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May/June 2013

Number 230

From the Bishop


The stories are all around us by the hundreds of thousands: 

Rev. Dr. Gerald Mansholt

The stories always grab my heart, most move me to tears. An 18 year old girl was born in Mexico but has lived all but a few months of her life in this country. She is an honor student in high school. Her younger sister and brother, born in this country are U.S. citizens. Her parents moved here because there were no jobs available in the poor town where they lived in Mexico. While the President has signed the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order, her dream of college education cannot be realized. Because her parents are undocumented and have no social security numbers, she can’t receive federal student loans or assistance. Her parents are hard working people and want to be contributing citizens of this land. The family is active in their local congregation. Before the President signed DACA, this young woman would have faced deportation.

A minor traffic violation leads to a father deported to Mexico, separated from his wife and small children. A U.S. citizen’s wife is deported because she is undocumented. He has cancer and dies. Though they had been married for over 20 years, she was not allowed to return for his funeral or visit him during his illness. A middle-aged woman who has been a U.S. citizen for 15 years cannot get her younger brother, her only surviving family member, into this country. She holds a Ph.D. and works for a government agency. Adult siblings are not allowed, even though both parents have died, and there are no other relatives. A woman suffering sexual assault does not call police out of fear of the authorities. Though she has lived here for over 20 years and is known as productive and faithful worker, she is undocumented and fears deportation.

As I have visited the offices of Senators and Representatives in Washington, D.C., all have agreed the current immigration system is broken and in need drastic reform. People move for a variety of reasons, and have done so through-

out history. They move to find work, to provide for their families, to be near family, to enjoy the freedom and opportunities of another land. When the system does not provide for the legal movement of people and in a reasonable amount of time (waiting over 20 years to unite with family is hardly reasonable), then people do what is necessary. Desperate conditions such as poverty and hunger compel people of initiative to do whatever necessary to provide for their families.

21 N. 12th St., Suite 210 Kansas City, KS 66102 Voice: 913-948-9701 Toll-free: 866-915-3548 Fax: 913-948-9707

We are now at an opportune time for comprehensive immigration reform. Now is the time to call our senators and representatives and urge immigration reform. Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service advocates for these principles that constitute fair and humane reform: 

A roadmap to legal status and eventual citizenship for current undocumented immigrants and upholds family unity.

Rejects any prolonged or permanent separation of families and overuse of harmful law enforcement practices such as immigration detention or deportation. (The U.S. spends over 2 billion dollars a year in detention and has been detaining over 400,000 persons).

Ensures the meaningful integration of refugees, asylum seekers, unaccompanied children and other vulnerable migrants. (Bishop continued on page 2)

Inside this issue: Update from Peace ....... page 2 Bethany College, Fund Appeal ........................... page 3 Rethinking Evangelism, Missional Church, Day of Service page 4 Synod Assembly ........... page 5 Discernment—Bishop’s election, CWA, Call for videos .... page 6 LCM, PMA Convo ........... page 7 Dr. Persaud Installed, Academy of the Rockies ............... page 8 Women’s News, Camp ... page 9 Around the Synod ......... page 10 Parishes in Transition, Calendar, Westwood House ....... page 11 Missionary Supporters, Global Links ........................... page 12 Inserts/Flyers: LPG (3); “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday; ELCA Church Council Report

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — May/June 2013 (Continued from page 1)

In the Synod Office … Bishop The Rev. Dr. Gerald Mansholt Bishop’s Associates Rev. Len Dale Rev. Dr. Janice Kibler Rev. John Kreidler Assistant to the Bishop Mr. Dan Glamann

Why do we advocate, what compels this work? Advocacy begins with loving the neighbor in need. We hear the cries of immigrants in our midst, and we know that all people have been created by God and made in God’s image. We advocate because of Jesus who frees us to love the neighbor, welcome the stranger, offer hospitality, study tough issues, and work for compassionate, wise, and just laws. And we advocate because as citizens of this land we know the founding principles of this country include the acknowledgement of the God-given dignity of all people and the inalienable right to pursue to life, liberty and happiness. We advocate so that our neighbors who aspire to be legal citizens in this land may come out of the shadows and contribute to the richness and vitality of this land. Yes, do call your U.S. Senator and Representative. Now is the time to act, to love your neighbor in need.

Update from Peace, Joplin

Support Staff Ms. Dawne Bockelman


Ms. Sandy Van Tuyl

Moving day for Peace Lutheran Church is almost here! It is such an exciting time in the life of this congregation. For almost two years we have been like exiles in a foreign land, longing for a place to call home. We are undeniably thankful for the hospitality shown us by the people of Bethany Presbyterian who took us in after the tornado and have shared their building with us ever since. While here, we’ve learned to share worship time and space, we’ve learned to coordinate meeting times and locations, we’ve learned to enjoy soup suppers and special mid-week services together.

Deployed Staff Ms. Joyce “JP” Palmer Director Lutheran Planned Giving 816-204-5181 Ms. Paula Kitt Mission Investment Fund, ELCA 913-486-4801

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by CIGNA. Go to for more information.

Making Christ Known A publication of the Central States Synod

Published monthly by the Central States Synod, ELCA. Deadline for submission of materials is the 15th of the month for the subsequent issue. News may be directed to Dan Glamann, Email: Permission is granted to ELCA congregations and members to reproduce any portion of this newsletter.

