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How to Get Being Excellent In the Workplace Out of Debt The Bible exhorts us to avoid debt. Pat Robertson teaches on the Biblical approach to achieving that. - The Bible says this is simple. “The borrower is the servant of the lender.” Except the word really is “slave.” “The borrower is the slave of the lender.” The Bible also says, “Owe no man anything save love.” That’s all you are supposed to owe. We have a debt of love to everybody. But we are not supposed to be in debt otherwise, because debt is bondage. Now, I know there are certain types of debt that seem to be worthwhile in business. But some of the best businesses don’t borrow. They live out of cash flow. What we are finding today in the collapse of the stock market is people who have cooked their books. And many times they have cooked them because they have unsupportable debts. WorldCom owes something close to $30 billion. Many of these telecoms have borrowed right up to their eyeballs, and they can’t get out so they have to get involved in shenanigans in order to survive. Enron was building up enormous debts. And the debt causes people to do things. It has caused people to commit suicide. It has caused marriages to fail. It is probably the number one cause of divorce in the United States -- debt and financial trouble.

See PAT pg. 3

I saw an article not long ago that talked about how to reduce your risk of being laid off. There were three main criteria that businesses considered when determining who should stay and who should go. The people who didn’t get laid off, number one, had a positive attitude. Number two, they were versatile. And number three, they were always improving their skills. What’s your attitude like in the workplace? Do other people want to work with you or do they run the other direction when they see you coming? We have to be

determined to set our attitude in a positive direction every single day. Every morning, I’ve learned to say, “Father, thank you that today is going to be a blessing day and a receiving day, a day where I’ll be a blessing to someone and a day where I will receive Your goodness in a greater way.” What am I doing? I’m setting the tone for the new day. I’m choosing to have a good attitude. How flexible are you in the workplace?

See OSTEEN pg. 5

It is a great pleasure to introduce you to our International Institution. Cornerstone University and Calvary Theological Seminary was established to meet the needs of self-motivated adults who wish to earn a degree. We offer Associates through Doctorate degree through a serious, in-depth course of study. Our desire is to help you reach your spiritual and educational objectives. See CORNERSTONE pg. 3

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Gracious God, in the busyness of my day, I sometimes forget to stop to thank You for all that is good in my life. My blessings are many and my heart is filled with gratefulness for the gift of living, for the ability to love and be loved, for the opportunity to see the everyday wonders of creation, for sleep and water, for a mind that thinks and a body that feels. I thank you, too, for those things in my life

that are less than I would hope them to be. Things that seem challenging, unfair, or difficult. When my heart feels stretched and empty and pools of tears form in my weary eyes, still I rejoice that you are as near to me as my next breath and that in the midst of turbulence, I am growing and learning. In the silence of my soul, I thank you most of all for your unconditional and eternal love. Amen.

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July 2009

Kick Back and Enjoy Although there are still other ongoing tasks to perform in the garden, July should be a month of kicking back and enjoying your gardens production. After watering your garden take the time to sit back and soak in the rewards of your labor. By now your garden should be producing and full of life. Remain cautious of snakes, spiders, and bees; any of these can ruin your day. Here are some tasks to keep your garden looking exceptional the rest of this season: First, watering your garden and container plants; the most important rule of summer watering is to water thoroughly and deeply and to allow the soil to dry out between watering. Deep watering allows the plant’s roots to grow deeper; this prevents drying out and also assists in your plants anchoring into the ground. Whereas light surface watering actually wastes water, because the water never actually reaches the root zone of the plant, and the moisture rapidly evaporates from the top inch of soil. To check if your garden is being properly watered take a trowel or shovel and dig down about 3 or 4 inches deep to ensure that the water is reaching the root zone of your plants. In our area we have experienced a semi-drought so proper watering is essential to the life of your garden. Began sowing cool-season crops directly into the garden by mid July. Continue protecting your crops from birds with netting. Empty areas of the garden, where the crops have finished, should be replanted with either a fall vegetable crop, or a cover crop of clover or vetch to help control weeds. Cover crops can be tilled in to the soil later, to add humus and nitrates to the soil. A brown lawn isn’t necessarily a dead lawn. Grass goes dormant in times of drought, but will quickly return to life with the fall rains. If a lush green lawn is important to you, and you enjoy mowing, water your lawn regularly and deeply. If water shortage is an issue or you dislike tending the lawn, you may choose to just let your lawn go dormant, and water once a month. Avoid using fertilizers in hot and dry weather. Give your house plants some fresh air; bring them outside to a shady and protected spot. Watch for insect and disease damage. Remember slugs and snails hide during the heat of the day, but will come out of hiding in the cool morning or evening hours seeking to destroy your garden. Remain alert and have a great month. By Derrick Singleton

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July 2009

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Bible Trivia Significant Numbers

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

How many days did creation take? How many days did it rain initially during the flood? How many gates are there in the New Jerusalem? How many years did David reign in Hebron? How old was Jesus when he began his ministry? How many golden lions did Solomon use on the steps of his throne? 7. How many apostles did Jesus have? 8. How many churches are addressed in Revelation? 9. How many pieces of silver was Jesus betrayed for? 10. How many elders helped Moses judge the people?


1.) 6-Gen 1:31, 2.) 40-Gen 7:17, 3.) 12-Revelation 21:21, 4.) 7 ½-2 Sam 5:5, 5.) 30-Luke 3:23, 6.) 12-1 Kings 10:20, 7.) 12- Matt 10:2, 8.) 7-Rev 1:4, 9.) 30-Mat 26:15, 10.) 70-Num 11:16

Christian Star Issue 7

At the end of the day, we just want to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and serve God! CSN paper is new and innovative with its new concept of helping the community. Christians are called to help; we are called to help the poor, the struggling and everyone within our reach in need of help. We offer this paper FREE to the public and FREE to the churches to utilize this as a tool to reach out to those who may be seeking to learn more about God and His goodness. We at CSN extend a genuine concern for the mind, body, and spirit of our readers and will work tirelessly to ensure that we bring to you information and advertisers that adhere to the same. CSN is about Christians Helping All People! We seek to Be our Brother’s Keeper and Loving our Neighbors as Thy Self. Therefore, we are working with companies to bring you the discounts and coupons you need in one place for necessary items that you consume or utilize every day. It requires companies that are willing to offer savings to their loyal consumers, as well as the participation of the community to utilize their saving offers. CSN offers advertisement that is affordable to small Christian businesses, in addition to large corporations. Stand with us in supporting the companies that advertise with CSN as they seek to serve you. We are here to add to, build and assist the churches with their vision to serve God and prepare souls for the harvest. I offer my TV ministry “Bent, but Not Broken” to the different ministries as they wish to share their vision, their testimony and to announce upcoming events as an additional service. I am blessed to be a blessing! Thanks for taking the time to be your brother’s keeper and ensuring that they too get the same savings as I am offering you. God bless you and may the seeds you sow reap 1000-fold in the same year in Jesus name we pray. Amen!

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Christian Star Issue 7


We want fancy furniture, we want it now. We want new clothes, and we want them now. We want fancy restaurant meals, and we want them now. We want a vacation cruise, and we want it now. And so if a credit card company says, "Look, we'll give you an easy payment schedule, consolidate your debts, and do this that and the other…" And now the latest ploy is, "We'll take a second mortgage and consolidate your debts." And then you'll be paying that off for the next 20 or 30 years. The bankers know the principle of compound interest. The credit card companies know the principle. And they also make a tremendous amount of money -- in the billions of dollars -- off late fees and off special charges. I read that some credit companies are taking people who miss a few payments and reclassifying their debt and kicking the interest rate up to 28 percent. It is a trap ladies and gentlemen. And it is brought about

July 2009 basically by wanting too much now. If you want to get out of debt, there are some things you need to do. First of all you need to understand what is the called the exponential curve. It is a very simple thing, but it works like this. What I call it is the law of use. Jesus Christ made it clear, you take what you've got and you use it. The law of compound interest coupled with the law of use will lead to amazing things. I've shown it before, if you take $100 and you double it each year, after 20 years, just 20 years, you now have $50 million. How can that be? The law of use and compound

interest. That's what happens. Of course you don't normally get 100 percent interest every year. But if you can get your money that way. You can certainly take $100 and get another $100. You can take $200 and get another $200. And so it goes. If you save it and compound it, it doesn't show very much. It takes patience, but sooner or later, you will come out with something better. The other thing that is so important which we've mentioned many times before is the law of reciprocity that says give and it will be given unto you. These are principles that God has put in his word. If you take what you've got and use it, you will have

more. And he who thinks he's got something, even what he thinks he's got will be taken away from him if he doesn't use it. Now the other thing is to give and it will be given unto you. If you just, number one, have a budget where you don't overspend. Number two, you begin to give unto the Lord substantially. And number three, you begin a certain saving program where money works for you and just let it grow and do its thing. You will be astounded at what will happen in 10, 15 to 20 years. People will say, "How did you get so much money?" "Well, it was easy because I followed the laws of God." Pat Robertson’s new book, Right On The Money: Financial Advice For Tough Times, takes an in-depth look at the multitude of financial issues facing people today and provides the tools readers need to assess their present financial condition, get informed on the different options available to them, and make better, more informed decisions. The book is currently available at

St. Paul Companion Care: Does someone you love need help at home? St. Paul Companion Care, L.L.C. provides loving caregivers for the elderly and disabled, in the home and assisted living facilities, to help with cleaning, cooking, bathing, hygiene, and to help maintain their independence and dignity. Our faith based business is striving to lead the industry by example in quality, care and love. Visit us at, or call us at 337433-1403.

CORNERSTONE Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students of high potential to experience learning in a way that meets accepted academic and professional standards. We offer campus classes, correspondence and online courses. We hope that you will choose to earn your degree through Cornerstone University’s progressive program, which represents a unique opportunity for those seeking a career in the field of Ministry, Religious Education, Church Administration, Theology, or Christian Counseling Psychology. Your life will be enriched spiritually. You will be more effective in Christian service. We trust that we can help you reach your objectives. Thus, we are looking forward to having you study with us. 1605 Broad Street Lake Charles, LA 70601 337-497-1871, phone 337-497-1876, fax, email, website

AVAILABLE NOW ON AMAZON!! The Sun’s Love Clothes My Soul, Memoirs of Momafortune The Second Coming of Nefertiti is upon you, and in her heart is the key to unlock Heaven on Earth. Come eat from the tree of life, and live forever. The Suns Love Clothes My Soul is the love story of the Second Coming of Nefertiti reincarnated as Tonisha Fortune who was also Eve, and Mary Magdalene. She comes forth at the age of thirty years old during the End Times with a prophetic word from God proclaiming that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. In her yard is the tree of life and whoever eats from it will live forever. Her husband the Messiah reigns as the King of Heaven and Earth, and in her heart is the key to unlock the New World of the 31’st century.

Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. Ephesians 6:11 (NIV)

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Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

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Christian Star Issue 7

OSTEEN Are you willing to go the extra mile— even when it’s “not your job”? That phrase actually comes from the Bible. Jesus said in Matthew 5:41, “If someone asks you to walk a mile with them, do more. Go two miles.” Back in bible days, by law, when Roman soldiers were walking through a city they could require a person to carry their armor for one mile. After that mile, they would have to get someone else. But Jesus said, “If they ask you to do it one mile, do more than expected. Carry it two

July 2009 miles.” That’s the attitude we need to have. When you’re a person of excellence you do more than expected. You don’t take the easy way out. You don’t just do the minimum requirement. You go the extra mile. Are you improving your skill and ability in the workplace? When you have a spirit of excellence you’re always sharpening yourself. You’re always looking for new ways to grow. You should not be at the same skill level next year as you are right now. You should be doing something on purpose to increase your ability. You have to be proactive. We cannot sit back and just expect our talent

to automatically increase. Can you take courses on the internet? Do you have a mentor speaking faith into your life? Are you studying the people ahead of you? Are you learning the next position in line? If you’ll take these steps to grow, it not only honors God but God will open up the right doors. I encourage you today, be a person of excellence. Set the tone for your day. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Look for ways to increase your ability and live the life that honors God—the life that God rewards.

For more information on this teaching, you can visit us on our website at or contact us by phone at 713-635-4154 and request Message #427. “I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel . . .’ ” – Philippians 1:3-5

A Letter From The Publisher To all, I want to sincerely thank everyone for their part in making Christian Star News successful. This paper is being seen around the world. Each one of you are helping make this happen. The advertisers, who help fund the printing of this paper, ad a large contribution to this. The writers, who are ministering to the hurting people, are making a difference in people's lives. Each one of you are helping God's word go forward and leading people to Christ and ministering to His flock. Each church has the opportunity to submit articles that will reveal their desires for their ministry and their service for God and this is leading people to seek a home church. I receive calls everyday with people asking me what church should they attend. We will be held accountable for the words that we speak over those we have authority over; therefore, remain humble and obey the Holy Spirit as you crucify your flesh daily. A tremendous thanks goes out to Sasha Singleton, the news paper designer. Sasha spends countless nights working to perfect

this paper, while training on new techniques to improve the quality. Please join me in encouraging Sasha, as she is always the one to get the feedback on what we could have done different. In God's perfect timing, He will prosper the work of her hands. Additionally, I would like to thank Mary Stevens, our National Sales Manager for all of the hours and countless sales calls she has made to gain the support of our local businesses to help this paper move forward to reach the nation. Mary was sent to me by God through a Divine Appointment. Mary has continued to encourage me and I encourage her. We are a great team. Mary will move this paper into the International arena in 2010. I look forward to 2010! If God has moved this paper to be able to reach India, Germany, UK, Sweden and Canada within 7 months, then I cannot wait to see where we will be in 2010. God amazes me with His limitless powers. Each day we are getting letters from around the world. God is awesome!

We do not operate in fear or doubt. We know that God will provide for all of our needs to see to it that His Word and His Will manifest in His due time. Our only job is to be obedient to the Holy Spirit, so that we do not miss out on the opportunity to be used by God; what a tremendous blessing. We give Ceasar what's Ceasar's and God what's God's. All of our talents and resources belong to God. He will see to it that the seeds we plant reap a harvest that we will not be able to contain, IN Jesus Name! I pray that God grants you the desires of your heart that are aligned with the Will of God for your life. I pray that all of your needs and some of your wants are being supplied for. Ask with Faith and it shall be done. One last news update, we will begin filming the "Bent, but Not Broken" TV Ministry. This program is to have real discussions about everyday life and how to handle them according to God's Word. Christian Advertisers are welcome to come out and share their testimonies on what God is doing through them. Pastors and their wives are also welcome to come out and encour-

age us to stay the course in our service for the Lord, while allowing the viewers to get to know them on a more personal level as they reveal the desires of their heart for ministry. Christian Authors and Musicians are welcome to come out and inform the public on their clean family material that is available for us. The CSN and Bent, but Not Broken ministries seek to be a part in the harvest of souls. With love and appreciation, Monica Soileau, Owner of CSN

The Journey of a Christian Job Seeker Conquering Your Emotions and Your Fears Through Life’s Trials

Part Two Job 5:7 says, “Man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward”; and Psalm 34:19 states, “A righteous man may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all.” I praise the

Lord for the truth of these words and how they were proven in my life. This journal acknowledges the despair, frustration, rejection, and great emotion often experienced in a job search. These emotions can apply equally well in other areas of life where we are not experiencing fulfillment. But for me, the testing ground was the job search, and I equated not succeeding in the search with failure and rejection. What a wrong mind-set that was! The journal also reflects my rollercoaster emotions, which we all are prone to in any crisis situation be it employment, financial, emotional or marital. I experienced this fluctuation in emotion throughout the search, but even more after I resigned from my job in October 2008. It is easier to accept rejection when you are still in a job; but when you are unemployed, the pressure is concentrated, particularly as your bills are mounting. Let Us Reason Together What role is Christ playing in your day-to-day situations? Whether you are seeking employment, facing a marital situation, struggling with a financial situation, or dealing with any other problem, what role is Christ playing in it?

Drink from the Fountain The fact that you are going through a crisis does not mean you have lost God’s favor. Remember Joseph? He went through many crises, but Genesis 39:2–4 reminds us that “the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered, and he lived in the house of his Egyptian master. When his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord gave him success in everything he did, Joseph found favor in his eyes and became his attendant.” Friends, please remember that in every wilderness journey there is a well of provision and in your crises situation, you too are able to experience God’s favor just as Joseph did. Begin to claim the following affirmation for your life, and so shall it be. Affirmation I will find favor with God and man! I invite you to journey with me now into my own personal crisis of a protracted job search. Perhaps you’ll recognize yourself within the pages of my journal, and perhaps you’ll come to discover—like I did—the God who waits to deliver you! Buy the book and discover how to: • Conquer your emotions and fears as you face life’s trials.

• You will learn to position and anchor yourself in the hand of God to keep you strong, bold, and moving forward. • You will develop the ability to praise God in the midst of your storms, even when you don’t feel like it. • You will discover that God walks with you through every trial you face. You will see that He is truly the guide and makes the path straight and the hills flat for those who trust in His wisdom and mercy. • You will take away a word or a thought to help you in your despair, and you will learn to hold on to the Word of God to maintain hope. Author Agnes .O. Amos To order The Journey of a Christian Job Seeker: Conquering Your Emotions and Your Fears Through Life’s Trials ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-60791-339-9) please visit the following Web sites now at Or call 1-866-909-2665

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Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

People Caught... Helping Other People!

Owings Mills, MD --- Harvest Seed International Foundation (HSIF), is a faith-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2004 located in Owings Mills, Maryland. We globally aide disadvantaged, neglected, and underprivileged children, youth, adults and families by helping them become self sufficient, building dignity, and destroying the crippling effects of dependency. In Christ’s teachings to His disciples, the Bible states that, “Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.” James 1:27 (NLT). It is our ministry and mission to go out and offer the opportunity to teach the distraught and underprivileged the skills to be able to grow their own food, learn a trade to support themselves and their families and provide them an education so they can better provide for their families and neighbors. We also have a calling to go out and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the total person by assisting in creating a rich environment to transform their lives through education and vocational training, enhancing their spiritual growth through the Word, raising their social awareness, initiating food programs, and helping to change their environment from within. OUR MISSION STATEMENT To globally empower individuals

while generationally transforming lives One Seed at a Time. MAGNIFIED MEDIA OPENS THEIR STATE OF THE ART STUDIO IN JUNE 2008 Magnified Media, Inc is also a faithbased, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2008 located in Owings Mills, Maryland. Just as Harvest Seed tends to the needs of the underprivileged, so does Magnified Media’s mission coincide with its sister foundation. Magnified Media is a full service music and audio post production facility for CDs, television, film and video specifically dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Our 1350 square foot facility is located just off 795N in Owings Mills, Maryland. It was acoustically designed by Mark Stocker with assistance from Jon Hilton of Maryland Sound and Image to capture the best possible sound while providing an amazingly flexible environment that spurs creativity and allows anointing to flow freely. Magnified Media offers a wide range of production services from music production, film scoring, jingle writing, song arranging to any kind of audio recording and editing services you can imagine for TV and film post production, sound effects design and editing, commercial spot production and much more. The proceeds from every session, product and service offered by Magnified Media goes

Fun Facts About July The Birthstone of July is a Ruby. The ruby is considered to be the most powerful gem in the universe, and is associated with many astral signs. To own a ruby is said to have contentment and peace. Placed under a pillow the ruby may ward off bad dreams. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand so as to receive the life force and have protection. Given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol of friendship and love. The ruby is also the symbol of vitality and royalty.

to the humanitarian work of Harvest Seed International Foundation around the world. Additionally Magnified Media strives to educate the musician, songwriter and artist in the process and techniques used in recording and mixing while providing guidance and educational mentorship in the business of making, publishing and marketing music in all aspects of today’s wide open media marketplace. As you can see, our mission, whether it is Harvest Seed’s or Magnified Media’s, the mission is to minister to the total man by assisting in creating environments to foster economical, educational, spiritual and social growth and instill a strong sense of confidence, while providing necessary tools for change and improvement. We will accomplish this by partnering with local nationals and other organizations in order to create, further enhance, equip or fortify what is already in place. It literally comes down to the old saying; feed a man a fish you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for life. This philosophy permeates every aspect of our ministries at Harvest Seed International Foundation and Magnified Media.

