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Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet St. Paul Province

Ministries Foundation Annual Report 2011-2012 POSSUMUS: WE CAN

2011-2012 Ministries Foundation

Educa tion Sp iritua lity Hea lth Care Leadership Sa fety&Support

Boa rd of Directors

Kevin Berg Paul Donovan Jean Dummer, CSJ Michael Flood Sharon Gondek, CSJ Althea Johns, CSJ Mary Beth Johnson Kathleen Judge, CSJ Patrick Kindler Mary Clare Korb, CSJ Karen Linder Jane Yuen-Lin Mahowald Steve Melcher Mary Louise Menikheim Alexandra Naughton Michael O’Connor Susan Oeffling, CSJ Chuck Percival Rob Weber Ex Officio: Irene O’Neill, CSJ Principal Foundation Officer Jean Wincek, CSJ Province Leadership Team

Dear Friends, The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, members of the single largest community of vowed women religious in Minnesota, continue as leaders in committing their talents and resources to serve their neighbors in need. They do so with the support of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation, which leverages the contributions of Sisters— in-kind human services as well as funding and donated space and equipment— to attract private and public support. The social services network nurtured by the Foundation – and funded through your generous donations – includes free health clinics, education centers, housing and support for immigrant women escaping torture, and leadership development for young women. The gratitude of those benefiting from the Sisters’ work is amazing. One Sister recalls sipping coffee with an elderly, very dignified gentleman who said simply, “I have a question. How do you do this? We come here, and we have all this given to us. Why? God?” He said he had been in many schools, but none of them were like the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph. The willingness of people to help in any way left him puzzled. We hear stories like this every day, and we share them because the gratitude is truly aimed at you. All of us at the Ministries Foundation thank you for your generous support in these continued tough economic times. We could not do this without your help, and we are grateful.

Patrick Croke Vice President, Administration

We hope you will visit our website,, and join our facebook and twitter pages as well as our YouTube video channel (instructions are printed on the back cover) to keep up with the ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Ralph Scorpio Executive Director

With gratitude,

Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province Ministries Foundation 1884 Randolph Avenue St. Paul, Minnesota 55105-1700 651-690-7026

Executive Director Ministries Foundation

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation is a partnership among people who recognize the value of the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and seek to make a difference in the lives of those in need by generating and allocating funds to support present and future ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.



Sa fety&Support Sp iritua lity Hea lth Care Leadership Educa tion


Fina n cia l Rep or t

Sources of Funds Donor Support $1,567,257 Service Fees 77,340 Contributed Services 50,000 Investment Gain, net 427,619 $2,122,216

Uses of Funds $1,678,297 Grants to Ministries Expenses 180,604 Fundraising 587, 761 General & Administrative (324,446) Change in Investments $2,122,216

Grants to Ministries $399,422 Partners In Ministry 120,377 Other Ministries Foundation Grants 524,627 Corporate & Foundation Grants 230,093 Carondelet Gala 44,239 Grants Generated by Other Events 359,539 Other $1,678,297



S t. Jos ep h Socie ty When you join our St. Joseph Society, you join the ranks of the following friends and neighbors who have remembered the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation in their estate plans. It’s an easy way to give generously to support the work of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Sisters of St. Joseph welcome and thank all St. Joseph Society members for joining our mission to serve people in need into the future. We would be honored to add your name to this group of hope-filled, generous people. For more information about our St. Joseph Society, please call Lisse Regehr at 651-690-7092 or email her at The Walter Adelmann Living Trust The Estate of Richard Charles Annett Anonymous Ms. Nancy A. Arrell Patricia Beck* The Estate of Frances Beckman The Estate of Virginia Bell Cathy and James Bertucci The Estate of Robert J. Bucher The Estate of Gwendolyn Anne Buckley Mr. Philip B. Byrne The Estate of G. Cavanagh The Estate of Rosemary Chaix The Estate of Kathleen P. Cleary The Estate of Alice Conciello The Estate of Eileen Cooke The Estate of Robert J. Corrigan Mr. T. William Coughlan The Estate of Mary De La Hunt Patricia A. Deiman Rita and Bud Dobbins Marjorie and Jeron Donalds Ms. Maxine Eckes and Mr. James Gau The Estate of Dorothy Ellstrom The Estate of William Evans The Estate of Eleanor D. Farkas Ms. Rose Feckler The Estate of Mary A. Fink The Estate of Catherine R Finnegan Fr. Martin Fleming The Estate of Ray Flesher Belle Flynn*


