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ECD Clive Challis skips private view to get drunk at Cannes By Sam Hanson

Head of CSM Advertising and author, Clive Challis, has opted out of this years Degree Show Private View saying, ‘just because it’s a big day for them, it shouldn’t ruin my holiday.’ He refused to comment further, but students have confirmed that he did offer his building skills in preparation for the big night, saying ‘I have a saw and a hammer if you need to build anything.’ The Advertising class, grateful for his willingness

to lend a hand, hope that Mr. Challis will attend the show at a later date. Senior creative directors will be in attendance at the Private View and despite being quite disappointed with his decision, the class views his absence as a sign of confidence that the show will run smoothly. However, their tutor’s presence will not go unmissed and any hopes his students had of seeing him drunk on the night have been dashed.

Clive Challis displaying a chair as a crotch guard

After 3 long years, CSM Advertising students proud to have worthless degree By Sam Hanson

Upon the completion of their BA in Graphic Design, the CSM Advertising class of 2013 is proud to announce that they have completed a degree irrelevant to their chosen line of work. In several lectures and discussions with industry leaders, they began to realise that many of their heros never intended to become advertising creatives at all. More often than not

CSM Degree Show

they had, or in fact have, a healthy hatred for the industry they work in. Dave Trott seems to be the only one who loves selling stuff, and possibly George Lois, but we have been unable to reach him in order to confirm that claim. At the time of print, the class was still searching for a single person in advertising that has ever been asked what degree they were awarded.

CSM creatives take D&AD best in year

Single Miami Ad School student misses 2013 annual By Sam Hanson

One hundred percent of the students from CSM Advertising who had entered D&AD received awards in 2013, bringing their overall winning percentage to higher than that of Miami Ad School. Though this victory went largely unnoticed at the London University, the students in Miami were reportedly devastated. After deciding to take part in the D&AD Student Awards the CSM creative team, under the guidance of

tutor Clive Challis (who was unreachable for a comment as he is in Cannes), developed an App that according to sources, ‘blew the competition out of the f**king water.’ The creative team (Kwan Hee Cho, Angela Arnaout, Gregoire Barau, Inyoung Choi and Jingyi Yu) reportedly stayed up all night to finish their submission on time, which they all agreed had ‘paid off big’ in the end.

19-23 June 2013

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The Rise and fall of the Dave Trott lecture VCBG agency inspires CSM students to ‘not be f**king students’ By Adrian Ncube

Dave Trott (left) giving a lecture at Central Saint Martins By Sam Hanson

After a lecture given by the legendary Dave Trott, the CSM Advertising class of 2013 have begun their journey to stop being ‘worthless students’ and enter the real world. The advertising bigwig began his lengthy four hour lecture by chastising the audience for being irrelevant, no good time wasters. He then spent the next three hours reminding those who were brave enough to stay why they loved him in the first place. The no-nonsense East London native was able to

Quoted & Noted

persuade at least one student, Adrian Ncube (pictured), as to why he is considered one of the greats, despite starting his lecture with what many considered highly offensive criticisms. Charley Lion, whilst enquiring about Mr Trott’s

new book on the popular social media site Twitter, was able to wrangle a personal book crit with him after he unfortunately made an error in the spelling of her name. She hopes this proves that she has at least begun to become ‘less of a student’.

“If you are going to be on the web, you have to be better than porn.” Peter Souter

“I’d rather be thought of as evil than useless.” Rory Sutherland

VCBG (Vodka, Cocaine and a Black Guy) was held as one of the greatest ad agencies of the 2012/13 Central Saint Martins class. The agency was formed in March 2012, their first project was to rebrand and potentially save Clintons cards (a company that was in administration). Three individuals with a passion for alpacas, wombats, stereotypes and sexualising everything in their sight set to work. After having to close 350 stores the company looked to Central Saint Martins students as a last resort. The outcome was a success and VCBG was praised for their great accomplishment. Their downfall came during the dissertation period, when they where asked to create a campaign for the canned meat company, Spam, which led to the ‘Unicorn incident’. “It’s the worst thing I have ever produced” said Adrian Ncube, co-founder of VCBG and freelancer with agencies such as A&C (Arnaout & Choi). Ncube said “...well, when Diego volunteered to be the unicorn we ditched the whole strategy and just concentrated on seeing him as a unicorn”. Asked if there was any chance of the agency reuniting he said “I’d never say never, well I did just said it there but… uhh... you Inspiration for Diego’s perforknow what I mean”. mance.