located at (Harvest Seed International Foundation) or www. (Magnifed Media). To make a donation to Harvest Seed simply go to their website and click the donation button or send your tax deductible donation to HARVEST SEED INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION 11433 CRONRIDGE DRIVE, SUITE G OWINGS MILLS, MD 21117 410-998-9110

To schedule a studio tour, book a session, have your CD produced or get a demo done at Magnified Media call 410-998-9411, write us an email at or visit the studio at: MAGNIFIED MEDIA, INC 11433 CRONRIDGE DRIVE, SUITE G (rear) OWINGS MILLS, MD 21117 410-998-9411

For more information on Harvest Seed International Foundation or Magnified Media go to our websites

The Flower of the month is the Larkspur-Waterlily. The Lotus flower is symbolic of rebirth but in addition to its religious meaning, the Lotus is also a symbol of all that is true, good and beautiful, representing good fortune, peace and enlightenment. Month Observances • Baked Beans Month • Blueberry Month • Hemochromatosis Screening Awareness • Hot Dog Month • Ice Cream Month • Read An Almanac Month

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Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

The Forgotten Victims is a real story of one family’s struggle with the legacy of domestic abuse and suicide. Monica Soileau father’s abuse led him to shoot her mother and him committing suicide. Monica speaks to today’s victims and survivors of abuse or suicide from her unique perspective. She speaks frankly of how faith helped her family cope; brought about through her mother’s miraculous recovery from grievous emotional and physical wounds, and eventually resulting in her own mature understanding and empathy for everyone caught in a vicious cycle of abuse. The author embraces her mother’s compelling memories, as well as includes her younger brother’s experience, along with her own provocative and inspirational journey through the stages of coping, understanding, and overcoming their dark, shared legacy. As a final point, this hopeful book will help guide any reader in their discerning of how abuse affects the children who encounter it. Through retrospect the reader is brought full circle to their own childhood expectations to the actuality that life can certainly be painful and full of difficult decisions. Anyone who has experienced any of the following as a victim, as an offender, as a parent, as a child, as a counselor or health care worker should read this book: • Domestic Violence. • Domestic Homicide. • Suicide of a Parent. • Children Self-Esteem Development. • Suppression of emotions and mourning. • Children assuming responsibility and guilt for parent’s abusive behavior. • Dysfunctional Relationships. • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Order can be placed on the internet by searching for book title or by Author name Monica Marie Singleton Soileau or by calling 24/7 1-866-9092665 for your copy of the book. If you wish to schedule the Author for a speaking engagement for your organization, please submit a request to:

Who’s in the Driver Seat? None of us can escape all the negatives we see and hear every day. But we can choose how we will respond. I don't want my life to be like a little boy in my parent's car, just going along for the ride. I want to be in the driver's seat!

tions? Do you allow those negatives to influence your decisions? For example, when you hear, "The economy is bad," what's your reaction? Do you quickly agree and realize that since it is bad, this is how your life will be affected, and this is what you can expect?

Can you remember what life was like before you got your driver's license? I sure can. I can still remember sitting in the car watching my mom or dad drive. I couldn't wait 'till I was old enough to drive. I would finally be able to go anywhere I wanted to go. But until then, I basically went where they went.

If that is how you react, then you are not in the driver's seat. You are just along for the ride. And the worst part is, you are being driven in the wrong direction!

When that day finally came and I got my first car, there I was, in the driver's seat! I could go wherever I wanted to go. I could drive myself to school, I could drive myself to work, I could drive myself to my buddies house. I could even just drive for the fun of it with no particular destination! I had such freedom! So, in your life, who is in the driver's seat? Are all the negatives of this world driving you around, or, are you in charge of your own life? How can you tell? How do you react to negative situa-

Whether they say that the economy is good or bad is really irrelevant when you look for God to supply, knowing that His supply is endless. Having confidence in God, keeping your focus on Him, believing Him, expecting Him to supply, and refusing to not be afraid, is being in the driver's seat! And I'm not talking about living in a fantasy, make-believe world, going around saying, "Everything is just fine." Keeping your focus and trust on God to supply means looking for and expecting His guidance and direction, so that you are not driving around in circles all day long. What happens when you hear statistics about how many people are supposed to get a certain disease? What's

your reaction? Do you get afraid of being in the wrong percentile? If so, then you are not in the driver's seat. You are being driven. Why not choose to think that the Creator designed the human body to heal itself, and healing from God is available! The Bible says that He wishes above all things that you prosper and be in health! Those kinds of thoughts will keep you in the driver's seat! Every single day we are all bombarded with negatives from every avenue: TV, radio, newspaper, billboards and people we talk to. There seems to be no escaping it. That's why someone who is positive sticks out like a sore thumb! But think about it for a minute. If we just simply accept all those negatives we hear every day, then those negatives will drive us around. The Bible says, "As he thinks in his heart so is he." Whenever we allow thoughts, whether positive or negative, to stay inside our mind long enough they will get into our heart. An effective way for this to happen, either positively or negatively, is by repetition.

Once thoughts get into the heart of our mind, then that is what we will evidence in our lives. Whether good or bad, it makes no difference. That is the way the Creator designed our minds to work. That is why "as he thinks in his heart, so is he!" None of us can escape all the negatives we see and hear every day. But we can choose how we will respond to them. I don't want my life to be like a little boy in my parent's car, just going along for the ride. I want to be in the driver's seat! How about you? In your life, who's in the driver's seat? Why not get in the driver's seat, and choose where your life is going? Refuse to allow negatives to influence your decisions, or to incite you to fear. Instead, look at what God has promised you, and believe and accept it as truth. Then, expect Him to guide you and direct your path. And remember, there is no circumstance or situation that is too hard for God. Nothing can put Him out of business! By Michael Verdicchio Visit his blog:

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Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

Angels on Guard By Pamela S. Thibodeaux © 2009

February 2nd 2004, cold, rainy, the day after Super Bowl Sunday. I was on my way to work in order to run end-of-month statements that were not done on January 30th because I had to bury my dog of

Mary Stevens, Owner 337-513-5661 One Lakeshore Drive * P O BOX 1402 * SUITE 1630B * Lake Charles, Louisiana 70629

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Marketing Planning and organizing: Our staff helps our clients to put together a marketing plan which keeps the client organized for one solid year. This service also includes scheduling and meeting with all media outlets.

Promotion Media Kit: Sponsorships for events. We build the package and present to area businesses to sponsor events for our clients.   We are consultants, media buyers, and planners.  Our strengths and experience are in television, radio, newspaper, billboard, and local publications. Mar-Tel Marketing, LLC is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  We are a marketing firm that represents television, radio, and newspapers with their local, regional and national business. Our agency also handles event marketing, branding, planning, and marketing small businesses with small budgets. Our desire is to measure success for our clients through new business development, increased shares, and the building of trustworthy relationships. We are committed to maintaining rewarding relationships with our customers to accomplish our mission.

Short Story available now @

14 years who’d been euthanized the day before. I despise cold, wet weather and prayed for God’s hand of protection to be upon not only me and my husband -who was about three minutes ahead of mebut every driver on the road at that time. No sooner had the words left my mouth when tail lights came into view. A car had left the Eastbound lane of Interstate 10, spun through the median and was sliding backward into my Westbound lane. Unable to switch lanes, all I could do was hang on and pray, “Oh, God, oh, God,” when the back end of his car hit the back door on the driver’s side of my car, throwing me into a tailspin. When my car stopped spinning, I faced oncoming traffic and my car died.

One on-comer barely had time to swerve into the median to avoid a head-on collision. Had he not been so observant, his full-sized pickup truck would have climbed all over the front end of my car. Others would come within mere feet; stop and stare a moment, then switch lanes and go on about their business. On top of that, I called 911 twice and placed on hold! After finally reaching the Louisiana State Police, it took a full ten minutes to get my car started and moved out of oncoming traffic. In 2007 my daughter was in a similar incident, though not on the interstate but at an intersection in town. The oncoming car flipped her SUV and spun it around! Her injuries – a gash on the arm. I believe in angels – seen and unseen. The bible talks about us entertaining them unaware and numerous angelic encounters are recorded all over the world. The bible also promises us God’s angels encamp around us. There’s no doubt even though these accidents occurred, God’s hand was all over our vehicles and His angels were on guard those days. Author Bio: Pamela S. Thibodeaux is a member and the co-founder of Bayou Writers Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in romantic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with an Edge!” And reviewed as “steamier and grittier than the typical Christian novel without decreasing the message.” Website address: http://www.pamelathibodeaux. com Email: pthib-7@centurytel. net

By a sheer miracle no one hit me head on!

Attention all Christian Business Owners: Being a Christian Business Owner is a higher honor than being a member of the BBB. We expect our Christian Star News advertisers to be held to a higher moral standard when dealing with customers. Remember to treat your customers with the utmost respect and appreciation for supporting your business.

