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Practical Guidance - annual reporting to ETI-Norway for 2010 The annual reporting to the ETI-Norway requires you to submit 3 parts (two for organisations):

P art


Subm itted by

P ublically available


Completed ”Report Form 2010 (EN)”

All members



Completed ”Self Assessment 2010 (EN)”

All company members



Your Code of Conduct for suppliers

All members


Adobe Reader - for reading and completing the forms The forms are of PDF-format and must be completed with Adobe Reader. To read and complete the forms Adobe Reader v. 8 or above is needed. The forms will not function as intended with earlier versions of Adobe Reader. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed or have an earlier version, you may download the last version (9.4) here: Follow the instructions given on the website. Adobe Reader has spell check which is active during forms completion. To spell check in English, English must be chosen in the Adobe Reader menu under Edit > Preferences > Spelling. The forms (report form and self assessment) in the pdf-potfolio must be saved as they are completed. They can be saved individually by “Save File from Portfolio” or the portfolio content may be saved together by “Save Portfolio” (in file menu).

1) Completing ”Report Form 2010 (EN)” The completion of the Report Form is to a large extent self-explanatory. You should, however, bear the following points in mind: •

Yellow fields . Yellow answering fields control which questions are shown and consequently should be

Ex panding tex t fields. The text fields in the reporting form expands (after the text is entered) to

Tables. Some tables have buttons for adding or deleting rows to accommodate the number of elements that you wish to enter (e.g. a number of ethical trading goals). Beware that “Delete” removes the last row regardless of whether text has been entered into this row.

Reduced supply chain reporting for organisations. May be chosen by organisations where purchases are a non essential part of the operations and the risk of suppliers being in breech with the ethical requirements is low. On page 4 choose organisation as member type and reduced reporting to the question that appears (justification must be given).

answered. At the start of completion all questions are shown, but non-relevant questions will be hidden according to answers in the yellow fields. Please note that the questions on page 4 regarding type of supplier contact and possible reduced reporting for organisations, to a large degree controls which sections/questions are shown. Yellow fields turn white upon entry of an answer.

accommodate the size of the answers, so there is no limitation to how much you may write.

2) Completing ”Self Assessment 2010 (EN)” Completion of this form for self assessment of ethical trading efforts (for company members) entails, besides entering member name, member type and form of supplier contact, ticking 18 choices that best describes the status of your work on ethical trading.

3) Code of Conduct (CoC) All ETI-Norway members are obligated to adopt a supplier code of conduct (CoC) that is at least as strict and extensive as the ETI-Norway base code. You submit your code of conduct together with the completed forms.

Returning completed forms and CoC to ETI-Norway You must return the three parts enclosed in e-mail to They may be enclosed collectively in a pdf-portfolio (as received) or as three separate enclosures. The deadline for reporting is Sunday 20. February 2011 . You return the forms as saved upon completion (NOT locked by means of a pdf-printer) so that the data can be transferred for data handling and aggregation for ETI-Norway’s annual report. Upon receipt the secretariat will return locked forms (print format) to you as a receipt and help for your internal and external communication needs in relation to ethical trading. Should you have any questions regarding the reporting, please contact the ETI-Norway secretariat (ph: 21 09 04 90).

December 2010 - ETI-Norway secretariat