Ms. Jo Ann Ford The Estate of Andrew A. Froehlich Ms. Pauline Gaffney Ms. Kathryn Gerber The Estate of Mary Jane Giblin The Estate of Rev. John Gilbert The Estate of Victor C. Gilbertson The Estate of the Hon. Archie L. Gingold Mrs. Eleanore G. Gmeinder George Golden and Deanna Louie John and Lucille Gravelle John and Patricia Gries* Susan M. Grumann* Ms. Joanne Haag Arlene and Neil Hamilton Donna Hauer* The Estate of Marcella Hedberg The Estate of Lavonne Heimann Mrs. Philomena Hesse Marguerite Hessian-Gatz The Estate of Beatrice Kennedy Hokanson Mr. Thomas J. Hooley William and Margaret Hunt The Estate of Florence Inserra Maureen Dolan Jurek Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Ms. Mary F. Kading The Estate of Martha Kading The Estate of Judith Kavanaugh, CSJ Anne Dolan Kelly Paul and Barbara Kerwin The Estate of Patricia Cain Kesser

†deceased *Consociate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province

Mary Louise and Daniel Klas Mr. John Kokesh Mary Kopponen Mr. Timothy Kramer Kenneth and Barbara Larson* The Estate of Harry Lauen The Estate of Mary Teresa Long Robert H. Mace, Jr. The Estate of Willmar J. Madden The Estate of Grace Mahlberg The Estate of Brenda Maiers Catherine Mamer The Estate of Francis N. Mayer Mrs. Louise McCahill The Estate of Marie McDevitt William and Virginia Claessens McDonald* The Estate of Charlotte McEvoy Barbara McIlquham* Mrs. Claire McKinley The Estate of Rosemary McLeod Mary Kaye Medinger* Ms. Alice T. Meyer* Ms. Kate Meyer* The Estate of Patricia Moran Ms. Eileen Moran Irene Muhvich, Ph.D. Fran Rusciano Murnane* The Estate of Donald P. Neisen The Estate of Mildred E. Neuberger Kristin Furth Neufeld The Estate of Alice A. O’Brien M. Eileen O’Brien The Estate of John Patrick O’Leary, Sr Ms. Kathleen Olsen* The Estate of Dr. Valentine O’Malley The Estate of Dr. Nial C. and Ann M. O’Neill Patricia Palmer Dr. Michael and Treva Paparella The Estate of Estelle Flynn Patrick The Estate of June V. Paulson Ms. Margaret Pavlik Ms. Mary J. Peters Julie and Jerry Pope

The Estate of James A. Rademacher Ms. Ruth M. Rademacher Ms. Marie Raess Mrs. Catherine A. Rains The Estate of A. Margaret Regnier The Estate of Lorraine Ethel Ridge Maura Robertson The Estate of James F. Rochester Alice Rogers The Estate of Marie Fourre Russ Mary Ann Ryan Mrs. Ione Salmen Ms. Mary A. Schabarum Ms. Frances C. Schacher Jo Anne Shekleton Ms. Barbara A. Smith Phyllis Smith The Estate of Marjorie A. Stauber The Estate of Msgr. John A. Sweeney Ms. Carol A. Tauer The Estate of Irene F. Taylor Elizabeth Thornton The Estate of Kitty Jo Traxler Joanne Turcotte Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Turner Catherine Vandendriesche Ms. Elvern Vanyo The Estate of Yvonne Wagner The Estate of Msr. John C. Ward Marcella Wartman Robert and Mary Weber Ms. Ruth D. Weise* Ms. Barbara J. Weller Jean Werden The Estate of Catherine Wiard Phyllis A. Willerscheidt The Estate of Merton Willette Joan* and Wayne Wittman Rev. Richard Wolter The Estate of Genevieve R. Woods Dr. Alice Adam Young Ms. Gladys Zechmann Mary Zimmer*


Gra n ts

Gra n ts

Corporate, Foundation, and Government Grants Received

Partners In Ministry Grants Awarded

The Ministries Foundation exists to support the network of programs of the Sisters of St. Joseph that provide help and hope to people in need. During this past fiscal year, the Ministries Foundation awarded grants totaling $399,422 to six programs. Funding for these grants came from our Partners In Ministry Fund as well as other donor-designated gifts. In addition, the Foundation was able to fund five of the Sisters’ programs with 19 grants totaling $551,326 from its grantwriting activity. Special events and miscellaneous restricted funds contributed $695,593 to the Sisters of St. Joseph’s network of programs this past fiscal year. Granting money from its Partners In Ministry Fund and seeking grant money from local and national foundations, corporations, and government programs are ways the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation helps ensure the financial health of ministries in which Sisters of St. Joseph serve. As a result, Sisters of St. Joseph have been able to expand and grow their programs to meet the health, education, human service, and spiritual needs of people in the Twin Cities and other communities in which they live and work. Since 1998, the Ministries Foundation has raised and awarded more than $11.4 million in grants.