Dear people of Peace:

My hope is that we recognize and remember the many lessons we have learned during this time: that we are the people of God, with or without a building; that in all things, God will provide what we need, which is not always the same as what we want; that we don’t always get our “druthers” but often what we do get is as good or even better than what we thought we had to have; that grumbling about what we don’t have robs the joy from what we do have…and many, many more. We give thanks for the many ways our lives have been blessed and enriched in the aftermath of the tragedy that yanked us from our place of comfort and threw us out to rediscover who we are as the people of God and what really is important after all. Peace Lutheran Church is coming home! On May 19, 2013 we will celebrate Pentecost in our new sanctuary at 3100 N. St. Louis Ave. This marks twenty-three months and three days since our former sanctuary and building was destroyed. To some, these months may have felt more like forty years. - Marda Schroeder, Council President


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — May/June 2013 Changed by Love, Sent in Love to Serve Shaping the Church for God’s Mission The Central States Synod Mission Fund Appeal


Bethany College Board of Directors plans campus enhancements and strategy, approves tenure LINDSBORG, KAN., April 17, 2013— During its winter retreat, the Bethany College Board of Directors focused on continued strategic planning for the bright future of the college. The two-day retreat was divided into four conversations and occurred at two locations. The first day was held at Office This in southeast Wichita, the site of Bethany's partnership with MindFire Academy. The second day was held at the McPherson Country Club. "During these two days we visited known challenges in depth, uncovered previously unidentified opportunities, and experienced an entrepreneurial venture important to the college’s future,” said Board Chair James F. Martin. “This exercise in informed governance in many ways mirrors the discovery pathway that we anticipate for our students. The directors are unanimous in their expectation that as Bethany’s governing body our movement must always be in a direction of an improving experience for our students as they progress along the pathway to graduation. This retreat brings us closer to that goal.” The retreat's first conversation focused on Bethany's new student recruitment and financial aid strategies. Following disappointing fall recruitment results, a modest drop of one percent from fall 2011, the college restructured plans for fall 2013. The morning conversation updated the board on the initial positive results through January and plans for a supporting restructured financial aid plan. Following lunch and a tour of MindFire Academy, the board discussed upgrades and enhancements to facilities and technology that might be made possible through bond refinancing through the Kan-

The Changed by Love, Sent in Love, to Serve – Shaping the Church for God’s Mission Fund Appeal has now passed the $1,000,000 mark in pledges and gifts. Below are the actual figures as of 05/07/13: Total Amount Pledged Total Gifts (one time gifts) Grand Total (pledges and one time gifts)

$896,778.72 $119,152.38 $1,015,931.10

These funds are helping us to be shaped by the missional directions of the synod… • Igniting spiritual renewal • Building bridges across all the differences that divide society • Raising up leaders of all ages • Inspiring and equipping people to discover what God is up to in their daily lives Outdoor Ministry is one way to ignite spiritual renewal. The Fund Appeal provided matching funds to bolster one of our outdoor ministry sites, Hollis Renewal Center, by: Redoing current trails; providing new trail signs and interactive maps; and creating new easy walking trails for 2013. The Hollis website will have updates on the project sas Independent College Finance Authority. “The new dollars generated would be reinvested into our student experience,” explains President Edward F. Leonard III. During the second day, the board approved the promotion to of Mark McDonald to full professor of biology. McDonald has taught at Bethany since 1996 with courses in general biology, microbiology, genetics, immunology, ecology and scientific research and writing. He advises students in pre-medical, pre-veterinary and other pre-professional health programs. McDonald earned his doctorate in ecology and systematics from Kansas State University and his bachelor’s in biology from Bethany College. Previously, McDonald taught at Highland Community College-Wamego and was a graduate teaching assistant at Kansas State University. Additionally, the Board of Directors directed Leonard to form work groups to evaluate and make recommendations for enhancements to the student experience. The first task force will evaluate Bethany’s interterm classes offered between the fall and spring semesters. 3

“Interterm has been part of the student curricular experience since the early 70's. It's well past time to step back and assess Interterm, especially in light of the other significant curricular changes already underway,” says Leonard. The second task force will assess the philosophy and purpose of Bethany’s intercollegiate athletics program as an integrated part of the student experience and reflective of Bethany’s mission and values. The work group will also assess the college's membership in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Association to determine if they are the best fit for the college in the 21st century. Leonard cites the December 4, 2012, article by Rolf Potts on Sports Illustrated Online regarding KCAC athletics programs as the “wake up call” to needing stronger missional directions for the athletic program. He says, “We look forward to the valuable perspective new Dean of Athletics Dane Pavlovich will bring and to the task force’s work over the next year.” (Continued on page 8)


Mark your calendar! “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday September 8, 2013

What does evangelism mean to you? Join us for a three-day exploration and discovery of what evangelism can look like today. “Many church members today recognize that evangelism is vitally necessary for the church to have a future amidst widespread decline. At the same time, few prospects provoke greater dread and discomfort. This conference offers an opportunity to reframe evangelism in a grounded, holistic, accessible way for a new apostolic age." —Dwight Zscheile, Keynote Speaker Assistant Professor of Congregational Mission and Leadership, Luther Seminary

RETHINKING EVANGELISM Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. Faithful Witness in a New Apostolic Era — July 22–24 This event gathers nationally known preachers, teachers and pastors to discover what it means to witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic society. Together we will explore how we can reclaim evangelism as a central practice for Christians in daily life today. See the full schedule and line-up of presenters at rethinking. Registration is now open.

God's work. Our hands." Sunday is an opportunity to celebrate our 25th anniversary as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — one church, freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work. On Sept., 8, 2013, let's join together as 4 million members, nearly 10,000 congregations, 65 synods and the churchwide expression for a dedicated day of service. Let's clean up neighborhoods, deliver meals, collect supplies for refugees overseas, visit our neighbors or help a child learn to read.

