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Memoriaƒ service of


Sister Christina Yuk-Ming Tsai LEE 日期和時間 sunday, february 8 2009 3:00 pm

Trust in the Lord w i t h a l l yo ur h e a rt and ƒean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways

a c k no w l ed g e h i m ,

and ¬e wiƒƒ ma√e your pat¬s straig¬t. proverbs 3:5-6

日期和時間 sunday, february 8 2009 3:00 pm

Memoriaƒ service of


Sister Christina Yuk-Ming Tsai LEE

地點 University Baptist Church


100 S. Columbia Street | Chapel Hill, NC 27514

主席 chairperson: 譚保榮牧師 Rev. Dr. Po-Wing Tham 司琴 pianist: 游明杰 Ming Ju 小提琴 violinist: 游明雪 Alice Ju 翻譯 translator: 車潔玲 Doris Kiu

j 序樂 Prelude

司琴 pianist

默哀 Silent Meditation

會眾 congregation

唱詩 Hymn

會眾 congregation

The burial service will take place immediately after the memorial service at Chapel Hill Memorial Cemetery between Fordham Blvd. (US-15-501 Business) and Legion Road,

“And Can It Be”

west of Scarlett Drive. After the burial service, the family invites you to join them for a dinner at The Carolina Inn, 211 Pittsboro Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

祈禱 Prayer

主席 chairperson


唱詩 Hymn


廣東詩班 cantonese choir

“你信實何廣大 Great is Thy Faithfulness”

讀經 Scripture Reading

鄭文川 mariah yip

詩篇 Psalm 23 以賽亞書 Isaiah 41:8-20

特別音樂節目 Special Music:

洪慧如 gloria fan

“In Christ Alone”

主席 chairperson

信息 Message: “Going Home”

約翰福音 John 14:1-3,6

會眾 congregation

唱詩 Hymn:

“Blessed Be Your Name”

述史 Eulogy

家屬及朋友 family members & friends

致謝 In Appreciation

祝禱 Closing Prayer

家屬 family member

主席 chairperson



會眾 congregation

廣東詩班 cantonese choir


And Can It Be


Great is Thy Faithfulness

怎能如此, 像我這樣罪人,

And can it be that I should gain


Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father!


An int’rest in the Savior’s blood?


There is no shadow of turning with Thee;

因我罪過使祂受苦, 因我罪過,

Died He for me, who caused His pain


Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not:


For me, who Him to death pursued?


As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be.





奇異的愛, 怎能如此,

Amazing love! How can it be,


Great is Thy faithfulness!


That Thou, my God,


Great is Thy faithfulness!


shouldst die for me?


Morning by morning new mercies I see;

奇異的愛, 怎能如此,

Amazing love! How can it be,


All I have needed Thy hand hath provided,


That Thou, my God,


Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!


shouldst die for me? 夏天繼續春天,冬天接秋天,

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,


He left His Father’s throne above


Sun, moon and stars in their courses above,


So free, so infinite His grace!

我心嚮應宇宙, 同證主慈愛,

Join with all nature in manifold witness


Emptied Himself of all but love,


To Thy great faithfulness, mercy and love.


And bled for Adam’s helpless race. [副歌]



Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth,




No condemnation now I dread,


Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide,


I am my Lord’s and He is mine;


Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow,


Alive in Him, my living Head,


Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!


And clothed in righteousness divine. [副歌]






洪慧如 gloria fan

會眾 congregation

In Christ Alone

Blessed Be Your Name

In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song; This cornerstone, this solid ground, Firm through the fiercest drought and storm. What heights of love, what depths of peace, When fears are stilled, when strivings cease! My comforter, my all in all— Here in the love of Christ I stand.

Blessed Be Your Name

Every blessing You pour out

In the land that is plentiful

I’ll turn back to praise

Where Your streams of abundance flow

When the darkness closes in, Lord

Blessed be Your name

Still I will say

Blessed Be Your name


When I’m found in the desert place Though I walk through the wilderness

You give and take away

Blessed Be Your name

You give and take away My heart will choose to say

In Christ alone, Who took on flesh,

Every blessing You pour out

Fullness of God in helpless babe!

Lord, blessed be Your name

I’ll turn back to praise

This gift of love and righteousness, Scorned by the ones He came to save. Till on that cross as Jesus died,

There in the ground His body lay,

The wrath of God was satisfied;

Light of the world by darkness slain;

For ev’ry sin on Him was laid—

Then bursting forth in glorious day,

Here in the death of Christ I live.

Up from the grave He rose again! And as He stands in victory, Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me; For I am His and He is mine— Bought with the precious blood of Christ. No guilt in life, no fear in death— This is the pow’r of Christ in me; From life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny. No pow’r of hell, no scheme of man, Can ever pluck me from His hand; Till He returns or calls me home— Here in the pow’r of Christ I’ll stand.

When the darkness closes in, Lord

Every blessing You pour out

Still I will say

I’ll turn back to praise When the darkness closes in, Lord


Still I am going to say

Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be Your name

[refrain] 2 times

Blessed be the name of the Lord Blessed be Your glorious name

You give and take away You give and take away

Blessed be Your name

My heart will choose to say

When the sun’s shining down on me

Lord, blessed be Your name

When the world’s ‘all as it should be’ Blessed be Your name Blessed be Your name On the road marked with suffering Though there’s pain in the offering Blessed be Your name



Stories about Christina Lee from Alex, Betsy, and Cathy February 8, 2009

The following are a few short stories about our mother, Christina Lee, who

went to be with the Lord on February 5, 2009. These stories are intended to provide a glimpse of what she meant to us as our mother and they encompass three periods of our lives: 1) Childhood; 2) Adolescence; and 3) Young Adulthood.


childhood ä Snow Days By Cathy


hen we were growing up in St. louis, I remember looking forward to each big snow fall, after which our neighbor’s son would plow

our driveway, creating a small mountain of snow. My mother would bundle the three of us up and then release us to the “north pole” that was waiting for us outside. We spent hours pretending we were Eskimos and work industriously at building an igloo, or just scramble on the top of the snow bank, challenging each other to run the length the fastest without falling. Eventually, my mom would call us back inside, just as we realized that we were exhausted. And as we filed into the house, our cheeks red and clothes damp from our adventures in the snow, we would be met with the smell of my mother’s homemade lor bot goh (Chinese turnip cake with Chinese sausage), sizzling on the stove, and three steaming mugs of hot chocolate. She had been in the background the whole time, watching us play and anticipating our needs. I never get tired of telling that story, not only because it allows me to relive the experience, but also because it demonstrates my mother’s natural ability to provide a secure base for us all.