CSJ Ministry Collaborative $79,000 Learning In Style $66,711 Peace House $25,000 Sarah’ Oasis for Women $68,855 St. Joseph Worker Program $59,856 St. Mary’s Health Clinics $100,000

For St. Mary’s Health Clinics Allina Health - St. Francis HealthCare Foundation $15,000 Andersen Corporate Foundation $5,000 Boston Scientific Corporation $25,000 Church of St. Edward $5,000 Healthier Minnesota Community Clinic Fund $100,630 Medica Foundation $10,000 Minnesota Department of Health Community Clinic Fund $29,997 North Suburban Hospital District $12,000 Park Nicollet Foundation $10,000 Elizabeth Quinlan Foundation $5,000 Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community $25,000 Greater Twin Cities United Way $180,000 For Learning in Style Lanners Foundation $5,000 Marbrook Foundation $10,000 For Sarah’s...An Oasis for Women Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation $15,000 Target Foundation $10,000 For the CSJ Ministry Center Children’s Room Church of St. Joan of Arc For the CSJ Ministry Collaborative Bremer Foundation

$2,000 $60,000 $524,627




2011-2012 Volu n teers

Make a Planned Gift and Open Doors of Hope

Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation volunteers support the Sisters’ network of help and hope from behind the scenes. They are involved in almost every aspect of our organization— from board and committee members, to envelope stuffers, event planners, meditation leaders, and thank you callers.

By including the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, Ministries Foundation in your estate plans, you connect your most deeply held values to a powerful legacy of hope. Your estate gift to Sisters of St. Joseph helps us serve those who are most in need, now and in the future.

The hundreds of volunteers who continue to enhance and expand the possibilities of the Ministries Foundation support the Sisters of St. Joseph in a profound and worthwhile way. We owe each volunteer a tremendous amount of thanks for the dedication, service, enthusiasm, and commitment he or she gives to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Carol Adam Jeff Abrahamson Jill Abrahamson Mary Madonna Ashton, CSJ Nan Ayers Jo Bailey Katherine Barton Kevin Berg Alysha Boie George Ann Bohl, CSJ Margaret Cavitt Bonnie Coffey Tony Coffey Dr. Bruce Cunningham Pamela Cunningham Paul Donovan Jean Dummer, CSJ Patricia Erb Elizabeth Fairbairn Marilyn Fetsch Michael Flood Belle Flynn Mary Fowler, CSJ Diane Gardner Mike Galvin Janet Gerber Betty Gits, CSJ Sharon Gondek, CSJ John Gries

Patricia Gries Arlene Hamilton Jen Haut-Prokop Ken Hayes Ginger Hedstrom Alyssa Howells Althea Johns, CSJ Mary Beth Johnson Mick Johnson Kathleen Judge, CSJ Laverne Kapsner Father Kevin Kenney Jerry Kettunen Patrick Kindler Ellen Klahn Mary Clare Korb, CSJ Sabrina Lau Dr. Loie Lenarz Karen Linder Jane Yuen-Lin Mahowald Marc Manderscheid Celia McDevitt, CSJ Mary Pat McManus Steve Melcher Mary Louise Menikheim Kate Meyer Dr. Alfred F. Michael Bill Miley James Theresa Mullen, CSJ

Linda Napier, CSJ Alexandra Naughton Jean Nelson, CSJ Dolores Oakes, CSJ Theresa O’Brien, CSJ Peggy O’Connell, CSJ Michael O’Connor Susan Oeffling, CSJ Sheila Otto Chuck Percival Jane Richards Pfundstein Lylee Rauch-Kacenski Mary Renda Catherine Mary Rosengren, CSJ St. Joseph Worker Alumnae Lorraine Sande Grace Saumur, CSJ Erin Schneeman Elizabeth Schoeneberger, CSJ Mary Beneva Schulte, CSJ Joan Sipe, CSJ Tam Thi Tran, CSJ Colleen Tollefson Cindy Vincent Ka Blia Vue Rob Weber Mike Wier Tom Youness

Planned giving also offers you several benefits. • You enjoy the tremendous satisfaction of seeing your gifts at work during your lifetime.

• You participate in choosing the charitable organizations you want to support.

• You may realize an immediate tax deduction.

• You can establish an income stream for yourself from your gift.

• Your estate may receive tax and other financial benefits at your death.

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation accepts bequests, charitable gift annuities, trusts, and life insurance policies. If you are drafting or revising your will and wish to include the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation, discuss the sample sentences below with an attorney.

“Doors of Hope,” by Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ

Gen era l Bequ es t “I give and bequeath to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, Ministries Foundation, the sum of $________ (and/or the securities or property described herein) to be used for its general charitable purposes.” Percen ta ge Bequ es t “I give and bequeath to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, Ministries Foundation, _________% of my residuary estate to be used for its general charitable purposes.” Your charitable bequest can help the Sisters of St. Joseph continue to meet the needs of people whom they serve. We cordially invite you to contact Lisse Regehr (651-690-7092; or Ralph Scorpio (651-690-7097; to discuss your planned giving goals.