Missional Church Convocation Sponsored by the Center for Parish Development July 25-27, 2013 — The Cenacle in Chicago

GOD'S MISSION HAS A CHURCH: An invitation to the Dance of Prophetic Dialogue! Because of God's presence in the world from the first moment of creation, all of us are called to join in God's mission to the world through dialogue: openness, listening, and care for all God’s creatures and communities. Join in the Center community's collaboration with missiologist Stephen Bevans in 2012-2013. Save the date for missional church convocation July 2527, 2013, where Steve will be keynote speaker. We invite missional church leaders of all traditions and communions to tap into the powerful and timely work of Steve Bevans. Steve is well known in Roman Catholic circles. We believe Steve's work has tremendous value ecumenically, and the 2013 convocation is this opportunity to engage with him! REGISTER NOW. 4

You work every day to welcome your neighbors and make your community a better place. Now let's do it together as one body, using our hands to do God's work of restoring and reconciling communities in Jesus Christ’s name throughout the world. Resources are available at “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday. Bulletin inserts, flyers, t-shirts, may be ordered and a congregational toolkit will be available mid-May. (See flyer at the end of this newsletter.)


Central States Synod Assembly June 6-9, 2013

Sheraton Overland Park Hotel Overland Park, Kansas

The Central States Synod Assembly will be held June 6-9, 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Overland Park, Kan. Please note the Assembly officially opens with worship on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and will close at or before noon on Sunday. Pre-Assembly Pre-Assembly materials have been posted to the Assembly web page. Please go to to register and to view/download materials.

Assembly Binder Documents Reports, nominations, resolutions, etc. will be posted no later than May 15. There will be two binders on each Voting Member table. If you would like to order a personal copy ($25), please do so no later than May 10.

Go as “green” as possible We will have a wi-fi connection in the Assembly Hall. There is also free access in most public areas of the hotel. Use of laptop computers and other devises is encouraged. Print only what you feel is necessary.

Synod Pictorial Directory We are still working out details at this writing, but it looks like we will have LifeTouch taking photos for a new Central States pictorial directory. Our last one done was in 2003 — and a lot has changed since then. All rostered people (including retired, disability leave and OLFC) are included in the directory and of course you may purchase the professional photos on your own. Additional details will be out soon … but get ready for your close-up!

YOU can be included in Assembly materials There’s still time to get a snap-shot of you into some of the Assembly PR pieces. A face-shot is all we need. The photos will be used in a variety of ways at and before the Assembly. Email your photo to Dan Glamann, and we’ll get you in!



Discernment and the 2013 bishop’s election Each of us makes many decisions each day, yet, how we make decisions as people of faith can be different. Discernment encourages us to realize that our faith can be fully and actively included in the decisions we make. Discernment engages us through awareness, understanding, and action. This year at our Synod Assembly we will be electing the bishop of the Central States Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, our synod. We will elect a bishop expecting that the person elected will lead us in the mission of the church. Our synod and the election process will be best served if the voting members are already engaged in a discernment process. Posted on the Assembly web page, please find “A Time for Christian Discernment” regarding the bishop’s election and the discernment process for the election.

ELCA Churchwide Assembly 2013 Congregation Observers Each congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America may register with the secretary of this church one congregation observer for the Churchwide Assembly prior to May 31 the year of a Churchwide Assembly. a. Provision shall be made for such an individual to have reserved seating in the observers section of the plenary hall. Such congregation observers will receive a copy oft he report of recommendations for assembly action and also materials distributed on the plenary floor to voting members, advisory members, and non-voting members during the assembly. Such observers shall have neither voice nor vote in plenary sessions of the assembly. b. A registration fee shall be established by the secretary of this church for registration and related costs, including enabling observers to receive the same meals as are provided for voting members. c.

Transportation costs, housing, other meals, and related expenses shall be the responsibility of the registered observer or sending congregation.

The registration fee for congregation observers is $150. Please contact the assembly registrar at 800-638-3522 ext. 2807, or via e-mail to if you have any questions. Please note the meal package is not included in the registration fee, but may be purchased separately when registering. On-line registration is open at

The 2013 Churchwide Assembly will be held August 12-17 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Penn.


CALL FOR VIDEOS for Churchwide Assembly The ELCA Churchwide offices are looking for short, 60 to 90 secondlong videos showcasing ministries in our congregations that focus on our 25th year theme: “Always Being Made New.” In these videos, congregations should share what the theme “Deeply rooted in faith, and always being made new” means to them and how they live that statement in their continuing work. The congregations may also wish to consider and address these related questions:  In a rapidly changing culture, where is God leading and calling us as the ELCA?  Where are we “showing up” as a church in your community? If you/your church has an idea for one of these short video stories, please email Dan Glamann 1) the congregation name/address; and 2) the technical/video "point person." This interest list of potential videos will need to be sent to the ELCA Churchwide office by May 15. A representative from the ELCA Marketing Communications staff will contact these congregations directly about the specs and requirements.

CHURCHWIDE ASSEMBLY VOTING MEMBERS Area Ministry 1: Mr. Doug Reed Area Ministry 2: Ms. Cassidy Ruggels Area Ministry 3: Rev. Loren Mai Area Ministry 4: Mr. Tom Nelson Area Ministry 5: Rev. David Fulton Area Ministry 6: Ms. Kristine Luber Area Ministry 7: Mr. Nam Ahrens Area Ministry 8: TBD Area Ministry 9: Rev. Kim Knowle Area Ministry 10: Ms. Janis Hutchinson At Large Clergy Female: Rev. Charlotte Strecker-Baseler At Large Lay Female Youth: Ms. Megan Mong Bishop: Rev. Gerald Mansholt Vice President: Ms. Melba Bangert