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Christian Star Issue 7 Every other year my mom’s family gets together for vacations. It is a week filled with fun, catching up with each other and letting the cousins get to know one another. My Uncle Ed heads it all up. He finds a state park with cabins and then plans excursions like hiking, river rafting, tubing, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, caving and other activities for us to enjoy together. We have been to many states over the years including Louisiana, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin. In July of this year we are going to Norris Dam State Park in Tennessee. Going back to Tennessee reminds me of our second year to do this way back in 1994. We stayed at a State Park in Georgia but drove up to Tennessee to go on a river rafting adventure on the Ocoee River. This is the same river where the 1996 Olympics for canoeing and kayaking was held. I had an experience on that river that I will never forget as long as I live and it has given me some thoughts I would like to share with you. Our river rafting adventure began with the rafting company giving us what I have always called “the death talk.” An employee told us that the river we were about to go on was dangerous, that we must wear helmets and life vests. If we were thrown from the boat they gave us instructions on what to do and what not to do. Then they made us each sign a waiver stating that if we were injured or died the rafting company would not be responsible. During and after the talk I was having doubts about going on the rafting trip but everyone else was so excited that I stood against the fears that the talk had evoked inside of my heart and decided to meet the challenge. I signed the waiver and outfitted myself to go rafting on the great and beautiful but dangerous Ocoee River with my little trusty water camera. Our family divided up into several boats. I was with my Uncle Dick, Aunt Sarah and my cousin’s Eric and Phil and two guides. Normally there is one guide but as “luck” would have it that day we had one experienced guide and a trainee. The river though sometimes rushing over rocks, frothing and churning, was absolutely beautiful beyond expression and at first the ride was exciting and exhilarating. Water splashed up and showered us as we dipped into empty pockets formed from the way the water flowed over the rocks. There were even quiet spots where we could snap pictures, get out of our rafts and take a dip. During the more peaceful moments of the ride you could not miss the calming peace and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Our experienced guide let the trainee take over and not long after is when my dip into some unfriendly waters took place. We were coming into the more dangerous parts of the ride, where they have professional photographers taking pictures of the boats as they pass through the roughest parts. Our raft was being thrown over rocks like a piece of drift wood, all the calm was gone, there was no admiring the landscape surrounding us and there was certainly no snapping of photographs. No, it was just the loud shouting of the water

July 2009 cascading over the rocks and the shouts of our guide giving us instructions on what to do with our oars. Our guide told us to tuck our feet under the edge of the raft where the sides meet the floor. I had my feet tucked firmly, my heart was beating very fast and I was trying to control my oar as instructed by our guide. Our trainee had not been able to keep the boat in the middle of the rapids with the others, our boat was propelled into a particularly bad area of the rapids with huge rocks. The water would fall from huge rocks into deep frothing pools to flow over more rocks. We came along a particularly large rock with a deep fall and my tucked feet

tied to his waist. He threw the rope to me. I was to throw the rope to the guide further downstream. The guide upstream instructed me to step off the rock into shallower waters that were flowing to the right of me. I stepped off the rock as instructed and though the water was not as deep, I was completely swept off my feet and would have been swept away yet again but for the rope I was holding onto for dear life. The guide upstream planted his feet and almost laid down to hold me as I was thrown down flat on my stomach on top of rocks that the water was flowing over. Both guides had to pull me in, almost like a fish, until I could reach the

came lose from their secure place and suddenly I was catapulted from the boat. It was as if I was in slow motion, I can remember being high in the air above the boat seeing my family struggling against the mad waters as it fell over the fall and slipped away from me. The next thing I remember was being in the water fighting to come back to the surface all the while trying to remember the instructions from “the death talk.” When I broke the surface I was being pushed fast, there was no fighting the water. If I hadn’t realized the power of the river when I was in the boat, I knew its power now. My boat was lost from sight downstream. I came into calmer waters yet the water was still powerful and I was being propelled toward an area of huge rocks projecting out of the water. I came to one and somehow managed to come around the backside and get to the front of the rock where there was a perfect “rock chair.” I managed to get in the “chair” and rest from my experience. Other boats began to pass me with passengers holding their oars out to me and shouting “come with us” but all I could do was stay perched in my “rock of safety.” I did not want to leave that place of safety and get back into the rushing waters again. Oh, how I didn’t want to leave that rock but I knew eventually I would have to. I wasn’t really contemplating how I would get off that rock, I was just thankful I had found safety, I was content and safe and so I stayed put. My boat had pulled to the side downstream and the two guides walked upstream with ropes to rescue me. One of the guides got further upstream and one guide was further below me downstream. The guide upstream had a rope

shore and finally get some good footing. When I got to the shore I could barely get up and walk I was shaking so badly. Oh, how I did not want to get back in that boat but I knew we were only halfway through our trip which was no longer fun. I remember just wishing the trip would be over and we would get to our destination. On top of everything, I had lost my camera full of pictures from the calmer parts of the trip. When we got back to the cabin I assessed the extent of my injuries. I had a bruise on my backside the size of a grapefruit already forming. The next day I woke up in terrible pain as if I had been in a car wreck. Though I did not remember, I apparently hit rocks with full force when I was catapulted from the boat. To this day I haven’t forgotten my experience on the Ocoee River. There are some thoughts about this whole experience that I would like to share with you. First is about the “death talk” or perhaps better said, the “life talk.” The talk really was about all the things we should do and not do for our adventure on the Ocoee River to be fun and uneventful. The talk was about doing all the correct things to keep us safe while on that raft and what to do if things went wrong. It really was a “life talk” and not a “death talk.” The Bible is God’s word to us laying before us the rules for life. It is His “life talk” to you and I; giving us instructions and showing us those things we should and should not do to have a safe, happy and fulfilled life. His word is life to us if we follow and obey. Luke 4:4 “And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” Just like that river was sometimes

calm and quiet and at other times frothing and churning; life is much like that river. Life often flows easily, calmly and without much excitement and then there are those times where life gets rough and hard, frothing with turmoil, pain and heartache. And just like that frothing river catapulted me from the boat, life will sometimes do the exact same thing to us. We find ourselves being tossed into the river of life struggling to come up for air, being pushed forward into circumstances that are hard and painful. Isn’t it wonderful to know that just like I found that “rock chair” as a place of safety and security; Jesus is our “Rock of Safety.” He is always there to support us as the scripture in Psalms 94:22 tells us “But the LORD is my defense; and my God is the rock of my refuge.” Once we find our “Rock of Safety” we should stay right there in relationship with Him. We can stay cloaked in His love, security and protection for the rest of our days as we walk in Him. And just like those two guides came to rescue me, Jesus will come to our aid when we need him. Many scriptures tell us this and I list just a few here: Daniel 6:27a says “He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and in earth…;” Psalms 34:7 “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them” and Psalms 34:17 “The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.” The rescuing may not be always easy but He will pull us to safety so that we can walk again and get back to our journey of life toward the destination that He has set for our lives. Sometimes our experiences leave us bruised and hurting but God tells us in scripture of His compassion, mercy, comfort, faithfulness and restoration. Psalms 103:4 “Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;” Psalms 119:156 “Great are thy tender mercies, O LORD;” Psalms 36:5 “Thy mercy, O LORD, is in the heavens; and thy faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds;” and 2 Corinthians 1:4 “Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.” Psalms 23:3 “He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.” Yes, the Bible tells us in Isaiah 43:2 “When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” reminding us that our God is forever faithful. No matter what life throws at us God is always there, always faithful, always our “rock chair” in the midst of the churning waters of life. He is always there to rescue us and bring us to a place of safety so that we can walk with Him in this life. Stay within His arms of love, security and protection. Let them envelope you and give you peace. He loves you and you are special to Him… May God Bless you and Keep you… Love in Christ, Michele June 2009 © 2009 Michele Abshire

Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

A Touch of Grace • The Missing Link • Created in God’s Image • Creation Therapy

Bent, but Not Broken 5482 P.O. Box Lake Charles, Louisiana 70606 FILMING OPPORTUNITY: For your opportunity to promote your ministry, publication, or music on the “Bent, but Not Broken” TV Ministry, please contact our marketing firm for details and scheduling. INVITATION TO PASTORS & SPOUSE, CHRISTIAN WRITERS & MUSICIANS: LOCATION: Bent, but Not Broken Studio Please set-up an appointment time by calling 337-214-5078 Or Email: Dear Pastors, Christian Writers & Musicians, The “Bent, but Not Broken” television ministry is a branch of the “Bent, but Not Broken” radio ministry. In 2008, Monica Soileau started her radio ministry as she quickly saw a need for all Christians to come together as one and spread God’s word to all nations. Monica is an ordained minister and is a spirit-filled woman with a passion to help those in need. Monica Soileau is the owner of “Christian Star News”; the CSN newspaper is in many area churches and local business in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Dallas. Visit for more information. “Bent, but Not Broken” started in the fall of 2008 on Saturday’s on kban. afr. Net/ 91.5 FM in Louisiana and on Sunday’s on kylc. afr. Net/ 90.3 FM. Monica will begin the God-given vision of the TV Ministry in July of 2009. Please join her in prayer and support her as she moves forward to broadcast to thousands of households in many areas of the

country. “Bent, but Not Broken” ministry is where real people, sharing real testimonies, help to encourage and inspire others to the cross of Jesus Christ, so that they too, can live a functional life. This program was inspired by 2nd Corinthians Chapter 4:8-9 which says that “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.” This program intends to deliver a message of hope, healing, and restoration. There is a small tax deductible donation that we are asking that each writer/musician give for their promotion. We require a minimum of $100 to share your broadcast with 2 other writers/ministries/musicians or $300 for the full 30 minute segment. Thank you for your support and we look forward to your interview. God bless you and your church family, Monica Soileau 1-800-960-POOL (7665) Lake Charles Lafayette Gonzales

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Christian Star Issue 7

Hilburn & Hilburn is a Shreveport law firm providing legal advice, counsel and representation to individual and business clients with labor and employment law, business law and civil litigation, and personal injury law matters. Our firm is the last stop in your search for a Shreveport lawyer and for legal representation throughout North Louisiana and East Texas. Whether you want a Shreveport employment lawyer to assess your individual civil rights or to determine your company’s liability under the ever encompassing gambit of local, state and federal employment laws and regulations (sexual harassment; age, gender, disability and other forms of employment discrimination; payment of wages; leaves of absence;

July 2009

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July 2009

Divine Prescriptions Spirit of Error With E.J. Kemper III


he Problem:

Destructive Arguments Have you ever heard someone say “we are no longer together because we argued all of the time”? Now this suggests that a relationship ended because of the prevalence of arguments. Allow me, rather, to suggest that no relationship ends as a result of arguments but as a result of the way in which we argue. As long as I am human there will always be problems. If then we know that there will always be problems why then do so many friendships and marriages demise as a result of arguments? Again, it is not the argument itself but the mode or exhibition in which we argue. There will always be something that arises to cause us to become angry but it is the way that we respond to this anger that leads to us to sin. Ephesians 4:26-27 says “Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil.” Indeed it is possible to be angry and not sin. It is possible to have an argument and not allow that argument to end in hurt feelings and broken hearts. Now an argument is one party expressing their anger and another party responding to that expression of anger. The way that we express our anger can identify or intensify the problems that exist in our relationships. All too often we express everything except the problem. Matthew 15:18 says “But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.” Jesus here explains that is what it comes out a man’s mouth that defiles him. There are many defiled marriages. Indeed, many defiled friendships. But they are not defiled because there are problems, but they are defiled because of the negative expression that proceeds from our mouths. You know namecalling, character attacks, blame, provocations and threats. All of these are signs of destructive arguments. None of these negative actions express how you feel. How then can someone understand how “you” feel if you do not express exactly what you feel? These negative actions are merely distractions from the actual problem. These negative actions do not present clear solutions to the other person because there is no request being made. So then, if there is no expression of a problem there can be no resolution to a problem. So then, the problem never gets solved and we find ourselves arguing about the same problems over and over. If one learns to express anger correctly one can reduce the amount of arguments in their relationships and reconcile the arguments that do arise. The same is true with the way in which we respond to someone else’s anger. It can show someone that you really care about the problem that has arisen or it can show them that you only care about defending yourself and winning an argument. It is out of natural instinct and reflex that we defend ourselves. But defending yourself in response to the expres-

sion of anger shows selfishness. It shows that you are more concerned about your own feelings then you are about the feelings of the other person. James 1:19-20 says “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” Need I say more? If we will hear first what is being expressed to us it will quail most of the usual fire that is caused by speaking to soon.


