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Dedicated to addressing the needs of your infrastructure projects.

Company Overview

Introduction The only way to do great work is to love what you do. 2

Our construction solutions experts provide transparent, collaborative solutions and represent our clients’ best interests from project design to completion. Our portfolio of construction experience includes managing projects within the regulated and specialized environments of our healthcare, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing utility, education, advanced technologies, and commercial market segments. Through community involvement, sustainable business practices, proactive safety initiatives, and unwavering integrity, we are steadfast advocates for our clients, our employees, and the communities in which we work.

Company Overview



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When you begin the process of having a building constructed, chances are you’re entering unfamiliar territory. The money you are committing is significant, and it can be difficult, with limited experience, to really feel comfortable with the many decisions involved in the project. Is the low bid the best bid? Do carefully developed specifications assure comparable quality from any contractor chosen? Will the budget be adhered to? Will the schedule be maintained? The excitement over the benefits your new building will provide is often tempered by the many stresses and uncertainties that can accompany the process. It is not realistic for you to attempt to become sufficiently knowledgeable about every aspect of a construction project. It is much more logical for you to align with someone who is: CSM Group.

Company Overview



CSM Group was formed 35 years ago, evolving from a joint venture designed to manage healthcare project for Bronson Healthcare Group. In 1990, the firm was purchased by current Chief Executive Officer of CSM Group of Companies, Steve East.

Today, CSM Group is one of the largest project management firms in Michigan. We’re different because we’re a talent-based professional services firm and we’re project management specialists. We’re unique because of the professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by our people at every level, on every project. Unlike other contractors, we represent only the building owner’s interests. As the owner’s independent representative: •

• •

we work closely with architects during the design phase to identify cost savings and avoid possible construction pitfalls without compromising design objectives; we manage trade contractors and the entire building process; and we ensure the owner’s smooth transition to their new facility.

We protect building owners’ interests, save them money, and make sure the building process is trouble-free.

Company Overview

Team Jim Feltch, CHC Chief Executive Officer/President

As Chief Executive Officer, Jim is responsible for leading the transformation of CSM Group


as an innovative project management services provider. He is also responsible for setting strategies and visions for the company, as well as building a world-class culture built on trust, respect, and communication.

Todd McDonald Chief Operations Officer/Principal

Todd maintains overall responsibility for the construction management teams and is ultimately responsible for assessing client expectations from the inception of a project. He provides leadership and guidance, directing each team’s development unique to the client’s needs. He also assists the projects teams in developing their approach to project management and identifying and

The CSM Group team is an integration of construction experts with thorough knowledge of best practices, local market pricing, and trade resources. Our comprehensive, in-house team of estimators, project and construction managers, and cost managers are experienced in providing estimating services from conceptual design through full construction documents.

implementing current trends.

Julie Byrne Vice President of Construction Services

Julie is responsible for developing and implementing CSM Group’s construction services strategies, including day-to-day operations and financial well-being of various projects. Her role is hands-on in every aspect

Our estimating methodology aims to ensure the project is completed within budget and that all construction-related expenditures are thoroughly identified, reviewed, documented, and tracked in a transparent procedure.

of construction management; not only is she responsible for overseeing the hiring and supervision of the operation teams, but also oversees creating and managing budgets.


Company Overview


To date, we have worked in 26 states across the U.S. and hold Master Services Agreements with two of the nation’s largest global food manufacturers. With a firm full of qualified teammates located throughout the United States, CSM Group has leveraged its ability to manage projects from coast-to-coast. Our 33 years of construction management experience has taken us to over 40 cities in 26 states. See where our offices are located (indicated with a white star), as well as where we have worked (indicated with our logo) on the map below.


CSM Group’s corporate headquarters are located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The company also has satellite office locations in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Memphis, Tennessee.

Company Overview

Services For 35 years, CSM Group has provided a solid foundation for project management services. Our ability to incorporate all members of the project team, from the owner to the trade contractors, ensures that the overall vision of the project is captured, specifications are matched, and budgets and deadlines are met.







Our pre-construction services are more thorough and formalized than our competitors’, so much so we’ve bundled them into a consistent and detailed process.

We ensure the architect’s vision is captured, the engineer’s specifications are matched, the project’s budgets and deadlines are met, and your best interests are served.

At CSM Group, we Lead with Safety®. Planning and preparing ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents, resulting in a safe and efficient, construction project.

At CSM Group, we focus on six market segments: healthcare, food and beverage, industrial manufacturing utility, education, advanced technologies, and commercial. Working within these regulated and specialized areas has shaped our culture and practices and has taught us the importance of adaptability. More importantly, it has taught us to focus on delivering project management services that are tailored to the unique requirements of each project. As a talent-based organization, we understand the importance of selecting team members that are proactive and committed to the success of the project. By doing so, we deliver the best value while minimizing cost impacts.