Mom and The Sea Gull

By Betsy

By Alex



never once forgot to pick us up from school or wake up early to walk

were and would catch us.

rowing up, I was a shy and timid girl who was scared of everything from spiders to different types of Chinese food. And where I felt

safest was at home with my mom who was always there for us and

defining physical trait of our mother was her cat-like reflexes. When we were little, she used to warn us when she was trying to

discipline us, not to try and escape, because she was quicker than we

us to the bus stop. I felt like my mom was my protector, and I could go to her for anything. Living in the Midwest, we were prone to having

This speed and quickness was put on full display during a trip to

extreme storms especially during tornado season. Whenever we’d have

Cypress Gardens in Orlando, Florida we took with family friends as

these nightly storms, after the first sounds of thunder, I’d scurry off to

children. We had just finished watching an impressive water show

my parents room. No more than a few steps in would my mom ask “Jo

complete with dolphins and water skiing acrobatics. What most of the

Meh?” or “what’s going on?” I would tell her about the thunderstorm,

audience didn’t know was the show my Mom was going to put on for

and she would take me in her arms and hold me until I fell asleep. Even

everyone after the show.

though it took me awhile to grow out of my fear for thunderstorms and

There were swarms of sea gulls flying around the stadium

in contrast, my mom was afraid of so few things, my mom never once

aimlessly. Without warning, my Mom reached out her arm and grabbed

lost her patience and always took me in. I knew that as I grew older and

one in midflight. Pretty much everyone around was in shock from her

we took on adult things I thought were scary like going away to college,

children, to stunned onlookers, to the squawking, flapping sea gull who

interviewing for jobs and paying bills that I’d continue to have my

was probably unaware that any human being would be daring enough,

mom’s love and support.

let alone quick enough to pluck it from the sky.


My Mom, with her eyes dancing with excitement, kept shouting, “Go ahead kids: pet it!” This one moment in time is so descriptive of my Mom. She was daring and mischievous, but her focus always on what she could do for her kids.




adolescence ä

High School Interview By Cathy


y parents have always emphasized the importance of learning. Throughout our lives, they continually challenged us to go

beyond accepting what we saw, were told or what was popular by encouraging us to be independent thinkers inside and outside of the classroom. As Betsy and I prepared to move on from elementary school to junior high, my parents gave us the option of applying for different private schools. I remember my mother coming with me to an interview


decided that maybe it was for the best if I skipped trying out for the Yearbook staff that year and wait until the following one. But my mom disagreed and urged me to push through my schoolwork and write my sample article. She said that I couldn’t miss the opportunity and that it was one late night for a year’s worth of experience and told me that she would stay up with me until I finished everything. After I submitted the article, she was so sure of my abilities that she waited expectedly for the news. It felt so good to tell her that I made it and I knew that I would always remember how it was because of her encouragement and love that I got my first real start into writing that make way for future opportunities.


at one of these schools, and how surprised my interviewer appeared upon hearing my responses to his questions. Afterwards, my mother told our family how proud she was that I was not afraid to speak my

Thanksgiving with “Strangers”

mind. I know that it was her confidence in me and the encouragement

By Alex

she gave me that allowed me to do so many things without fear.

j All Nighter with Mom By Betsy


Mom always had a special place in her heart for international students, having bravely come half way around the world by herself at the age of 17 for her last year of high school and then college. She would always talk about how lonely it would feel during the holidays being so far away from her family during special times of the year when a majority of her classmates had homes to go to, but that a loving family always

y mom always treated us as individuals and made it a point to

would invite her into their home during Christmas, Thanksgiving, or

show us what made each one of us unique. She encouraged us


and taught us to never miss an opportunity to cultivate our talents. 

Mom never forgot those acts of kindness and took it upon herself to

From when I was in elementary school to now, my mom would gently

give back by inviting foreign students to our home for the holidays and

push me to write because she knew that I loved it and thought that I

treating them to some of her incredible cooking. When Betsy, Cathy,

had potential. When I was a junior in high school I was interested in

and I were younger, we would grumble a bit about having “strangers” in

trying out for the Yearbook staff, which included writing and submitting

our house during special holidays, but mom would be quick to point out

a sample article. The night before the deadline, I had to study for an

that if other families hadn’t opened their hearts and their homes to her

exam and write a paper. Feeling overwhelmed with my school work, I

when she first moved to the U.S. she would have been all alone.



Young Adulthood ä “We Chinese” By Cathy

On my first day of being on my own at college, I was feeling homesick, and sought comfort in attending the campus cultural group fair. There, I met my best friend from college, Winnie, and we quickly bonded over having Chinese mothers who enjoyed teaching us, among other important historical events related to China, about the Chinese version of how Japan got started. Later, I called my mother to tell her about the


or the availability of good oranges in February. She would talk to the nurses and share how God had helped her throughout her day, and she would show her gratitude for what people did for her and wanted them to remember to take good care of themselves. Even a few months ago, when my mom was having so many complications from her disease, she was making friends with the nurses at UNC. One nurse had thrown out her back, and the whole time she was helping my mom, my mom kept reminding her not to strain her back. We’ll always remember her selflessness, her constant advice, and how she touched everyone around her.