*Consociate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province



2011-2012 Don ors Thanks to our many friends who have financially supported the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, during our fiscal year. Donors listed on the following pages have made gifts through the Ministries Foundation to the Sisters of St. Joseph or to a specific program of the Sisters of St. Joseph between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.

S t. Jos ep h Circle $10,000 and above

Kevin and Jennifer Berg Mr. Gerald Deeney James E. Doherty Medical Trust Fairview Health Services The Janice Gardner Foundation HealthEast Care System Miller Milling Company The Estate of Dr. Nial C. and Ann M. O’Neill Julia W. Salmen Whaley Family Foundatio

Gua rdia n Circle $5,000 - $9,999

ALLINA Health System Anonymous Gordon and Jo Bailey Mr. Philip B. Byrne The Estate of Kathleen M. Corrigan Mark and Margie Eustis Dr. and Mrs. Scott Fairbairn Gilligan Foundation Virginia Grazzini Kopp Family Foundation Lakeland Company, Inc Karen Linder Burnae D. Marrinan Andrea & Larry McGough Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Al and Jeanne Michael John and Maggie Miller Jay and Judy Mondry Brock and Martha Nelson

Dr. Michael and Treva Paparella Lawrence and Jane Richards Pfundstein, Jr. William and Michelle Pohlad J.F. Rooney Family Charitable Foundation The Estate of Marie Fourre Russ Nick and Erin Schneeman Mitchell Sill Sisters of St. Joseph Ms. Alice M. Stang Mary E. Steele Terminal Properties, LLC Don and Dee Traxler Sunny Wicka

Visiona r y Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Academy of Holy Angels Associated Anesthesiologists Fund of The St. Paul Foundation Boston Scientific Corporation Kate Brady and Dave Zumeta Patrick and Terry Casey* Tony and Bonnie Coffey Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront Dr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Cunningham John and Joy DeHarpporte The Denny Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Connie and Albert Draves The Egan Companies Chester and Sharon Ellingson Dennis and Toni Flaherty John and Patricia Gries* Insite Architects, Inc.

Paul and Barbara Kerwin Clarence LaLiberte Marc and Kathy Manderscheid Thomas and Susan McGuire Mary Pat McManus and Mike Wier Steve and Mary Melcher John and Susan Miller Tom Morin Dr. and Mrs. Mark L. Norman, III Nuveen Investments, Inc. The Estate of John Patrick O’Leary, Sr. Chuck and Sue Percival James F. Peters Preferred One Administrative Services, Inc. Presbyterian Homes and Services Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation John and Lois Rogers Melanie Ruda and Katia McDonough Sister Edith J. Runck Trust Charles Salmen and Russell Testa Mary Margaret Scheller Mark Simenstad and Deb Bohn Mr. Peter R. Spokes Mr. and Mrs. Warren Staley UCare Minnesota Wells Fargo Insurance Services of Minnesota Ms. Mary L. Whiting Woodlake Medical Management Paul Zenner and Lorri Steffen

Ca ron d ele t Circle $1,000 - $2,499

Dr. and Mrs. Samir Abu-Ghazaleh Russ and Barbara Andrews Anonymous Jerrice and Dennis Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Belanger Richard and Catherine Bendel Mary E. Blazek Ms. Marietta Booth JoAnn Braun William and Cleone Brazil Briggs and Morgan Foundation Ms. Janet A. Brisson Douglas Brown and Gail Korell Mr. Richard Burlage Don Burns and Suzanne Renwick PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Martin Caron Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Joseph S. Micallef and the Cherbec Advancement Foundation John C. Claessens Dan and Kate Cole Christopher Cook and Howard Bell Mr. Noel Coon Beverly Cory William J. Brody and Bronwen L. Cound Fund of The Minneapolis Community Foundation Cretin-Derham Hall David Fong’s Paul and Mary Donovan Pat and David Drew Robert and Sharon Flynn Sarah Flynn and Helen Boyne John and Mary Foss Joseph P. Fox Frana Companies, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. William B. Frels Ms. Kathryn Gerber Ann M. Gilsdorf George Golden & Deanna Louie Charitable Fund of the American Center for Philanthropy

