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Proposed Multi-purpose Room

How our congregation will be enhanced In 2005, celebrating our 10th anniversary, Rabbi Gordon said,        “As   we continue to grow as a congregation, let us always remember that our most important mission is to add inspiration to people’s lives.”

Who we are Fifteen years after its founding, a thriving Sukkat  Shalom remains dedicated to our traditions of  inclusiveness and respect for diversity. We offer a full  program of innovative family education, meaningful  and creative worship and holiday observances.  With this next step in our congregation’s lifecycle, we  have the opportunity to establish long-range planning,  to strengthen our programming and to create new  ways to enhance our mission.    


   Congregation  Sukkat  Shalom    

A Unique and Welcoming Community

Worship, celebration and gathering: - Shabbat, B’nai Mitzvot, sanctuary, and solace - Holiday gatherings: Passover Seder, Hanukkah dinner, Purim, Sukkot, onegs - Interfaith events - Retreats and groups - Social action programming

Proposed foyer

Site of the new building 1001 Central Ave (at 10th Street) Wilmette, IL 60091

Education: - Hebrew school - B’nai Mitzvah preparation - Lunch and Learn, guest scholars, adult learning - Choir meetings


Administration: - Centrally located in downtown Wilmette - Seating for 380 in sanctuary - Offices located in our own space - Warmth and flexibility for a multitude of uses - Handicap accessibility with ramps and elevators

Putting down roots On a chilly Rosh Hashanah in 1995 our founding members met at a local school as Sukkat Shalom for the first time. We were then, as we are now, an itinerant congregation. Currently we use six locations to accommodate our programming needs. And while inclusive partnerships with others fulfill our mission, there also continues to be a strong yearning for more stability and connectedness within Sukkat Shalom.


CONGREGATION SUKKAT  SHALOM   444  SKOKIE  BLVD  •  SUITE  300   WILMETTE  60091   847/  251-­‐2675  

Purchasing and renovating the building at 10th and Central in Wilmette provides an opportunity for our own sacred space in which we can create our vision for the future.

As our parents planted for us, so do we plant for our children. -- Talmud Ta'anith, 23A

Proposed renovations Like our congregation the sanctuary is modest, unpretentious and welcoming – a warm and inviting home for Shabbat services, B’nai Mitzvot, weddings, memorial services and many other life passages that we want to observe or celebrate together. And while the commodious sanctuary seats 380 congregants, it offers a feeling of intimacy, too.

Hebrews 11:17 tells us that Noah built   a ship in the middle of dry land because God directed him to have faith in a rain he had never seen. The wood-planked ceiling above the sanctuary is like Noah’s Ark and reminds us of what we can accomplish in the future with continuing faith in our vision. (Sam, do you want to riff here? Depak Jain of Kellogg – boat and longing   the sea?) for




New Facility Brochure


New Facility Brochure