After ‘borrowing’ design, CSM students await call from Campaign lawyers. By Sam Hanson

In hope that ‘Campaign’ magazine has a sense of humour, editors of CSMpaign (after ‘borrowing’ the design and layout of the popular advertising publication) have decided that they could ‘totally get away with it’ and are quoted saying, ‘it’s not like they’ll see it anyway.’

“Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it. Look for people who will aim for the remarkable, who will not settle for the routine.” David Ogilvy

They are now avoiding calls from unknown numbers and hope that their home addresses remain a secret. It is pure speculation as to whether or not ‘Campaign’ will seek legal action, or have even seen the magazine, but creators of CSMpaign have decided that they are better off safe than sorry.

“If I’m going to get shot, I want to get shot for a decision I’ve made. Not for something I did through listening to anyone else.” Adam Crozier (former CEO of Saatchi

& Saatchi)

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CSMpaign ban use of word ‘Scoop’ due to Campaign overuse By Lukas Grout

Mama Bear caught outside trendy Mayfair club ‘Whiskey Mist’

Mamma Bear lastest victim of ‘Face of Brand’ fame By Lukas Grout

CSMpaign can exclusively report that after a rampage through Soho last week, Mama Bear of Scott’s Porage Oats fame, has been admitted into a London based rehab clinic. Mama, birth name Patricia, is the latest victim of ‘fame’ induced by brand attachment (following closely behind BeatriceEugine, the dinosaur recently used in Discovery Channels’ most recent TV campaign). Lukas and Barry, the

creatives behind the Mama Bear ads released a statement to CSMpaign expressing ‘deep sadness’ at the news of Patricia’s demise into depression and reported drug abuse. ‘We had meetings with her management before the ads went out as there were concerns she would be unable to deal with the media pressure. They reassured us that they believed she would be able to handle it…and thus the campaign went ahead’.

Merely 12 hours after the first of the ads had gone live, Mama bear was photographed being thrown out of the trendy Mayfair club ‘Whiskey Mist’. It is reported that she pinned a Goldie Locks look-a-like up against the wall in the ladies toilets. Although Scott’s Porage have declined to comment, the rehab clinic where she has been admitted simply said, ‘What did you think was going to happen? She’s a Bear’.

Syanne ‘The Baker’ reveals reasons for split with Lukas of B+L After a strong winning streak of several high profile accounts including ASOS and Zipvan, we were shocked to hear when agency ‘Strike a Pose’ closed abruptly earlier this year. After an almost six months silence, the representatives of both parties

involved have ‘lifted the lid’ on why the creative pair, Syanne Patterson and Lukas Grout, chose to part ways. Syanne’s spokesperson said, “The liquidation of ‘Strike a Pose’ was a direct result of a creative clash between both founding members”. The statement continued, “My client (Ms

For those who say that print is dead...

Patterson) is incredibly happy for B+L and their continuing success”. Mr Grout has failed to comment on the matter, however we spoke to the receptionist at his new agency B+L (who sounded suspiciously like Lukas himself) her response could only be described as ‘distressed’.


By Lukas Grout

It was revealed today that the King’s Cross based publication CSMpaign have banned the use of the word ‘Scoop’ in their articles due to overuse by rivals at ‘Campaign’. A spokesperson from CSMpaign gave a short statement this morning saying, ‘There are so many other words you could use - nab, pinch…steal… the list goes on.’ We have decided not to

push ‘Campaign’ for a response for fear of a lawsuit, however we made up this statement to fill the space, ‘We at Campaign love the word scoop. We would scoop over everything if we could. In fact, we’re going to find the people responsible for CSMpaign and scoop them right into the agencies of their choice.’ The editors of CSMpaign eagerly await these offers in their local North London coffee shop.