Company Overview


CM Agency As a CM Agency partnership, the owner retains the services of a CM to ensure that their goals are being met by the project builder. The CM acts as the owner’s “agent,” representing their interests while objectively advising them


The CM At-Risk delivery method has the construction manager (CM) act as consultant to the owner in the development and design phases, similar to CM As Agent, but as the equivalent of a general contractor during the construction phase. The CM At-Risk contracts directly with multiple trade contractors and has single point of responsibility for the delivery of the project. The CM holds the risk of subcontracting the construction work to trade contractors and, often at the owner’s preference — ensuring the completion of the project within a guaranteed maximum price following completion of the design. The CM provides advisory professional management assistance to the owner prior to construction, offering schedule, budget, and constructability advice during the project planning phase.

throughout the project. The model CSM Group follows is such that we also act as the project builder, even though in an agency relationship, bidding and negotiating all contracts for the client, along with providing construction oversight, scheduling, and cost management, contracts with the trade contractors are still held by the client. We manage the project for our client, but we treat it like we own it ourselves. Design-Build/Turn-Key A Design-Build approach combines design and construction into a single point of responsibility. DesignBuild contracts foster partnering between team members, which in turn can add value to a project. With a DesignBuild project, the design and construction for a project can easily overlap, allowing for fast-track construction. Constructability can be reviewed throughout the design process by all members of the Design-Build team. This leads to effective value engineering ideas from the project team working together to maximize design and functionality while maintaining budgetary and schedule concerns. CSM Group would hold the Design Service Agreement and hold all trade contracts. General Contracting In Design-Bid-Build, also known as the General Contracting project delivery method, the process is linear, where one phase is completed before another phase is begun. Under the Design-Bid-Build example, the architect is selected under a separate contract that is based on a negotiated professional fee. The construction firm is most often selected based on the lowest bid, and there may be many subcontractors under its contract/direction.

Project Management Our detailed working process for industrial manufacturing facilities focuses on comprehensive project management services, including: yy

Formulating a project plan which will guide the project to completion while addressing key management issues.


Evaluating a project and its environment, assessing its true status, pinpointing real issues, and implementing corrective action.


Using MS Project to prepare a clear project plan, and to communicate project progress and status.


Understanding inherent tradeoffs between time, costs, scope, and resources.


Providing insight on how project collaborative tools may be used to radically change the way project information is exchanged through the web.


Applying techniques for building and leading effective, self-motivating project teams.


Preparing a risk assessment and mitigation strategy.

Our comprehensive project management services will aid and assist you through the engineering, procurement, and construction stages.


Company Overview

Safety Program At CSM Group, we Lead with SafetyÂŽ.

Planning and preparing ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents, resulting in a safe, but also timely and efficient, construction project. Safety on every job site involves the proactive prevention of unsafe conditions through training, preparing, planning, communicating, monitoring, and reporting. CSM Group incorporates safety into every project from pre-construction through project closeout. The CSM Group Safety Program is designed to create awareness and plan for the safest possible workplace, and this program ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents. Specific training and orientation guidelines are provided to each contractor, vendor, and supplier. Our program ensures on-site safety for all workers, stakeholders, and end users.


Company Overview

SAFETY TEAM Our team of experts holds recognized and respected credentials, ranging from Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (STSC) to Certified Safety Professional (CSP), and are prepared to help your organization make a cultural change through a Behavioral Science for Leaders program.

Kevin Kirk, CSP

Scott McArthur, STSC

Vanessa Norfleet, CHST

Vice President of EH&S

Director of Safety

Safety Specialist

Herman Jagusch

Isaac Anderson, STSC

Dr. John Austin

Safety Specialist

Safety Specialist

Safety Advisor


Company Overview

Safety Practices Each of us at CSM Group has a moral obligation to safeguard each other, our clients, and the environment by aspiring to operate a safe, injury-free, and healthy workplace. We are committed to upholding safety standards when working in both occupied and non-occupied areas.



Our industry experts are trained and certified in good manufacturing practices (GMP), sanitation and cleaning requirements, product and hygienic zones, and hazard analysis and critical control protection (HACCP) standards.

On top of planning and training, we also equip our employees with whatever safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) they need to perform their work safely. By providing them with the proper equipment and training, it helps them identify the safety equipment the trade contractors they are managing use, as well as identify defects or improper usage of the safety equipment and PPE.

Our experts are also trained on emerging safety trends and advancements to keep clients in the forefront of their respective industries.


Company Overview


By definition, a roundtable is “a number of persons gathered together for a conference or discussion of some subject.” Roundtables are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in in-depth discussions, and meeting colleagues with similar interests. For CSM Group, these roundtables provide an opportunity for our team to sit down with safety-focused trade contractors that are willing to share best practices and opportunities for improvements as they relate to the construction industry.


