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“How can you say there are too many children in the word? That is saying there are too many folwers” -----Mother Theresa


Darling child, you have taught me about life. Merry Christmas I remember it was when I just started working here at Cathwel Service, one day I saw a little boy around the age of 3 who was just sent here and he was weeping quietly. I knew he had just been separated from his family and it broke my heart to see him like this. He had the saddest look in his eyes and all I could say was, “I know you are hurting.” He broke into a loud sob immediately. After a few minutes, he started to calm down and then he came over to me and touched my hands very gently and shyly, he smiled at me. I have not worked here for long but that incident left me deeply impressed. I don’t have a lot of opportunities to spend time with the children here, but they have taught me the most important things about life whenever we encountered. Every child here has a story of his/her own. They were all taken here when they were very little. Cathwel is a very strange place with strange faces for them and I can’t imagine how difficult and frightening it must be even for adults, let along kids at the young age of 3 or 4. To live with totally strangers and try to make it a home for them must be extremely challenging not just for the children, for the caretakers as well. After all, you don’t see so many children at around the same age in a normal family, so many of them desperate for attention and loving care all at the same time. Facing such drastic changes, each child has his/her own way to cope with the new environment. Some quietly accept it, some are especially good, and a few of them would constantly get themselves in troubles or are very emotional. A little boy once took something very small from me and hid it in his pocket. He appeared to be very happy the entire day and kept patting his pocket. When it was time for bed, the thing he took from me was taken out. He came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and told me in a very


By Yong-Chen Lee

serious tone “I kiss you!” And I felt so sad that I almost cried. I knew he didn’t steal from me just to take possession. He just wanted to establish a relationship between us. It breaks my heart to see children at such young age to suffer so much. Thankfully for all the loving caretakers year after year devoted their heart and soul to care for these children. And thank God for given me such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this big family and learn so much about life from all these lovable and wonderful little human beings!

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Message From Cathwel By Sister Rosa Wang Bible said: “There is a right time for everything : a time to be born, a time to die,…a time to cry, a time to laugh, a time to grieve, a time to dance,…a time for keeping, a time for throwing away,…a time to be quiet, a time to speak up, a time for loving, a time for hating, a time for war, a time for peace.…And I know this, that whatever God does is final -- nothing can be added or taken from it.” God’s purpose in this is that man should fear the all-powerful God. This year, I would like to share the story of a young man who we had once sheltered and cared. Despite all of our efforts, he still ended up in the reform center. But one social worker never gave up on him because he was an orphan without someone dear to care for him. Every month, we continue to visit him in the reform center, and slowly we started to notice his changes. He wrote an article that had won him the first prize of a writing contest. And I would like to share a section of his writing with you. “The image of a family having fun, doing barbeque and laughing together had caught my eyes. This is exactly what I dreamed to have all my life. It had touched the darkest corner of my heart and the pain had brought tears to my eyes. At that very moment, I felt so alone as I was the last person on earth. I never had any family experience like other kids had. I never had a carefree

childhood as other kids had and I could only imagine how wonderful and heavenly it would be to have a family of my own. But God’s mercy had showed me kindness of people. I was arranged to live in a halfway home and met the kindest social worker that had showed me love and consoled my pains. For years I lived a sheltered life and with generous love and care. The love she had given me nourished my heart and soul. Up until now I still remember and cherish the time she had spent with me. All of a sudden, I realized what terrible wrongs I have done and how much I had hurt the ones who ever cared and loved me. I felt an immense regrets and deep remorse of my own wrongful behaviors. And now, as I stand under the sinking sun, looking at the infinite sky alone in the reform center, I think about my life in the past and future and feeling melancholy and let regrets fills my heart. I can’t stop missing the kind social worker’s face and smile, and the love and mercy she had shown me.” By sharing this story I wish to show you that even when people make mistakes, they still deserve mercy and love. I believe sometimes, all we need is love and love is the only chance we have for a better and brighter tomorrow. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to you all.

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2011 Root-Finding Trip

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Sign up between March 1 and 31, 2011

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●Inquire application via:

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●Limited to 15 participants, with 5 stand-bys

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●If less than 10 people signed up, this year’ s event will

●Trip will take place within July or August 2011

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be cancelled

●Event includes a cultural fieldtrip around Taiwan,

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●Participants are responsible for the airfare and

volunteer work at Jonah House and reunion



other expenses

●Anyone who wishes to find his/her birth family, please

Security System


●Cathwel Service will provide the accommodation

specify in the application

and board

●Underage adoptee will be required legal guardian’s

●Airport transportation can be arranged

approval and signed agreement in order to participate







●Has to be an adoptee from Cathwel Service ●Between the age of 18-25

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Letting go, is also LOVE Sixteen years ago, general health insurance had yet established in Taiwan. There were always parents outside of premature newborn intensive care units concerned painfully with the massive medical bills and whether they should give up on their prematurely born child. Among so many unfortunate stories Maggie’s was most memorable because of the many people who were involved. Maggie was born 16 years ago at Marshall Hospital. She was the smallest among the triplets and weighed only 968 grams. Maggie’s sister’s and brother’s medical bills were as much as 20 thousand US dollars. Maggie’s weight once dropped to 700 grams and had many lethal complications. She was in and out of hospital 4 times in 2 years and the medical expenses became an unbearable burden to the family. Due to many additional issues, the birth family decided to let go of Maggie and a family in Canada adopted her. Maggie is the youngest among the five children in the adoptive family. Maggie is well loved by her adoptive parents and sisters and brothers, but she’s been having a lot of doubts and uncertainties about why she was raised in Canada instead of Taiwan and where she came from and why she was sent away from her birth parents. When Maggie’s mother was 31 years old, she married Maggie’s father and became pregnant with triplets within a year. She was shocked about having triplets and was worried about the development of each baby and if they’d born prematurely. She had a very rough pregnancy and could not get enough of rest due to the triplets constantly moving in her belly. At 29 weeks, the babies were born and suffered from many complications due to the premature birth. Maggie’s parents did everything they could to keep Maggie but they weren’t financially comfortable enough to raise three children all with medical conditions and with the lack of help to take care of