Spot the agency

Adam&eveDDB offer placement to first creative team that can find the agency

By Sam Hanson

John Lewis powerhouse, Adam&eveDDB, have offered a creative placement to the first graduate team that can find their Paddington based agency. Due to heavy construction and a location much further west than most, the agency has resorted to recruiting anyone with the ability to find their building via the Bakerloo line. Inquiring about the best way to reach the agen-

cy, Lukas Grout of CSM asked, ‘… is that the brown line or the grey one?’ Charley Lion said she had in fact found Paddington station, but after about an hour of wandering, gave up and returned to her home in North London. Despite the wide use of smart phones, the agency is still inexplicably impossible to locate. At the time of print, CSMpaign can confirm that the placement is still available.

scan or visit

04 News 18.06.13

An unholy amount of ‘own label’ vodka made Lisa and Diego realise that they could not walk straight but they could predict the future of advertising agencies: JWT (1877 - Eternity) You will finally be put in an old people’s home. However, you will be kicked out after you find it funny to dress up as death and knock on each bedroom window. Saatchi & Saatchi (1970 – 1/2/2015 at 14:32) One of your daughters, Alexandra Taylor will start a religion that worships tomatoes. It will quickly spread and make the Vatican a ketchup factory. Wieden + Kennedy (1982 – the second coming of Jesus) You will start a campaign to get people to use moonwalking ponies instead of cars as a greener and more effective mode of transport. AMV BBDO (1978 – the 52nd coming of Jesus) You will finally come to terms with your Guinness addiction, you will go to rehab and come out triumphant. Then you will become a gambling addict and lose your soul on a bet with Charles Saatchi. BBH (1982 – last sip of wine) If people thought turning water into wine was impressive, imagine when they see you turn advertising into wine. CP+B (1988 – time machines are banned) A time traveller will journey back in time this week to tell you to beware of ‘Paddy’, before crumbling into dust. Publicis (1926 – world domination is achieved) You will enter a hard and long negotiation to buy a little girl’s lemonade stand. Stay strong, my friend. ROAC (2012 – 2018 takeover by Publicis) The person reading this is trying to figure out who you are, they will fail and will then try to Google your name. RKCR/Y&R (1993 – data not available at the moment) To compete with Virgin Galactic, Ryan air will launch £30 flights to the moon (hold luggage and space suit £15,000 extra). You will have to advertise it. TBWA (1970 – 2666) Be on red alert for a tsunami of CSM students asking for internships. Block all windows and reach the highest point in the building. BMB (2005 – apocalypse) You Will run out of Bs and Ms to make your logo and will therefore decide to close the agency. Mother (1996 – menopause) After the next Acer campaign your son is going to confess he got Megan Fox pregnant - please stay calm.

Creative team Sam & Charley’s printed portfolio

To print or not to print: A modern book at traditional agencies By Sam Hanson

In leaving university and searching for a job in creative advertising, my partner Charley and I are faced with the question of the best way to show our work. Traditionally shown in an A3 portfolio, a modern book extends far beyond just print. We began the interview process with an online portfolio allowing us to include all digital and video aspects of our work. However, through a series of technological mishaps and less than stellar wifi connections, we decided our site was not enough. We discussed the possibility of a .pdf book, an ipad presentation, and an interpretive dance, but at the end of the day decided on good old fashion print. Our decision to print was punctuated by a meeting with TBWA chairman Peter Souter mere hours after the completion of our physical book. After being ushered into his office, we were enthusiastically asked for some-

Do you study at all? That’s what we call this. By Angela Arnaout

Many people say the more prestigious the university, the fewer classes you have. And although this may not be the case at CSM, it certainly seems to be that way to outsiders. No one was surprised when my mother had a slight problem with drinking at 10am. Guinness taste-tests are one thing but when the class was given a brief for Jameson Irish Whiskey,

thing to ‘flip through’. The choice of words was a decisive answer to a question we had long been pondering. Though many agencies like to think of themselves as forward thinking and technologically competent (and most of them are), it became clear that print still rules supreme in an industry focused on great ideas. It is the fastest way for us (young creatives) to communicate our ideas to the people who can give us jobs. Dan Watts of Fallon London said that he wants to see our campaigns in a single sentence. In the lead up to our final show, our printed book will be what is displayed at the private view, our site accessible by taking a card. As much as we would like to show all aspects of our work at the show, we realize that nobody wants to navigate a website in a public space, especially when they are really just there for the free booze.

all hell broke loose. As advertising students we are required to know everything about the products we are trying to sell. Whether it is drinking Guinness at 10am, eating ungodly amounts of Thortons chocolates or inhaling UHU fumes in enclosed rooms, this is work! It is through these investigations that insights are found and turned into campaigns. We have just begun our careers in advertising but already have found much joy in turning to the bartender and asking for our next brief.