Asian cultural house, a dormitory floor reserved for students with an interest in learning about and sharing Asian culture. I remember how animated and curious she became when I recounted the different events

Gifts My Mom Left Behind

planned and my new friend. When I eventually moved into ACH and

By Alex

became the co-chair, we would often become engrossed on the phone discussing different ideas for promoting cultural awareness on the campus. Even after I graduated college, my mother continued to tell me about Chinese culture and history.

Parking Spaces and Oranges By Betsy


s many of you know, I was blessed with a year’s time with my mom when she was going through her bone marrow transplants.

During that time there were many ups and downs, but through it all my mom was always thinking about us and others and was thankful for what God gave her. No matter how tired she was, no matter how tough her treatment, she always reminded my dad and I to take our vitamins and eat enough fruit.  She wanted me to renew my faith in God and would share bible verses with me. For things we took for granted, she would thank God for such as an open parking space at the hospital


was truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend the final eleven days of my mother’s life with her in the hospital, most of it as

one-on-one time as mother and son. I knew in my heart that time was running out, and although I had told my mom how much I loved her throughout the last 5 ½ years, my greatest fear was that I would forget to tell or ask her something, and lose the chance forever. This fear caused me sleepless nights and near panic attacks. Although, I wanted to be a comfort to my Mom, unlike my sister Cathy, I was never able to keep my composure, and broke down in front of her constantly. We assumed our traditional roles of mother and son, and she often comforted me. Most importantly, she gave me some of her favorite Bible verses for me to cling to. Mom always looked to God as her source of strength, especially in the last 5 ½ years of her life. Even before that, she would recite Bible verses to us that especially spoke to her. Oftentimes, I would dutifully nod while my head was elsewhere thinking about Carolina



Basketball. But these verses took on special meaning during the last 11

In Remembrance of My Wife, Christina Lee

days, and even more so today. One verse in particular is Phillipians 4:8. I was trying to tell my Mom about the regrets I have in my life and that I was scared about

Joseph K. T. Lee

having regrets after she passed on. She instantly recalled Phillipians 4:8 which says “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” I know that my Mom’s faith and reliance in God helped her through the last 5 ½ years of her life through the horrors of cancer. My mom never missed an opportunity to instruct my sisters and I about life and faith. Although I can not go to her anymore for her advice, I know that I can go to where she went for advice, hope, comfort, and peace.



n the early morning of Feb 5, Christina Lee, my beloved wife of nearly 36 years, was taken home to be with our Lord. Christina not only

was my wife, but also my best friend, helper, and above all a spiritual partner in Christ. Our journey is unique in its beginning by the way we were introduced. We corresponded and became good friends through snail mail in 1971 for an entire year before we met in person and started dating in Hong Kong. Although love at first sight might be an exaggeration, we bonded quickly because of our similar family/cultural background and more importantly our belief in the salvation of Jesus Christ. However, we were different in many other ways: Christina was stunningly beautiful, artistic, sensitive and creative; I was geeky, methodical, factual and conventional. In spite of these differences, I was able to win over her heart largely because of God’s mercy for me and, to a small part, because of my humor. We were married at her home church in Hong Kong on June 2, 1973 and started our married life in St Louis shortly afterwards. For the first thirty years, our life was not too dissimilar to other young Christian couples who tried to balance work, family and church activities. In spite of our differences in personality, we were able to complement each other and had very few disagreements on major issues because of our intense love for each other and because of our delegation of responsibilities­—she was responsible for domestic issues and I was in charge of external affairs. Nevertheless, we soon had to resolve our first major disagreement: how many children to have—she would like to have three and I two. Although I did not mind having three


children, I was concerned about the impact of three Caesarean sections


After Christina was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2003, we

on Christina. We brought this dilemma to our Heavenly Father and

got to experience God’s presence in our lives on a daily basis through

He miraculously resolved our problem by granting us three beautiful

answering of prayers, the work of Holy Spirit and the sacrificial love

children through two pregnancies.

from our sisters and brothers in Christ. Although Christina was a

Christina had a vivacious outgoing personality and was an

worrier by nature, she demonstrated courage throughout her entire

excellent gourmet cook. She was elegant but frugal, principled

illness. I was frequently amazed by the peace, joy and courage she

but loving. She also had many spiritual gifts, especially the gift of

exhibited during some of the most difficult treatments. During her

hospitality, encouraging and evangelization. Her ability to initiate

outpatient treatments, she often shared God’s love with other patients

a conversation with “strangers” in supermarkets and other public

and hospital staff. While praying for a miracle of healing, Christina kept

places made it possible for her to make new friends, both believers and

her hope and faith to the last day. She knew that if she were to be cured

nonbelievers. Throughout our marriage, she used these gifts freely to

of such an aggressive tumor, it would have to be God’s power and not

reach out to international students and our friends to share the Gospel.

any human treatments. Because of such faith and hope, she never once

When our children were young, they often wondered why we celebrated

expressed anger or despair about her illness. Because of the indwelling

our Thanksgiving holidays by sharing a 10 course Chinese meal with so

power of the Holy Spirit, she was able to comfort Alex, our son, during

many “homeless strangers” (i.e., international/college students or other

her final days with God’s word (Philippians 4:8) when Alex tried to

nonbelieving friends) instead of eating traditional turkeys as a family.

comfort her!

Christina and I both enjoy travelling. In the last three and half

Now Christina is at home with our Lord, resting peacefully and

decades, we were fortunate enough to travel around the globe both

comfortably without physical pain and sufferings. Although it will take

with and without our children. We enjoyed immensely God’s exquisite

time for me to get over the grief of losing my beloved wife of nearly 36

creations on all of our trips. Above all, we treasured the time we spent

years, I’m reassured by God’s promise that one day I will be reunited

with various missionaries our home churches (St. Louis Chinese Gospel

with her in Heaven. Thank you all for coming to be with us on such a

Church and Raleigh Chinese Christian Church) supported, including

beautiful Carolina day.