Good Ground Press John and Terry Griep Joseph and Clarice Gryskiewicz Suzanne Hall and Lloyd Grooms Mary Hasbrouck, CSJ HealthPartners Regions Hospital Dr. Mary and Terry Hearst Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hennessey Marguerite Hessian-Gatz The Terry Devitt and Michael Hoffman Family Fund of The St. Paul Foundation John and Colleen Hooley Charitable Gift Account, Schwab Charitable Fund Dan and Rosemary Hoolihan Donald and Catherine James Chris and Julie Johnson Lois M. Johnson Mary Beth and David Johnson Judith Kaniewski and John Iverson Bob and Donna Kasbohm Robert and Sandy Klas Mr. John Kokesh James and Mary Kay Kopp Mary Anne and Jim Kowalski Gerrie Lane, CSJ Patricia and Omer Larson Kenneth D. and Barbara K. Larson* Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Dr. Lois Lenarz and Dr. Robert J. Kolasa Dick and Peg Lidstad Christopher and Nancy Longley Thomas A. Lunney Dr. Virginia R. Lupo and John R. Ankeny Mr. Harvey B. Mackay Catherine Mamer John & MaryAnne Mauriel Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation William and Virginia Claessens McDonald* Thomas and Mary McKeown

Mary Louise Menikheim* Metro Sales, Inc. Bob Minton Cappy and Jeff Moore Eileen Moran Fund of the Advisor Charitable Gift Fund Tim and Sandra Morisette Mary McHugh Morrison and George H. Morrison III Dan and Carol Mulheran Mr. and Mrs. John F. Mullen Fran Rusciano Murnane* Mytech Partners Inc. Ali Naughton and Jason O’Keane Richard and Sandra Naughton Alvera Niebur Nuveen Asset Management and US Bank Ms. Kathleen A. O’Brien Kevin and Sandra O’Brien Bonnie O’Connor and Ron Hopfensperger Steve and Katie Otto Sue and Basil Owen Regan Byrne Palmer and Timothy Palmer Nancy C. Parlin* Dr. Michael and Mary Partington Gene and Adrienne Paulson Lee Pfannmuller and Gary Seim Donald and Jean Regan Al and Billie Reger Reiling Family Foundation Frances L. Ring Robeco Investment Management Maura Robertson John Salmen and Ann Scher Paul Salmen and Nancy Reinisch Larry J. and Sharyn H. Salmen Family Foundation Fund of of Northern Colorado Patrick and Dolly Schmidt Joan Pauly Schneider* Kenneth and Barbara Schweiger Ralph and Trish Scorpio Patrick Sheedy and Lynne Schriver-Sheedy

*Consociate of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province



Lori Shepherd and Scott Howells St. Catherine University St. Francis Regional Medical Center St. Paul Development Corporation Susan Stevens Kay and Richard Student Norman Swett and Natalie Ramier Peck Salmen Tierney and Robert Tierney Colleen Tollefson Richard and Sharon Turgeon Vasatka Family Fund Vanessa Viktora Lynn and Richard Voelbel Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation The Voelbel Family II Fund of The Twin Cities Christian Foundation Kevin W. Walsh Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Robert and Mary Weber Jeanne Hannah White David and Colleen White Fund, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Ken and Terri Wong Al and Kathy Woodward Mr. Wilfred Zalaznik Mary Zimmer*

Ben efa ctor $500 - $999

21st Century Bank Jeffrey and Jill Abrahamson Acadian Asset Management LLC Jeanne Anderson, MD and Anthony Nelson Ms. Judith Anfang Anonymous Ruth E. Arneson Mary Lou Arnold Assure Trading Eric Barr and Kathleen Davis Patricia Beck* Tom and Kay Becken Paul and Margaret Berrisford


Ms. Teresa Blanchett Joseph and Marybeth Boyle* Briggs and Morgan Larry and Frances Butler Elizabeth Byrne and Chase Turner Beth and Bruce Carlson Catholic Community Foundation Dr. Peter Cermak Lawrence and Antoinette Cheslik Barbara and Al Cichoski Tim and Juliana Clarkson Collins Electrical Construction Co. Daniel and Martha Conners Randy and Carol Cote Ann Coulston and Robert Marcus The Saint Paul Area Council of Churches Wayne and Sara Criger Margaret Curtin and James Wilder Mark and Linda Dalsin Ms. Marcelle C. Diedrich Michelle Doilney Doran-King Garage, Inc. Bill and Ivy Dumas Tom Dzik and Hannah McGraw Dzik Richard and Bridget Engler Patricia Erlandson Dick and Alice Flaherty Jerrol and Mary Pat Fleck Eugene and Mary Frey Thomas and Jan Gainor Peter Ganzer Kathy and Jim Geske Larry Gillespie Mary Alice Ginther Vikki Glodek John & Patricia Gries* Endowment Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Karen and Rafael Gutierrez Ed and Margaret Hagerty Anne* and John Hannahan Laurel and Gary Hartmann Donna Hauer* Michael and Patricia Heffron Ken and Betty Herriges Sun Hong and Alice Poon Jack and Joyce Hooley

