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Grandma repents

End of a generational curse

By Don Short

Often the stories we hear around Mother’s Day are the

good and positive stories about mothers and grandmothers. This article is for those who can’t relate and are often ashamed to tell their stories. They often feel alone and are unable to relate to the good and positive stories that they hear others sharing. I have been counseling individuals and couples for several years. Over the years I have had older women come to me and acknowledge how years ago they failed terribly at being a parent to their children. The issue that brought them to my counseling practice is that they now see the damage that has been done to their children. They also realize that it is now being manifested in the lives of their grandchildren. Repentance occurs when one recognizes the mistakes they have made

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May 2015

and then does whatever they can to seek forgiveness and bring healing to the situation and the relationship. It is never too late to repent. These grandmothers acknowledge what they went through as children themselves and the abuse they received from their parents. They recognize how the sins, abuses and failures of one generation are being passed down to the next and the next until someone has the courage to say, “Enough is enough.� They came to realize that the passing on of unresolved issues produced and perpetuated emotional and physical suffering. They said with their words and their behavior that they are going to stop this generational evil that has been a curse on them and their family. It takes a lot of courage for anyone to come to this realization and become part of the solution. This is what repentance is all about. It is the acknowledgement that what I have been doing has been wrong and that individuals were hurt in the process. But not only that, it also includes putting forth effort to make positive changes that bring healing and health into the lives of individuals in the family. This change is really not about words but actions. I once heard someone say that you cannot talk your way out of something that you behaved your way into. The old adage that actions speak louder than words also rings true. I've seen families start to change as they participate in this healing process. One thing we must always remember is that change and healing has to begin with “me� before it can be shared with others. Furthermore, families don’t have to wait for grandma to repent. They can say, “This generational curse/sin stops here.� We all have that capacity once we choose to make this commitment for the sake of ourselves, our children and grandchildren. By doing this we find ourselves repenting for the pain and shame we passed along to the ones God has called us to love and protect. If you find yourself getting stuck when you try to deal with the past issues in your life or if you find them too painful to deal with on your own, you can call After Hours Counseling for loving and caring assistance. Remember, we do not have to accept the unresolved issues of our parents as our destiny. Any comments about this article can be emailed to donshort.lpc@ or call After Hours Counseling at 337-781-4565.

Covenant Spotlight magazine May 2015 issue  

Unity in Christ, reflecting love in Acadiana

Covenant Spotlight magazine May 2015 issue  

Unity in Christ, reflecting love in Acadiana