Taiwan and Mexico. We were so touched by the missionaries’ sacrificial love in serving our Lord in difficult environments. Christina and I had a very good marriage from the very beginning. However, our love for each other intensified as we both grew closer to God. We learned from each other, supported each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. In recent years, our children were often amazed by the fact that we could finish each other’s sentences spontaneously. Indeed, the two have become one as stated in the book of Ecclesiastes.





Sister Christina Yuk-Ming Tsai LEE


hristina was a warm and caring person. Even during her illness, she attended the church

prayer meeting every chance she could, and prayed unceasingly for those in need. We were encouraged and uplifted by her very presence. Her focus was on Jesus instead of herself, honoring Him in every way. What a beautiful testimony for our LORD. Now she is welcomed home into the open arms of our Heavenly Father! —David and Christine Chou



our Mom was so courageous and put up such a brave fight all the while still had the loving

capacity to inquire about and come to our house to visit Christopher several times.... She, your Dad, and your whole family have been such fine examples of faith, hope, and love. I grieve with you but I also take comfort knowing she is now with our Heavenly Father and one day we’ll see her again! The flower garden of Heaven is now even more beautiful because of this new addition.... —David and Jeannie Chen






Christina has gone before us, joined the saints of old,

we helped your parents move! We were much younger

worshipping God and seeing face to face the Lord whom

and stronger then! :-)

he STL CGC community, among other communities, have lost a dear friend and sister in Christ. In the

midst of sorrow, we are comforted by the knowledge that

she loved and served. Those happy memories will stay

our mom is so special. I smile when I think about the laughs and good times we shared together

I remember when we first met, when you were born and

She amazed me when she gave birth to the twins

with us for a long time to come, until we see each other in

and called them her “Japanese babies.” They were so

the presence of our Lord.

active that she removed all the furniture out of their

—William and Cynthia Hsueh, Missouri

room and had them sleeping on the floor. She was afraid that they might fall trying to get out of their cribs. :-)


Your mom is an incredible mother. She would prepare all her own baby food—mind you, this was


will always have great memories of her. She was

before all the push for natural & healthy baby foods!

actually my favorite sunday school teacher as a child.

She is also a dear friend and a talented artist who

I will never forget the story she told us that if you hold

helped paint Chinese watercolors to illustrate one of

your breath long enough, that bugs will start coming out

the little books that I needed to make for a university

of your nose, ears, mouth, etc. To this day I remember

course. I know that I got an “A” for that project as her

that story whenever I find myself holding my breath.

work made mine look so unique! :-) She is a fabulous

—Francis Hsueh, New York



hen I think dear sister Christina, I see beauty, grace, gentleness and kindness all combine into

cook and so modest, but what wonderful rice porridge she would make and so many delicious dinners we shared together. Did you know that she took a cooking class in preparation for her upcoming marriage to your dad? Your mom has continued to touch each of us

one. She allowed me to witness her faith in the Lord,

throughout this illness. Her faith has kept her strong.

despite the dreadful treatments she endured during her

She is not alone as we pray with her and for her. God is

illness, she was as brave as she could be. She was a strong

with her and feels her pain. He is by her side.

prayer warrior and often thought of others. May your mom rest comfortably with the Lord, may she live in our hearts always. —Gloria Huang, North Carolina

—Darlene Wang, China



e have several memories of Auntie Christina that we would like to share. One memory was

when we were in college. Uncle Joe and Auntie Christina opened up their home for college Bible study when we did not have a place to meet. Even if their own children were away, they still “adopted” us and provided a “home


And when the darkness closes in, Lord, still I will say: Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be Your name. Blessed be the name of the Lord, Blessed be Your glorious name.

away from home” for homesick college students. Her

Blessed be Your name when the sun’s shining down on me,

love for Christ and her own children compelled her to

When the world’s “all as it should be”,

reach out to us.

Blessed be Your name.

Once Christina was peeking inside a church

And blessed be Your name on the road marked with suffering,

classroom to see how her friend was doing in a Bible

Though there’s pain in the offering,

study. She had invited this friend while she was sick

Blessed be Your name.

and was so excited that her friend showed up. Christina wanted so much for the Lord to reach out to this special friend. I remember seeing her pace the church halls and inwardly praying with eager anticipation. She was always concerned about the spiritual welfare of others. Another time, I remember how she embraced the words to a worship song introduced one Sunday right after she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. She worshipped like none other and I marveled at her strength as she closed her eyes and raised her hands in praise. It was a compelling picture. The song reads as follows:

You give and take away, You give and take away, My heart will choose to say, Lord, blessed be Your name.

Finally, my fondest memory of Auntie Christina was from a few years back when Billy and I had a miscarriage. We were trying to get pregnant without much success and found ourselves feeling very discouraged. She pulled me aside one Sunday at church and asked me, “How are things going?” I shared our frustrations and how Billy and I were struggling

Blessed be Your name in the land that is plentiful,

because trying to get pregnant felt like “work.”

Where Your streams of abundance flow,

Immediately, she put her arm around me, pulled me

Blessed be Your name.

close, and adamantly said, “Oh, you are too stressed.

And blessed be Your name when I’m found in the desert place,

You and Billy must relax. Enjoy being together... let me

Though I walk through the wilderness,

tell you a secret….”

Blessed be Your name. Every blessing You pour out I’ll turn back to praise,

I leaned in as Auntie Christina lowered her voice. To this day, I cannot share the secret she shared with



me; but she brought a smile to my face and made

showed them kindness and pointed them to Jesus. The

me laugh. For a moment, her words lifted me out of

fellowship in Heaven rejoices because you have added to

discouragement and brought me joy. It was going to be

the richness in the Body of Christ.

all right, and she lovingly reminded and showed me how to refocus my heart.