sick babies, they had to consider their options. They were convinced Maggie would have a better care and a chance for good education if a loving family abroad adopted Maggie. So they decided to let go of Maggie for the love they have for her. Fourteen years later, Maggie’s triplet sister and brother are in high school now and so is Maggie, but in completely different environments. Maggie’s birth mother works very hard everyday and Maggie is always on her mind. Although she received photos and letters from Maggie’s adoptive parents in Canada regularly, she cannot help but feeling lost and regret and sad about the daughter she couldn’t be with and care for. She thought to herself that one day she would reunite with Maggie. About 5 years ago, Maggie’s mother finally paid off all debts, and started to save as much money for Maggie to come back to Taiwan and find out about her birthplace and family. She saved over six thousand US dollars to cover part of Maggie’s travel expenses, and arranged an apartment for Maggie and her adoptive family to stay during her root-finding trip in Taiwan. She hoped this arrangement would help Maggie to understand about her background and her adoption. Maggie’s mother planned a 2-week trip in Taiwan. The adoptive family and Maggie were able to visit many sights and spent a lot of time with the birth family. It was in the midst of summer and they all felt the birth family’s passion just as the heat waves of Taiwan’s summer! Maggie’s mother also arranged for Maggie to visit the hospital she stayed for 2 years before she moved to Canada and talked to the agency that handled her adoption to give Maggie a whole picture. Everyone including the adoptive family, the doctors and nurses were all in tears. It was a very emotional moment for both Maggie and the birth mother. The next day, Maggie visited the hospital she stayed for 2 years and 3 months at the premature babies intensive care unit. When she showed up, the doctor and nurses that had taken cared of her were also

there to meet her. The doctor showed Maggie some of the baby pictures she kept of Maggie. Maggie realized her conditions back then and could finally let go of her doubts and sadness of being adopted. Maggie had suffered from severe lung problems when she was born prematurely and took a very long time to treat while she waited for the adoption to come through. So she stayed in the hospital for more than 2 years. Slowly but surely Maggie got better and grew bigger, she started needing more attention. The nurses gave her a lot of tender loving care by cooking nutritious meals for her, buying new clothes, and spending time to talk and play with her. When the nurses found out Maggie was visiting from Canada, they all came to meet her to see if she’s growing up well. Now Maggie’s healthy and free from any complications and it really inspired the doctors and nurses what they did and all their efforts were all worthy. When Maggie was ready to unite with her adoptive family at the age of 2, to make sure of Maggie’s safety two doctors accompanied her to fly to Canada. Maggie still needed medication then and everyone was very cautious about Maggie’s condition. There were more than a dozen people at the airport to welcome Maggie’s arrival to make sure nothing goes wrong. The doctor that treated Maggie when she was born prematurely is now one of Taiwan’s top 100 doctors. She is known for her kind and compassionate attitude towards her patients and she treats them as they were her family. She believes every life is worth saving and that’s why she treated Maggie as best she could and is thankful now that Maggie’s all grown-up and healthy. Maggie’s mother told Maggie that she has three mothers, one gave birth to her, one raised her, and one saved her life. Maggie’s parents arranged for both families to get together at home for a big reunion dinner. Both families were tied together because of Maggie and it was a heart-warming night. Maggie made duplications of her birth parents’ wedding photos, and saw her own photos over the past 14 years that her

Cathwel Service Tel:+886-2-26625184 Fex:+886-2-26645497 http// E-mail:

adoptive parents had sent over. Maggie’s brother and sister were also thrilled to reunite with their baby sister. The talked to each other using limited English with the aid of a dictionary and body language and had tried to spend as much time together as they could. Watching all her three of her triplets sitting together on the couch, Maggie’s mother felt an immense joy and gratitude and said, “It’s been an incredibly difficult journey, but at this very moment, all the hard works and heart breaks ever took place were all worthy.” Maggie’s father wanted to thank the adoptive family for all the love they had given Maggie and had asked Maggie to give her adoptive parents and sister a hug. In return, the adoptive family had ask Maggie to give each of her birth parents and brother and sister a hug for the wonderful miracle gift of Maggie, and that they were grateful to be here in Taiwan with Maggie to find her roots. Maggie’s root-finding journey had a happy ending. Maggie was able to understand the reasons behind her adoption and reunite with her birth parents and siblings and learned about this beautiful island that she was born to. Now she realized how much love and help she had ever since she was born and that it was because of love, she was let go of her birth family and rose in another. With all the puzzles solved, Maggie was more certain about her future and she planned to learn Chinese so she can one day communicate with her birth family on her own. Maggie also decided to study hard in school and become a better person to give back the love she had received along the way.


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