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September 2011

Number 215

From the Bishop would do, pruning limbs back from the house. But all cutting was strategic, leaving wounds that could heal, not damaging the main life-giving trunk of the tree. These Honey Locusts, about 25 years old, strong and healthy, should have at least another 100 years in them, as well as another 20-40 feet of growth. Trim yes, but with informed intentionality and cautious care. Rev. Dr. Gerald Mansholt

Three large Honey Locusts sit on the west side of our house in Shawnee, these 25 year old trees presenting some issues about which Anita and I have had some concerns. The branches are growing over the top of our two story house, some limbs are hanging far over into the neighbors’ yard, and there are more and more unsightly dead branches. Thinking the bishop with a chain saw in a 50 foot tree is probably not a good idea, I made inquiries with a couple of local tree services. Something I said prompted one receptionist to inform me in her first sentence “we don’t top trees!” I learned very quickly I would not be getting “a hatchet job” from this firm. Indeed the hour I ended up spending with Mark Young, ISA Board Certified Master Aborist of Country Club Tree Service, was a late summer gift of learning about the life, growth and longevity of trees. Trimming he

All this trimming got me to thinking about the Church. We regularly hear we are living in days of change, the inherited denominational structures we have known for so long needing to adapt. For some time many have observed how programs and structures that once served the Gospel no longer do so, at least not with the vigor of the past. Growing existing congregations and planting new ones is more difficult today, if not seemingly impossible in some places. The need for change among our seminaries in the delivery of theological education is becoming more and more apparent. The old model of 4 years residential seminary education is accessible for a very limited number of persons. New, creative delivery models of theological education are needed for the training and formation of pastors as well as for the whole of the people of God. Since we began work with the Changed by Love, Sent in

Love, to Serve—Shaping the Church for God’s Mission Fund Appeal, I have also realized the depth of cultural change in church and charitable giving. This is a donor driven, designated giving culture and the giving opportunities before the individual are legion, the local congregation only one in the constellation of many worthy and alluring causes. The adoption of the recommendations of the ELCA Living Into the Future Together (LIFT) Task Force, as well as a restructuring of the churchwide offices this past year, is part of the shaping process taking place. I serve on the Task Force of Nine, that being 9 bishops within the Conference of Bishops, beginning the conversation, as directed by LIFT, about size and function of the synod. Those conversations have been rich and have taken us to our evangelical roots. “There is a lot of life left in that tree”, said Mark Young. And there’s a lot of life left in the Church, even as we find our way forward, discerning together where to trim, what needs cutting back, how to structure so the lifegiving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ moves freely among and within us. Shaping the Church for God’s Mission is not an empty phrase. It describes the work God is doing among us through all the dynamics of these days—church turmoil, economic slowdown, massive cultural changes. (Continued on page 2)

CENTRAL STATES SYNOD, ELCA 21 N. 12th St., Suite 210 Kansas City, KS 66102 Voice: 913-948-9701 Toll-free: 866-915-3548 Fax: 913-948-9707

Inside this issue: Peace, Joplin update ...... page 2 Bethany College, Fund Appeal ........................... page 3 Resources, BHS, LBWs needed, Healthy Congregations . page 4 Stewardship, Communication Workshop .................... page 5 Convo, Hunger Grants, MIF, Festival of Sharing ........ page 6 Campus Ministry ............. page 7 Disaster Response ......... page 8 Women’s News, Youth Leader Training, SA12 .............. page 9 Around the Synod ......... page 10 Parishes in Transition, Synod Calendar, Hillside mission start needs .................. page 11 Glocal Msn. Gathering, Global Links ............................ page 12 Inserts/Flyers: Lutheran Planned Giving; Bishop’s Letter; LCM Challenge Letter; LCM Bulletin Insert; CWA; PLACE; LST

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011 In the Synod Office … Bishop The Rev. Dr. Gerald Mansholt Bishop’s Associates Rev. Len Dale

(Bishop continued from page 1)

Being trimmed, being shaped comes only with some pain and loss. We may grieve the old and we will most definitely have a different look. But the Spirit of God is at work among a people Changed by Love, Sent in Love, to Serve. The trimming and shaping becomes life-giving as we are more deeply centered in God’s Good News in Jesus Christ and sharing in the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Rev. Dr. Janice Kibler

Joplin’s Coming Back — and So Is Peace

Rev. John Kreidler


Assistants to the Bishop Mr. Dan Glamann Rev. Cynthia Schnaath Support Staff Ms. Erin Morrison Ms. Sandy Van Tuyl

While watching the recent Rams-Chiefs football game on television, I saw an interview with Governor Nixon. He spoke about how Joplin is coming back after the tornado, updating viewers on the recovery and rebuilding efforts. He also said that Joplin continues to need help, but added “Joplin’s an easy place to help because the people there are helping themselves.” That type of attitude could also be echoed about Peace Lutheran. We continue our travel down the long road to rebuilding. We have congregations and individuals reaching out to continue to help us through visits and donations. Many have indicated that they chose Peace this year as a mission project. That type of outreach touches the hearts of our members, as have the letters and cards of encouragement sent from around the country. We now have a full-time Pastor, Katharine Redpath, to help us through the crucial decisions regarding a facility. That’s a real blessing, as we look forward to her helping us focus on our mission and future in Joplin.

Deployed Staff Ms. Joyce “JP” Palmer Director Lutheran Planned Giving 816-204-5181

But, we are also supporting each other, through worship and fellowship and service to the community. Despite the fact that we don’t have a building of our own, we continue to plan activities to help others. A look at the next few months shows plans for a special Sunday visit to support Oaks Indian Center, another Sunday to support Habitat for Humanity, and plans to have members participate in the annual “Crop Walk” to benefit local food banks.

Ms. Paula Kitt Mission Investment Fund, ELCA 913-486-4801

Peace may have needs of its own, but we know that there are others needing help and we continue to reach out in our community. We continue to reflect our stated mission, “To Preach and Teach GOD's Word by uniting in Worship, Fellowship, Witness and Service."

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provided by CIGNA. Go to for more information.

Making Christ Known A publication of the Central States Synod

Published monthly by the Central States Synod, ELCA. Deadline for submission of materials is the 15th of the month for the subsequent issue. News may be directed to Dan Glamann, Email: Permission is granted to ELCA congregations and members to reproduce any portion of this newsletter.

During the August 21 installation service of Pr. Katharine Redpath at Peace Lutheran, Rev. John Kreidler read a proclamation and presented communion ware from the ELCA. These gifts were presented to Bishop Mansholt during the ELCA Churchwide Assembly in August. Pictured above: Pr. Redpath, Rev. Kreidler and Colleen Cameron, Worship Committee chairperson.


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011 Changed by Love, Sent in Love to Serve

Shaping the Church for God’s Mission The Central States Synod Mission Fund Appeal

From the Alumni Office …

The Gifts of Isaiah: Isaiah 55:4 “Behold I have given him as a witness to the people and a leader…” and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s Well: John 4:28 “The woman left her water pot and said, ‘Come and see’…” Exciting News

Thanks to generous pledges and gifts we have received over $614,146 — that is up from $539,145 in August.

