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CIVIL SOCIETY RESOURCE CENTRE A Project of Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan)


About us The Civil Society Resource Centre (CSRC), formerly known as NGO Resource Centre (NGORC) is a project of the Aga Khan Foundation. We aim to fortify civil society by enabling civil society organisations (CSOs) in Pakistan through capacity building workshops, consultancies and projects. Since our inception in 1991, we stand as a knowledge-based support organisation for NGOs and community-based organisations (CBOs). Our programmes are underpinned by our research initiatives to ensure relevance and innovation. Our legacy of 20 years is a hallmark of excellence and integrity that our name promises. We are geared towards creating an enabling environment for overall enhancement of civil society’s effectiveness through sustainable socio-economic development measures and gender sensitive participation.



Excellence Integrity Equity Innovation

20 years of existence 500

CSO partnerships


participants trained

Development solutions Our suite of innovative and customised solutions are aimed to facilitate impact oriented programmes with effective resource management.

360° PROJECT MANAGEMENT • Logical framework analysis • Proposal development • Project management • Project M&E and reporting

ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT AND CERTIFICATION • Advisory services for setting-up an NPO • Consultancy for compliance with SECP/FBR regulations • Organisation strategy development



• Directories

• School evaluations

• Research proposals

• Project evaluations

• Research design

• Project monitoring

• Surveys and statistical analysis

• Monitoring and evaluation framework design

• Focus group discussions • Publication and outreach activities

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY SOLUTIONS • Training on CSR • Design CSR initiatives • Scoping for CSR opportunities • Training on CSR • Catalyse your partnerships with

COMMUNITY MOBILISATION • Advocacy groups • Seminars • Awareness sessions • Focus group discussions • Trainings and workshops

CSOs • CSR project evaluations

Organisations we have worked for: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Pakistan (UNHCR) Department for International Development – UK aid (DFID) United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID) United Nations Development Project, Pakistan (UNDP) The World Conservation Union (IUCN) FOCUS (Canada, Afghanistan and Pakistan) Aga Khan Development Network, Pakistan (AKDN) Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Concern Worldwide The First Micro-Finance Bank Limited Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) Pakistan Microfinance Network Habitat for Humanity International Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

High-impact training solutions We come with a 20 year experience in training developmental organisations. Our training solutions are customised to suit your nature of work and geographical context.

Our popular trainings include: • Monitoring and evaluation • Project management • Project proposal writing • Report writing • Quantitative and qualitative research • Finance for non-profit organisations (NPOs) • Governance • Resource mobilisation • Corporate social responsibility • Capacity building for NPO tax exemptions

We adopt a participatory and interactive approach to learning. Our comprehensive training and needs assessments (TNA) process enables us to precisely identify your strengths and gaps, so you can learn effectively and efficiently.

Our training manuals, exercises and activities are designed to encourage self-expression, creative solutions to local problems and inculcate skills to tackle diverse challenges faced in the field.

Words from our participants…. ‘I especially appreciate the practical information provided and the insight into donor’s mind-set.’ Participant, Project Proposal Writing.

‘As a result of Hum Qadam project, our women staff members have become more vocal and confident. Their participation in decision making, planning and implementation has tremendously increased. One of our staff members is preparing herself for the local body elections.’ Participant, Hum Qadam Project.

‘The trainings had a profound impact; our team is now able to utilise existing resources in the projects and think like entrepreneurs.’ Participant, Resource Mobilisation Training.

Research We have years of experience in conducting qualitative, quantitative and action researches in the development sector. Some of our recent projects include:


We regularly conduct comprehensive surveys of NGOs and donors in Pakistan, involving collection and dissemination of detailed information about them including thematic areas of focus, annual spending and funding, investment on human resource training and development, legal status and updated contact details.

Study on Status of Civil Society in Pakistan

An initiative aimed at gathering data relevant to the structure and functions of civil society in Pakistan. The study was modelled on key elements of the ‘Civil Society Index’ - a framework developed by CIVICUS. The research created a ‘robust and comprehensive’ baseline on civil society in Pakistan. Currently a model of ‘CSO Sustainability Index’ developed by Management Systems International (MSI) is being used for this purpose.

Self-Assessment Tool

We have developed a self-assessment tool that is used for assessing capacity gaps of community based organisations (CBOs) including village organisations (VOs) and women organisations (WOs) and designing programmes to address these gaps. The tool has been successfully implemented by Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) for local support organisations (LSOs) in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Women development Fostering gender equity has been a key focus of all our development initiatives since our inception. Following projects have been our recent endeavours to empower women living in marginalised areas of Pakistan.

Hum Qadam The project aims to empower women as members of citizen community boards (CCBs) and other civil society organisations through capacity building of 165 local level organisations in seven districts of Pakistan including Ghanche, Murree, Chitral, Lahore, Badin, Karachi and Gwadar for project development and management, leadership, local resource mobilisation and social entrepreneurship. Technical assistance for developing project proposals was also extended to partner CSOs, as a result of which many CSOs received funding from donors.

Building Capacities for Economic Empowerment of Women The project is implemented in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral (GBC) in collaboration with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP). 400 women from GBC will be trained in entrepreneurship and ICT skills. Enterprise development centres (EDCs) and IT labs to facilitate these women to access necessary resources will also be established. The research component in the project will assess factors inhibiting the economic empowerment of women and produce a directory of potential enterprises for women in GBC.

Community mobilisation We have a participatory approach towards development. We engage communities in all programmes, empowering them for self-help to ensure sustainability.

Education Development and Improvement Programme (EDIP) The project focuses on community engagement in education reform, physical infrastructure and outlook, capacity building, policies and practices. EDIP has been working with 106 schools and will directly benefit 4,140 teachers, head teachers and community members. In this multi-partner project led by Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan), we are focusing on increasing participation of communities, especially women in the management of schools in targeted areas surrounding the project schools. We are undertaking community mobilisation through formation of school management committees (SMCs), increasing women representation in these committees, and building their capacity through trainings and workshops to perform their roles effectively.

Youth development We develop capacity of young men and women enabling them to play active roles in development of civil society. We also facilitate projects that build capacity of youth to increase their economic empowerment.

Young Development Professionals Programme There has been a tremendous surge in growth of development sector in Pakistan. On the other hand academic institutions dedicated to develop professionals for the sector are rare. Harnessing potential of youth to meet this gap, we conduct a 10-week programme inducting young men and women in a rigorous classroom training followed by hands-on internships in the development sector. More than 90% of graduates of the programme are pursuing prosperous careers in leading developmental organisations today. This programme aims to attract young graduates or professionals to the development sector. It aims to enhance their knowledge and understanding of development sector and its various facets through an extensive training programme, involvement in specific development related projects and build management and leadership skills that are necessary to succeed in the development sector.

CIVIL SOCIETY RESOURCE CENTRE A Project of Aga Khan Foundation (Pakistan) D-114, Block 5, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan. Tel: 92-21-35865501-2, Fax: 92-21-35865503 E-mail:, Website:

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