Mr. Al Horner Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Howard Bill and Michele Hren Patricia and Robert Huberty Sandy and Keith Hug Patricia Hughes and Paul Pittman Lesa and Tony Jackson Robert W. Jarvis David and Sharon Jasper Ms. Miriam Kelen Rev. Barbara Kellett* Ms. Joan Kelly Bill and Kathy Kelly Ann Kendell Rosemary Kessler and Kevin Filter Patrick Kindler Mary Louise and Daniel Klas Ms. Pam Kloss Kathryn Knight Nancy Kolb Mrs. Cleo C. Latimer Paul and Jeanne Leighton Dan and Jeannie Lindh Norm and Pat Linnell Liz Lutton Tom and Mary Jo Mahowald Mandarin Kitchen, Inc. Tim and Monica Marx Janeen and Michael McAllister Teri and Kevin McCloughan Ann D. McDonald Dennis and Kathy McGuire Barbara McIlquham* Dan and Patty McInerney Mr. Harry G. McNeely, Jr. Kathryn McRae and Wilfred Beltz Joan Mitchell, CSJ Michelle Moran* and Christina Payton Jeff Morin and Mary Jane Schultz Arch and Suzie Mrkvicka Lisa and Steven Murray John P. Nepper, Sr. Mary Liz Norman Tom Novak Ms. Maureen O’Connell and Mr. Dale Walde

Michael and Beverly O’Connor Patrick and Kerin O’Connor Susan Oeffling, CSJ James and Marjorie O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. O’Shaughnessy The G. Richard and Peggy Palen Family Foundation Dr. Anita M. Pampusch and Dr. Frank Indihar Park Nicollet Health Services Jeffrey C. Paulson Paula Pearson and Michael Mulligan Richard and Valorie Pearson Jane Pedelty Bill and Maggie Dexheimer Pharris Paul and Marilyn Piazza Patti and Mark Pokorney Ms. Ruth M. Rademacher Marcia and Richard Reardon Anne Redgrave Alicia Reeves and John Haugen Walt and Mary Ann Regehr Charles and Alice Rice Walt and Mary Jo Roberts James and Helen Rood Timothy and Barbara Ryan Rick and Julie Salmen Kathleen and Dean Sanberg Ms. Mary A. Schabarum Richard Seifert and Carla Schwartz Kris and Paul Sevigny Murtice C. Sherek Robert E. Slaight Ms. Kathleen Sodergren Dr. Joseph Sprafka St. Joseph’s Council of Catholic Women Barbara J. Sterner, M.D. Debbie and Paul Stoll Timothy and Beth Sullivan Rebecca Taylor Mike Tedford and Rebecca Thoman Elizabeth M. Thouin John Thuente and Nora Fitzpatrick Mary L. Vanek*

Kathryn Warneke Marcella Wartman Mike Weber and Kathy Deacon-Weber Charitable Fund, Fidelity Stephen and Katherine Wellington Wescott Family Whitney Foundation Marilyn Woolley* Ghita Worcester Barbara and John Zurek

Bu ild er

$100 - $499

Mary Absolon and Bill Herber Carol and Robert Adam Bob and Debbie Adamus Pat and Pauline Ahern Mary Alden Allina Nurse Executives Charlene and Darrell Anderson H. Charles and Mary Anderson James and Michelle Anderson Kimberly Anderson Betty S. Andrews Melissa and Lue Andrie-Her Charles and Catherine Anhut Anonymous Dr. Lois Anselment Mary Aubart Mr. Robert Aulert Bobbi Ayd Jim and Nan Ayers Ben and Margaret Bache-Wiig Mark and Peggy Bakko Anthony X. and Dolores Ball Donna and Joseph Bange Ervin and Bev Barrett Ms. Jeanne Barron Ms. Gloria Barry Pat Barry Ms. Julie Bass Robert Batdorf Molly Bauder Betty and Milt Bauer Roger E. Beaubien Tom and Mary Margaret Beckman Kathy P. Belgea-Zuelke, M.D. Ms. Susan Belk

The Estate of Virginia Bell Benedictine Health System Norb and Marilyn Berg Robert and Pearl Bergad Lois Berns* Cathy and James Bertucci Berwald Roofing Company Barbara and Albert Biales Ellen Biales Ms. Rita A. Bibeau The Bibelot Shop, Inc. Thomas and Teresa Biechler Jon and Shirley Billigmeier Michael and Paige Bingham Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bisanz Ms. Helen C. Bisanz James and Kathy Bishop David and Diane Blake Patricia Breher Blake Mr. and Mrs. Jean Blanchett Stan and Julie Blanda Muriel Bochnak Mrs. Geraldine Boland Doug Boleen and Chris Wollan Megan Bolin Peggy Bonicatto Mary Richardson Boo Mrs. Sheila Boos Tim and Jackie Bork Ms. Irene Bossenmaier Reverend Ronald J. Bowers Kathleen Boyd Timothy Brabec Tom and Peggy Brady Rev. John F. Brandes Daniel Breckman Maureen Reilly Breckman Mary Ann Brenden* Robert L. Brending Thomas G. Brill Darrell and Eileen Brinkman Frank and Mary Broderick Darlene Broker Mr. Matt Brophy Jane and Mark Brossart Thomas and Sheila Brunelle Ed and Mary Ann Bruno Mr. Robert Buley John Burke and Kathleen Joyce Bob Burke Jim and Margaret Burt Ms. Mary Kay Buskin Jo Ann Buysse and Maggi Kubak