How is the fund appeal making a difference right now?

A concert by Peter Mayer on October 30, 2011 that will benefit the ELCA Malaria Campaign with ticket sales going directly to this cause. Campus ministry will also be highlighted at this event; students will be helping with organizing and running the concert. The location, Abe and Jake’s was chosen because it will provide missional outreach to college students and the community.

This event addresses all four of our missional directions: Molly Johnson ‘06 Bethany alumni live and work around the world. They are a rich resource for students, offering internships, mentorship and career connections. Most important, our alumni are living examples Bethany College values. They do important and interesting work, they create, they raise families, they contribute to their communities, and they serve others. The Alumni Office cultivates life long relationships with current and future alumni and friends to further the mission of Bethany College. The Bethany alumni network spans six continents and 21 countries. Bethany alumni work as teachers, physicians, engineers, lawyers, ministers, and musicians – and a hundred other career fields. It is very common for Bethany alumni to serve in vocations that require both specialized knowledge and humanrelations skills. For more information on Bethany alumni and how you can get involved in the alumni network, contact Molly Johnson, director of

1) igniting spiritual renewal; 2) raising up leaders of all ages for the church; 3) building bridges across the differences that divide society; and, 4) inspiring and equipping people to discover what God is up to in their lives has brought new energy to shaping the church for God’s mission.

Look for upcoming information regarding ticket sales and special VIP event tickets! If you are interested in underwriting this event, please contact Rev. Cynthia Schnaath, at

alumni relations, at 785-227-3380 or

reunions, personal accomplishments or address changes.

We want to know what's happening in your life, and so do your classmates and friends!

In your submission, please include: ● your current name and your name when you attended Bethany; ● your class year; ● your address and, if available, your email address; ● your news and photos.

Send your news and photos to: Jane Asche Bethany College 335 E. Swensson Lindsborg, KS 67456-1895 Or submit information online When you submit news to us, you are connecting with your friends, and you are helping the college build stronger relationships with all of alumni. Possible news items include births, deaths, weddings, promotions, new jobs, career changes, degrees earned, trips, 3

The alumni office will print submissions in the next available issue of the Bethany Magazine unless you direct us otherwise. We may also use your submissions for email newsletters or the Web site. For more information about Bethany College, visit

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Rethinking Mission & Church Structure What does it mean to “be church?” What are we called to do, to be? How does our structure support our sense of mission and call? The following resources may be helpful for congregations rethinking mission and church structure.

Bethany House of Studies FALL EVENT 2011

The Congregational Leadership Series provides practical steps for looking at context (Our Context: Exploring Our Congregation and Community); mission (Our Mission: Discovering God’s Call to Us); structure (Structure: Carrying Out the Vision); and stewardship (Our Stewardship: Managing Our Assets). Additional resources help with staffing, identifying leaders, and shaping and defining church committees. Available in the Church Resource Center or at Augsburg Fortress. Martha Grace Reese’s Unbinding the Gospel Series is one place for congregations to begin considering who they are and what they are called to do. It includes an all church study and 40 days of prayer and faith sharing outlined in Unbinding Your Heart. In Unbinding Your Church, pastors and leaders are invited to a conversation about relearning why we have a story that needs telling. Two additional resources follow: Unbinding the Gospel about real life evangelism and Unbinding the Soul about the joy of Christian life. Go to Discovering Hope: Building Vitality in Rural Congregations and a companion resource, Building Hope, offer practical help by telling stories of 26 effective congregations. Available for loan. Available at the Church Resource Center. Some 21st century reformers who help us think about church as a verb, practices of faith, and missional servant ministry are Nadia Bolz-Weber, Brian McLaren, Craig Van Gelder, Diana Butler Bass, Kenda Creasy Dean, Rob Bell, Phyllis Tickle, Reggie McNeal, Joan Chittister, Dorothy Bass. For more information about these reformers and other suggestions of resources by these people and many others working to help shape a faithful church contact Rev. Cynthia Schnaath at the synod offices. Natural Church Development is a process for helping leaders focus on church health and mission. Go to for mini-seminars, video clips, books and tools. The Alban Institute continues to provide help of all kinds for rethinking congregational life and mission. A free online guide to resources can be found at Weekly conversations for building up congregations and their leaders is available for subscription at

National Gathering in KC Each year, Healthy Congregations gathers around themes of interest to the development of emotional process and systems thinking as it applies to congregational and community life. Past themes have included societal emotional process, sibling position and leadership in anxious times. The 2011 National Gathering in scheduled for October 10-12, 2011 and will be held at the Savior Pastoral Retreat Center in Kansas City, Kansas. For more information and to register, visit http://

Administration Matters "Best Practices in Church Administration" Saturday, September 17, 2011 9:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Bethany Lutheran Church 320 N Main St., Lindsborg, Kansas Click here for more information and registration form.

LBWs for Liberia As you may remember, an appeal was set forth several months ago for LBWs to be sent to the Lutheran Church in Liberia. So far, over 1,750 have been received that will be shipped later this year . The Lutheran Church in Liberia provides a strong witness for the Gospel. The people love to sing! They want to put the LBW into every Lutheran church and preaching point throughout the country. Ship your LBWs to: Rev. Dr. Mark J. Molldrem First Evangelical Lutheran 311 West Mackie Street Beaver Dam, WI 53916 Ship them the cheapest way possible. A contribution of $1/book is also requested to help pay for the shipping to Liberia. Checks should be made payable to First Lutheran Church with “Liberia LBWs” in the memo line. Questions? Please contact Rev. Molldrem at 920-885-4497 or email


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011 Friends, Followers, and Faith: Relational Communication in the Digital Reformation

From Select Learning 'Fall' and 'stewardship' often go hand in hand in congregations. Below are three excellent resources on stewardship.


Author of Tweet If You Heart Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation Emmanuel Episcopal Church Webster Groves, Missouri October 1, 2011 | 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM Workshop participants limited to 50. Workshop fee $50. Have you Googled yourself or your church lately? Today, before almost anyone steps across the threshold of a church, they have researched online, visiting websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channels. Because of this, churches large and small, dioceses, and other religious organizations have begun to develop at least some sort of social media presence. But it’s not always clear how best to participate in digital social networking communities in ways that clearly enrich the spiritual lives of believers and seekers, and extend the Good News to wider circles within and beyond local church communities. And, for mainline churches that have had limited success with broadcast media ministries, developing a voice in the digital domain that is at once authentic and engaging can be a challenge—especially in 140 characters. This is, nonetheless, the core challenge facing religious communicators of all stripes in the Digital Age. In this workshop, we will explore the major social media platforms in light of the uniqueness of mainline Christian identity and practice and with attentiveness to the populations we are likely to find on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Drawing on research from her recent book Tweet If You Heart Jesus and new research from her forthcoming book with ELCA Pastor Keith Anderson, Click 2 Save: The Digital Ministry Bible, Dr. Elizabeth Drescher will help participants to develop a draft social media communications strategy which they can continue to refine in ongoing social media conversations. Download Brochure and registration PDF

Our fall online courses are now available for registration. Classes begin in mid-September.