Christina, you are a lover of our Heavenly Father and His Word.

Auntie Christina was a woman of true beauty

Christina, you are now in constant communion with

inside and out. She was so down to earth, wanting

our Father because you are clothed in the righteousness

others to find peace and joy in their faith as she

of Christ. Our Father is the source of all goodness,

found in her own. We will miss your beautiful smile,

mercy, grace and His Kingdom is ever lasting. This

encouragement, love, and most of all your shining

intimate relationship that you enjoy with the Triune

example of faith in the midst of adversity. We love you

God is also everlasting. You are His adopted child and

and God bless!

receiving all those crowns of glory that He has prepared

—Love, Billy and Gloria Fan, North Carolina

j In remembrance of Christina


hristina, you are a lover of nature and flowers. Christina, you have now found flowers of every

kind, colors and shapes that we have not even dreamed of, they are more brilliant and more fragrant than the ones we know. Christina, you are a lover of music and hymns. Christina, the music of worship in heaven is more

for you. Christina, you are lover of your family and friends. Christina, we missed you dearly. Yet, your steadfast faith will always remain with us. We know that you are now in Heaven, which is by far a much better place. You now have a new body that is glorified, a mind with transcending understanding, and a heart that is forever filled by His perfect love. We know that someday when we meet Christ face to face we will be reunited and our sweet fellowship will never end. —Winnie Tsai, Canada

dimensional than we can ever imagine. The singing of


the angels and all the saints, the wonders of harps and flutes and now the new voice from you all join in unison to worship His Holy Name. Christina, you are a lover of people. Christina, you have now found the welcoming fellowship of all those who come before you. They are embracing you because you had helped them,


y Yee Ma loved nature, so we had that in common. She especially loved flowers, and had

an encyclopedic knowledge of different types, varieties, and how to make them thrive and bloom. She and my



Yee Chong came to visit me a few times in Vancouver. Behind the house I lived in was a garden that I had never looked at closely. But when my Yee Ma saw it, she got very excited. She took me on a tour of my own garden,


hristina, we will always remember your kindness, for reaching & ministering to us, by putting our

needs before yours. We will miss you. But we know that by God’s grace, we will see your face, again.

introducing me to all the flowers that I hadn’t known

—Sannie Chong, Singapore

even though they were my neighbours for so long.


My Yee Ma was very proud of her heritage and of Chinese culture. I remember one time we were walking together near my house in Vancouver when we came upon an older Chinese couple walking a shar-pei, one of those Chinese, wrinkly dogs. One of the owners told the


remember Auntie Christina very fondly when we first moved to St. Louis. She was always very welcoming to

our family and was very kind in helping us get adjusted

dog to “chaw dai.” “Wow,” my Yee Ma exclaimed. “That

to the area. She always cooked delicious meals and was

dog is so smart! It even understands Chinese.”

very hospitable to all those around her. She was kind,

I came to visit my Yee Ma in North Carolina this

generous, and had a great sense of humor. 

past fall, and was heartened to see she was still so lively

—Genevieve Owyang, California

and joyful despite the pain and suffering caused by her


illness. She was very excited when I offered to do some gardening. Right away, she called up the garden centre and ordered a rose bush that she had always wanted - a variety called “double-knockout.” As we drove to the garden centre, she pointed out some beautiful pink blooms planted along the road and told me that’s what

My Dear Christina,


lthough I find comfort that you are with our Father in Heaven, I really miss you. How I miss

your gentle voices, your lovely smiles, your humors, your

the new rose bush would look like in the spring. I planted

insights of God’s Word, your sense of His revelation,

it in the circular planter in the middle of the driveway. I

your fellowships, your opinions, feelings, and advices.

know she looked forward to seeing the first blooms from

Oh, how much I miss our conversations and times

her window in a few months time. It makes me very sad

together! Your love for Christ is contagious; your

to think she never got that chance, but I hope she will be

devotion and love for your families and friends are

able to look down from where she is now and see all the

exemplary; your concerns for those who haven’t known

flowers blooming all over the world.

God are persistent. You prayed for so many of my

— Emily Chung, Canada ,


friends whom you had never met; and you were always eager to help those in needs. I will never forget the time when you were still recovering from your second


transplant. You drove all the way to check on me simply because no one answered the phone and it was late at night, and you knew Eric and Teddy were out-of-town. When you saw me walking up from the distance, you smiled with great relief. Oh, I will never forget that big smile on your face! This is our Christina, who always concerns about her friends and families, and always goes all the way out. Though the illness had taken such heavy tolls on you, I had never heard you complain of the fact that you got the illness. You always faced your sufferings with grace and courage. You turned every misfortune thrown at you into beautiful notes in your songs of praise for our Lord. When I saw you, I saw our God in you. How beautiful you are! Christina, I know I have to wait for my time to see you again. But, between now and then, I want to tell you how much I miss you, and you are always in my heart. —Love, Mariah, North Carolina



hristina and Joe left St Louis many years ago, but I have special memories of them and often miss

them. When we moved to St. Louis 32 years ago, they quickly befriended us and invited us home for dinner. Their hospitality was warmly demonstrated. When doctors came from China to study, they often invited them home. I remember one Christmas, they invited our family and a few visiting Chinese doctors home for dinner. They put on a program with their children’s participation to help introduce the gospel to seekers. 




Christina and I became good friends. When Sam

overseas and I came back to give birth to my first

and I got married, she was my maid of honor. When I

child, it was Christina and Joe who persuaded a good

became a mom, we spent a lot of time together. Because

obstetrician to take me onto her books—and also for my

we were stay at home moms, we often invited other stay

second child. I was here on my own, and Christina was

at home moms to do things together like going to the

always there with advice and help.

parks and cooking so that the kids can play together

After she became ill, my children really wanted to

and the adults can share the gospel. Christina really

join in praying for her. They would pray for her almost

cared for the souls of her unbelieving friends. She often

every night, and would always ask “Any news?” So

studied the Bible with them individually. She became

even in this way, Christina provided opportunity for my

my role model. A few months ago, in my e-mail, I

children to grow in faith and closeness to the Lord.

informed her that one of our mutual friends, with whom

We are so sad that she has gone so early in life, but

she had spent a lot of time, recently accepted Jesus and

have many great memories of her to hold in our hearts

was totally transformed. She was very happy and wrote

until we meet again.

me back with encouraging words.