The PMA Convocation was held April 26-27 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Lenexa, Kansas. The Convocation began with a service of Holy Communion led by Bishop Gerald Mansholt. Following dinner, the Convocation heard comments from Bishop Mansholt. The following anniversaries were celebrated: 5-year Jim Germer, Mary Heald, Sid Hose, Phillip Knox, Bud Niebling, and Peggy Schaefer; 10-year Carl Kuhlman, Mary Hunt, Kathy Ouellette, Judy Peterson, Norman Smith, Tamera Jahnke, David Winquist, and Angie Sundell; 15-year Marvin Stuenkel. The Convocation also recognized new Parish Ministry Associates Marilyn Dunstan, Jayne Germer, Julie Holmberg, and Sarah Thomas; and new PMAP students John Dumler, Annette Maric, and Jon Rank. Pastor David Strommen; Jim Germer, PMA; and Judy Peterson, PMA, entertained us with wonderful music. The theme of the Convocation was "Christians: Called to Care." The primary presenter was Pastor Ashley Masoni, KUMC chaplain, with assistance from Pastor Mark Fischer and Bud Niebling, PMA. A big THANK YOU to break sponsors: Mission Investment Fund (Paula Kitt), Lutheran Planned Giving (JP Palmer), and Bud & Judy Niebling.


LCM at KSU Celebrates 75th Anniversary! 2013 marks 75 years since the first KSU Lutheran Student Association was formed! In 1938, the Lutheran Student Association began meeting twice a month, and enjoyed monthly meals on Sunday evenings at First Lutheran Church of Manhattan. Leadership for LSA was provided by students, pastors, interns, and lay leaders from First Lutheran. In 1957, the first “Luther House” at 915 Dennison was purchased to provide a gathering place for students near campus. In 1965, National Lutheran Campus Ministry of the ALC and LCA called Pastor Don Fallon as the first full-time Lutheran Campus Pastor at Kansas State University. LCM weathered many changes, including great social changes during Pastor Don’s 24 years as Campus Pastor. During this time, the Lutheran Student Movement was born, and LCM moved out of the old Luther House into an Ecumenical Campus Ministry building. In 1989, Pastor Craig Sommer was called to LCM at KSU. In order to provide more visibility on Campus, the search began for a new separate facility for LCM. In 1993, Pastor Jayne Thompson began her ministry at KSU LCM. During her time, the current Luther House at 1745 Anderson was purchased and remodeled, and LCM students at KSU voted to become a Reconciling in Christ Community. From 2005 to 2008, Rev. Patty Brown-Barnett and Intern Cheryll Armstrong-Kaukis provided interim leadership. Kevin Clark, the current Campus Pastor, was called in June of 2008. Lutheran Campus Ministry at KSU is marking our anniversary with celebration events and some special anniversary year goals. On February 15th, we celebrated an Open House at Luther House, the home of LCM at KSU. In October we will celebrate our 3rd Annual LCM Dessert Auction, and on November 17th, our anniversary celebration culminates with a banquet to be held at 1st Lutheran Church in Manhattan. We will gather starting at 12:30pm and begin the banquet at 1:00pm. We hope you will be able to join us!

For 2013, our 75th Anniversary Year, we have set the following goals: 

To have 75 students participate in LCM events

To have 75 alumni participate in celebration events

To reconnect with 75 alumni with whom we have lost touch

To receive contact info for 75 incoming Freshmen

To have 75 congregations partner with LCM for financial and prayer support

To raise $75,000 of support for LCM

You can help us reach these goals by praying for students and LCM, participating in our celebration events, sending us the names and contact information for alumni, sending us the names of incoming Freshmen at KSU (or other schools—we can get the contact info to a Lutheran ministry in that area), asking your congregation to consider supporting Lutheran Campus Ministry in our Synod, or by making a donation toward our goal of $75,000 for our 75th Anniversary. Thank you! Pastor Kevin Clark 7


Persaud installed as the Kent S. Knutson and UELC Professor in Theology and Mission DUBUQUE, IA – April 18, 2013 – Wartburg Theological Seminary is pleased to announce the installation of faculty member Dr. Winston Persaud as the Kent S. Knutson and UELC Professor in Theology and Mission on April 22, 2013. Dr. Persaud has been a member of the faculty at Wartburg Theological Seminary for 29 years and is also a 1977 graduate of Wartburg Seminary. He said of the installation and honor, “The Endowed Kent S. Knutson - United Evangelical Lutheran Church Chair in Theology and Mission is an ongoing reminder that theology is done for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that through the faithful, generous stewardship God's mission continues.” Dr. Winston D. Persaud is Professor of Systematic Theology and Director of the Center for Global Theologies at Wartburg Theological Seminary, and is on the roster in Central States Synod. He is a graduate of the University of St. Andrews, Scotland (Ph. D., 1980), Wartburg Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity, 1977), and the University of Guyana (BA, 1974). He is a native of Guyana, where he served his home congregation, Redeemer Dr. Winston Persaud Lutheran Church, prior to joining the Wartburg faculty, in February 1984. His teaching and research are focused on defining and confessing the gospel of Jesus Christ in a world of religious and non-religious alternatives. The Kent S. Knutson and UELC chair in Theology and Mission commemorates a past president of Wartburg Seminary and honors the historical connections of Wartburg Seminary to the United Evangelical Lutheran Church (UELC). Trinity Seminary, the UELC Seminary located in Blair, Neb., moved to the Wartburg Seminary campus in 1956 when the ALC (American Lutheran Church) began to form and the two seminaries merged at the birth of the ELCA in 1988.