Mark Allan Powell addresses stewardship... Biblical Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight The overarching theme of this course is, "This is good news!" The biblical message of financial stewardship is: · promising and encouraging; · not (usually) guilt-inducing; · a way of life; · for many of us, it just may be the way to a better life. This course features seven 20-minute video sessions on DVD, and a comprehensive study guide and participant handouts. Introductory Session: For Church Leaders; Session 1: Belonging to God; Session 2: What is a Steward?; Session 3: Treasures and Hearts; Session 4: Motives for Giving; Session 5: Duty and Delight; Session 6: Cheerful Sacrifices. Click here to see a clip from the course.

Earth Stewardship think green... EarthBound: Created and Called to Care for Creation! “To my mind, this is the best piece on creation/kingdom of God/caring for the earth/etc. available.” — Julie K. Aageson, Coordinator, ELCA Resource Centers Discover the origins of our misconceptions about Scripture's portrayal of creation. Recognize God's call to us to relate to the whole creation as our vocation. And experience how God's people throughout the Church are living out that call. This six-part series, hosted by David Rhoads, features Walter Brueggemann, Larry Rasmussen, Barbara Rossing, Terry Fretheim, Cynthia Moe-Lobeda and many others. Click here for more information and to see a trailer for this video.

Practicing what you preach... Sometimes it is hard to talk about money.

Money Leadership: Your Life with Money is an online course developed to help pastors and other congregational leaders increase their confidence in money leadership. The course is designed to encourage greater freedom to talk about the relationship between money and faith and to examine and, perhaps, change behaviors. (Continued on page 6)


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Bishop’s Convocation November 8-10, 2011 Lodge of Four Seasons—Four Seasons, MO

Presenters: Rev. Susan Briehl—Distinguished Professor of the Art of Ministry at Wartburg Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa, writer and former executive director of Holden Village. Rev. Peter Rehwaldt — Intentional interim pastor in Central States Synod. Peter served on the Hymn Editorial Team for Evangelical Lutheran Worship, and as a consultant with Community of Christ's new hymnal project. Additional information is posted on our website:

Central States Synod Hunger Grants Need a boost as you address hunger issues in your community? Youth groups, small groups, congregations: Name your innovative idea, identify how you’re going to implement it, and apply for a CSS Hunger Grant (from $100500). Download: Hunger Grant Application.

The deadline for submission is October 1, with grants awarded by October 15.

Mission Investment Fund update Simpler names, same great investments We've renamed our investment accounts to make them easier for customers to understand. OLD NAME


MissionTermSelect & MissionTermSelectGrand

Term Investments (fixed or adjustable rates)

MissionPlus & MissionFirst

Demand Investments (with or without checkbook availability)

MissionFuture 4KIDZ


October 15, 2011

In addition to these renamed accounts, we continue to offer Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and Health Savings Accounts (HSA). These new names are in effect now. Get more details and open account at mif/investment. If you are a current investor you will see the new names when viewing your account online or paper account statements. Let me know if your congregation needs a supply of new and updated materials (i.e. brochures, annual report, application forms, etc.)

Tickets available soon!


Peter Mayer Concert

Missouri State Fairgrounds Sedalia, Missouri

(Select continued from page 5)

With this freedom and through the information and activities in this course, you will become more confident in your private and public behaviors related to faith and money issues.

October 30, 2011 Abe & Jake’s Landing Lawrence, Kansas

Benefit for the ELCA Malaria Campaign 6

This 6 week course is offered twice this fall Sept. 23- Nov. 4 and Oct. 28 to Dec. 9. Choose the time that is right for you!

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Campus Ministry Month

What’s UP with Campus Ministry?

September 2011 is “Campus Ministry Month” in the Central States Synod and Trinity Lutheran Church-McPherson would like to invite your congregation to join in a show of support for the Central States Synod-Campus Ministry Team (CSS-CMT).

At the 2011 CSS Synod Assembly, we voted to make September “Campus Ministry Month.” Have conversations begun in your community? If not, it’s not too late! Your friendly campus ministers would LOVE to help you highlight college ministry. Contact Pastors Shawn, Kevin, or Rebecca for specific information or resources. Consider the following suggestions:


Offer a Blessing of Students: Invite your college students to attend 1 worship service for a dedicated blessing. Or, send a “prayer of blessing” letter or e-mail to college students letting them know your congregation is holding them in prayer.

Read the “Campus Ministry Challenge” letter at the end of this newsletter.

Pray for your closest university! Did you know we have over 50 colleges and universities in Kansas and Missouri?! Lift up the students, professors, and staff in your prayers. Then ask one another: how is God calling us to be in better relationship with that community?

And use the Campus Ministry bulletin insert during September!

Refer a student. Where do your young adults attend school? We have over 200 ELCA campus ministries and 400+ cooperating congregations across the United States. Let us help you connect your college students with the nearest ministry! The complete listing of staff/sites is also found on the ELCA website.


We have a College Connection group at St. Mark's to help the students attending Emporia State University get acquainted with each other. We get together once each semester for some food, fun and fellowship at St. Mark's. We also participate in the Lutheran Student Organization (L.S.O.) along with the other Lutheran Churches in Emporia. That group gathers for a Sunday evening meal each month at one of the churches. If you have a student in your congregation attending Emporia State this year, PLEASE send their name and Emporia address and/or email and/or cell phone number so we can make contact with them. St. Mark's Lutheran Church 1508 West 12th Avenue Emporia, Ks 66801 620-342-5850

Invite a campus pastor or LCM student to speak at your congregation. We LOVE sharing the incredible, life-changing work of LCM with you. We’d love to visit your congregation for preaching, a temple talk, or maybe an adult education hour to share our story. Collect a Freewill Offering for Lutheran Campus Ministry. If you send your offering to the synod office, it will be used to fund the salaries for our campus pastors at KU, KSU, and St Louis. If you send an offering directly to one of the ministries---it will be applied toward our program. Help us take students on mission trips, feed with weekly meals, or purchase books for discussion groups. SEND COOKIES! To your students, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors AND any of the 3 Lutheran Campus Ministry sites. We actively practice a ministry of hospitality and your homemade “gifts of love” endear our students to the wider community of faith.

Lutheran Campus Ministry at KU invites you to save the date for the

2nd Annual "Rock Chalk LCM Walk" scheduled for

Saturday, Sept. 24

Exact times and details to follow. Please mark your calendars! Image credit: Pr. Shawn Norris


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Responding to Disasters

Tenth Anniversary

Hurricane Relief

The strong winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Irene left a trail of devastation from North Carolina to Maine. The storm continues to wreak havoc in parts of New Jersey, Vermont and other places overwhelmed by flooding. The full extent of the storm and its damages will continue to unfold in the days and weeks ahead. One ELCA congregation, Bethany Lutheran Church in Central Bridge, New York, has reported flooding. ELCA Disaster Response has been in communication with people in affected communities around the United States. Discussions and evaluations have been made around the ability to respond, shortfalls of resources and emerging needs that are present.