Love and prayers with you all,

She took me to BSF where we grew spiritually together. She was good with her hands. She taught me

—Chianghua and Mark Hereward,

how to knit and I made the one and only quilt for my

and their children, William and Courtenay, New York

baby. Christina had a blessed life. She had a husband


who loved her very much, and three fine children who made her proud. She constantly prayed for the spiritual wellbeing of her family members. She was a faithful friend. I will miss her. I am thankful that she is now in the best place enjoying her Almighty Heavenly Father. We will someday join her there and we will have our best time together, eternally. Praise God! —Shirley Chan, Missouri




t is with great sense of loss, sorrow, and grief, that I reminisce how Christina and her family have touched

our lives. I still remember the first time Christina and I met and spoke to one another. At that time Raleigh Chinese Christian Church was still located off Old Wake Forest Road on the east side of Raleigh. It was our Sunday worship practice at that time to open the floor to members to give praise or thanks to God before our

hristina has always exhibited gracious helpfulness

corporate prayer and sermon. One particular Sunday I

to me and my family. When we were stationed

stood up and shared how God comforted me one night



during the week with His words. I had found myself

was exactly what the Bible taught us to do which was

unable to sleep one night because I was particularly

that older Christian ladies should mentor the younger

troubled by the flood that happened in St Louis and

Christian girls. Christina continued to grow more

although I had no known relatives/friends living there,

beautiful and lovely to me.

I felt a special urge to pray for them. God comforted me

Nine years ago, my son was struck by an incurable

from Old Testament that though we might go through

disease and we spent almost four months living at

the water and/or the fire, He will deliver us, etc… After

Duke Hospital. At that time Dr Lee was the Chairman

the sermon, a sister with nice figure and impeccably

of the Deacon Board and both he and Christina came to

dressed came up to me and thanked me for sharing

visit us in the hospital. I remember Christina brought

that because she has moved from St Louis to NC and

me a delicious homemade Chicken noodle dish. They

had many friends as well as her unsold house still

administered to us both spiritually as well as physically.

there….   I learned her name was Christina Lee and I

Later even after Christina was fighting for her own

was impressed that she took the time to encourage me.

life, both Dr Lee and Christina continued to inquire

Later because she lived in Chapel Hill and I lived

about Christopher and our well being. In between

in Cary, our paths did not really cross that often but

treatments, Christina would either phone, e-mail, and

I continued to hear good reports about her such as

even managed, with Dr Lee, to come to our home to visit

although she and Dr Lee live in Chapel Hill yet they not

Christopher not once but several times with the last

only regularly attended Sunday School/Worship with

time less than a couple months ago. I remember during

us in Raleigh, they also regularly attended Wednesday

this last visit, besides praying for Chris, Christina,

prayer meetings, how they had open their home to

the ever encourager, was telling Christopher she still

college students at UNC, that Christina had a flower

remembers what a good boy he was the time she taught

garden and she often brought flowers to add to the décor

him in her VBS class and for Chris to continue to trust,

of our church as well as graced many weddings with her

wait, and hope in the Lord for His healing….

beautiful flowers, how she paired up with other sisters

—Jeannie Chen, North Carolina

in Chapel Hill to visit new comers and share the gospel


with the unbelievers, etc. Then I had a chance to be a co-worker with Christina to teach Sunday School to Junior High girls. Although we co-labored maybe only one year but I saw first hand how a Godly woman can set example and impact other young lives and I was reminded from the Bible that what Christina was doing


hristina, love your wise thoughts and steady faith, admire your prayerful heart and inspiring spirit,

enjoy your delicious food and fragrant flowers, treasure your touching and encouraging sharings...



“And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead...” Heb 11:4b

station wagon and the tercel?) Then she brought us to

You are living deeply in my heart, I thank the Lord for

your house, spent time with me and fed me till I forgot

having you to be my sweet sister and my dear friend.

why I was sad to begin with. This is just an example of

—Cindy Peng, Hong Kong

what she does for people all the time. I will always be grateful for how Christina touched my life and cared for


me during the most difficult time in my life. —Kerry Cheung, Missouri


n my mind, Christina was a courageous, witty,


optimistic person. She loved and enjoyed her life

that was given by the Lord. I was very fortunate to have known her as an older sister from SLCGC and as a sister in Christ. She made my stay in St. Louis much more memorable. I will miss her. Christina will always


e met Christina shortly after we moved to Chesterfield Missouri, from Canada in

1988. While shopping for groceries at Schnuks, we were

live in our hearts. Christina has finished her race. I am

greeted by a friendly voice from behind. A sweet lady

sure she is now in the best place with the Lord and the

introduced herself as Christina. She heard us speaking

Lord would say, “Christina, my faithful servant. You

in Cantonese, and wanted to make friends with us, and

have run a good race and a job well done. Now come and

invited us to her church.

celebrate with Me.” I can see Christina smiling while receiving her crown.