he Prescription: Constructive Arguments My dear reader, an argument is only reasoning offered for or against a certain thing. All of our relationships have “a thing”. Sometimes that we find ourselves on the opposite side of that “thing” than the other person in the relationship. Now the way in which we reconcile or get a clear understanding of how to deal with the “thing” is what we call an argument. And I suggest that this can be either destructive or constructive. Proverbs 16:23-24 says “The heart of the wise teacheth his mouth, and addeth learning to his lips. Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.” The Bible says the wise man will teach his mouth what to say and his lips have learned how to express pleasant words. In the midst of our arguments, we must learn to make “I” statements when expressing anger. All too often we express our anger by blaming the other person, making personal attacks and speculating on what the intentions and motives were. Since there’s no request being made, it causes frustration and anger to intensify. Why? Well, how do you respond to a personal attack? You go on the defense and attack right back. Thus, the continuous cycle of “we argued all the time”. The proper way to express anger is by making “I” statements. “I feel…., I need…., I want….” Let the other person know how you feel. Don’t make them feel attacked or threatened. This will show them clearly what the problem is and what they can do to help solve it. Proverbs 15:1 says “A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” Let us be humble in the response to someone’s expression of anger. The Bible says if we will answer or respond with meekness and humility, we have the power to turn the very forces of sin around. Can you see where you may have made a mistake? Are you responsible for this problem? Can you see how it affected the other person? Even if you have not made a mistake or been responsible for this problem, try and see things from the perspective of the other person. What is more important to you, winning this argument or solving this problem? What is more important to you, this relationship or this argument? Have you ever had an argument and said something that you wish you hadn’t have said? Join E.J. Kemper for the 2009 Live 4 Christ youth rally in Oakdale, La. Visit www. for more info.

By Chauncy Latigue

This nugget should hit home with all readers in some form or fashion, I was privileged to sit in on a particular meeting as only a witness and in my sitting there I noticed several things that I would’ve have done and things I would not have done. God in all of his glory gives us the free will of “choices” as we live here on this great green earth that we have been given charge of to “Go forth be fruitful and multiply” Now I have heard that preached several ways. Some people take that statement from God and “make all the babies they can” some people take the statement spiritually and “make disciples as they walk through this Christian life” Jesus wants us to make more believers on a daily basis. Ask yourself; when was the last time you witnessed to someone and they accepted Christ as Lord and Savior? Not invited them to church not try to give a bible study, You can’t study God, you can read the Bible and study verses to make practical in your daily walk. Which leads me to my topic “A Spirit of Error 1 John 4:6?” Have you ever tried to talk to a person or persons and the conversation seem to go on and on and on no matter what, close to an argument or debate. You say something out of knowledge and they say something out of knowledge. No one wants to be wrong. My opinion, your opinion, neither gets edified. Well here is the long of the short of it. This strong man operates best when there is an ignorance of God’s word. People do not deliberately set out to be believe a false religion; they are swept into it because it appears to be the truth. These are some of the fruit of a “spirit of error tree”, False Doctrine (1 Tim 6:20-21) (Titus 3:10), Error (Proverbs 14:22, 2 Peter 3:16-17), Unteachable (Proverbs 10:17, 12:1, 13:8, 1 John 4:6) Unsubmissive (Proverbs 29:1) Contentions (James 3:16) Servant of Corruption (2 Peter 2:19), Defensive, Argumentative (defends God’s revelation” to themselves personally)… The root cause of this is the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21) Jesus said by their fruits ye shall know them (Matthew 7:20)…. I pray you could look over these scripture in your time of personal scripture reading. Now, in dealing with this spirit God wants us to have patience with such a person, because truth be known, while typing this nugget I’ve noticed that I myself lodged this spirit once or twice before “God help us”. Just reading some of the fruit that come with it. The spirit of error usually works together with other strongmen such as “Lying spirit, spirit of anti-Christ, seduc-

ing spirits, spirit of heaviness, spirit of haughtiness, perverse spirit, familiar spirit, and a spirit of divination… they are absolutely convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong. So it is necessary to be very patient with them and give them the Word of God according to the dosage they can receive. We can also aggressively attack this spirit through our own private intercession. I have a couple of friends that I can count on to pray for me when I need them, It’s good to have someone you can go to and pray with when you are not able to are your flesh has risen and will not allow you too. That’s only if you’re real with yourself.. Moving right along. I heard a minister once say the difference between Knowledge and wisdom was “knowledge was information; wisdom was knowing what to do with that information”. Think about it. In the meeting I was able to be a witness to, one party refused to accept responsibility and the other party was constantly driving the matter home. This is what I want you to understand out of all this in this last day and age, let us who are versed in the Word of God continue to walk in the spirit so we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh… be it with family, co-workers, church members, business partners, friends, relatives, God has charged us to edify the family. Encourage as to discourage.. Let your words be seasoned with salt, but spread some honey on them every now and then. Remember whatever we bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven so Bind the spirit the of error in the name of Jesus according to Matthew 18:18 and Loose the spirit of truth in the name of Jesus according to Matthew 18:18. Let the Lord’s Grace guide you. Note: some reference taken from “Strongman’s his name, What’s his game” by Jerry and Carol Robeson

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July 2009

The Lord’s Outreach International School of Theology P.O. Box 16274, Lake Charles, La. 70616 Ph: (337) 249-3144 or 249-7395, Fax (337) 497-9459

COME JOIN US! YOU’LL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID We are entering into our 12th year of providing Excellent Christian Education both here in Lake Charles, La. And across the United States. We based our school and our teaching on 2 Timothy 2:15, which says “Study To Show Yourself Approved Unto God…A Workman Not Being Ashamed… Our Mission is to provide the Serious Student of the Bible with the best in quality education that the Holy Spirit has provided us with. Here we prepare our students for ministry and to fight spiritual terror in Jesus Name. Our main source of study is Theology (Which is basically the study of God). We offer Ministry, Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Doctorates Degrees in Theology. Our tuition is only $145.00 per course, with a one time non refundable $50.00 application fee. We teach (10) courses per year

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through (TAC) Transworld Accredited Commission, which insures and monitors our School Curriculum and materials.

“Working Together To Prepare Our Students To Fight Spiritual Terror”

Can I Keep My House and File Bankruptcy? One of the biggest myths surrounding bankruptcy is that you will lose your house if you file for bankruptcy. I recently met with an elderly couple who had a significant amount of unsecured debt and had struggled financially for many years, just paying the minimums on their credit card payments. All those years of payments and the principal balance had barely decreased. They had never contacted a bankruptcy attorney before because they were under the impression that they would lose their house. How to keep your house Each state has a homestead exemption that protects a certain amount of equity in your residence from both the bankruptcy court and other creditors. The amount of equity you have in your home is calculated by subtracting the mortgages and other liens on

the house from the current fair market value of the home. A bankruptcy attorney will help to determine whether the applicable exemptions can protect the equity in your property and will take the cost of selling the property into account when calculating the equity that is protected. If the equity is all exempt, you can generally keep the house, as long as you are current on all real estate taxes, utilities, and the mortgage(s) payments. Of course, you must continue making your monthly mortgage payments to avoid a foreclosure in the future. Each state has an exemption that determines how much equity is protected. The amount of the homestead exemption can vary greatly from state to state. For example, an individual in Ohio can only protect $5,000.00 in equity. On the other hand, an individual

in Wisconsin may be able to protect up to $40,000 in equity. Some state exemptions protect up to $150,000 in equity! Click on the below link to find out more about the exemptions in your state: Legal Helpers State Exemptions Fortunately, there are other options available for somebody who hopes to keep their house but has too much equity to file a Chapter 7. For example, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is not a liquidation bankruptcy, and you can keep your house and file bankruptcy, even if the exemption is not great enough to protect all of the equity in your house. With a Chapter 13 plan, you must have sufficient income to enter into the consolidation bankruptcy and present schedules to the court showing a feasible repayment plan that would pay back at least what the creditors

would have received if your assets were liquidated in a Chapter 7. You should consult with a bankruptcy attorney who can calculate an estimated monthly trustee payment for you. Fortunately for the elderly couple, they were able to discharge all of their unsecured debts in a Chapter 7, giving them approximately $400.00 less in monthly expenses, which made it much more comfortable for them to continue making the monthly mortgage payments on their residence, which they were happily able to keep.

Legal Helpers provides personal bankruptcy legal services, specifically help with Chapter 7 debt elimination and Chapter 13 debt repayment plans. Legal Helpers offers consumers a free analysis of their unique debt situation and recommends the best legal options to get out of debt and get a fresh start on life. Bankruptcy is a viable legal option available to Americans to help them get back on their feet. Often, unforeseen circumstances including health is-

sues, unemployment or divorce can push a household over the financial edge. Bankruptcy helps consumers to get through these trying circumstances and start over.

Richard K. Gustafson, II is an attorney with writing on topics related to bankruptcy from the consumer's perspective. To send comments to Rick, email

For a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney, visit and complete the free online bankruptcy evaluation or call 888-743-5787 and speak to an attorney right away.

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Fun Bible Facts The Bible contains about 773, 692 words! It would take you approximately 70 hours to read the whole Bible out loud. The oldest parable in the Bible is in Judges 9:8-15. The Old Testament has more than 60 references to Jesus. The New Testament contains more than 260 Old Testament quotations. The shortest book in the New Testament is 2 John with 13 verses.