The Worship Committee of the Metro D.C. Synod has developed a resource to commemorate the anniversary of September 11 and help us remember the ways our senses and our souls were affected that day. The Entrance Rite including prayers, litany and hymn suggestions is posted under "Events" at events/commemoratingseptember-11/

ELCA congregations and members are already gearing up to respond to those in need. In Delaware, three ELCA congregations took action by providing meals for evacuated residents who were staying in shelters. In eastern Pennsylvania, teams of volunteers are being organized to assist with clean-up. WHAT YOU CAN DO: Download prayers, litanies and suggested hymns and songs for use in worship with your congregation as a way of remembering those affected by these and other natural disasters. GIVE: Gifts to ELCA Disaster Response "U.S. Hurricane Relief" will be used entirely (100 percent) to provide the type of immediate and long-lasting support that is already underway in the affected regions. Give today to support the needs in this response and others like it. Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

North Dakota Flooding Response

In late June, record flooding devastated the city of Minot, North Dakota, forcing nearly a third of the residents to evacuate and leaving more than 4,000 homes and businesses heavily damaged. Local residents have been hard at work, but the task is too much for local volunteers alone. As Lutherans, we're experts at rolling up our sleeves when there is a need, and our sisters and brothers in Minot need our help now. The goal is to have as many flood-damaged homes gutted as possible before the first major snowfall, which could be less than three months away. This is an all-call for volunteers from around the country. Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota has set-up a volunteer hotline, and anyone interested in helping should call 218443-4970 to register. You can also visit to find volunteer registration forms and other important information about volunteering. Volunteers should be 18 and older (16 and 17 year olds accepted with signed parental consent). All volunteers will need to have an updated tetanus shot and will need to wear long pants and thick-soled boots or shoes. Local congregations will be providing basic housing, if needed, but volunteers will likely need to provide their own food. Training will be done on site, and it is helpful (but not necessary) if volunteers can bring some of the following items: work gloves, goggles, N-95 grade air filter masks, hammers, brooms, buckets, pliers, and crowbars. Anyone with questions or concerns can also call the Lutheran Disaster Response national office at 773-380-2863, or e-mail Associate Director Mike Nevergall at And thanks in advance for your willingness to serve! 8

The crisis in the Horn of Africa is worsening by the day. Lutheran World Relief needs your help. To respond to this crisis, and make a long-term impact on hunger in East Africa, LWR needs to raise $2 million by the end of this year. Right now more than 11 million people are at risk of starvation.

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Youth Leaders Training Events

Central States Women’s news BY IRIS TURNBULL, PRESIDENT

Youth Leader Training Events will be held this fall for all those who work with youth and youth event planning. The focus of these training sessions will be on “Youth Ministry Events as Faith Formation – Going Deeper and Preparing Your Group”. Also, Mindy Tillberg will give updates on the ELCA Youth Gathering.

When I stood beside this focal point in the narthex of Bethany Lutheran Church, Lindsborg Kan., in the fall of 2008, never did I anticipate that our convention theme for 2011 would be Rejoice! The 2011 convention of the Central States Women of the ELCA will be held at the Highland Hotel & Convention Center in Great Bend KS. It is not too late for you to call 620792-2431 to reserve a room!

Oct. 1, Hope Lutheran St. Charles, Mo. (9 a.m.—Noon) Oct. 2, Our Savior Lutheran Jefferson City, Mo. (1—4 p.m.) Oct. 22, Good Shepherd Lutheran Lawrence, Kan. (9 a.m.—Noon) Oct. 23, Immanuel Lutheran Salina, Kan. (1—4:00 p.m.) These training events are sponsored by the ELCA Youth Gathering — however, the content of the first two-thirds is focused on growing youth ministry skills and understanding. We will get to Gathering details in the last hour. Rev. Cynthia Schnaath, Ms. Mindy Tillberg, Pr. Chad Langdon and Ms. Sonja Sandquist will be leading the training sessions. There is no charge for the training, and reservations are not required. Questions? Contact Rev. Schnaath at

If you go to our web pages via the CSS web site at and click on “Ministries,” you can still copy off a registration form and get it sent off. (Please do that as soon as possible if you want to take part in the Lunch and Laughter session and/or the Saturday evening banquet with entertainment, as there are cut off dates set forth by the hotel for those meals.) On that same site is a nomination form. We are electing a president, treasurer and 3 board members at this convention. You would still be able to be nominated from the floor at our convention by filling out that form, and having it signed by 5 delegates at our 2011 convention and being sure that the form is turned in at our registration desk by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 23, 2011. The same is true of the resolution form that you will find on our web pages. If you are unable to attend the convention, but wish to take part in the inkind and monetary offerings that we are receiving at this convention, following are the options: 

monetary offering for Kans for Kids — to aid children diagnosed with cancer

monetary offering for Nothing But Nets — helping to stop malaria

in kind offerings for Camp Hope: basketballs, kick balls, Frisbees, travel pillows, fleece blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, twin sheet sets, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries, athletic socks, arts and crafts supplies - Friday morning of convention, participants will have the opportunity to cut and tie fringe on pieces of fleece, to make blankets for Camp Hope, so fleece is needed for this project, as well as sharp scissors and a tape measure.

providing a basket for the Barbara Nelson Silent Auction that funds scholarships to the W of the ELCA Triennial convention.

Save the Dates Central States Synod Assembly June 7-9, 2012 Bethany College Lindsborg, Kan.

“Raising up Inspired and Equipped Leaders for the Work of the Church”

If you have questions concerning the Central States Women of the ELCA, please contact me at or 785-736-2887 or 1433 27th Road, Axtell KS 66403.


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011

Around the synod . . .

ELCA assembly adopts genetics social statement, plan for the church

St. Martin Lutheran Church (KCK) — 5th Annual German Fest Saturday, October 1 – 4-9 p.m. — Tickets: $10 Adult; $5 Children under 12

Live music … German dance group … German foods … face painting … inflatables … beer garden … silent auction … “Motorcycle Thunder Run” … MORE! Download: FLYER ALSO, the following morning, St. Martin will welcome Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry from Lincoln, Neb.—The college student band & singers from Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministry will be performing at our (9:30 a.m.) church service on October 2, one service Sunday. They will be leading us with their service written by Benjamin Splichal Larson. Ben was a 25 year old graduate of Wartburg Theological Seminary and was a musician & song writer. He passed away in the earthquake in Haiti. Pastor Adam White from NeLCM will share the message that morning. A goodwill offering & housing for the weekend will be welcomed. Please put this special date on your calendars! Information: 913-721-1312.


Recently Sue Fusselman, Heather and Joel Elliot, Bill and I visited Joplin to worship with Peace Lutheran Church in their temporary home at Bethany Presbyterian Church. When we drove down Interstate 44 there didn't look like there was much damage, but once we turned onto Virginia and 20th Street it looked like a war zone. It was enough to send chills down your spine and make your heart sink. We arrived at 9:15; church began at 9:30. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It was a very nice service and about 17 or 18 families attended. We were told that was about half of their members before the tornado. After the service they had a short fellowship downstairs and invited us to join them. Lots of goodies awaited us and we split up and talked to different people. They were all willing to share their stories. It is still a very emotional memory and sometimes a difficult one to listen to as you look into their eyes as they play out the events of that day and those following. We were told of one family who had just sold their house and closed on their new house and lost both on that day. Others with roof damage and some total losses. Another gentleman remarked that 5000 to 7000 homes had been lost. Their church was completely lost except for the recovery of a cross, some communion ware, a few chairs, and a dishwasher full of clean untouched dishes (God must have known Lutherans still need their pot-lucks). When I asked what their immediate needs for their congregation might be, several responded, "A home!" But their biggest concerns in all their losses were helping others who had losses. What a showing of what it means to be one of His disciples. If you get the chance, please go and worship with them. They will welcome you with open arms and they are grateful for all our support.