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aggie says ‘farewell’ with words of wisdom

By Lukas Grout

Blonde bombshell of CSM Maggie Souter said her final ‘good-byes’ to the class of 2013 this month. To mark her students coming of age she provided them each with a small keepsake to remember both her and their time at CSM. A small tub of ‘play-doh’ exquisitely inscribed with the words ‘Keep Playing’ was her chosen token of rememberance. “It harps back to their first class with me in 2011” she told us. She continued by saying “it is something very personal to us as a group, and something I do not wish to discuss any further with the press”. Maggie, famed both at CSM and internationally for her iconic blonde shot of hair and uniformed pencil skirt will be ‘sorely missed’ by the class of 2013. A spokes person from the group who was, in truth, a sobbing weeping mess said simply this - “what now? WHAT NOW?”.

Students celebrate bank holiday despite being largely unemployed By Sam Hanson

With the final degree show fast approaching, sources close to the magazine can confirm that the majority of CSM advertising students took the opportunity to go out and play on the Monday bank holiday. In a shocking display of professional freedom, the job seekers

joined the rest of the nation in relaxing in the sun, despite being unemployed. Enticed by the hoards of Londoners drinking heavily on Sunday, the students took Monday off, not because they were hungover, but just because they could. Good on them for enjoying their last few weeks of freedom.


‘Sport’ is a word seldom used by students at Central Saint Martins. The word ‘astroturf ’ is only uttered if someone is smoking ‘the stuff ’. Occasionally you might hear, “I went skiing on my gap yah...” but not any more. Two table tennis tables have been installed in the entrance hall. Appearing at the start of the year, the tables have proved surprisingly popular. They remain in use from dawn ‘til dusk and stu-

dents are evolving into athletes. Will we see a generation of muscle-bound artists drinking protein shakes mixed with oil paints? Will avant garde dress combine with Adidas track suits and Umbro trainers? Will the 2016 Games be overwhelmed by CSM ping pong masters? Who knows? Perhaps this is just a beginning, maybe next year we can look forward to boxing and cheerleading classes with the Dean of CSM as the head honcho!

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You say tomato, I say

Alex Taylor A


By Sam Hanson

fter a lecture given at CSM during their final term, the legendary Alex Taylor stuck around for a week to yell at the soon-to-be graduating 3rd years. Lulled into a false sense of security by her northern accent, the class was shocked to find that her crash course in art direc-

tion was in fact one of the harder briefs they would complete for their degree. In search of freshness, the class tried their hand at re-art directing a campaign for the Chevy Lumina, an American mid-range sedan (the least fresh car ever produced). The group submitted two campaigns each and went head-to-head in a

competition to win her coveted ‘Tomato Award’. The ‘Tomato Award’, named after an insight from Paul Smith about how to sell fruit in a street market, was to be given to the campaign with the most unique art direction and overall impact. After having been shown the solutions reached by the likes of Steve Dunn, it

was Kwan Hee Cho, who received the juicy, red prize for his creative use of illustration. Inyoung Choi and Diego Sepulveda received an honourable mention for their art direction while the rest of the class received pity tomatoes adorned with the Alex Taylor’s contact details. Though devastated at his loss to Joe, Adrian

Ncube was able to see the bright side of things, “well I got a real tomato, Joe only got a plastic one. What use do I have for a plastic tomato? I can use this” (holding out his organically grown fruit). At the time of print several pity tomatoes have been consumed as a protest to the judge’s decision.

18.06.13 Opinion 07 5


Charley Lion

The learning Curve What our advertising class has taught us.