Our gratitude goes out to Scott Musselman who is completing his service as chair of the Central States Mission Table. He served the team during the transition from the old Outreach Team committee structure to the local and more participatory model of mission tables. Thank you Scott. Mission table activity is springing up all around the synod. A mission table is made of people who have a passion, interest or experience in working together for the purpose of the mission of Christ in their area. Most recently the people in area ministry 9 have developed a mission table for the purpose of forming a mission cluster to work through the partnership for missional church process. The K.C. area mission table is currently beginning the process of working on a metro/urban strategy. The new chair of the CSS Mission Table is Roger Lenander. Staff support person is Len Dale.

(Bethany College continued from page 3)

The retreat concluded with a conversation about the college's current comprehensive campaign. In 2011, the college announced its new system of education, Bethany Pathway, and its long-term goals for its 150th anniversary in 2031, including a student body of 1,500, 84% retention of students from the freshman to sophomore year, financial support from 30% of alumni, and increasing the endowment to $100 million. In the first step to reach these, Bethany launched the largest campaign in the college's history, the comprehensive Engage the Future campaign to raise at least $20 million, if not $25 million, by 2014. So far, $16.4 million has been secured in gifts and pledges.

Luther Academy of the Rockies June 17 - 27, 2013 Wartburg Theological Seminary invites YOU to join with us for 10 days of learning, recreation, and renewal for ministry at our annual Luther Academy of the Rockies. The theme of this year's Academy "Being the Church in Changing, Challenging Times" sets the table for a lively discussion of the church's theological, biblical, and pastoral/diaconal calling in the shifting times in which we live. Click here to learn more and to register. 8

“With the successful completion of the fundraising for the Bud Pearson Swedish Chapel and Mabee Welcome Center, Bethany is well on its way,” says Leonard. “Now we head into planning the final two years of this campaign and focus on increasing alumni event participation to 15% and alumni giving to 15% by 2015.”


Central States Women’s news BY SUSIE BORGSTROM, PRESIDENT

If you are thinking about sending a kid to summer camp for the first time we are sure you have MANY questions about what to expect. It's very hard to boil down camp to one paragraph – Camp is an opportunity to get away from the world so we can grow as a person and in faith together. The heart of our ministry beats with two core ideas: the Gospel of Jesus and Meaningful Relationships. These two form the foundation for everything we do, and they are also what sets us apart from many other summer opportunities. Students of all ages come to Tomah Shinga for summer “CAMP,” and for over 80 years this has been our mainstay camp program. Camp Tomah Shinga is nestled within 840 acres in the beautiful Flint Hills of Kansas. It’s a great place for campers to get away from the distractions of a busy summer and look for God’s presence in nature, in the friends they meet, and in spiritual activities like Bible studies, prayer and praise, and time alone with God. Students stay in cabins equipped with restrooms, showers and air-conditioning. Each student becomes a member of a village – a group of like age students led by one of our counselors. Campers can look forward to great food, swimming, hiking, age appropriate use of the challenge course, campfires, Bible studies, sing-alongs, and building great friendships. As campers mature, more and more adventure is added to their CAMP experience. These might include camping out farther from the cabins or more challenging ropes course elements.

Greetings! I would like to introduce the Executive Board member who will be representing churchwide Women of the ELCA at our synod women’s convention at Lindsborg, Kansas this summer. Her name is Sydney Brinkman and she will be one of our key speakers for our “Journey with Jesus” event. She will be speaking on our convention theme at our workshops on Saturday afternoon and will give greetings to us from our churchwide women’s organization at the luncheon that same day. She is excited to be joining us and has enthusiasm and dedication to bring to our group. She will be at the convention to listen, share, answer questions, and fellowship with us in all that we do to the “Glory of God.” Syd was elected to serve as an executive board member for the current triennium and is on the constitution review committee. She is from the Northeastern Iowa Synod (NEIA). She enjoys the opportunity to exercise, relax on her front porch, dance, and ride the motorcycle with Randy, her husband. She has twin daughters and sons-in-law, and two granddaughters. Syd is a self employed hairdressMs. Sydney Brinkman er. She also spends a great deal of time supporting the economy - - looking for the “perfect something” that will make someone’s day a bit brighter. Syd is very excited to serve on the churchwide executive board and sees it as an opportunity to observe a changing organization and an evolving church. We have all been called to mission here at home and around the globe. She says “Come with us and watch with amazement at what God will do in your life!” Please join us at the Central States Women of the ELCA convention in Lindsborg, Kansas and meet Syd. Join us as we “Journey with Jesus” at Bethany College, July 26-28. Our journey will be so much better with you along!

Journey with Jesus Central States Synod Women of the ELCA 26th Annual Convention

And there are two new camps that have been added this year: Family Camp and Horse Camp!

July 26-28, 2013 Bethany College — Lindsborg, Kan. READ MORE

For more information and registration, please visit: 9


Around the synod . . .


Lutheran School of Theology, St. Louis Workshop Leading in Exile: Learning to Lead the Church into a Future Where Nothing May be the Same as Before will be taught by The Rev. Dr. John Bracke, Retired Professor of Biblical Studies at Eden Theological Seminary. It will be offered at Trinity Lutheran Church, 14088 Clayton Road (Hwy. 141 at Clayton Rd.) Chesterfield, Missouri 63017 on Thursday, May 16, 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Lunch is included with tuition of $35. Register online at, or by phone at 314-725-9710, or by mail to LST, 6325 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO, 63117. READ MORE.

ONLINE Want to know more about what’s going on “Around the Synod?” For stories and pictures of various ministries around Central States Synod, please visit ministries/around-the-synod/

And PLEASE feel free to share your stories too!

