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The EMT is responsible for a wide range of knowledge and skills which includes material initially taught as well a new information and skills that have evolved as a result of scientific evidence and in some cases expanding scopes of practice. It becomes important for the EMT to remain current in these areas.The EMT refresher course offers current EMTs and those individuals needing to refresher or remediate their knowledge the opportunity to obtain this information and knowledge in one complete course. The EMT refresher course is a 24 hour program, offered over six 4-hour sessions. The curriculum is based off of the DOT NSC EMT Refresher Curriculum. Our course has been updated to provide the participant with evidence based medical content consistent with the 2009 EMS Education Standards and the 2015 PA Statewide BLS Protocols. We will utilize in person and Webinar sessions for the class.

You may register for individual sessions or for the entire course. Topic Date Course # Instr. Preparatory October 7, 2015 #004723 Tim Reitz Patient Assessment October 14, 2015 #004725 Tim Reitz Airway/Respiration/Ventilation October 21, 2015 #004724 Tim Reitz (TBA) Medical/Behavioral October 28, 2015 #004726 Tim Reitz Trauma November 4, 2015 #004727 Tim Reitz Obstetrics/Special Populations November 11, 2015 #004728 Tim Reitz ALL CLASS TIMES 1800-2200hrs Course will be conducted @ Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, Education Bldg Room F304 and is also available via webinar. Pre Registration is required For more information contact Tim Reitz 814-534-9764 or Register at (Scroll to the dates you wish to register for)

PHTLS teaches knowledge that includes an understanding of anatomy and physiology, patient care skills and the limitations of time and blood loss, and the need to get the patient to the operating room as quickly as possible. The student will use critical thinking skills to make and carry out decisions that will enhance the survival of the trauma patient. The PHTLS course is based on the Advanced Trauma LifeSupport course for physicians developed by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma. Therefore, it follows the principles of care of trauma patients as developed by the Committee on Trauma to assure a consistent team approach to the trauma patient. The PHTLS Provider course is a 2 day (16hr) course designed to provide the practicing prehospital care provider with a specific body of knowledge related to prehospital assessment and care of the adult and pediatric trauma patient. The course presents interactive scenario based lectures with hands on physical assessment of patients and practice of trauma skills. The PHTLS Refresher course is a 1 day (8hr) course designed to provide the current PHTLS provider with an update on the prehospital adult and pediatric trauma patient treatment. The course presents interactive scenario based lectures with hands on physical assessment of patients and practice of trauma skills. Prerequisites: First Responder, EMT-B, EMT-Paramedic, RN. Refresher course participants must possess a PHTLS or ITLS provider status. Precourse preparation is necessary for successful completion of the course, and includes: Meet attendance requirements, obtain a minimum score of 76% on the final written exam, and demonstrate proficiency in the skills station Upon successful completion, a PHTLS certification and card will be issued for a four year period Course fee: $70.00/student. Fee does not include the textbook Textbook may be purchased by following this link

Upcoming Courses: PHTLS Refresher PHTLS Provider PHTLS Refresher

October 10, 2015 November 7 & 8, 2015 November 21, 2015

0800-1700 0800-1700 0800-1700

Hastings Memorial Bldg, Hollidaysburg EMS CMMC Education Bldg

All courses taught by Conemaugh PHTLS Faculty PRE REGSITRATION REQUIRED Deadline 7 days prior to the course Register at: (Scroll to the dates you wish to register for)

EMS Safety covers safety in emergency vehicles, at the operational scene and while handling patients, as well as patient, practitioner and bystander safety and personal health. The course offers an overview of current issues surrounding safety in EMS, presents and discusses case studies, builds risk assessment and decision making skills and provides an opportunity for participants to relate their own experiences with EMS safety issues. EMS Safety is for all EMS practitioners, other medical professionals providing prehospital patient care, EMS supervisors and administrators concerned with safety. Students who take EMS Safety will learn to: Identify key elements in the safe operation of an ambulance. Describe techniques for moving and securing patients safely. Recognize situations where the EMS practitioner may be at risk of violence, and how such situations may be either avoided or addressed. Appreciate the importance of maintaining good personal health, and the impact of EMS service on practitioners’ personal health. Address safety elements in a variety of operational situations The course charges students to become leaders in creating a culture of safety within EMS and identifies steps they can take to be a part of the process. The curriculum covers the following: Crew resource management, Emergency vehicle safety Responsibilities in scene operations, Patient handling, Patient, practitioner and bystander safety, Personal health Course Cost is $15.00/student Books supplied by Sothern Alleghenies EMS Council Course Faculty: Tim Reitz, NAEMT Affiliate Faculty John S. Karduck, MD NAEMT Safety Instructor

Course Offering: October 24, 2015 0800-1700 Ebensburg Area Ambulance Pre Registration is required. EMS Con Ed applied for through SAEMS For more information contact Tim Reitz 814-534-9764 or Register at

Sunday October 25, 2015 0800-1600 Pre Registration required. Class held at Ebensburg Area Ambulance., Ebensburg, PA For more information contact Tim Reitz 814-534-9764 or Register at As you know, most ALS Services require a Paramedic to possess ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support ). But what about the EMT or other BLS providers who is there as part of the emergency care team? This course, ACLS for the EMT, is designed to provide the BLS provider with the knowledge base that will not only make them feel more comfortable in the ALS setting, but be able to support the ALS provider by becoming a more knowledgeable team member. This course will build upon your BLS experience and expand your knowledge regarding some cardiac pharmacology, cardiac electrophysiology, airway management, and electrical therapy. The course will emphasize the importance of basic life support to patient survival; the integration of effective basic life support with advanced cardiovascular life support interventions; and the importance of effective team interaction and communication during resuscitation. This course is a total of 8 hours in duration. This course does not expand your current scope of practice nor does it certify you in ACLS. This is a continuing education program produced by the AAOS and Jones and Bartlett Publishing. *This course is available to First Responders, EMT-Basics and Paramedics (does not meet ACLS Requirements) **This course is recommended by the PA Department of Health, Bureau of EMS for BLS providers who require the formal training required to assist an ALS provider in their duties. Upon successful completion, certificate of completion will be given to the participant. EMS Continuing Education Information First Responder, EMT, EMT-P & PHRN 6 hrs Medical/Trauma Con-Ed Applied for through SAEMS Course Faculty: Tim Reitz, BS, NRP, NCEE Course Cost:

$20.00 for the Course Recommended Text Book purchase

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Csoems Fall 2015  

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