Golf Benefit

The Lutheran Services Golf Benefit is Friday, Sept. 30 at Painted Hills Golf Course. Proceeds to support MLM, the Hollis Renewal Center and the Lutheran Urban Mission Agency. Tee-off time is 1 p.m. for the four-person scramble. Highlights include a $5,000 hole in one prize, two $100 gift certificates, awards and refreshments after the tournament. Early registration by Sept. 10 is $85 per player or $320 for a four-player team. Registration after Sept. 10 is $95 per person. This includes lunch, 18 holes of golf, golf cart rental and refreshments! For more information and registration visit: 10


ORLANDO, Fla. (ELCA) - The 2011 Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) on Aug. 18 adopted a social statement on genetics and a series of resolutions from an ELCA task force charged with recommending options for the future of the ELCA. The assembly adopted the "Genetics, Faith and Responsibility," the ELCA's 11th social statement, on a 942-34 vote. It is one of the first by a North American church that develops a comprehensive ethical framework for addressing advancements in medical and agricultural research. "Social statements are important documents for us as a church," ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson told the Churchwide Assembly, which met Aug. 15-19. Social statements "guide us as we 'step forward as a public church' because they form the basis for both this church's public policy and my public speech as presiding bishop," he said. The Churchwide Assembly also adopted a series of resolutions derived from its Living into the Future (LIFT) task force and report. The vote was 914-57. Commissioned by the ELCA Church Council, the LIFT task force developed and recommended options for the future of the ELCA in light of its identity, changes in its environment and its call to God's mission. The LIFT resolutions address the role of the ELCA's churchwide organization to accompany congregations and synods, build capacity for evangelical witness and service, strengthen interdependent relationships, promote God's vision of a multicultural and multiethnic church, coordinate global mission and relief work, and lead in new ways theological reflection and deliberation on the identity and mission of this church. The Churchwide Assembly also voted, 817 -169 to change the frequency of assemblies from a biennial to a triennial cycle, starting with the 2016 ELCA Churchwide Assembly.

MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011 Parishes in the Call Process (a) intentional interim/interim (b) developing congregational profile (c) interview phase (d) call pending Area Ministry 3 Beloit, Zion (b) Marquette, Elim (c) Salina, St. John — lay rostered leader (a) Area Ministry 4 Greenleaf, Trinity and Waterville, St. Mark (a) Area Ministry 5 Derby, Cross of Glory (c) Wichita, Good Shepherd (a) Area Ministry 6 Topeka, Trinity (b)

SYNOD CALENDAR September 5 9-10 12-18 17 23-25 27 30

Labor Day Holiday — Synod Office Closed FaithPrint Retreat 1 — Hollis Renewal Center Synod Staff Furlough — Synod Office Closed “Standing at the Crossroads” — Good Shepherd, Lawr. KS CSS Women of the ELCA Convention — Great Bend KS New to the Synod Gathering — Synod Office Glocal Mission Event — St. Paul Lutheran, Wichita KS

October 1 1 2 10-12 20 21-22 22 23 28-29 30

Glocal Mission Event — St. Paul Lutheran, Wichita KS Youth Leaders Training — Hope, St. Charles MO Youth Leaders Training — Our Savior, Jeff City MO Healthy Congregations — Kansas City KS Tomah Shinga Board Synod Council — Synod Office Youth Leaders Training — Good Shepherd, Lawrence KS Youth Leaders Training — Immanuel, Salina KS St. Louis PMC Cluster Peter Mayer Concert — Lawrence KS

Area Ministry 7 Liberty, Hosanna! (a)

Hillside Community Lutheran Church, the new mission start in Spring Hill, Kan., could use your help! The following is from Pr. Janice Hawley, new pastor/mission developer at Hillside.

Area Ministry 8 Nevada, St. Paul and Butler, St. Matthew (b) Area Ministry 9 Russellville, Trinity (a) Area Ministry 10 Manchester, Good Shepherd ― associate (c) St. Charles, Hope — associate (a) Calls Accepted: Pr. Chad Langdon from Hope, St. Charles MO to Christ in Wichita KS Pr. Jeremie Vore from Trinity, Greenleaf/St. Mark, Waterville KS to ELCA Church Council call to serve as Army Chaplain

What’s needed ... A Music / Worship Leader: We are looking to have a paid, part-time person to help design, play acoustic guitar (and other instruments, if possible) to help lead the worship music and some music especially for the kids. We want to begin practicing now! If the interested person could contact Pastor Janice Hawley at Hillside, call 913-592-3002 or email: We give thanks for spreading this need to be answered! (And a job opportunity for another!) Also - if any congregation could donate some ELWs - we have about 15 and would like to worship with at least another 50. Please give to Pastor Janice Hawley or send to: Hillside Community Lutheran Church 800 S. Webster St. Spring Hill, KS 66083 THANKS & praise be to God, as these requests for the new start congregation in Spring Hill and surrounding area are answered! Peace, Pastor Janice Hawley


MAKING CHRIST KNOWN — September 2011


September 2011

Drought in the Horn of Africa — Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and other countries in East Africa are experiencing the worst drought in 60 years. The ELCA has committed $1.25 million for drought relief to support long-term rebuilding; more help is needed. See, and also (click on News Releases in the left-hand column).

Glocal Mission Gathering is coming, brought here by the ELCA and, the Central States Synod. Leaders with ideas and experience in mission, global and local (“glocal”) will lead, inspire, present, and engage participants from here and around the world. The event will be held on Friday, Sept. 30 (2 p.m. – 8:30) and Saturday, Oct. 1, (8 a.m.-5 p.m.) at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 925 N. Waco, Wichita. Every congregation is asked to send a team; individuals are welcome too. Worship, music, workshops, and personal visits will offer interest for pastors, service, outreach, education, and congregation life.

ELCA assembly officially launches the ELCA Malaria Campaign — Every 45 seconds a child dies from malaria, a preventable and treatable disease. Based on the decision made at the Churchwide Assembly, the ELCA will join with Lutheran churches in Africa, to work toward a malaria-free future. See (click on News Releases in the left-hand column).

God’s work in mission propels us to encounter the neighbor, particularly the stranger. ELCA Glocal Mission Gatherings equip us for God’s work in today’s global and local realities as well as their “glocal” intersections. What is mission? Who is the neighbor? Come, join some of the most relevant mission conversations of our time.