“I think your opendoor approach for any local contractors, including competitors, to attend your monthly roundtable says a lot toward your commitment to improving the safety culture in our area.” Rocky Fluty, R.W. LaPine

Company Overview

Safety Metrics Maintaining compliance and worker safety while keeping an eye on productivity is no small task, and safety managers can use all the help they can get. In order to know how our safety program is doing, we track three important construction safety metrics, as shown below.


Experience Modification Rate (EMR) measures the safety record of a company. The construction industry average is 1.0. A company with a betterthan-average safety record will have an EMR rating below 1.0.







CSM Rating






Company Overview


CSM Group has embraced the benefits of behavior-based safety (BBS) since early 2009. The terms “at-risk” and “reduced-risk” have been adopted by our culture to represent a realistic approach to risk management on our project sites.

TOTAL RECORDABLE INCIDENT RATE Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) is a measure of the rate of recordable workplace injuries, normalized per 100 workers per year.

The “at-risk, reduced-risk” observation procedure was implemented late in 2017 and has grown from one safety personnel gathering data, to now Project Managers and even most Project Directors within the company. The value of collecting safety related information through data has provided CSM Group with a huge value to spotlight the execution and performance of trades on site.







CSM Rating






CSM Group’s Work Managed TRIR for 2017 was 1.14.


Company Overview


CSM Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and is in compliance with all laws and regulations enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC); it is our policy to maintain a work environment free from discrimination. 16


CSM Group is committed to fostering an environment where the individual differences among us and our suppliers, whether in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion, are valued and embraced.

CSM Group strives to improve and develop our diverse partners in recognizing the economic importance of utilizing diverse suppliers in the communities where we work and live.

We strive to attract professionals from different backgrounds who share one important quality – a commitment to excellence. We view the diversity of our people, culture, and ideas not only an asset, but as a necessity.

The diversity of our suppliers is vital to our customers’ success in the global marketplace. We are committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base and implementing business practices that will provide equal access to proposal opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses.

The unique perspectives and contributions of every employee and supplier strengthen our ability to deliver excellent client service, as well as diversified working and learning environments

The responsibility lies throughout CSM Group with all personnel who influence or make supplier selection decisions.

Company Overview

DIVERSITY COMMITMENT CSM Group is committed to fostering diversity both in the construction industry and on our projects. We have the experience working with building owners to structure bid packages and final contract awards that align with every owner’s needs. We have a reputation for delivering tailored bid packages unique to every project and providing an exceptional performance through our service delivery model. Due to this, CSM Group can profile primary trade packages that are suited for small contractors based on our buying power, corporate structure, and flexibility.


CSM Group believes, at our community’s core, the ultimate catalyst for growth is the ability to identify, engage, and empower people. Each year, CSM Group selects a mentee to go through our mentorship program, and the mentee and mentor will meet monthly for a period of 1 year. During the meetings, the mentee will also meet with other positions and departments within the company, such as Accounting, Business Development, Human Resources, and I.T., in order to learn best practices for their business. At the end of each meeting, there is a debrief meeting with the mentor to discuss key takeaways as to what was learned from each department. They also discuss action items for their program goals to make sure they are gaining the knowledge needed in those specific areas.

Kristin Kremer Vice President of Human Resources

Kristin is a strong advocate for diversity in West Michigan, supporting small, diverse business owners in numerous ways. She has planned and executed a number of supplier diversity events which have benefitted the region as a whole, customers, and CSM Group specifically. Since 2013, Kristin has sat on the Board of Directors for the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council.


Company Overview

Market Experience One thing is certain: regardless of your industry, the construction of a new facility or the expansion or renovation of an existing one is merely an expense until it starts delivering the results envisioned when you initiated it. CSM Group is in a unique position to understand that reality and to help you “get there from here� and navigate the territory in between as quickly and efficiently as possible.


As a nationally-recognized construction company, we can point to a long and diverse list of manufacturing and distribution facilities on our resume. While no two projects are ever alike, our experience helps us plan a project more accurately and avoid potential pitfalls that can plague less experienced partners.

Company Overview

A manufacturing plant is not a “big box,” nor is it an office building with fewer windows. Buildings should be carefully designed and configured to meet your very specific needs. That can mean, for example, reinforced weight-bearing specifications for flooring, high ceilings, unique acoustical or humidity-control demands, and a hundred other possible considerations. And many of them have special implications for safety, personnel, equipment, and training. Our industry experts are trained and certified in good manufacturing practices (GMP), sanitation/cleaning requirements, product and hygienic zones, and hazard analysis and critical control protection (HACCP) standards. They are also trained on emerging trends and advancements to keep clients in the forefront of the industry. On top of planning and training, we also equip our employees with whatever safety equipment and PPE they need to perform their work safely. Managing all phases of construction for manufacturing, distribution, and related industrial activities require experience. Our flexible approach enables cost efficient solutions in every aspect of your industrial project. At CSM Group, our vast experience includes: • • • • • •

New construction Equipment installation and relocation Maintenance management Additions and renovations Infrastructure improvements Site logistics planning


Company Overview

Case Study FABRI-KAL CSM Group was selected to serve as the construction manager for the $50 million, 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Burley, Idano. OVERVIEW

Fabri-Kal is a leading provider of food service and custom thermoformed packaging solutions.