or this special edition of CSMpaign I decided it would be interesting to investigate what exactly we have all learnt over the last couple of years and whether any of those lessons have stuck. For Sam Hanson, it was learning ‘that the answer so often lies in the brief ’ that etched itself firmly in his mind. Echoing the sentiments of our course leader, Clive Challis, Sam continued ‘[the most important thing] is to read the brief. Twice. To read the f**king brief ’. For others it seems that the lessons of advertising legends have had most impact. After taking part in Alex Taylor’s Art Direction Masterclass, Syanne Patterson said she will now never forget that the ‘Keyline is key’. This class also made a big impact on Ken Tan who commented, ‘art direction isn’t just about making things look pretty; every element, font, choice, layout has got to have a reason behind it’. Some are still battling with the idea of constraints around creativity. Learning more about the ‘real world’ of advertising has created its own issues for Angela Arnaout, who feels that learning about cost, size and media has made her feel less creative. Angela’s thoughts reflect the concerns of many - we are well-aware that ‘what the client wants’ and ‘what we want’ is a debate that we have only lightly touched upon in Uni. There is no doubt advertising can be puzzling, but studying it has also taught us some decent life-lessons too. Adrian Ncube learned about taking and giving constructive criticism and Lisa Angelevitch says she learnt ‘not to forget to ask why in everything not just advertising’. Lisa followed this up with, ‘you will always have better ideas working within a team than on your own’ and ‘your cup of coffee could be the biggest source of ideas’. We are currently trying to discover where this mystical coffee cup came from. Other thoughts, including Barry Cheng’s, ‘Benefit, benefit, benefit! The audience won’t give a monkeys if you don’t give them a benefit’. An interesting point which links to the idea of ‘help don’t sell’ which Syanne picked up from Droga 5. It was thinking like this that has seen the creation of a number of interesting and useful apps developed by the class, so it seems that something has been going in. What else? ‘Keep it simple’, ‘be fearless’ and ‘strategy is king’ were also all popular. So it turns out that, in the end, it wasn’t all ‘in one ear and out of the other’. Charley Lion is a copywriter in North London and can be reached at


1 The original ad supplied by Alex Taylor 2 Joe (Kwan Hee Cho)’s winning submission 3 Diego Sepulveda’s honourable mention


4 Inyoung Choi’s honourable mention 5 The Tomato Trophy in all its glory 6-8 Diego, Inyoung and Joe accepting their awards 9 Ryuto (Ringo) Furukubo, Elizaveta (Lisa) Angelevitch, and Syanne Patterson protesting the decision


At least ‘SomeOne’ likes us By Syanne Patterson

Editors at CSMpaign picked up last month’s article ‘You are not a Designer’ and were happy to see what Simon Manchipp, Executive Committee Member of D&AD and  Co-Founder of SomeOne thought of the work currently being produced on our course:

“As a visiting external assessor of the Advertising & Design sides of Central St Martins I’m seeing some amazing students creating radical and progressive solutions for brands. They are fearlessly developing new ways for old brands to

re-connect and re-invent with customers. In a single presentation I saw copywriting, strategy, animation, graphic design, typography and sound design. The new breed are not designers. They are commercial artists.”

08 Close-up 18.06.13

CSM ADVERTISING 2013 Meet the teams

Class disheartened as Ringo lands job three months before graduation By Lukas Grout

Self-titled game addict and ex-sushi chef Ryuto (aka Ringo) has announced his partnership with famed Japanese Advertising agency, Dentsu, Tokyo. This has received a bitter-sweet reception at Central Saint Martins where many students are still frantically searching for work (hint hint). While the majority of the class declined to comment, it is reported Adrian Ncube congratulated Ryuto and ‘wished him all the best in the future’. Adrian then went on to say this was provided he severed all ties with the UK advertising industry post his departure.

Creatives successfully steal stationary from yet another agency By Lukas Grout

After interning at a number of high profile London advertising agencies, CSMpaign can reveal that two of our editors (who cannot be named for legal reasons) have stolen in excess of £9 worth of stationary from three agency resource cupboards. The thefts became apparent after the individuals constantly turned up to crits using branded agency stationary much to the confusion of fellow classmates. ‘There were pads, pencils, pens…

all with agency names on them’, said an unnamed source. Although it may seem, first and foremost, against the law to steal, Clive Challis released a statement (from a bar in Cannes) claiming it was a creative’s ‘right’ to take agency stationary. He also admitted that he has a vast collection of agency stationary. When we contacted the agencies in question they said they were happy for their placement creative teams to take the ‘odd pen or two’ but wanted to deter future teams from ‘taking the piss’. However, they went on to reveal they believed an agency police presence would be a step too far in preventing stationary-based crime.

Do CSM graphic design students hate course advertisers? Studio silence says ‘yes’ By Lukas Grout

In a recent poll investigating the popularity of various CSM Graphic Design students, those on the Advertising pathway were voted the least popular. The tension between the different routes (Design and Interaction, Illustration, Moving Image and Advertising) has grown wider since final hand-in. It was then

that the other pathways found out that after investing three years in their Graphic Design degree the Advertisers were permitted to simply hand in a USB for marking (instead of the mass of printed work that was required of the others). When asked why they hated the advertisers so much, they replied with a chorus of ‘because they are employable.’