July 2009

Books of the Bible Across 1. A book of books 4. Shortest book in the Old Testament 7. The number of chapters in Philemon 8. This testament contains 39 books 9. Jesus’ brother, who wrote a letter 11. In authority before the kings 12. His epistle contains one chapter 13. Successor to Queen Vashti 14. David wrote many of these, set to music 17. Wrote about the restoration of the temple 18. Originator, writer of a book 21. Number of letter written by John 23. Number of chapters in 13 A 24. Galilee, Dead, for example 26. Paul wrote many of these 27. He prophesied the birthplace of Jesus

Down 1. There are 66 of these 2. Behold 3. Revelation comes in this part of the new testament 5. Donation of money to the poor 6. This letter lists the faithful 9. He prophesied of the ‘day of the Lord’ 10. A faithful Moabitess

The New Testament has 7,959 verses.


The strongest man in the Bible is Samson. The wisest man in the Bible is Solomon. The greatest warrior in the Bible is Gideon. With 300 men, 300 trumpets, and God, He defeated 135,000 Midianites. King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. The biggest and tallest villain in the Bible is Goliath at over 9-1/2 feet tall. The number 7 appears many times in the Bible. It is often linked to perfection or completion. The number 40 is used many times in the Bible. It often means God is about to usher in a new event or era. For instances, rain during the flood lasted 40 days, spies explored Canaan for 40 days, Jonah warned Nineveh for 40 days, and Jesus fasted in the wilderness for 40 days. “Do not be afraid” appears 365 times in the Bible. Hmm, same amount of days in a year!

13. He foretold the regathering of Israel in prophecy of dry bones 15. A prophet who was a herdsman 16. One of the gospel writers 19. A prophet, reluctant to go to Nineveh 20. Adam & Eve ate from this Garden 22. The border of a garment 25. Joshua writes about this city near Bethel

The Time is Now Now is the time to act. Now is the time to live. Now is when you can make a difference. Now is when you can bring your intentions to life. In this moment you can choose to step forward. And when this day is over, you will already have made im-

portant progress. Everything you need to take that first step is available to you now. It is now up to you to make use of the opportunity. There is no limit to what you can accomplish when you put your effort and commitment into it. Now is the time to make the commitment and to begin the effort. You have a dream, a vision of how truly fulfilling life can be. Now is the time to make it real.

Two men in the Bible never died. They were Enoch and Elijah. God brought them right up to heaven.

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July 2009

The Costs of Health Insurance When the word COBRA comes up, most people think almost immediately of deadly, venomous snakes. This particular brand of Cobra is the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985. WHEW!! That’s quite a mouthful. This law, which passed during President Ronald Reagan’s administration, seeks to make it possible for retirees to be able to still retain their medical insurance from their current provider after they are no longer employed. (There’s more to COBRA than this, but that’s enough on it for now.) But what you will find is that without the employer paying their portion of the insurance premiums; it can become very expensive for a person to keep the same level of insurance after they have retired. Premiums can easily double. As a consequence of this, many people are putting off their retirement plans just so that they don’t have to incur these heavy costs. This only makes the high unemployment worse as those potential new jobs for someone don’t materialize for a while. There’s a lot of debate right now on universal health care. Most of the civilized world has this in some form or another. But the big questions have yet to be answered on this subject. How? Single payer

or something like Germany uses— about 77% government funded and the rest private funded (they’ve also got the oldest universal health care system in the world, established in the 1880’s.) Why? Besides the fact that there are millions of uninsured Americans, there are also a lot of under-insured Americans too. Yeah, there’s free choice, IF you can afford it. The last estimates put health care spending in the US at about 15% of GDP, which was about $14 trillion last quarter (you do the math.) We’re talking some serious dollars here. Only one industrialized nation in the world doesn’t have universal health care and you guessed it. It’s us! This is probably not news to anyone because of all the news on this lately. Everyone needs to do their due diligence on this issue because there are going to be a lot of dollars being spent by special interests to sway public opinion. Anytime there is this much money at stake, we all need to pay close attention and seek to understand what’s going on before we wake up and find that we should have been paying much closer attention.

Provided by Louisiana Tech

By Rolland Soileau

Smart Ways to Pay for a College Education With the rise in college costs easily outpacing inflation every year, even affluent families benefit from developing a smart college-financing strategy. Fortunately, careful planning and strategic use of certain savings vehicles can help you fund your child’s education without draining your portfolio — or saddling your child with debt. What It Costs to Attend College Today According to the College Board, tuition, fees, and room and board averaged $13,589 for in-state students at fouryear public institutions in 2007. 1) Those same expenses soared to $32,307 for students at private nonprofit colleges and universities. Assuming a 6 percent rate of inflation, a child matriculating in eight years will face an average tab of nearly a quarter million dollars for a four-year private-school education. 2) And since college costs have risen faster than overall inflation for most of the last 30 years, even a 6 percent yearly increase in educational expenses may not be enough. College Savings 101 To avoid surprises when that first tuition bill arrives, consider these smart planning tools: • A 529 plan lets families save for college by investing in tax-free, state-sponsored funds. “A 529 plan can be a terrific way to save,” says Cindy Bailey, executive director of education finance services for the College Board. “They are especially popular with grandparents who like to enroll the child as soon as they are born.” Not all 529 plans offer the same investment options and benefits — such as tax-deductible contributions — so ask your Finan-

cial Advisor to find the plan that works best for your family. You can invest in 529 programs offered in any state, but if the money isn’t used for college, the earnings are subject to federal income tax, and a 10 percent penalty is imposed. Before investing in a 529 plan, please consider its investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully. The official statement, which contains this and other information, is available from us. Read it carefully before you invest. As with all tax-related decisions, consult with your tax advisor. • Prepaid tuition plans, offered by some colleges and universities, let you pay for future education costs at today’s prices. If your child is several years away from starting college, and you’re reasonably sure that he or she will want to attend a participating school offering prepaid plans, this is a shrewd move. For example, a $25,000-per-year tuition purchased four years ahead of time could save you $36,000, assuming that the 6 percent yearly increase holds steady. “But it’s important to understand the fine print,” says Dave DeBlois, director of the College Planning Center of Rhode Island. “You need to know what happens to the money if the student chooses not to enroll” at any of the participating schools. • Start early, invest wisely. There’s no better way to pay for college than to begin saving ASAP. Saving $250 a month over 20 years could add up to $60,000. How you structure your portfolio is also critically important. To keep pace with the 6

percent annual inflation of college costs, be sure to consult your Financial Advisor about whether your portfolio is structured to maximize your return, taking into account your time frame and tolerance for risk. • Stafford loans. Even if you can cover your son’s or daughter’s college costs, applying for a federal loan can make sense. “There are also philosophical issues,” says DeBlois. “Some parents want their children to have a sense of ownership over their education.” Research suggests that kids have a greater appreciation for things that they pay for themselves. Plus, parents can pay off all or some of the loan when it comes due after graduation. The right investment plan is ultimately determined by the institution your child attends. It is pretty much impossible to determine exactly how much you will need, but one thing is for sure: To lessen the impact of sticker shock, it is important to start planning, and saving, sooner rather than later. A Financial Advisor can help you create a strategy that will help to prepare you for whatever lies ahead — be it Ivy League or State. Together, we can discuss: • The best state-sponsored 529 plans for your family’s needs • Various low-cost loan options, including those from private sources • Whether your investments are structured properly to meet college expenses This article was written by Wachovia Securities and provided to you by Tim Andreas, First Vice President – Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors, toll

free 800-256-5800. 1. The College Board. “Federal Student Aid to Undergraduates Shows Slow Growth, While Published Tuition Prices Continue to Increase.” October 22, 2007 releases/189547.html 2. FinAid: The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid. scripts/costprojector.cgi Wachovia Securities is the trade name used by two separate, registered broker-dealers and nonbank affiliates of Wachovia Corporation providing certain retail securities brokerage services: Wachovia Securities, LLC Member, NYSE/ SIPC, and Wachovia Securities Financial Network, LLC (WSFN), Member FINRA/ SIPC.

The accuracy and completeness of this article are not guaranteed. The opinions expressed are those of the author(s) and are not necessarily those of Wachovia Securities/Wachovia Securities Financial Network or its affiliates. The material is distributed solely for information purposes and is not a solicitation or an offer to buy any security or instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. Provided by courtesy of Tim Andreas, First Vice President – Investment Officer with Wachovia Securities/Wachovia Securities Financial Network in [city]. For more information, please call Tim Andreas at 800-256-5800. Wachovia Securities, LLC, member FINRA and SIPC, is a separate nonbank affiliate of Wachovia Corporation. ©2008

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July 2009

News Release Family & Youth Host Family Humanitarian Award and Annual Meeting FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 22, 2009 - CONTACT: Julio Galan, 4369533 ( Lake Charles )—Family & Youth will honor Ann Polak and Raeana Mesuch at the Awards Celebration and Annual Meeting on Monday, June 29, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. at Family & Youth, 220 Louie Street , Lake Charles . Ann Polak will receive the Family Humanitarian Award for her “longtime devotion to the prevention of personal and societal violence, ongoing and outspoken advocacy on behalf of battered women and children, and empowerment and protection of abused women and families.” Diligent and determined, she has devoted her time and talents to many worthwhile causes and organizations. She continues to contribute to the betterment of our community with her involvement on the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Southwest Louisiana Homeless Coalition, Citizen’s Advisory Committee at Moss Regional Hospital, Crime Victims Reparations Board, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America , Junior League Advisory Committee, Calcasieu Community Clinic, Volunteer Center of Southwest Louisiana, Violence Prevention Alliance, Women’s Resource Network, as well as many others. Recently retired, she served as

the Executive Director for the Calcasieu Women’s Shelter for more than 23 years. As executive director, she actively increased outreach and awareness for the needs of battered women and expanded on the services and facilities at the shelter. She also served as a trainer in domestic violence at the local, state and national levels; a legal expert in domestic violence; an advocate for battered women and their children; a speaker for United Way agencies; chair of the State Quality Assurance for Shelter Programs; and as a member of the Legislative Task Force for Law Enforcement Training. The women and children who have utilized the services of the Calcasieu Women’s shelter are the beneficiaries of her loyalty, devotion, and compassion. Raeana Mesuch is receiving the Youth of the Year award for her outstanding contribution of time, effort and dedication to our community in volunteer and leadership activities. She has shown an eagerness to work above and beyond the call of duty, and exemplifies the true spirit of a “volunteer and leader.” She has a unique determination to excel which can be attributed to the support and guidance of her family. A student at Sulphur High School , she is a member of student council, Health Careers Club, Junior Achievement, and participates in the Governor’s Program on Abstinence. Raeana gives her time to Becca’s Closet and to D. S. Perkins Elementary, where she tutors elementary

students in reading. She is always ready to assist the counselors and secretaries at Sulphur High, serve lunches in the cafeteria when necessary, or visit residents at Holly Hill Nursing Home to make their days brighter. Karlye Crawford, from Dry Creek, a fifth grader at Fairview High School won first place in the Family Festival Poster Art Contest. She will also be honored at the awards celebration and annual meeting. Family & Youth, a United Way Agency, believes that all individuals possess the ability to solve their own challenges and live full and healthy lives when support is available. It is the mission of Family & Youth to provide affordable and professional support through programs and services dedicated to advocacy, counseling, and education for the people of Southwest Louisiana . Our effort and commitment to building family values will guarantee a stable and stronger community. Family & Youth 220 Louie Street Lake Charles, LA 70601 337-436-9533