Germany: Explore Luther's heritage in Wittenberg, Germany — The ELCA Wittenberg Center can assist you in exploring the many study and learning opportunities available in the heart of this historic city of Martin Luther and at other Reformation sites. See

Speakers include the Rev. Stephen Bouman, Executive Director of ELCA Congregational and Synodical Mission; Rev. Maiyupe Par, Papua New Guinea, our Companion Synod; Sunitha Mortha and churchwide global ministry staff....and mission-inaction locally throughout our synod. Workshops include Mission 101, Short Term Mission, Stewardship of Diverse Gifts, Cross-Generational Engagement, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Growing a Missional Congregation, Music & Mission, Mission Interpreters... and more. Presentations on mission in our synod will include “Beyond the Walls” ministry of Atonement, Overland Park; rural community ministry of St. Paul’s, Cole Camp; Partners for Wichita’s urban community ministry; Oromo internet ministry; Resurreción Latino ministry; Companion Synod ministry with Russia Far East and Papua New Guinea… and more.

The ELCA's best-kept secret: Young Adults in Global Mission "We have been blessed this past year here in Jerusalem with six amazing, dedicated and talented Young Adults in Global Mission who have impacted our lives and the lives of the Palestinian church, while taking a giant step that means they will never see the world in the same way as before." Read more about the work of these young adults at South Africa: "Ubuntu! I am because we are!" — "Being present here is so important. The electricity may be down. The water supply may be down. But, I am here with you." Read more reflections from two young adults at; click either the copy -ready bulletin insert or the Summer 2011 issue of the Hand in Hand newsletter. Glocal Mission Gathering in Wichita, Kansas, September 31October 1 — Equip yourself for God's work in today's global and local realities. For more information and to register, visit

This is a rare and exciting opportunity! Don’t miss it. To register and for event info & nearby hotels at special rates, go to (Wichita/St. Paul’s event). Or contact facilitators Pr. Dave Fulton (316-263-0810;; Pr. Sally Fahrenthold (316-683-8649; or Pr. Janice Kibler (

Global Links contains highlights from of ELCA ministry or connections in other countries. See a current issue, subscribe, or follow on Facebook or Twitter at Send your suggestions and comments to or to Pastor Lanny Westphal, ELCA Global Mission, 8765 W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631. 12

Central States Synod

August 24, 2011 My Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I regret that I am writing once again with the news there will be a staff furlough because of lower than expected mission support in the Central States Synod. Through the end of July we are experiencing a $55,000 short-fall in revenue under expenditures and need to address the financial issues before us. Synod staff will be on furlough the week of September 12-18 and the synod office will be closed. Technically the three campus pastors are included in this furlough. However, through the generosity of a donor their salaries will be paid and their ministries at KU, K-State, and the St. Louis Campus Ministry will continue. The Mission Budget Team will be meeting in early September to review the current financial situation and consider steps to address the budget shortfall now and into the future. I have little doubt the economy continues to have significant impact upon our congregations and life together in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. While this news is distressing, I continue to be buoyed by the Changed by Love, Sent in Love, to Serve – Shaping the Church for God’s Mission Fund Appeal. That work continues to show we have great capacity to draw upon in the Central States Synod. The response to the appeal has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are laying excellent foundations for the support of the ministries of the Church. This mixed financial review is evidence of the days of change in which we live. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we are seeking to find our way into God’s preferred and promised future for this part of Christ’s Church. While we live in days of challenge, we are hopeful because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of his Spirit. I remind people that 50% of every dollar we receive is immediately sent to support our ministries through the churchwide expression of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, ministries that include work with the Lutheran World Federation, seminaries and programs of theological education, and work with new ministry starts among persons of poverty. The impact of a decline in mission support has an impact throughout the whole of the Church. I am grateful for the continuing generosity of people throughout the Central States Synod, generosity of mission support to be sure, but also generosity in prayer, love and kindness. We are partners in the Good News of Jesus Christ in whom we have life and salvation. I and the staff in the synod office pray for all of you regularly, especially in our weekly staff meetings, even as we know you pray for us. In Christ’s peace,

Bishop Gerald Mansholt Central States Synod, ELCA

Changed by Love … Sent in Love … To Serve 21 N. 12th St., Suite 210 • Kansas City, Kansas 66102 • 913.948.9701 or 866.915.3548 • 913.948.9707 (fax) •

Lutheran Planned Giving Arkansas-Oklahoma & Central States Synods September 2011


Life Insurance Can Achieve Charitable Gifting Goals

Steve was an only child and, early in his life, realized he would be responsible for his parents' care as they aged. Recently, the last parent died and, not only did he need to settle that estate, he also needed to update his own estate plan. Steve had several large life insurance policies with his parents designated as the primary beneficiaries. Now that both parents were deceased, the original reason for having the life insurance no longer applied. Steve has been an active member of the local congregation and is a supporter of it and other ministry organizations. Is there a way for him to use his life insurance policies for his charitable desires? Yes! Here are ways Steve could use life insurance assets:

come tax deduction for making this a gift - if premium due policy, would make gifts to ELCA/organization to support premium payment and receive income tax deduction; or if enough cash value and dependent on his age, there would not be a need for additional gifts. This could also be used to fund an individual memorial endowment fund with the ELCA Foundation that would distribute income in perpetuity to the named ministries. Lutheran Planned Giving urges you to review and update your life insurance beneficiaries when life events occur. There are other ways to plan a deferred gift to ministry using life insurance that may better meet your circumstances. Our ELCA regional gift planner, Joyce “JP” Palmer (# 816-204-5181) would be glad to answer your questions on how life insurance can be a charitable gift.

Lutheran Planned Giving Joyce "JP" Palmer

Director/ELCA Regional Gift Planner 9911 N. Hawthorne Ave. Kansas City, MO 64157 Phone: 816-204-5181 E-mail:

Change the beneficiary: Complete a change of beneficiary form, name the ministry/ministries of his choice - no cost, process simple, maintain ownership.

ELCA Lutheran Planned Giving is a service to ELCA congregations and individuals to help them plan for themselves, loved ones and the work of the Lord, by providing education and consultation in the area of stewardship of accumulated assets.

Transfer ownership of his policy to the ELCA or ministry organization: Irrevocable transfer (held until his death, then used for the ministry organization(s) he named), receive charitable in-

All services are available without cost or obligation. ELCA congregations have permission to reproduce this insert for newsletters, bulletins or other congregational use.

