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Path to significance

We are all on a journey

By Don Short One day he asked me if I would like to go camping with him on an overnight trip in his camper. I said OK, and he picked me up at my house. I was really excited to go. I felt chosen and more valued than ever before. He cared enough about me that he wanted to spend time with me. It wasn’t until later that evening that I became aware of his real intentions. He was looking for a sexual partner. During the process he did say that if I wasn’t interested that I could say no. But how does a lost and insignificant seventh-grader say no to a teacher? I complied. All the value and significance I had felt when I had left earlier that day was gone. I learned that he really didn’t care about me at all and that he only cared about himself. This secret I carried for many years. I have learned over the years that truth can be a very difficult subject to deal with. Later in high school I had another teacher in my Industrial Arts class who showed me real value. He was a Christian man who valued and accepted me as I was and expected nothing in return. He helped me in so many ways and always encouraged me to do my best. He saw things in me that I had never seen before. This teacher wanted what was best for me and helped me achieve my goals in high school and also later on in life. I didn’t feel as lost anymore and I also felt loved and valued for who I was.

My senior year is also the year that I went to a revival service at a local church. During the invitation to accept Christ at the end of the service I went forward and accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. With this new relationship, my feeling lost was gone and I knew that I was significant because I knew that Christ had died for me. I realized that I was like the lost sheep in Luke 15: 1-7. The Shepard left His flock to come and find me. I was significant! I found unconditional love and felt a level of significance that I had never felt before. In the Old Testament, the word tells us of Joseph and how his older brothers threw him first into the pit and then sold him into slavery. They too found their younger brother annoying and insignificant. Joseph wasn’t looking for significance. He rose to significance because he honored God in all his ways and God directed his path. It was his path that led to significance. We are all on a journey. Do you want to find your significance in this life? Do the following: 1. Jesus loves the lost! Accept Him if you have not already done so. 2. Jesus values us even when we feel insignificant. Love, trust and follow Him! 3. Understand that individuals in your family may not understand you, and they or others may try to hurt you. 4. In all your experiences honor God no matter what. 5. Understand that you are on a path and not a 5-year plan. It is this path that leads to significance.



he word insignificant means “too small or unimportant to be worth consideration.” I would like to share with you my story of feeling lost and insignificant. I am the second youngest of eight children. Our clan included five older brothers and an older sister that is a year older than me plus a brother that is 11 months younger. My sister before me was the celebrated child because she was the first (and only) daughter in the family. I remember screaming at times for attention and competing with my sister and the others to try to get my attention needs met. My older brothers had little interest in me. I now understand that it is not unusual for older siblings to be annoyed and uncaring toward younger siblings. Each is always trying to figure out their own survival. This is when I started feeling lost and insignificant in this large family living on an 80-acre farm. I connected better with our german shepard dog named Queeny, three pet raccoons named Petty, Squeaky and Cutie, and the large black ants that hung out near the front porch. In the sixth grade we moved off the farm and closer to town. This meant a change in school districts, and my level of feeling lost and insignificance only grew. In the seventh grade my PE teacher took a personal interest in me. I was surprised because I was terrible in all the activities in PE class and was not really interested in sports.

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Covenant Spotlight magazine November 2015  

Unity in Christ, reflecting love in Acadiana. Politics & religion; Celebrate recovery; Wealth of common sense.