-227-3855 or 785-906-0406

Cluster Coordinators-Central States Synod Women of the ELCA AMAZING WOMEN (no current contact person)

ARK RIVER VALLEY Mary Ann Schrag 714 S Willison Rd Hutchinson, KS 67501 620-663-1995

GOD’S SONFLOWERS Pat Olson 307 Hamilton St Beattie, KS 66406 785-353-2424

CLUSTER 3D (no current contact person)

HEARTLAND Marian Thompson 501 N Elmira Highland, KS 66035 785-442-3323

MID-MISSOURI Nanette Ellis 506 William St. Holts Summit, MO 65043 573-298-0662

CLUSTER 4A (no current contact person)

OSBORNE-SMITH-PHILLIPS Donna Westbrook 418 S Main Kensington, KS 66951 785-476-2238

OZARK MOUNTAIN Kay Hase 27360 Bob Scott Dr. Eagle Rock, MO 65641 417-271-4405

HEARTLAND SOUTH (no current contact person)

PRAIRIE ANGELS Laura Anderson Rt. 2 Box 82 Wakeeney, KS 67672 785-743-2096

REVELATION Gloria Martin 2283 E 360th Herington, KS 67449 785-983-4482

NORTHERN LIGHTS Nevada Vetter 2491 L Rd Formoso, KS 66942 785-739-2375

SE KANSAS CITY METRO Paula Simonich 1900 Grandview Blvd Kansas City, KS 66102-4817 913-321-2424

SE MISSOURI Dee Cannon 2030 Sherwood Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 573-335-2983

POST ROCK Myrna Schrepel 609 N Cedar St Hoisington, KS 67544 785-764-1003

SMOKY VALLEY Darlene Handlin 321 South Main Lindsborg, KS 67456 785-227-3852

SUNFLOWER Tanya Fraker 20583 Flying R Dr. Scranton, KS 66537 785-828-3396

Tri State Ardythe Cederberg 301 E Commercial Oberlin, KS 67749 785-475-2535

Walking in the Word  

Official Newsletter of the Central States Women of the ELCA March 2013. Volume 24 Issue 1.