Betty Cameron Laurie Campbell Kathy Capra and Brenda Douville Marty and Peg Carlson Arna Carlson-Baugh Gwendolyn Carlson Caron Ann Carr Rev. Roger Carroll Ms. Mary Caschetta Lois and Donald Casey Reverend Pat L. Casey* Mary M. Cassioppi Kim and Tony Cavallaro Chuck and Lyn Ceronsky Jodi Chaffin Tammy Chiesa Jim and Jean Christy Dick and Mary Ann Clemmer Jane Clifford Diane Clifton Greg and Patty Closser Ms. Patricia Cochran Bill Collins Vernon and Mary Conaway David and Winnifred Conger Donald and Carmen Conlin Kathleen Connelly Mitzi Conney James J. Connolly, Jr. Rebecca and Dennis Connolly Lynn and Michael Convery Brian and Carole Conway Ms. Betty J. Cook David and Annette Cook Peter and Barbara Cook Kathleen and Val Coppo Greg and Rita Corcoran Ms. Nancy Cosgriff Bill and Maureen Cosgriff Susan A. Cotten Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Courteau Mrs. Mary A. Crandall Paul T. Creagan, Jr. Nancy and Don Creighton Andrew and Sarah Croke Michael and Susan Croll Winnie Yuen-Yee Crosbie Kristy L. Cunningham Betty Cutting Amanda Daigle Gerald and Janet McCarthy Daleiden Patty and Thomas Daly Kathleen M. Daniels Mary Ann and Dean Dannewitz


John B. Davenport Bill and Sue Davern Patrick Davis Johnny and Maria Davy Mark and Joan Davy Barbara DeFoe Margaret and Dick Delapaz Kevin P. Deming Donald and Alma Derauf Mary Des Roches Ms. Denise Dian Barbara and Timothy Dickie Ms. Fern Diebel Brian and Colleen Dobie John and Susan Doherty Marjorie and Jeron Donalds Mrs. Clara Donnellan Mary Dorn Debra Dornfeld Terry and Millie Dosh Bob and Jeanne Dougherty Chris Downey, M.D. and Jeannie Shapiro Downey Dale Duthoy and Janet Newberg Rosemary J. Duvall Amanda Eager Ms. Patricia Ebbert* Lindsay Eberlein Helen Eckrich Robert Edelstein and Mary Crowley Ms. Grace Mary Ederer Greg Egan Sarah and Joseph Eibert John and Mary Jo Eichler Mr. John Eisenmenger Jane Elsen Gary and Leanne Embretson Laura and Claus Emmer James and Virginia Engel Patricia A. Erb Arthur and Monica Erler Laurence and Jane Eshleman Barbara Evans Ms. Phyllis Evans Mr. Patrick K. Fahey Tom and Karen Falk Dina and Robert Fassino Dr. Daniel and Janet Feeney Nancy Feldman Denny and Lucy Felicetta Gertrude Folliott Lisa M. Fink Patrick and Joanne Finnegan Martin Fischer and Mary Kate O’Connell Lorraine Fischer

Matthew and Ann Fisher Maura Fitzgerald Barbara M. Fitzpatrick Hon. and Mrs. Kenneth Fitzpatrick Nora Fitzpatrick Denise Flaherty Ann Fleck Mr. Richard B. Fleischhacker Peter and Carole Fleming* Mary Joyce Flesche Michael and Lisa Flood Suzanne K. Flotten Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn Pat and Ann Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Flynn Dr. and Mrs. Robert Foley Tom and Paula Foster William L. Foussard Ann and William Fox Francis of Assisi Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Dr. Cynthia Frane Andy and Jessica Franks-Kelly Ms. Peg Franzen Josephine Ann Friberg Ms. Mary C. Friberg Ms. Jeanine M. Fried Mary Fristad and Joseph Fiala Camille D. Gallagher Maggie Klein Galland Michael and Frances Galvin Ms. Diane Gardner* Robert Gatz Eileen Gearin Mr. Donald Gemberling Helen George Kevin Gerber Julius and Katherine Gernes Kathleen Giblin and Michael Gorham Paul and Ellen Giere Maggie and Scott Gikling Larry and Rosemary Gleason Margaret Glose David and Marie Goblirsch Dr. and Mrs. Phillip Gonzales Susie Hayes Gordon Vincent Gorr Mary Jo Graham Karl and Mary Lou Grahek Janette Grazzini-Cook and Roger Cook Roger and Nancy Green Kathleen Gorman Grendahl Gerald and Kathleen Gretsch

