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CSSA-UH is the short name of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Helsinki Finland

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

The sea can hold the water from thousands of rivers; it's big because of its capacity. by Lin Ze-xu (1785-1850)

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Briefly about CSSA-UH The Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Helsinki (CSSA-UH) is an association opening for all the Chinese students and scholars in the Helsinki area. CSSA-UH enriches the members’ lives in the aspects of culture, science, sports and so on. CSSA-UH also promotes communication between the Chinese students and local people. CSSA-UH has been officially registered under Helsingin yliopiston ylioppilaskunta (HYY, Helsinki University Student Union) since 1995.

CSSA-UH appreciates Cooperation CSSA-UH believes that SOLID COOPERATION brings friendship, opportunities, experience, channels, respects and even resources. TRUST is important in Finland, as what we have learnt here. CSSA-UH is trying hard to be competent and trustable, always. And we keep learning.

CSSA-UH cares: The good emotion, successful study and research, career, personal development and friendship, as the VALUES of:

Cooperation partners Board of CSSA-UH

Official Members Chinese students and scholars Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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3 platforms On-line network




BBS forum


Main Page

Academic/ science



QQ groups (Internet-based instant messaging platform)

New Students Gathering

E-mail Mail-list


For: Exchange students, Master Degree Students, PhD students, Scholars from China in Finland approximately and effectively 450 people in total & Local students Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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On-line FORUM: BBS the number of discussion posts

“He Xiao Jia” BBS, referring to “a little family in Helsinki”, is an on-line forum. The website has the address of It was founded in 2010. There are 687 registered accounts in the forum. 369 of them are relatively active in posting discussion.The number of responsible website managers is 23. The BBS has totally 11 sections, 1182 discussion topics and 5222 discussion posts.

Popular for: applicants, new students and old students Sections include: v Recent events v University and CSSAUH info v How to apply (Master or PhD programs) v Daily Needed Info v Alumni and Friends in Helsinki v Academic v Language study v Colorful life v Advertisement Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Main Page on: Micro-Blog (

1384 Fans (followers) Address:

Efficient and Popular !

Can be understood as a “Chinese Twitter” Interesting posts will be “shared” by the CSSA-UH followers. Moreover, discussion will be caused following the hot topics. As a result, the post topic will catch clear attention of the followers. Till so far, CSSA-UH main page on micro-blog has success in advertising CSSA-UH and its partners, helping CSSA-UH members, and communicating.

On SINA micro-blog, the users can post their SAYINGs within 140 word characters, either together with LINKS, IMAGES and VIDEOS or not.

Example: Advertising the Finnkino super day.

Users can “Follow” some other users who catch their interests. Hence, they can always receive the POSTS from whom they are interested in. CSSA-UH micro-blog Main Page has been developed for 373 days (data 04/01/2012). It has been “followed (like)” by

1384 fans.

Shared by 4 fans. Commented 3 times.

The number of FANs Increases constantly

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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News Website NEWS.CSSA-UH.ORG is the news website of CSSA-UH. It mainly publishes news and reports of activities. Therefore, all the activities could be traced back.

Main Page on / (Chinese “Facebook�)

Social Networking Service

The Chinese students keep active contact with their Chinese friends on


They upload photo album, personal news, blogs, and videos on this website. The is more popular to the Chinese students than the CSSA-UH has a main page on the We publish the news, blog, notices, photos and videos there.

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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QQ Chatting Groups (Internet-based instant messaging platform) ——Chatting groups in Chinese MSN The QQ chatting groups were built up at good time points: just before the new students coming from China to Helsinki. During their preparation stage, the chatting groups help people consult from CSSA-UH, share information from each other, meet new friends and communicate. With this system, the members can chat to another separately, as well.

QQ Group for New Students 2012: 125 Members

QQ Group for New Students 2011: 126 Members

And QQ Group 1 for Chinese students in UH: 140 Members QQ Group 2 for Chinese students in UH: 62 Members QQ Group “He Xiao Jia”: 58 Members

The notices will show up in the desktop immediately when there is new message. So this is a really efficient tool to communicate.

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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۞ Honorable Annual Event 1: New Student Orientation

▲Orientation book ▼Airport pick-up Tour in Helsinki ▼

◄Carnival Tour in Helsinki ▼

Data for 2012: Airport pick-up : 28 new students Tour : 30 new students Gathering party : 70 students Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Űž Honorable Annual Event 2: National Day Celebration Gala

Savoy (reserved) 735 seats

Malmi Talo 200 audiences 100 players + volunteers About 20% local people audiences

Mesukeskus 140 audiences 60 players + volunteers

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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۞ Honorable Annual Event 3: Academic Forum of Chinese Scholars in Finland June 9th, 2012 / 9 AM to 4 PM More than 50 Chinese students and scholars attended the forum. 9 representatives from University of Turku, Tampere and Aalto were invited to talk about their research achievements and the applications to daily life.