Exciting time for Lutheran Campus Ministry At colleges and universities across Missouri and Kansas, students have returned to campus and the fall semester has begun. It’s an exciting time for everyone, especially for the pastors and volunteers of Lutheran Campus Ministry. They represent the church in places where students are often seeking, avoiding, or unaware of the Christian message and mission. LCM welcomes all these students and provides opportunities for worship, service, and fellowship, and a safe place for the exploration of difficult issues. The Central States Synod, in partnership with the ELCA, congregations, and generous alumni and friends, supports LCM at Kansas State University, the University of Kansas, and in St. Louis. A campus ministry also serves the Bethany College community. Our pastors in these places are Kevin Clark, Shawn Norris, Rebecca Boardman, and Noni Strand. The Synod LCM Team, chaired by Pastor David Whetter of Salem Lutheran in Lenexa, KS, advocates for these programs and works with them on behalf of all of us. LCM is a joyous ministry and a challenging one. Students are sojourners. They arrive fresh from high school or a community college and, before we know it, they are mature alumni on their way to jobs, graduate school, or wherever their dreams take them. For many students touched by LCM, it’s also a path to rostered ministry or active lay leadership in a congregation. So LCM is a constant process of invitation, education, transformation, and “Godspeed.” The LCM pastors and volunteers view ourselves as one embodiment of the

Synod’s four missional directions: igniting spiritual renewal, raising up leaders of all ages for the Church, building bridges across the differences that divide society, and inspiring and equipping people to discover what God is up to in their lives. Throughout the school year, we fulfill all four in ways we may not recognize for years to come. Some students blossom immediately, while others take longer to germinate. Either way, LCM is a garden of mustard seeds for the church. The three LCM sites, plus Bethany College, can’t do it all, of course. There are major universities in the synod – University of Missouri-Columbia, Wichita State University, Missouri State University, for example – that do not have resident campus pastors. One goal of the Synod Special Fund Appeal is to support new and existing campus ministries. Until that happens, we challenge campus congregations to make it a greater part of their outreach to connect with the college communities in their midst. Leadership development for youth and adults is a key to the future of the church, and an opportunity for the revitalization of congregations. We ask that you pray for the campus ministries of the ELCA in our synod. Welcome all students into your congregations. Send us the names of high school graduates coming to our campuses so we can contact them. Consider how you can support these efforts through your gifts and volunteer service. LCM is truly a home for college students at a crazy time in their lives. We are the porch light left on for them, the coffee and cookies waiting in the kitchen, and a place where young men and women are “Changed by Love, Sent in Love, to Serve.”

Kevin Boatright Board President, LCM at KU Member, Synod LCM Team

Trinity Lutheran Church 119 N. Elm, McPherson, KS 67460 Phone: 620-241-0424

Fax: 620-241-8314


Brothers and Sisters of the Central States Synod,

September 2011 is “Campus Ministry Month” in the Central States Synod and Trinity Lutheran ChurchMcPherson would like to invite your congregation to join with us in a show of support for the Central States Synod-Campus Ministry Team (CSS-CMT). One of the final actions of the 2011 Synod Assembly of the Central States Synod was to pass Resolution SA 11.05 Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) which designated September as “Campus Ministry Month” in our Synod and resolved that “all congregations designate at least one Sunday in September to honor all university students and the ministry of the LCM through prayers, offerings, adult education, and ‘Mission Moments’.” As stated in SA 11.05, “operation of Lutheran Campus Ministry depends in large part on synod and church-wide support, which has greatly diminished, forcing staff to choose between contact ministry with young adults and time spent on fundraising…” and our challenge is to help alleviate a portion of that time and energy consuming burden of fundraising from our campus pastors and their local boards. The Church Council of Trinity-McPherson has accepted a “Lutheran Campus Ministry Challenge” and has pledged to contribute at least $1,000 above and beyond our regular benevolence for the CSS-CMT during September as a show of our support of the importance of this ministry to the students at Kansas State University (Manhattan), University of Kansas (Lawrence), and St. Louis University/Washington University (St. Louis), and hopefully, help allow our campus ministers to maximize their contact ministry. We pray that Trinity-McPherson’s action will encourage your congregation to make a similar contribution to the CSS-CMT, hopefully matching or bettering our challenge gift although we know any and all gifts are appreciated. These gifts might come through a similar congregation challenge, loose offering, or designated or individual gifts from one or more Sundays. A second means of supporting our young adults would be to encourage each congregation to identify their young adults who might be pursuing post-secondary education so that contact might be made with them wherever they are attending school and a possible “church home-away-from-home” might be established. Those names, along with their college contact information (school address, phone, etc.), can be forwarded to the respective campus ministers (see the enclosed brochure or the websites listed below) or to pastors of local congregations in cities where currently no formal campus ministry exists for schools, for example, like Fort Hays State University, McPherson College, University of Missouri-Columbia, or Hutchinson Community College. Over and over we have heard how the future of the church is our children and/or our youth. The immediate future of our church is our post-confirmation, college age youth adults. Let us join together in a support of the CSS-CMT in their mission of reaching, teaching, and supporting this flock. Please make your gifts payable to: Campus Ministry Team c/o Central States Synod. Together in Christ’s work,

Sheri Riedel President, Trinity-McPherson Council

Pastor Tim Leaf Trinity Lutheran-McPherson

Carol R. Swenson CSS Synod CMT Member

CSS-Campus Minisitry Websites: Kansas State University (; University of Kansas (; St. Louis University/Washington University (

The 12th Biennial Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America was held Aug. 15-19, 2011, at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Fla. The assembly included 1,025 voting members. The theme was "Freed in Christ to Serve."

Summary of Actions ELCA Malaria Campaign officially launched The assembly officially launched the ELCA Malaria Campaign under the auspices of ELCA World Hunger. Along with our full communion partners, ELCA members will join with Lutheran churches in Africa to work toward a malaria-free future. A goal of the campaign is to raise $15 million over a four-year period. The assembly acknowledged that gifts to the ELCA Malaria Campaign are not intended to replace gifts to ELCA World Hunger. "Genetics, Faith and Responsibility" social statement adopted The assembly adopted "Genetics, Faith and Responsibility," a social statement on genetics. The statement, described as the first by a North American church, develops a comprehensive ethical framework for addressing advancements in medical and agricultural research. It is the 11th social statement of the ELCA. Review process for social statements adopted The assembly called for a review process of current procedures for the development and adoption of social statements. No new social statements will be considered until a review process has been completed and shared with the ELCA Church Council in the fall of 2012, followed by a report to the 2013 Churchwide Assembly. During this time, the process for developing the criminal justice social statement and the justice for woman social statement will continue. Living into the Future Together implementing resolutions adopted There were resolutions put forth by the ELCA Church Council and the Living into the Future task force, designed to set a course for the ELCA's future and to consider this church's structure and relationships. • Churchwide Assemblies will transition from a biennial to a triennial cycle, starting after the 2013 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. • The assembly also approved recommendations that focus on strengthening connections within and across the expressions and partner ministries of this church. • Voting members of the ELCA Church Council shall include the four churchwide officers and the chair of the ELCA Conference of Bishops. Thirty-three members will continue to be nominated by their synods; the council may not exceed 45 members. Additional members may be nominated by the Church Council to ensure diversity and expertise. All will continue to be elected by the Churchwide Assembly. • The Congregational and Synodical Mission unit of the churchwide organization will review a recommendation for ministry with mentally and physically "handi-capable" children and adults. • The assembly invited members of the ELCA to initiate collaborative work by congregations, synods, the churchwide organization, institutions of the church and others to create and support diverse non-legislative forums and events that bring together leaders

of this church to participate in theological study and reflection, foster leadership development and enhance the interdependence of this church. The assembly provided a means to continue the work assigned to the Living into the Future Together task force in collaboration with the Church Council and the Conference of Bishops.

