ThistlePraxis Consulting Business Solutions

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OUR EXPERTISE Consultancy & Advisory Ÿ Organisational Strategy & Change Delivery Ÿ CSR & Sustainability Consulting Ÿ Sustainable Development projects/programs Ÿ NGO/Foundation Management & Advisory Ÿ Social Impact Assessments/Audits Ÿ Data/ Market research and Demand studies Ÿ Sustainability Report Writing Ÿ Process Management Ÿ Start-up Incubation Ÿ Product Development Strategy Ÿ SMEs Growth and Diversification Ÿ Corporate Governance and Leadership

Projects & Programmes Ÿ Project Management Ÿ Project Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Ÿ Needs & Impact Assessments Ÿ Project Design & Implementation Ÿ Stakeholder Engagement &Management Ÿ Stakeholder Profiling & Mapping Ÿ Stakeholder Workshops Ÿ Community Relations/Engagement Ÿ Social Marketing & Mobilization