Prayer for Our Country Almighty God, bless our nation and make it true to the ideas of freedom and justice and brotherhood for all who make it great. Guard us from war, from fire and wind, from compromise, fear, confusion. Be close to our president and our statesmen; give them vision and courage, as they ponder decisions affecting peace and the future of the world. Make me more deeply aware of my heritage; realizing not only my rights but also my duties and responsibilities as a citizen. Make this great land and all its people know clearly Your will, that they may fulfill the destiny ordained for us in the salvation of the nations, and the restoring of all things in Christ. Amen


By Laura Washington Galatians 5:22 (KJV) “For the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.” Peace is a state of mental and physical tranquility; calm; serenity. The Bible is replete with scriptures that address the subject of peace. In the Old Testament the word implies “welfare” and an external well being.. The New Testament sense is that of “heart-peace’ and implies an internal state of heart and mind. When an inner sense of well being is attained, there can be chaos all

around you, and even in the midst God is love. Where there is no it be significant others or spouses, of your personal world, however, prayer there is no peace. there is a certain peace that prevails it will not touch you. The peace Jesus gave us the perfect exin the relationship when you know of God that the gives other person “NOW FAITH is the substance of things one un“has got your hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” back.“ Knowlimited access to ing that you good and pleasant life experiences. ample of achieving the peace that can trust the other person brings We all know that into each life some He needed. On a daily basis, He set about a certain measure of peace. A rain must fall. How can we appreciHimself apart from the world only calm unwavering trust in God is the ate the sunshine if there is no rain. that He might come into it again true measure of peace. That trust is However, the peace comes in know- with renewed spiritual power. We what faith is all about. Meditation ing that trouble doesn’t last always. go apart into the stillness of God’s on the word is the principle that Where do you go to find peace presence to get equipped. When we causes faith to work. Hebrew 11:1 in the world of chaos in which we are equipped we can then con(KJV) “NOW FAITH is the substance live? We are very much aware that queror the wars that rage within of things hoped for, the evidence of there is no peace in the Middle East. us. We can also go into the world things not seen.” God is the subEven closer to home, we are under of everyday life with new inspirastance (the right now) of everything the threat of terrorists attacks in tion, and increased power to meet that we see or don’t see. our own country. Let’s make it more and overcome the challenges of the BE STILL in order to find out how personal. Is there peace in your own world. Being filled with the presence to get to that place of peace. Quiet home? We have become a society of God is what gives us the peace the mind from rushing to and fro. of pill poppers in order to quiet the “that passes all understanding.” This Focus on the word of God and He raging wars within ourselves when is the how, why, and when of being will quiet your spirit man, which is our peace is disturbed.. But, I’m capable of having a continual outthe real (you). Be still and listen to here to tell you, where there is no flow of peace. the still small voice that comes from God there is no peace. Where there When two people are involved in within. For it is in the stillness that is no love there is no peace because an intimate relationship, whether we find the foundations for peace.

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Culinary Cooking Class

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Katy ServeFest 2009

Thursday, July 2nd They’re back! By popular demand, our “Spice of Life” guys have agreed to share more delicious recipes with us. Eric Cormier and Brad Puckett will take us across the world again with unique vegetarian dishes to enjoy with family and friends. You don’t want to miss this class! The cost is $25 and the time is 6 p.m. Contact the store for reservations (337) 905-7873.

Date: 2009-07-10 Phone: 281-260-7402 Time: 8:00a Email: Website: Location: living word fellowship 7350 T.C. Jester houston tx 75880 Price: FREE Inspired by author John Piper, the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour featuring Lecrae, FLAME, Trip Lee, Tedashii, and Sho Baraka will make a stop in Houston for FREE. For more details, check out www.

Date: 2009-07-25 Date: 08-01-2009 Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm Phone: 281-395-1130 Email: Website: Location: Krause Children’s Center and YMCA Camp Cinco Day Camp Katy TX 77450 Price: Free Katy ServeFest is an annual outreach event of Compassion Katy. The purpose of ServeFest is to unite the churches in the Katy area to make a difference in our community for Christ through various service projects. The fourth annual Katy ServeFest will take place on July 25th and August 1st, 2009 at Krause Children’s Center and the Katy YMCA’s Camp Cinco. We are looking for volunteers to work both Saturdays from 8:00am-5:00pm. Projects range from painting to construction to library organization, so there is something for everyone! Lunch will be provided. Sign up online at

ANNOUNCEMENT--CONVOCATION SERVICES JULY 2-8 2009 7PM Nightly Mississippi, Florida , Georgia , North Carolina ,Kentucky,& Zimbabwe Africa Pastors are attending and minister nightly. Lighthouse for Jesus Ministries 6526 Chiasson Road Abbeville, La. 70510---337-898-1223 Pastor Donnie Bolden Sr. & Prophetess Anna Bolden

July 4th Jam Date: 07-04-2009 Contact Phone: 2813559673 Time: 3pm - 10pm Email: Website: Location: 2560 Old Louetta Loop Spring TX 77388 Price: Free Free Food, Fun and Fireworks! Join us as we celebrate our freedom on July 4th - we’ll have a moonwalk, waterslide, popcorn, sno cones, cotton candy, volleyball, food, a live band and fireworks. Our July 4th Jam - it’s all free!

Kayaking for Christ Start Date: 07-06-2009 End Date: 08-10-2009 Phone: 5097141849 Email: Website: Location: Kayaking for Christ Price: Sponsorships/Donations Welcome Solo circumnavigation of Vancouver Island by sea kayak to raise money for charity. A four to six week time period will be needed to complete the circumnavigation.

Free Community Services Date: 2009-07-06 Time: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Email: Location: Iglesia Cristiana Amor y Restauracion 1106 Witte Rd Houston TX 77055 Free Immunizations children ages 0-18 years qualify.Parent/guardian must bring child’s short record Community Health Choice information about Medicaid, Chip and application will be given. WIC will provide information about their program for the low income family

Weight Loss Support Group. Thursday, July 9th We will have our monthly Weight Loss Support Group meeting. We did not have our class in June due to the Kids SuperFoods Camp. We have missed all of you and look forward to seeing you on Thursday, July 9th. There will be delicious summer recipes and samplings to share. Plan to join us and encourage friends to attend. The time is 6 p.m. The cost is $15. Contact the store for reservations (337) 905-7873

Church Video Production Workshop Date: 2009-07-11 Contact Phone: 281 689-8768 Time: 10am - 3 pm Email: Location: Splendora First Missionary Baptist 2090 East Splendora 77372 Price: Free Churches interested in posting their Sunday worship services on the internet are encouraged to attend and learn how a small amount of money ($400-$500) can gain them a world-audience. Shut-ins, or anyone with a computer is able to watch the service. Facilitator is Jim Becka, a longtime radio and television producer for the Houston area. He has taught broadcast journalism at the high school and university level since 1976 and holds degrees from Lamar, The University of Texas, and University of Houston.

“Irish/American Night” Date: Tuesday, July 21st Time: Fun and entertainment begin at 6:00 p.m. Place: Westlake United Methodist Church – 704 Johnson St.—Westlake, LA. We Will Feed You and Entertain You..

Raw Cuisine Class Thursday, July 23rd Come and learn about delicious “Summer Desserts”. Shively, Cindy and Janet will be sharing their favorite summer desserts. You will have choices from casual picnics to formal dinner parties! Come prepared to taste and leave eager to prepare the recipes in your own kitchen. The time is 6 p.m. The cost is $25. Contact the store for reservations (337) 905-7873.

‘High School Musical 2’ July 17,2009 Contact Phone: 281.290.5201 Phone: 281.290.5201 Email: Website: Location: Center for the Arts 9191 Barker Cypress Cypress Texas 77433 Mon- Fri 8-5pm Price: See event details The Wildcats are back for an all new adventure with rocking songs and twice the fun!! School’s out and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan and the rest of the East High gang are diving into a summer of cool moves and hot competition. Join them as they put. Tickets are: $16 General $14 Senior $12 General Students $5 LSC-CyFair Students $10 each for groups of 20 or more. Reserved and group seating available

Engaged Pre-marital Program Start Date: 2009-07-07 Time: 6:00 p.m.--8:15 p.m. Phone: 713-626-7990 Email: MHerranen@interface-samaritan. com Website: Location: Interface-Samaritan Counseling Center 6823 Cypresswood Spring TX 77379 Ticket Price: Free of charge Learn to identify sensitive issues, resolve conflict and increase your affection for each other. Taught by Mark Herranen, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, certified Engaged curriculum coach. 4-week course on consecutive Tuesday evenings. Pre-registration required. You must attend all four courses to receive a certificate that entitles you to $60. off your marriage license fee.