Although we were not Christians, we were happy to meet a new friend in a new place. Po Yee and I began

—Bernice Law, California



to attend some of the church activities. This was a pivotal point in our lives. Over the next few years, we gradually learn about Christ from Christina and other church friends and Pastor Hsueh. Later on, we moved on

will always remember Christina fondly. She is a

to Austin, and we were baptized at the Austin Chinese

woman of strong faith and Godly character. My


favorite memory of her is from my high school years

Christina was a faithful servant of God who

the one day when she took all of us (3K’s and ABC)

reached out to bring people to Christ. Po Yee and I are

swimming. She had learned from Karen that I was

grateful for what she had done.

home sick and sad from missing Hong Kong. She decided to bring her 3 kids over and we had the best time swimming at our subdivision pool. Afterwards we all piled into the station wagon. (Remember the tan

—Richard & Po Yee Tam, Texas





hristina is such a sweet friend. She is easily

Baptist. I remember sitting on those rusty folding

satisfied and will never fail to reward you with

chairs, listening to Bible stories and staring at the

her catching laughter. When she came to Houston for

yellow brick walls in our basement-level classroom. I

her 1st treatment at MD Anderson, we know she would

think we were pre-teens or early teens…either way, we

NOT be able to eat vegetable for a while. She loves

had lots of energy and little tiny attention spans. When

vegetable. When she saw my garden with fresh organic

we would get rowdy she would rein us back in with just

vegetables, her eyes just pop out and smile like a child

the right balance of gentleness and authority. She spoke

discovers a jar of M&Ms.

to us as adults and expected us to behave like such.

When the vegetable was cooked the way she likes

That was one of the first impressions I had of Auntie

and placed in front of her, she was just full of gratitude,

Christina…that she spoke not just to who we were, but

eating with a big smile on her face. I am sending you

to who we had the potential to be. Looking back, I feel as

the picture so you can see how easily she could be

though she looked at her Sunday school lessons not just

contented with little things like a bowl of home grown

as a responsibility, not as a finite moment to share Bible

vegetable. Though she is now in heaven and it may be

knowledge with some teenagers, but as an opportunity

a while before I will see her again, her smile will always

to help us build the spiritual foundations for who we

be in my heart.

would become. —Ruth Chen, Texas



And not only did she go above and beyond the call of duty by bringing us candy and donuts, but I think the biggest testament to her sacrificial spirit and courage was when she organized a day long outing for our class

hen I emailed my friends to let them know

to go to Franklin Street—which as teenagers, was about

that I’d have to be out of town this weekend

the coolest thing you could spend a day doing. My

to attend my “auntie’s” funeral, I first struggled to

memory is hazy, but as far as I remember, it was like 10

explain what I meant by “auntie,” and then to explain

or so teenagers yelling and meandering our way down

why I was quite as upset as I was. What I ended up

Franklin Street…plus Auntie Christina. What a brave

saying was, “there are few woman I know that carry


themselves with the same measure of grace, poise,

Even after those early teen years, I still saw plenty

class, and godliness as she did, and I know that so

of Auntie Christina…she would be at church passing

many of us are missing her right now.”

out the best smelling gardenias from her garden, and

My first distinct memories of Auntie Christina come from the days when she taught my Sunday school class in the old RCCC building across from Temple

she & Uncle Joe even hosted one or two of our Youth Group Christmas caroling lock-ins. Several years passed after those Sunday school



lessons & Christmas sleepovers, and I ended up moving

that there were times when her heart & will had to fight

to DC to start my career. I remember that for the first

to praise the Lord, but praise Him she did. She claimed

several months, even though I was for the first time in

the promises of Isaiah with a strength & boldness

my life permanently and gainfully employed, I still ate

that would cause you to think that Scripture was her

like a college kid—I mean, cereal was an outstanding

first language. And I know that while she nurtured the

choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner; and ramen was

richest, most fragrant flowers in all of Chapel Hill, their

still a staple, not just an occasional comfort food.

aroma paled in comparison to the aroma of how she

Anyways, I remember that in the midst of those early

lived her life as a fragrant offering of worship to the Lord.

months, Uncle Joe & Auntie Christina came to town

—Amy Poon, North Carolina

and made the time out of their busy traveling schedule


to take me out to lunch. Not only that, but they ordered so much food, and since they were only in town for a short period of time, they insisted that I take home the leftovers… I ate so well for the next few nights… Looking back, I have no doubt that they ordered all that food on purpose. Over the years, Auntie Christina sent me several emails and handwritten cards just to ask how I was doing, to encourage me to continue loving the Lord, and


hristina was a devout Christian. Throughout her sickness and every time I visited her, she shared

the bible verses with me what she had discovered the new meanings. She never complained a single “why me.” She focused her eyes on God and asked His guidance throughout. She had a quest to lead people to know God. When

to let me know that she was thinking of and praying

I know Christina, she worked hard to prepare gourmet

for me. In a world where there’s never enough time

food to entertain Christian friends and non-Christian

in the day, it was always a breath of fresh air to get a

friends in hope that they will march to baptism with joy

handwritten card in the mail… to know that someone

one day.

had not only thought of me, but had taken the time to

She was a loving mother, striving for the best for

find pen and paper, *and* my newest mailing address

her children. She shared how she had concerned about

(because I seem to enjoy moving every year) to write

everything that was not perfect for them. How could

and let me know that. And it was something that I

she do something.

treasured so much more because it came from someone I deeply respected and admired. What she endured must have been so painful and aggressive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But I never saw her without a smile on her face. I’m sure

She was devoted wife. She did not say too much about herself in the prayer request but to pray for Joe, for he has the burden to care for her and his daily work. As a friend and sister in Christ, we shared many enjoyed moments together. But one thing I most afraid


of and enjoyed at the same time was to cook dinner for


For me, I met Christina in 1981 when I first moved

her or invited her for dinner. She has some of the best

to St. Louis from Hong Kong. I was sixteen years old,

taste buds on earth. For example, she could discern the

spoke little English, and hardly knew what to do with

different grades of Chinese mushrooms presented to

my new life. But, God gave me the gift of meeting

her. Good thing, I did not take any short cuts or lower

Christina at St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church. I

grade ingredients.

remember that she was so delighted. As a young kid, I

Christina, I trust you are at a better place and

had so many similar interests, yet our personalities and

looking down at us now. May our prayers reach you and

approaches to things couldn’t have been more different.