Having already experienced the advertising world, Joe (Kwan hee Cho) from Seoul, came to CSM to sharpen his skills and knowledge. Greg (from Paris) was driven into the advertising world by his vivid curiosity and his love for ideas. Having originally teamed up for the D&AD student competition, they then decided to stick together forever due to a love and hate relationship. Joe shares his insights and experiences whilst Greg brings playfulness and an obsession for detail to the table. Stubbornness and disagreements aside, their D&AD effort subsequently resulted in a ‘Best of Year’ ribbon. With their thirst for great ideas, both maniacs are probably still fighting (productively) over some sort of brief as you read this very sentence.


Our first encounter involved a granny costume, a pony and a sombrero and we have never looked back. We are a creative team that tackles problems in a quirky way and with a lot of energy (because of our coffee addiction). Our ultimate dream is to own a wombat.

Grandmother Strips (Radio ad)

All sound effects happen in the background while MVO speaks. MVO is calm inviting male voice, mid 50s in age. SFX: Marvin Gaye song ‘Let’s get it on’ plays. MVO: Your grandmother is on stage. SFX: Footsteps walking onto stage. MVO: She gazes into your eyes as she licks her dentures… provocatively. She is doing a striptease. SFX: Slap of skin.

A series of 3 print campaign ads for ‘The Week’ magazine. Copy: Your weekly essential news, only.

MVO: Her saggy skin sways to the music. SFX: Grandmother giggles. MVO: Her G-string matches her varicose veins. Oh yeah baby, grind those prosthetic hips. SFX: Background sounds stop. MVO: Good luck getting that out of your mind. Radio advertising, more affective than you imagine. For more information visit rab.

18.06.13 Close-up 09 3

A little about the only girl team. “We never really decided to be a team, we just are” says Angela. It was the legendary Guinness brief with Mike Durban, then the campaign with Ecover that made them realise they work well together. “Everyone keeps telling us that we are planners” says Inyoung. They don’t like to be labelled as planners; their research is done only to be able to have a new and cool insight in order to make a good ad. The initial team name was ‘Rabbits’ Nail Polish’ but Angela hated it, so they stuck to the common ‘Inyoung and Angela’ and made a logo.

Due to over watching Mad Men episodes, they were inspired to drink whiskey and sell it to women, they were determined to make a women empowerment campaign for Jameson. Many creatives told them it is a difficult task, however they took it as a challenge. Their hard work paid off with a 360 campaign that did make women feel like whiskey is theirs.


Tom Fowler and Miles Brown: two average Joes, who occasionally stumble across good ideas, enjoy cheap lager and still watch cartoons in the morning.



Sy a returning expat from Barbados and Ken a Singaporean without a sense of smell, the duo effectively had far too much fun in the sun growing up and shipped over to London to chase a creative career. Business studies behind her, Sy believes a good strategy is like a good alibi. It needs to be agreed on from the start, keep the work out of trouble and should be worth killing for. Her best thinking is done while baking. Trained like a ninja as a graphic designer, Ken lets his aesthetic tastes mould the look of each campaign. With an insatiable hunger for adventure, he has stolen and strictly lives by the quote:

‘God is in the details’ Together Sy&Ken have been quick to get stuck into a project looking for the least expected ways to stretch an idea. Known for their puppeteering skills and diving into skips, the team prove they are not scared to get their hands dirty or the rest of them for that matter. Inevitably, when you have a stubborn writer set on strategy and an obsessive designer masquerading as an art director, if they don’t kill each other in the process they fortunately end up with great ads.

It is exactly 4000 miles between the birthplaces of Samuel Hanson and Charley Lion. United in London to be trained in the art of art, the team soon found a challenge so great, to turn it down would dishonour not only their families, but also their close friends and potentially their enemies too. That challenge, was advertising. Charley a writer, Sam a ginger, they charge forward into the creative battlefield that is their newly found home. Looking back only to laugh at the crumpled bodies of lesser creatives, they are an unstoppable force of English sensibility and American brashness. Made strong by the respect of their peers, they feed on the small ideas, searching for the idea that others will only whisper about in dark corridors, ‘The Big One’. Like Ahab and his whale, their passion is lost in a fog of obsession and the only way out is creating the greatest campaigns this world has ever seen.

Copy reads ‘All the angles, from every angle.’