ELCA budget proposals adopted The assembly approved a 2012 current fund spending authorization of $61,792,900, and approved a 2012 ELCA World Hunger income proposal of $18,500,000. This vote included approving a 2013 current fund income proposal of $61,939,400, a 2013 ELCA World Hunger income proposal of $18,500,000, and authorizing the Church Council to establish a spending authorization after periodic review of revised income estimates. Memorials adopted The assembly adopted a variety of resolutions to expand multicultural ministry, acknowledge the International Year for People of African Descent and work to prevent bullying, harassment and related violence. • The assembly supported immigration reform and the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act, which would provide a path for citizenship for undocumented high school graduates. • The assembly received memorials related to investment for positive change in Palestine, and encouraged members, congregations, synods and agencies of this church to achieve a deeper understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. • The assembly also recognized and celebrated Lutheran Campus Ministry and the central role of farmers and ranchers in providing an abundant supply of food and fiber for our nation and the world. The assembly declined to change governing documents that would increase the number of voting members to Synod Assemblies and Churchwide Assemblies who are layperson. Constitutional amendments adopted The assembly moved to change ELCA governing documents related to Living into the Future Together, the redesign of the churchwide organization and other matters. Resolutions from the Reference and Counsel committee The assembly considered and approved a variety of resolutions on topics ranging from suicide prevention to confronting injustices in immigration, from youth-related matters to mission support.

Lutheran School of Theology Fall Term Courses Registration is now open for Lutheran School of Theology Fall 2011 Term Courses for laity and clergy. Two courses and one day long workshop will be offered. “Reading and Responding to the Gospel of Mark” will be taught six Mondays, September 19 – October 24, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. by Dr. Deborah Krause at Trinity Lutheran Church, 14088 Clayton Road in Chesterfield, Mo. Dr. Krause is Professor of New Testament and Academic Dean at Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis. Students will read the Gospel of Mark from multiple contexts to honor both its historical origins and contemporary settings of interpretation and response. They will engage in different methods of biblical interpretation (e.g., socio-historical, literary, rhetorical, postcolonial and political) and will read Mark on Mark’s own terms not in the shadow of its canonical cousins. They will seek to understand how Mark was a “saving word” in its day and our own. The recommended text is Provoking the Gospel of Mark: A Storyteller's Commentary by Richard Swanson. Tuition is $81. “Reading the Bible with Eyes Wide Open” will be taught six Mondays, September 19 – October 24, 7:00 – 9:30 p.m. by Dr. John M. Bracke at St. George’s Episcopal Church, 105 East “D” Street in Belleville, Il. Dr. Bracke is Professor of Biblical Studies at Eden Theological Seminary. This is Dr. Bracke’s last class with LST before his retirement Most people read the Bible unaware of the assumptions they make about how the Bible makes sense. In this class students will explore these assumptions and discover many ways to read the Bible allowing them to be intentional in seeking to hear God speaking through Holy Scripture. Tuition is $81. “Preaching Mark from the ‘Low and Outside’: Wrestling with the Lectionary, Mark’s Community, and our Contexts of Ministry” is a one-day workshop on Thursday, November 17, 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. It is taught by Dr. Deborah Krause at Trinity Lutheran Church, 14088 Clayton Road in Chesterfield, Mo. Dr. Krause is Professor of New Testament at Eden Seminary. Dr. Krause writes, “This is not your grandfather’s lectionary Bible study! In fact, we will critique how the lectionary has thwarted Mark’s full hearing in the Church. After critical engagement, we will explore ways to work with the assigned lectionary readings to offer a fresh and full hearing of Mark’s “saving word” for ministry today. The recommended text is Provoking the Gospel of Mark: A Storyteller’s Commentary by Richard Swanson. Tuition is $40 which includes lunch. To register call the LST office at: (314) 725-9710, or register online at:, or email:, or mail to Lutheran School of Theology, 6325 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO 53117. For information contact Penny or Keith Holste, administrators, at (314) 962-0918 or

Bring an education friend!

PLACE meeting schedule

Education Matters





re inte


risti n Ch

ion ucat d e an


Deep and Wide This year’s programs September 20, Noon-2:00 p.m., First Presbyterian Church, Osawatomie, KS—The Circulatory Church: Called to Flow, by FPC Osawatomie’s pastor, Leslie King. Includes tour of FPC’s newly remodeled education space. Lunch provided! Please RSVP by Thursday, September 14.

provided, $9. Please RSVP by Thursday, December 8.

January VBS Preview—What is summer without VBS? See a number of publishers’ materials in one place. Absorb ideas from others who share your goals and purpose. Three choices: Tuesday, January 24, 4:30-7:30 October 23-25— p.m., John Knox Kirk, 11430 The Elms Hotel Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO— and Barbee includes light supper Memorial Saturday, January 28, 3:15-5:15 Presbyterian p.m., Cokesbury, 91st and Church, ExcelMetcalf, Overland Park, KS sior Springs, (store open house) MO—Oasis MidTuesday, February 7, time TBA, Central APCE Cokesbury bookstore at St. regional education event; for Paul’s Theological Seminary, more information, go to Kansas City, MO /oasis February 15, noon to 2:00 p.m., November 1, Noon-2:00 p.m., Central Presbyterian Church, 3501 Campbell, Kansas City, MO —GratiTuesday: A meditation on living a grateful life by Central’s pastor, Heidi Peterson, and Teaching a Culture of Generosity by Charles Spencer, Executive Presbyter of Heartland Presbytery. The lunch for this meeting will be brown bag.

Shawnee Presbyterian Church, 6837 Nieman Rd, Shawnee, KS-APCE microworkshops and contributive salad luncheon. Bread, beverage, and dessert will be provided. Please bring a salad to share.

March 7, 10 a.m. to noon, Village Presbyterian Church, 6641 Mission Rd, Prairie Village, KS —Small/Big Ways of Caring for the Children of Your Church December 13, Noon-2:00 p.m., (and Community) by a panel Linwood United Church, 3151 comprised of the Child Care Olive St, Kansas City, MO— Director, Kids’ Day Out proAdvent luncheon: Lunch will be gram, Preschool Director, Day

Care Director for the Village Church Child and Family Development Center to explore principles we can use in our local ministry. Continental breakfast provided. Please RSVP by Monday, March 5 . April 11, 10 a.m. to noon, First Presbyterian Church of Lee’s Summit, 1625 O’Brien Rd, Lees Summit, MO— Connecting the Generations— Interact regarding ways of knitting members of different generations into the body of Christ. John Johnson, pastor, United Christian Presbyterian Church, Richmond, MO; Carol Phillips, elder, FPC Lee’s Summit, and Ryan Kappel, pastor, Leawood Presbyterian Church. Brunch will be provided at a nominal cost. Please RSVP by Monday, April 9. May, final meeting of the year- Distilling the Important. A participatory celebration. Details coming soon.

Subscribe to the Church Resource Center Support our ministry $75 basic level; $65 small churches; $85 extra commitment Curriculum samples, books, video resources Onsite help for your Christian education program Teacher training Resource selection Child safety policy Job/position search We can come to you!

Making Christ Known -- September 2011  

A publication of the Central States Synod, ELCA.

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