Father in Heaven that our dialogue remains.

Nevertheless, this petite woman took me under her

—Tenney & Karen Woo, North Carolina



wings and she has treated me like her daughter, her younger sister since the day we met and she has always made me feel like she is only capable of seeing the very best in me. Wow, what an amazing blessing! When I

hen Joe asked me to give a eulogy, I was touched

told Christina that I wanted to be a teacher, she was

by the honor of being asked and yet challenged

thrilled. She encouraged me to serve others by using

by what I would say to accurately and appropriately

the talent and sense of humor that I had to connect

give tribute to a woman whom I loved like a mother,

with both adults and kids. I’m pleased to say that after

an older sister, a mentor and a friend. And, since I am

nineteen years of public school service, I think I’ve

not just anyone from St. Louis, I am the opinioned and

made her proud. Yet, I’m not entirely sure if she ever

outspoken one, I feel compelled to share the Christina I

realized the full magnitude of her influence in my life.

know and love with everyone else that I’ve been blessed

Over the years, Christina and I shared many keen

to be with today. If you ask anyone in St. Louis who knew Christina,

and common interests and one of them is authentic Chinese cooking. I love to cook but never had and will

they would likely tell you that she is a loving wife,

never have her level of skills but I do my best everyday

a tremendous mother, a humble Christian, a neat

to use what she has taught me in the kitchen to serve

freak, a talented artist, a woman of impeccable taste,

my own family, to serve other and more important, she

a perfectionist in many ways, a great steward of God’s

encouraged me to use this gift that God blessed with me

resources and a superior cook but what people would

to be hospitable to those who would feel loved through

most likely say is the fact that she is a treasured friend

a good home cooked meal and sweet fellowship. Trust

whose gift to everyone was her love for God, love for

me, my own teenage boys are grateful for her indirect

life, love for her family, love for others and her sense of

gift to them everyday. Even a mere two weeks ago when

generous spirit.

I visited, Christina was telling me how to cook a cow’s



tongue dish with a tomato and onion sauce. I can’t wait

challenged and nurtured her children and I took lots of

to attempt that dish. I remember Joe and Christina’s

mental notes.

visit after my family moved to Phoenix, I worked up

When I found out I was having twins 2.5 years after

the courage to cook a dinner for the master herself and

my first born, Christina was the first person I called,

to see that she enjoyed my cooking was the greatest

even before I called my parents. I remember saying to

compliment I could have ever gotten. That’s better than

her, “Guess what? You’ll never guess what I am about

any A+ I’ve ever had.

to tell you.” It was then; God really impressed upon me

We also had our “girly” moments where we would

His great love and wisdom for my life in having the

just talk about silly things like shopping, art, traveling,

pro herself mentor me all these years, in preparation

our devotion to Coach purses & beautiful shoes. In other

for my own journey in motherhood. Til today, I am

words, we were the kind of friends that can challenge

convinced that God blessed me with my relationship

each other to do better over a delicious meal while

and experiences through the Lee family to mold me into

giggling about handbags at the same time.

the mother that I am today. For that, I will always be

Since we are both devoted chocoholics, I brought an amazing box of dark chocolate from Paris on my last

exceedingly grateful. When Christina and I visited with each other a

visit and though she wasn’t able to eat and enjoy even

couple of weeks ago in her hospital room, we talked

one piece, we had a good laugh because she asked me to

about everything (Joe told me not to wear her out but

put the box up to her nose so she can at least “smell it”

neither one of us listened and started chatting as soon

and then she told me to eat a piece on her behalf. That’s

as he left the hospital room, sorry Joe!) but what we

the kind of relationship we have.

spent the most time talking about was our common love

However, I would fail to really share with you what

for God (she always had the words of God on the tip

Christina means to me without mentioning the fact

of her tongue), for our husbands and for our children.

that God, in His infinite wisdom used her to prepare

Hearing about each other’s kids and sharing about

me for motherhood. I would not be the person or the

dreams and wishes we had for these kids because of

mother that I am today without her influence. You

our special bond not only as friends but also as fellow

see, she trusted me to take care of ABC whenever she

mothers of three, gave us great joy and pleasure. In

traveled with Joe years ago when I was still in college.

many unique ways, Christina blessed me with her love,

I would move into their house in St. Louis for the week

devotion, wisdom and example. By including me in her

or two while she was gone and I got to play house and

children’s lives, she has also given me three additional

play mom with Alex, Betsy and Cathy. Though I cannot

gifts of “pseudo children” whom I’m very proud of and

remember how many times I did that, I do remember

love very much. I especially enjoy the lunches that Alex

that it was fun each time. I would also watch how she

and I get to have together in St. Louis every few months.



Those are very special times for me. I only wish I got to do that with the twins as well. But what I will miss the most is not necessarily her cooking, our common love for the things that I’ve mentioned, our time together or the encouragement of her ever present faith in our Lord, what I will most miss is the opportunities to share with her, pray with her and continue to learn from her. Christina has richly blessed me in more ways than I have time to tell you and I hope I honor God and Christina everyday in my life by living a life of faithfulness in the Lord and by utilizing what she taught me. As we gather to celebrate Christina’s life today, I would like for you to leave with the thoughts of how our Lord used her to bless you in your life and in turn, challenge yourself to serve Him with the same devotion, conviction, steadfastness and faithfulness. I sincerely believe that Christina would be most pleased to know that she has had a part in your life of service to our Lord. She will be missed tremendously but I hope to and will continue to honor her with her gifts to me in my daily life. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you about the Christina Lee that I know and love deeply. May God be honored in our time together today. —Karen Leong, Missouri


In lieu of flowers,


contributions in Christina’s name may be made to the following charities/organizations:

The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Raleigh Chinese Christian Church Building Fund

The Nature Conservancy



Christina T. Lee Memorial Service Bulletin