10 Close-up 18.06.13 7

Barry – originally from Hong Kong is reserved and a deep thinker. Lukas – a born and bred Londoner is loud and vulgar. It shouldn’t work…but it does. ‘B+L’ as they’ve become affectionately known have snuck through the doors of AMV BBDO, freelanced at M+C Saatchi and just won a live pitch through BMB for the fantastic charity ‘Educate for Life’. After seeing a staff meeting at one of their favorite agencies – they scrapped their book and made a new one in just two weeks. After several book crits across London, it proved to be right decision. With a new approach to content and what that could potentially provide for a client, Barry and Lukas pride themselves of projecting a honesty through their work. Understanding people is something that has proved an invaluable tool, both at CSM and working in the industry. Most importantly of all – even though school is over, they are still having fun. They eagerly await their work from two live briefs for client approval to launch on the web and go to print.

This is Mama Bear…Patricia once you get friendly. She is the Scotts Porage Oats mascot and will be running the charity races this summer. You can follow her training process on Twitter, Vine and in Take a Break Magazine. Don’t believe us? Check for yourself @ scottsmamabear / Mama Bear (Vine).


London-born art director, Adrian Ncube, has a passion for strategy which clearly shows in his work, but do not be fooled in thinking that his passion stops him from creating groundbreaking work. When asked ‘what he sees himself as’ he said, “I see myself as an ideas man, my sketches speak better than my words”. His style of work is considered humorous and intriguing. Though the majority of his work includes video, he does tackle other media. One of his works that he described as “one of my babies” was for NHS organ donation. The brief was to get more people to register to be organ donors, the way Adrian tackled the problem was to reach football fans across the country. The idea was fairly simple, he proposed to hand football fans organ donation registration opportunities in the match day programmes.

When the fans register to be donors, the first 50 to register are given the chance to play a charity-sponsored match against their home team. This will be spread across the top three tier football leagues. Finally we asked him where he sees himself in the next 10 years? “I see myself working my socks off, as a creative director obviously. No I’m kidding, but in all honesty I see myself working hard, hopefully abroad”.


Wei Zheng. Solo worker. It doesn’t mean I don’t have friends. It doesn’t mean I am difficult to work with. It is just how it turned out, and I am glad with what I have done.

To show the benefits of a car with a strange design, she has employed the layout of the original VW Beetle ads to send the message to ‘that’ generation, and challenge the stereotypical of burdens of owing a car in a big city. Wei has made an observation that advertising in China consists of this formula: A celebrity + ‘if you like me use this product’. Consumers buy solely into the celebrity’s image and not the quality of the product. If the star fails the product fails even if there is nothing wrong with the product itself. This is what she calls lazy advertising, and strives to change the game by creating more adverts that will give ‘a smile in the mind’; ads that will trigger ‘I got the joke but you didn’t, haha...’ conversations; and ads that will leave people gasping ‘OMG that is wicked! Five years into the future, the whole nation will be laughing at the kind of advertisments that they are seeing today.


Ringo (Ryuto Furukubo), born in Tokyo, specialises as an art director and likes to focus on strategy development. Whilst doing an internship at OgilvyOne in 2012, Ryuto found that not many people were able to remember his name. Since then, he decided (due to a love of English rock music) to change his name to Ringo. Studying in England for a lengthy period and not having English as his first language, led Ringo to take an interest in visual communication. His infamous utterance, “it is good even if the quality of the work suffers, as long as everybody is having fun” came as a big shock to the interviewers at the Japanese agency, Dentsu. However, Ringo was still offered the job. He applied this thought to his work ‘Urban Colour Project’ which combined his love for new technology with brand awareness. It comes as no surprise, the original reason Ringo came to England is because he loves English Rock’n’roll.

18.06.13 Private view 11 ree CSm dfeegature show

Ten things you should know when you visit us By Syanne Patterson

1 You’re in NC1 - Its the newest post-code in town don’t you know. Only the trendiest takeaway fliers get left here.

2 More Propaganda - Want a taste of contextual

perspective before the show.The British Library’s exhibition ‘Propaganda: Power and Persuasion’ is just down the road. Displaying collection of posters, films, cartoons and textbooks, discover how media strategies have been used throughout history to influence and persuade citizens of the state.

3 There’s Fountains..with lights - The new

Kings Cross Site has a number of architectural features that may strike some interest, including a giant birdcage (all giant birds have been detained for duration of the show).

4 Breakfast Martinis & Marmalade Toast - If

the highly recommended coffee at Caravan just isn’t enough to start the day there’s always an alternative on the menu. Their restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Granary building. Fuel up while you’re here.