Topics: “Life and Research”, “Experience about submission of manuscript to a Life science journal”, “The Finnish chemical industry and paper”, “Finnish Art Design”, “Finnish University Law (New) and University Reforming”, “the education system for PhD students in Finland”, “the interests of doing research and the challenge from real life”, “Information and computer science, and the information visualization”

Scientific posters were exhibited. A joint lunch was arranged for all the participants.

August 28th, 2011

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

There were 44 participants including 1 associate professor, 1 researcher, 8 post-doctoral, 23 doctoral and 11 master students from 5 regions in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Joensuu and Turku) attended the forum. 12

Űž Honorable Sport Games Chinese Student in Finland Football Competition 2011

Badminton Competition 2010 and 2011 In cooperation with Finhua Urheiluyhdistys (Finhua Sports Association)

Mail-lists – Call for games and weekly training CSSA-UH football team mail-list CSSA-UH basketball team mail-list Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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۞ Other Events

Seminar: Career Opportunities in China

CSSA-UH cooperated with Viri Lactis RY for Arranging “Viri Lactis’ excursion to China 2011”

Chinese Mid-autumn Festival Celebration Ceremony

Chinese New Year – Spring Festival

The "Finland in Chinese students’ eyes" Photography Exhibition

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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“Moi, Finland 你好,芬兰” Magazine “Moi, Finland” is the magazine of the CSSA-UH. The start publication was on 31/12/2012. CSSA-UH aims to publish it annually or more frequently. It mainly focuses on the study and daily life of the Chinese Students and Scholars in Finland. It also aims to promote the communication between Finnish and Chinese culture.

The contents of the first issue included: “Finland, My encounter”, “Finnish Christmas”, “New University Law of Finland”, “Job interviews of Google and Facebook”, “Forest in the snow”, “Finnish Design and Culture”, “Life at 60 degree North”, “Rovaniemi: a place nearby paradise”, “Impression of Saint Petersburg and Tallinn”, “Fudan University”, “Far Away”, “Interview to Mr.Zhang Xiang”, “Feel the Life”, “My stories of house renting in Finland”, “SY’s and ZZ’s experience of using LUMENE”, “Typical Souvenir in Finland for Chinese”, “Memory about Helsinki”.

Both PAPER PRINT version and ELECTRONIC version will be published. The magazines will face to all the Chinese Students and Scholars in Finland, as well as all the people who are interested in Finland and China. Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Is when they are NEW students preparing and coming to Finland Contents: “Welcome letter to Chinese new students”, “Flow chart”, “Confirmation package for the admittance to the university”, “Housing applications”, “The application of fixed-term residence permit for students”, “Advice for the preparation of luggage”, “After getting off the plane to Helsinki”, “Transportation system in Helsinki”, “Documents and cards needed in Helsinki”, “Supermarkets in Helsinki”, “The IKEA and second-hand shops”, “Shopping malls in Helsinki”, “Joyous memories of four seasons in Helsinki”, “Medical information for students in the University of Helsinki”, “Good to know”, “Guide for the updated orientation BBS”.

Electronic version can be downloaded by the new students from internet. Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Recent connections of CSSA-UH: Support and supervision



Chinese Friendship Association Finhua Sports Association Aseanic Asian Market 711 Food and Fun kioski Zhongguancun Finland liaison office Viri Lactis, UH Food Science Students


Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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CSSA-UH members who have paid the membership fee will receive one member ship card. The personal and contact information of the members will be recorded. Preference of promotion news acceptance will be asked.

There is space for the logos of CSSAUH sponsors. The explanation and details of card instruction will be printed separated and found on internet. The valid period: normally 1 year Different sponsors will give different promotions and deals for CSSA-UH member card holders. The restaurants mostly provide 20% discounts. The Asian market provides 5% discounts for students. The card is for independent use only, but not allowed to borrow between each other.

Changes in 2013: v 3 types of cards will be distinguished: Student card, PhD student card

and Social member card

v More LOGOs will be added to the back side of the card.

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Cooperation coordinator

Cooperation coordinator

Mr. XIE Long 0417 0732 43

Miss. ZHOU Bin-ling 0458 9793 11

Cooperation coordinator

Cooperation coordinator

Miss. WU Wei-jing 0404 1356 73

Miss. WANG Xi 0458 987 833

Chair person

Vice-Chair person

Mr. JIANG Zhong-qing 0466 4295 32

Miss. WANG Bei 0440 3611 21

Cooperation with CSSA-UH

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Cooperate with CSSA-UH (2013)  

Cooperate with CSSA-UH! Chinese Students and Scholars Association at the University of Helsinki