Saturday, June 1 — 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Grace and Holy Trinity Episcopal Cathedral 415 W. 13th St., KCMO This is a practical workshop for developing a catechumenate, an intentional and ongoing formation of Christians. Persons from all Christian traditions are welcome to participate. The catechumenal process translates well into a wide variety of settings and faith communities. “Learning the Way” is being directly offered to congregations of the Episcopal Dioceses of West Missouri and Kansas, and the Central States Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in laying the groundwork for a catechumenate. Presenters: Pr. Paul E. Hoffman, Lead Pastor at Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church in Seattle, Wash.; and Donna Linn, art therapist, counselor, seminar leader and public speaker.

Save the date!

Bethany House of Studies Fall Event

Down flyer/schedule/registration form: Learning the Way

Confirmation as Youth Ministry Wartburg Youth Leadership School (WYLS) Wartburg Youth Leadership School is a six day school (June 23-29) in which youth will gather for an ultimate faith journey as they share adventure, service, study, music, and worship. Held on the campus of Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, WYLS participants consider the ULTIMATE YOU: Who claims You? Who Calls You? Who Sends You? Through the setting of an intentional Christian community, the youth are challenged to live out the Gospel and ask themselves, "How am I being called to lead?" Click here for a printable WYLS flyer.

with Pastors Delvin Strecker and Ethan Feistner Saturday, August 24, 2013 St John Lutheran Church 425 North Main, Russell, Kansas

Which 3 Youth Will you Nominate?

Do you have youth in your congregation that may already be leaders, or who have leadership potential? Please nominate them for WYLS. You may nominate up to three youth who have completed 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Click here for an online nomination form. Click above for more information


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — May/June 2013 Parishes in the Call Process (a) intentional interim/interim (b) developing congregational profile (c) interview phase (d) call pending Area Ministry 2 Lucas, Gloria Dei and Wilson, Immanuel (a) Dorrance, First (a) Milberger, United Emmanuel (a) Area Ministry 3 Peace Parish: Belleville/Courtland/ Norway/Scandia, (c) Prairie Winds Parish: Abilene, Trinity and Junction City, Faith (a)

SYNOD CALENDAR May 2 4 7-9 10 27

Area Ministry Deans’ Meeting — Hollis Renewal Center Mid-Missouri PMC Intro — Trinity, Russellville First Call Retreat — Sophia Center, Atchison Synod Council Executive Committee — Synod Office Memorial Day — Synod Office Closed

June 6-9 10 21 23

Synod Assembly — Sheraton Hotel, Overland Park Assembly Recuperation Day — Synod Office Closed Churchwide Assembly Voters’ Meeting — Synod Office Peace Lutheran Church Dedication — Joplin

Westwood House Dedication—LCM, Kansas University April 14, 2013

Area Ministry 4 Axtell, Salem and Onaga, New Hope (b) Greenleaf-Waterville Parish: Greenleaf, Trinity and Waterville, St. Mark (b) Area Ministry 5 Eureka, Christ — part-time (a) Hutchinson, Zion — part-time (a) Area Ministry 6 Emporia, St. Mark (c) Topeka, First—associate (c) Area Ministry 7 Belton, Lord of Love (b) Overland Park, Atonement (c) Area Ministry 9 Cole Camp, St. Paul (d) Russellville, Trinity (a) Area Ministry 10 Clayton, St. Mark (a) St. Charles, Hope — associate (c) Sullivan, Peace — part-time (a)




Missionary supporters in Central States Synod

ELCA, Malagasy Lutheran Church strengthen bond — "The reason we need one another is that through these very concrete partnerships, we make God’s dream a reality in our midst," said the Rev. Rafael Malpica Padilla, ELCA executive director for global mission, upon the signing of an agreement designed to nurture the ties between the ELCA and the Malagasy Lutheran Church. See


Dear friends in Christ, I’m happy to tell you that in 2012 congregations and members of your synod provided financial gifts to support these ELCA global missionaries: 

Meghan Bryte, Young Adults in Global Mission, Mexico

Bradn Buerkle, Education, Russia

Claire Flesch (from this synod), Young Adults in Global Mission, United Kingdom

Erik Grayvold, Young Adults in Global Mission, Jerusalem/West Bank

Jenna Homeyer (from this synod), Young Adults in Global Mission, Jerusalem/West Bank

Rodney Nordby & Nancy Anderson, Development, Papua New Guinea

Mark & Linda Nygard, Education, Egypt

Erin Odgers, Education, Egypt

Kaleb Sutherland (from this synod), Young Adults in Global Mission, South Africa

Joseph & Deborah Troester, Development, CAR

Dorcas Wang, Evangelism, China

May 2013

New pope has ties to Lutherans — Regarding the election of the new pope, ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson said he is "encouraged that Pope Francis has worked with Lutherans in Argentina." Hanson added, "We share a deep commitment to our ongoing dialogues with the Catholic Church internationally and in the United States." See Southern Africa: Malaria hits home — A delegation of ELCA members representing the ELCA Malaria Campaign was in southern Africa during Lent and learned about the ever-present threat of the disease. On Palm Sunday the granddaughter of the pastor of a Mozambique Lutheran congregation was rushed to a hospital after contracting the disease. See and Cambodia: Learning to harvest a better life — When they married in 2006, Hong Srey Touch and her husband, Doeun Dy, didn’t have the knowledge to make a living off the rice paddy and the small plot of land they were given. But today, with the help of a program supported by ELCA World Hunger, they grow enough rice to feed themselves and sell the extra at the market. See

For more information and reports of gifts/covenants to support missionaries please visit the Central States Companion Synods/Global Mission web page.