Sean Ardoin + R.O.G.K. (Reflections of God’s Kingdom) will perform the FIRST EVER Christian Zydeco concert at Christian World Ministries in support of their new release, “How Great is Your Love?!” Aug 7, 2009 7pm-9pm Free admission Love offering accepted Christian World Ministry at 2001 E. Gauthier Rd. Lake Charles, LA 70607

Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church Women’s Ministry is hosting its annual Women’s Conference August 14, 2009 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and August 15, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Dr. Debra B. Morton, Pastor of the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana will bring to life God’s written Word in the conference theme, “Leading Women to the Heart of God.” Early registration begins on July 5, 2009 and the registration fee is $25.00. For more information contact Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church office at 337-436-6627 or e-mail ziontbc@

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Christian Star Issue 7

Investing Whats, Whens, Whys, and Hows On the surface it seems like it may be safe to get back in the investing waters again. The markets seem to have stabilized somewhat and businesses seem to be starting to get a better footing on moving towards better profitability. So looking into investing makes perfect sense once again. Right? Sure, why not? Try reading the tea leaves to see just where investors’ sentiments are these days. More ad-nausea for you to ingest. So what’s going on within the economy for investors to watch? Home prices didn’t erode in April at the pace that it had been earlier this year. Home prices in 20 major cities fell an average of 0.6 percent in April, compared to a 2.2% drop the previous month. Home prices are still down an average of 18% from a year ago, but the near-stabilization of late is a great market signal. Contra to that, unemployment and foreclosures are both still frighteningly high. Consumer confidence dipped last month, after several months of solid improvements. High unemployment across the nation stands out as the single biggest reason that the confidence sentiment number fell from 54.8 in May to 49.3 in June. Still if you have been spending any time looking at the stock markets, you’ve seen a nice little bounce from the recent lows. There appears to be life left in the markets after all. So how do you go about getting a piece of that action without getting burned? Investing in the stock market is and always will be risky. There is not and never will be an iron-clad stock investment that can guarantee you that you will make money. If you find a single investment that makes that claim, be very careful. Over the long run however, the stock market has always proven to be a strong vehicle for increasing investor wealth. There are multiple strategies employed by all kinds of investors; some work, some don’t. The very

first principle that investors need to learn and practice reverently is the principle of DISCIPLINE. I learned from the school of hard knocks what a lack of disciple can make you do, and I paid a very steep tuition to learn what I now see as critical to any investing model. There is always going to be the hot tip, the “can’t miss”, and spam generated rumored wonder stock greats. If you are investing without professional help, do your research. 1.) Learn investment terminology, 2.) Know the criteria used to value investments, 3.) Know something about what you are investing in, especially if it’s an emerging technology (a lot of emerging technologies go PUFF in the blink of an eye), 4.) Learn how to properly value a company (A $1 stock can be a lot more expensive than a $10 stock, if there are a billion shares of that stock compared to only a million shares of the $10 species- - -Market Cap), 5.) Diversify as much as possible, and 6.) Know your risk tolerance. Don’t just get stubborn and ride a stock down to nothing just because you have a “feeling” that it will one day rebound. Remember the meaning of DISCIPLINE!! It can be your best friend if you decide to make your own investment decisions. Of course buying individual stocks isn’t the only way to invest in the stock market. Mutual funds and REITS are great ways of investing in the market and diversifying at the same time. There are different types of mutual funds which offer different levels of returns, but which also carry different levels of risks. Simply put, mutual funds are professionally managed collections of different investment instruments such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and other securities. REITS or Real Estate Investment Trusts are companies that own and sometimes operate, income-producing real estate. These companies must distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to

shareholders as dividends. A few of the benefits of REITS are that they are relatively cheap to get into to and they offer limited personal risk. They are worth considering for retirement portfolios. One of the best pieces of advice that anyone can give a serious investor who has a significant amount of money to invest is for them to seek and obtain qualified professional investment advice. Leave it to the pros to follow and track the market. While it never hurts for any investor to learn all they can about the market or their investment, it is a mistake to try to do this alone, especially if we’re talking about serious money being at stake. Potential retirees should be looking for professional counseling of their retirement funds YEARS before they are actually ready to retire. Many times they can give you sage advice that will make a big difference by the time you actually are ready to leave the work force. I’ll give you one free no-brainer. You should not be investing in high-risk portfolios within the last couple of years of retirement. It may be tempting as a particular stock is flying off the charts, but if it comes crashing down again you don’t want to have your retirement suddenly, indefinitely postponed. If you really must, invest a few dollars in something that is slightly risky, but DO NOT put all your future plans in jeopardy. That’s gambling, not investing. As a hobby I like to follow individual stocks and I have often traded on my own. It’s

July 2009

fun, but it is way too time consuming if you really want to be good at it. Leave that work to the pros. My last bit of advice ties that last sentence in: leave all the research to the guys who do this for a living. Have a good idea about what you desire and don’t totally ignore what’s going

on in your accounts. With your free time, you are now able to spend more quality time with your family. That is ultimately going to be your wisest investment with the greatest payback imaginable. I could have summed up this entire article in the last paragraph and particularly the last sentence, but like I said earlier I’ve got a lot of old investment wounds still trying to heal. And if you follow the rationale of this piece, you won’t listen to me anyway……. By Rolland Soileau

The Story of Independence Day and America’s Birthday Independence Day is the national holiday of the United States of America commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the time of the signing the US consisted of 13 colonies under the rule of England's King George III. There was growing unrest in the colonies concerning the taxes that had to be paid to England. This was commonly referred to as "Taxation without Representation" as the colonists did not have any representation in the English Parliament and had no say in what went on. As the unrest grew in the colonies, King George sent extra troops to help control any rebellion. In 1774 the 13 colonies sent delegates to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to form the First Continental Congress. The delegates were unhappy with England, but were not yet ready to declare war. In April 1775 as the King's troops ad-

vanced on Concord Massachusetts Paul Revere would sound the alarm that "The British are coming, the British are coming" as he rode his horse through the late night streets. The battle of Concord and its "shot heard round the world" would mark the unofficial beginning of the colonies war for Independence. The following May the colonies again sent delegates to the Second Continental Congress. For almost a year the congress tried to work out its differences with England, again without formally declaring war. By June 1776 their efforts had become hopeless and a committee was formed to compose a formal declaration of independence. Headed by Thomas Jefferson, the committee included John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Robert R. Livingston and Roger Sherman. Thomas Jefferson

was chosen to write the first draft which was presented to the congress on June 28. After various changes a vote was taken late in the afternoon of July 4th. Of the 13 colonies, 9 voted in favor of the Declaration, 2 - Pennsylvania and South Carolina voted No, Delaware undecided and New York abstained. To make it official John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, signed the Declaration of Independence. It is said that John Hancock signed his name "with a great flourish" so "King George can read that without spectacles!." The following day copies of the Declaration were distributed. The first newspaper to print the Declaration was the Pennsylvania Evening Post on July 6, 1776. On July 8th the Declaration had its first public reading in Philadelphia's Independence Square. Twice that day the Declaration was read to cheering crowds and pealing

church bells. Even the bell in Independence Hall was rung. The "Province Bell" would later be renamed "Liberty Bell" after its inscription Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants Thereof And although the signing of the Declaration was not completed until August, the 4th of July has been accepted as the official anniversary of United States independence. The first Independence Day celebration took place the following year - July 4 1777. By the early 1800s the traditions of parades, picnics, and fireworks were established as the way to celebrate America's birthday. And although fireworks have been banned in most places because of their danger, most towns and cities usually have big firework displays for all to see and enjoy.

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Christian Star Issue 7

July 2009

Christian Business Owner Directory ATTORNEYS Docet Lorio LLC


Cypi’s Cake Box


520 W McNeese St Lk Charles


1100 1st Avenue Lk Charles


1601 N Prater St Lk Charles



BANKS BANQUET FACILITIES Lela Tizano of Lake Charles, La. introduces her book, Unconditional Love?, a Christian novel, and love story about forgiveness for a couple who once loved and lost – but found their way back into each other’s arms through

prayer and faith in God. To purchase call (337) 274-0632 or visit www.lelatizano. com Get your copy of Unconditional Love? at www.lelatizano. com

Attention all Christians: Christian Star News is requesting that you support the ChristianOwned businesses in your area that advertise with us. They are committed to serving you and giving you reasonable discounts during these economic uncertain times. At the same time, we need to help them stay in business by being loyal customers. Let them know you care. Thanks and remember to mention Christian Star News for your discounts.

SPACE AVAILABLE FOR YOU! CALL TODAY 337-853-9883 Please tell our advertisers That you have seen their Ad in Christian Star News

Gathering Place The

BARBERS Collins Service Center

BEAUTY SALONS Anointed Total Hair Care


Mattress & Waterbed Gallery

716 E Prien Lk Rd. Lk Charles


Quality Design Builders

Curtis Rougeau


SBA-McNeese University

Deb King




1717 E. Prien Lake Rd. Lake Charles



State Farm


MASSAGES Hands for Life

Kathy Cookson




Inside Prien Lake Mall


909 Mulberry St Wstlk




Classifieds Hired Help Lawn Service Grass cutting, edging,mulch, etc... Free Estimates Sean Rigmaiden 337-764-0069




Christian Star News is looking for a motivated individual for an Outside Sales Rep. In the Dallas , Texas area. Only serious apply. Experienced Sales Professional - DALLAS Outside Sales Position for Christian Newspaper Skills & Requirements: Communication skills, people skills, serious minded, team player, high mobility, self motivated clean-cut and presentable. Reliable transportation necessary. Industry Category: Marketing/Ad Sales This job is strictly on a commission basis. Commission structure is based on experience. Please send resume or contact Mary Stevens (Sales Manager)

HELP WANTED Christian Star News is looking for a motivated individual for an Outside Sales Rep. In the Houston, Texas area. Only serious apply. Experienced Sales Professional - HOUSTON Outside Sales Position for Christian Newspaper Skills & Requirements: Communication skills, people skills,serious minded,team player,high mobility,self motivated clean-cut and presentable. Reliable transportation necessary. Industry Category: Marketing/Ad Sales This job is strictly on a commission basis. Commission structure is based on experience. Please contact Mary Stevens (Sales Manager)

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Dwight and Jillyn Epperson Family, owners of the Lake Charles and Sulphur, Louisiana Jiffy Lube stores, where the wait is short, and the warranty on our service is long.

Chateau de Bon Reve Weddings • Receptions • Banquets • Balls • Mardi Gras • Christmas • More! 1955 N. CLAIBORNE • SULPHUR, LA • 337-570-9739 • 337-527-1964 Chateau de Bon Reve is open 7 days a week, year round. No matter what your event, for an experience you and your guests will never forget, call Dwaine or Lisa today to reserve the date of your next big event.

July 2009  

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