The project, which broke ground on March 30, 2015, allowed the company to expand their existing product offering and introduce a new, sustainable material into production. The facility extends Fabri-Kal’s footprint in plastics thermoforming and houses initiatives to add to the current GreenwareŽ product line using a new plant-based fiber material. The building is a pre-engineered metal building fabricated by Ceco Building Systems. The plant portion of the building is approximately 96,000 square feet with an additional 7,500 square feet for offices.

The plant is split into four quadrants (warehouse, OMV (plastics thermal molding), pulp preparation, and pulp forming) with each quadrant measuring at approximately 24,000 square feet. Additional spaces outside of the building included: approximately 4,000 square feet covered and paved for grinding operations; 30,000 square feet for straw storage; approximately 22,000 square feet of paved employee parking; two new entrances onto the property; a fire service loop road; preparation for a rail spur; nine loading docks; approximately 96,000 square feet of trailer storage; and storm water retention. The new manufacturing facility employed approximately 50 people upon opening, with plans to add 100 people in the next five years. Maintaining Fabri-Kal’s high quality and manufacturing standards, the thermoforming operation will be International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001 and Food Safety System Certification (FSSC) 22000 certified.


Company Overview

Case Study BELL’S BREWERY CSM Group served as the construction manager for Bell’s Brewery’s bio-energy building, which became operational in December of 2014. OVERVIEW

The project involved the construction of a privately-owned bioenergy facility for process waste at Bell’s Brewery’s production facility in Galesburg, Michigan.


The 3,700-square-foot building was designed to accommodate the various distinct needs of the process that included caustic storage, hazards spaces, wet rooms, high-level noise from the generator room, as well as a comfortable control room. The building is designed with six separate rooms for each function of this process. These rooms include a control room, screening room, caustic storage room, generator room, bio-gas room, and main digester pump room. The project also consisted of a 31-foot diameter by 40-foot high equalization tank, three 13’6”-diameter by 40-foot tall digester tanks, bio-gas tank, and a new free-standing building to house the majority of the wastewater treatment systems.

The exterior of the building was built with conventional steel and masonry construction. All utilities were fed from the existing brewing facility and run across the existing parking lot while avoiding the site’s geothermal grid. New lift station pump systems were introduced to the site and were installed during the retrofit and rework of the existing sanitary water distribution systems at the end of the site. The project required close coordination with Bell’s Brewery equipment and tank vendors for deliveries and coordination of mechanical, electrical, and plumping (MEP) systems.


Company Overview

Case Study KERRY GROUP The Kerry Group, an Irish food ingredient company, solicited CSM Group to manage the $18.1 million expansion of its facility in Rochester, Minnesota. OVERVIEW

This addition is the first phase of an overall $28.6 million project.


Kerry’s Rochester facility produces naturallyderived fermented ingredients utilized by manufacturers to deliver fresh taste over the shelf-life of bakery products, deli meats, prepared meals, dairy and various other food and beverage products. The increasing market demand for clean label, transparent preservation methods, driven by consumer interest, is the key driver behind Kerry’s investment in Rochester. This project included a 5,300-square-foot addition to the existing facility, which houses a new spray dryer plus two 10,000-gallon dryer feed tanks. Construction began in April of 2017 and a ribbon cutting ceremony was held in June of 2018.


Company Overview

Case Study NATIONAL FLAVORS CSM Group was selected to serve as the construction manager for National Flavor’s new facility on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, Michigan. OVERVIEW

National Flavors is an innovative developer and supplier for a wide variety of flavor applications within the food and beverage industry. It offers a variety of ingredients for candy, bakery, and dairy industries.


CSM Group managed the construction of the 30,000-square-foot facility that was built on approximately 10 acres with frontage on both Stadium Drive and Stadium Parkway in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This larger facility accommodates growing customer-based production needs and space for anticipated growth within the company.

27 The project included nearly 10,000 square feet of office space, conference space, new flavor labs, app labs, and compounding and flavor library. Nearly 8,000 square feet is set aside for staff locker rooms, break room, and QA/QC space. Four truck bays are included in the segregated parking lot for shipping, and roughly 60 parking spaces were provided for staff and visitors.


600 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite A Kalamazoo, MI 49007

+1 (877) 386-8214

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