Jerusalem: Support new missionaries! — The Rev. Angela and the Rev. Martin Zimmann have begun service in Jerusalem, where they serve as co-pastors of the English-speaking congregation at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer and also as special assistants to the bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land. Make a gift to support their ministry or go deeper with a covenant relationship, which includes prayer and mutual communication. Email or call 800-638-3522, ext. 2657. New kids in the Holy Land — The idea of living in Jerusalem is "a little mind blowing," says Seth Zimmann, 13. His sister, Chelsea, 9, lights up when remembering Christmas Eve in Bethlehem’s Manger Square. They are the children of ELCA missionaries the Rev. Angela and the Rev. Martin Zimmann. See www.Living Jerusalem-kids. Global Links shares highlights from, and other churchwide websites of ELCA ministry and connections in other countries. 12

Lutheran Planned Giving Arkansas-Oklahoma & Central States Synods April 2013


Lock in a Gift for You and Ministry Through Gift Annuities Charitable gift annuities administered by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Foundation are simple in design, easy to establish and may be just the right way for you to lock in a future gift for your congregation, your favorite ELCA ministry, social ministry organization, college, seminary, outdoor ministry or campus ministry. A charitable gift annuity can make a difference for you and others. Check these out these planning points:  For a gift of $10,000 or more, you will receive lifetime payments and will have the satisfaction of knowing that when you no longer need the income funds others* will benefit. A sample of rates for single and two-life annuities, as recommended by the American Council of Gift Annuities, is provided below.  You receive a charitable deduction for your gift and may avoid taxes on capital gains if your annuity is funded with appreciated securities. An added advantage, a portion of your payment is tax-free for a term of years. Would you like to see an illustration based on your age? Joyce “JP” Palmer our Lutheran Planned Giving Charitable Gift Planner

(#816-204-5181) would welcome your request and is willing to answer your questions; at no cost. Single Life Age Rate 65 4.7 75 5.8 80 6.8 85 7.8 90+ 9.0

Two-Life Age Rate 67/70-73 4.5 74/74 4.9 77/77-78 5.3 83/83 6.3 87/87 7.3

* Congregation, Oaks Indian Mission, Lutheran Family & Children’s Services, LSTC, Hollis Renewal Center, Camp Tomah Shinga, Bethany Home, Bethany College, Lutheran Campus Ministry, Synod, ELCA ministries.

Lutheran Planned Giving Joyce "JP" Palmer

Director/Charitable Gift Planner 9911 N. Hawthorne Ave. Kansas City, MO 64157 Phone: 816-204-5181 E-mail: Lutheran Planned Giving is a service to ELCA congregations and individuals to help them plan for themselves, loved ones and the work of the Lord, by providing education and consultation in the area of stewardship of accumulated assets. All services are available without cost or obligation. ELCA congregations have permission to reproduce this insert for newsletters, bulletins or other congregational use.

Lutheran Planned Giving Arkansas-Oklahoma & Central States Synods May 2013


Gifting Opportunity with Your IRA

Congress implemented (again) an excellent charitable planning opportunity for an IRA owner. You may take advantage of this new opportunity: + if you are age 70½ or older + for gifts up to $100,000 may be transferred from an IRA by 31 December 2013 + if the rollover gift transfers directly from an IRA to a qualified public charity + if the rollover gift is for an outright gift (no benefits coming back to the donor) + if your rollover is to be used to fulfill a pledge + if you want to use your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), or a portion of the annual RMD What are the benefits of taking advantage of the Charitable IRA Rollover?  You can make a tax-favorable gift from an IRA without waiting until the end of life. 

You can make a year-end gift now with no need to wait until year-end to take your IRA RMD

You can give over and above the 50% Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limit without having to carry deductions forward into subsequent years

Distributions are not recognized as income, so they do not contribute to taxation of your Social Security benefits if your level of income subjects you to such taxes

You get a tax benefit even if you use the standard deduction instead of itemizing deductions.

Here to help Contact our ELCA Lutheran Planned Giving Regional Gift Planner Joyce “JP” Palmer can help you explore a variety of possibilities for making a significant gift to ministry and fulfilling your legacy goals at the same time. You may request a sample letter to send to your IRA trustee/administrator AND a notification letter for the receiving ministry organization(s) from Lutheran Planned Giving. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so you may want to discuss with your financial advisor. As always, Lutheran Planned Giving will be pleased to assist you without cost or obligation.

Lutheran Planned Giving Joyce "JP" Palmer

Director/Charitable Gift Planner 9911 N. Hawthorne Ave. Kansas City, MO 64157 Cell: 816-204-5181 E-mail: Lutheran Planned Giving is a service to ELCA congregations and individuals to help them plan for themselves, loved ones and the work of the Lord, by providing education and consultation in the area of stewardship of accumulated assets. All services are available without cost or obligation. ELCA congregations have permission to reproduce this insert for newsletters, bulletins or other congregational use.

Lutheran Planned Giving Arkansas-Oklahoma & Central States Synods June 2013


Go Ahead, Change Your Mind

Individuals often prefer making an estate gift to specific ministries through their wills because they can change their minds later, if necessary. A will is a legal document that the author may revise at any time by having the attorney draft a new one, or by adding a codicil (or amendment) to the existing will. Why is the ability to make a change so vital? As people age and time telescopes, their plans may become more settled and predictable. Children are often successfully launched and building their own estates. Bequests that originally began as smaller amounts may have room to grow. What happens when special needs arise? Circumstances within the donor’s family may require unexpected financial support. Lowering the amount of a charitable bequest may be necessary. Sometimes, a bequest is “accelerated” by being given earlier, as with a gift to an endowment or capital campaign. Or, a donor might use that amount to fund a life-income gift such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust. What if a charitable beneficiary disappoints the donor? That has occasionally happened that a donor can become dissatisfied with one

ministry, and then redirects that bequest to another ministry, which better reflects his or her values and priorities. It makes good sense to review your plans from time to time, whether you intend to make changes or not. Work commitments, investments, changes in income and estate taxes, and family responsibilities typically dictate needed changes. Taking time to make certain your plans address your goals and wishes makes good sense. It prevents problems and lost opportunities. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Wants some help reviewing your plans? Contact our Lutheran Planned Giving Charitable Gift Planner Joyce “JP” Palmer who can help you explore a variety of possibilities for making a significant gift to ministry and fulfilling your legacy goals at the same time. Everyone’s circumstances are different, you may want to discuss the suggested possibilities with your other advisors; that’s understandable. As always, Lutheran Planned Giving will be pleased to assist you without cost or obligation.