5 The weather might be good - On your way in

(or out for that matter) take a walk through Camley Street Natural Park. Our little oasis hidden in the newly renovated confines of Kings Cross, its a bit of green and offers up the opportunity to take a dip in a pond.

6 Pub with a Rhino - The Star Of Kings has the closest pint. You’re welcome.

7 Ghost Station - Just a short amble up York Way stands the old York Road station, closed in 1932, it is occasionally used as a film set.

8 Kick the Kerb - If school dinners are not to your liking and you prefer to go out for something more ‘street’ check out King’s Boulevard Kerb. This hosts a variety of street vendors offering up international nibbles.

9 Michael Palin is over the road - The Kings

Place Travel Festival will be running during our exhibition, hosting a number of esteemed travel writers, bloggers, comedians and a cartoonist for talks, comedy and masterclasses. Find the editors of CSMpaign at the round-the-world wine tasting.

10 Free Wi-fi - Open access in the surrounding ar-

eas of the Kings Cross Site. Yup, that is convenient.

The new Central Saint Martins campus

Purpose built Kings Cross campus finally being used as it was intended. As a gallery space. By Samuel Hanson

The CSM degree show (which runs from 19th - 23rd June) will allow the brand new Central Saint Martins building to be showcased in the way that its designers imagined it. Last year’s show was plagued by unsightly construction and was a less than ideal gallery space for the college. This year however, the construction is restricted to the outer reaches of the campus, giving the course leaders a chance to ‘really feel good about the place’. The bare walls and high ceilings make it an ideal space to show the incredibly creative work exhibited by the students. A visitor to an earlier fine art show said, “It’s really incredible, its almost as if the work and the building are com-

plete opposites.” The graduating students are excited to see what their new building has to offer when utilised properly. They have waited two long years after moving from Southampton row to see the reason for the move, and it is finally here. An advertising student who asked to remain nameless said, “We hope that people will come to see the building and then all we have to do is give them a chair and they will look at our work.” Your chance to see the newly finished campus is at our 2013 Final Degree Show from the 19th and 23rd June. For any inquiries about the invite-only Private View on the 18th June please contact Samuel Hanson at

Degree Show advertising room becomes CSMpaign HQ Advertisers or Interior Designers? News on our space from the CSM Degree Show By Charley Lion

Degree Shows are great fun - all that fresh talent, innovative work and (how could we forget) free booze. However, they also have their downfalls, namely a lot of traipsing around and no where to sit. So to combat this little dilemma the CSM advertising class of 2013 have decided to create a space where visitors can have a ‘nice sit down’. kind of ‘sitting-room’. Situated in a separate room from the main show the idea is to make a comfortable place for visitors to sit back, relax and peruse the CSM advertisers work at their own leisurely pace. After much deliberating, with ideas ranging from ‘eclectic Nanna’s den’ to ‘keep-it-simple

chic’ the chirpy class channelled their inner interior designers and hoped to create something that reflected their colourful characters. After seeing the immense effort Ken Tan put into the design of their dear publication, CSMpaign, the class were inspired to use this as the theme of their room. They decided the most appropriate use of the space is to create a CSMpaign HQ. So come along, join the team and make yourself at home in our CSMpaign office that will be completed in time for the degree show. If all else fails, they will make sure to provide you with some great work, a beer and a seat - who can say fairer than that.

12 Private view 18.06.13

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How to not get lost during your visit. Beware of an Imposter - Googlemaps may point you towards another Granary Square in N1. Make sure you’re heading towards Kings Cross and not the one in Islington, however if you do end up there we recommend visiting Freightliners Farm, it’s almost the same thing, just with a few more sheep. Find us on the second floor - Once you get through the entrance the quickest route is to take the canteen staircase on your right. Head up to the second floor and then turn left. Walk through the graphic studios in Block F through to Block K and we’ll be in the cosy room on the left hand side. We look forward to meeting you. CSMpaign, Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross, London N1C 4AA Director/ Captain America Samuel Hanson, Head of Aesthetics/ Design God Ken Tan, Copy Chief/ ‘Anna Wintour’ Charley Lion, Executive Producer/ Head of PR Lukas Grout, Tech Genius/ Digital Dude Ryuto (Ringo) Furukubo, Contributors Syanne Patterson, Elizaveta Angelevitch, Diego Sepulveda, Tom Fowler, Miles Brown, Adrian Ncube, Angela Arnaout, Inyoung Choi, Barry Cheng