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Property & Finance Edition 12 July 2011

Astute Investments Our Aim

Financial Planning

Our aim at Astute is to build wealth for our clients through

Astute Investments can help you make the correct decisions

sound education and an understanding of their individual

for your future based on sound knowledge and education.

needs and goals.

Through careful analysis of your current circumstances and future goals, Astute Investments can assist you in tailoring

Astute Investments We are the ‘one stop shop’ for all your financial and investing needs. At Astute we understand the fundamentals of property and share acquisition and we aim to make investing simple and easy to understand. The key to this is to empower our clients with the education to make the correct financial decisions for themselves depending where they are in life. Astute offers free consultations to discuss your goals and commence the education process in a relaxed and friendly environment. We pride ourselves in clients that can make fully educated decisions about the direction they’re heading in, and can then reap the rewards of a sound financial plan that they have ownership of.

strategies to ensure your financial plan is right for you both now and in the future. Astute Investments offers the following services:

• Property Investment

• Financial Planning

• Mortgages & Lending Strategies

• Tax Planning

• Superannuation

• Insurance

Secure your financial future with ongoing advice and solutions with the development of a long term strategy to ensure your financial freedom. From building wealth to funding retirement, you will receive financial planning strategies to suit your individual requirements to assist you becoming financially secure sooner. Improve your wealth and balance the risk of life through investment advice, superannuation, tax effective strategies and insurance. Invest in your future today, with Astute Investments.

Astute Property Property We specialise in property acquisition and education for our clients and offer a unique combination of services to ensure that plan implementation is in line with their long term goals, with a focus on accumulating wealth. At Astute we search for the property growth areas where government and industry infrastructure are driving rapid expansion. The key to locating a sound performing property is the generation of jobs in the area. Some of the key topics that are discussed and covered in the consultations are:

• Do you know what a tax variation form is?

• Do you know what a depreciation schedule is?

•S  hould you pay interest only on an investment loan and why?

• Should you rent and invest, or buy your own home to live in?

• Pre-payment of interest in advance to reduce Capital Gains tax when selling.

• Have you claimed all the borrowing costs involved in purchasing the investment?

•W  hat are the long term benefits of the First Home Buyers Grant?

• Does your work place offer subsidised rent and how can this help me?

If you don’t know the answer to all these questions then you should sit with us today for a free consultation.

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Astute Property & Finance Edition 12 July 2011