Lutheran Planned Giving Joyce "JP" Palmer

Director/Charitable Gift Planner 9911 N. Hawthorne Ave. Kansas City, MO 64157 Cell: 816-204-5181 E-mail: Lutheran Planned Giving is a service to ELCA congregations and individuals to help them plan for themselves, loved ones and the work of the Lord, by providing education and consultation in the area of stewardship of accumulated assets. All services are available without cost or obligation. ELCA congregations have permission to reproduce this insert for newsletters, bulletins or other congregational use.

We, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2013. We are a church that is deeply rooted — and always being made new.

Mark your calendar! “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday September 8, 2013 For 25 years, the ELCA has been a church deeply rooted in faith and in sharing its passion for making positive changes in the world. To celebrate our anniversary and our church’s commitment to sharing God’s love with our neighbors, your congregation is called to take part in a dedicated day of service on September 8 known as “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday. You work every day to welcome your neighbors and make your community a better place. Now let’s do it together as one body, using our hands to do God’s work in Jesus Christ’s name. Imagine the nearly 10,000 congregations of our church serving meals, cleaning up neighborhoods, making quilts for refugees or simply visiting the neighbors who need us. We are a church that rolls up our sleeves and gets to work. More information will become available in May, including how to order your “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday t-shirts and a toolkit designed to plan for the dedicated day of service at:

To learn more about the ELCA’s 25th anniversary visit

Report of the ELCA Church Council – April 5-7, 2013 First of all let me thank you all, my colleagues and friends in the Central States Synod, for your prayers and support for the past six years as I served as a member of the ELCA Church Council. It has been a wonderful experience, and I am very proud of who we are, doing “God’s work. Our hands.” The council centered its work around daily worship, frequent prayer, and Dwelling in the Word reflections. It lived into its commitment to be a “Book of Faith” council by participating in a Bible study led by the Rev. Lisa Vander Wal, Ecumenical Liaison, The Reformed Church in America. Among the items on which the Church Council took action were the following: • recommended that the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly adopt the text and related implementing resolutions of the proposed social statement “The Church and Criminal Justice: Hearing the Cries” Please take a moment to download ( and read the proposed statement. It is powerful. • recommended that the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly approve the 25th Anniversary Campaign in order to grow the resources to support congregations, leadership, relief and development, and global mission; approved $5 million of Church Council designated funds for the preparation and support of the 25th Anniversary Campaign • authorized the creation of the Theological Education Advisory Council to address, in a holistic manner, issues in leadership development, theological education, candidacy and call, and the rosters of this church • affirmed in concept the draft ELCA Philosophy of Benefits and the proposed health care plan design options and pricing alternatives as presented by Portico Benefit Services; requested final versions for the August 2013 Church Council meeting • designated New Orleans, La., as the site of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly, August 8-14, 2016 • approved a revised current fund spending authorization for fiscal year 2013 of $70,731,675 • recommended the following for adoption by the 2013 Churchwide Assembly: (these are being brought forward at this time as there will be a shift to triennial Assemblies following this summer’s meeting.) o 2014 current fund spending authorization of $70,541,740 o 2015 current fund income proposal of $68,552,278 o 2016 current fund income proposal of $67,920,675 o World Hunger income proposal of $19,000,000 for 2014, 2015, and 2016 • endorsed the World Hunger Steering Committee proposal to revise the “Guidelines for ELCA World Hunger Program Activities”; approved a revised total World Hunger spending authorization for fiscal year 2013 of $20,195,415 • requested funding for staff to guide the ELCA in observance of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation • endorsed in concept the proposed merger of California Lutheran University and Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

• requested that the Office of the Presiding Bishop, in consultation with the Office of the Secretary and the Conference of Bishops, prepare a proposal for implementing recommendations by the Addressing Social Concerns Review Task Force • affirmed the work of the ELCA Task Force on Women and Justice and granted the task force’s request to extend the time for the consideration of a social statement on women and justice until the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly (this was done at the request of the task force, a not without some grief about the delay.) • requested a report with possible recommendations for the 2013 Churchwide Assembly regarding renewing the “Book of Faith” initiative • approved and adopted amendments to the constitution and amended restated certificate of incorporation of Lutheran Medical Center • elected members to the board of directors of The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, and Trinity Lutheran Seminary and to the advisory council of Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary as part of Lenoir-Rhyne University The Church Council received the following: • reports from the officers • reports from its committees • a report from the Conference of Bishops • a report from the executive for administration • an update on 2013 Churchwide Assembly planning The Church Council also participated in: • process observation • health and wellness activities • café conversations • sharing of joys and concerns The complete list of Church Council actions will be posted on the Office of the Secretary web pages. I would be happy to speak to you if you would like more information about any of the actions taken at this meeting. Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve, not only on the Council, but as a member of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Planning & Evaluation committee of the Council and on the Communal Discernment Task Force. If you are interested in the work of the Task Force, you may find our full report posted with the Pre-Assembly materials at or visit our Facebook page at ELCA Communal Discernment Project. Respectfully submitted, Pastor Susan Langhauser, Advent Lutheran Church, Olathe, KS

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Making Christ Known  

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