John and Barbara Greving Suzanne H. Grill Dan and Courtney Grimsrud Charles and Mary Jo Groeller Ms. Kathleen Groettum Ed and Mary Ann Grouba Leah Gruye Terry Guindon Michael and Teresa Gurin Msgr. James Habiger Christopher and Sara Hagedorn Kristen Hageman Will and Ann Hageman Mark and Ilze Hager Mary and John Haider Robert P. Halloran Ms. Mary Ellen Halverson Dr. and Mrs. Joseph I. Hamel Katherine M. Hamlin Richard Hanley Susan and Thomas Hannasch Miriam Hanson Vernon L. Hanson Gary L. Hartmann Mrs. Elaine M. Hassing Mike and Jane Hattenberger William and Cynthia Hayes William L. Hedrick Ms. Patricia Helin Ms. Marilaurice Hemlock Robin Herbst Suzanne Herder, CSJ Jim and Sara Herrick Annamary Herther Elizabeth and Richard Hiniker Louise O. Hiniker* Margaret R. Hinkle Eva L. Hogan Patty and Tom Holloran Loretta Holscher Thomas J. Hooley Fund for Social Justice of The St. Paul Foundation Kathy and Mike Hopkins Ronald and Judith Horsnell Kathleen B. Hottinger Ms. Catherine Howard David and Lynn Howe John S. Huff Ellen Hufschmidt and Steve Burt Pam Hull Betsy Hulstrand and Pompeyo Sanchez William and Margaret Hunt Ann and Terry Huntrods Mr. Henry Huot, Jr. Kathleen and Gardner

Hurlburt Lana R. Hurley Beth and Jeff Hvass Patricia Hvidston and Roger Opp Ichiro Sushi Mary and Arthur Indelicado Robert and Lorraine Inserra Kari Iverson Judith Jaffee Beverly J. Jahn Cecilia Jaisle Marilyn Jentz Linda Andersen Jessen Althea Johns, CSJ Mr. Harry E. Johns Byron and Virginia Johnson Dennis A. Johnson Kristin A. Johnson Robert W. Johnson Mary and Doug Jones Valerie Jones and Steven Kurtz Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick Larry and Renee Jordan Judy Jungwirth Ms. Mary F. Kading Roberta Kagin Jean Kalscheur Robert and Colleen Kangas LaVerne Kapsner Rose and Charles Karas Mary M. Wilkes Karraker Keefer Court Food, Inc. Gerald Kegler and Anne Pierce Ms. Rosalie Keller Ms. Mary B. Kelley Mary P. Kelly Jay and Maureen Kelly John and Julie Kenefick Larry and Suzy Kennedy Paul and Jean Kennedy Frank and Bobbi Wilson Kenney Reverend Kevin Kenney Elizabeth Kerwin, CSJ Elizabeth J. Keyes Michele and Wael Khouli Sarah and Andrew Freeborn Kiel Don and Mary Kietzmann Tom and Cynthia Kindler Jack and Geraldine King Janet King Roxanne M. Kingsbury Bill and Mary Joy Sundquist Kinney Dr. Robert K. Knopp Michael and Carole Koch David Koehser and Nancy Dunnigan Mary E. Kohanowski

Dr. Stephen and Mrs. Laura Kolar Jack and Rajah Kolb Kathleen Kolias Dorothy Kollitz Deacon Steven and Debra Koop Mary Clare Korb, CSJ Christine Kraft and Nelson Capes Dan and Joyce Kuechenmeister Ms. Susanne Kueppers Emmett and Patricia Kuklock Larry and Julie Kula Maggie Kvasnicka, CSJ Ms. Jeanne LaBore Dr. James and Mrs. Gail LaFave Stewart and Kathleen Laird Ralph and Louise L’Allier Andrew and Georgia Lane Joan Lapensky Julie and Don Larson Todd and Terri Larson Lisa and Chris Latham Elizabeth and Brian Lebakken Tom and Mary Gerry Lee Yukie Lee Jean Y. LeJeune Doug Lemke Ms. Gayle Lens Francis and Jane Leo Colleen and John Lepak Barbara Leuthe Mr. Gordon C. Lewis Lindstrom Restoration Ms. Elizabeth Linn Bryan and Theresa Ljung Hal and Gerri Loder Jackie and Patrick Loney Mr. Lawrence J. Loomis Charles H. Lutz Tom and Debbie Lyman Richard and Jean Lynch Marina and Michael Lyon Brian and Karen MacDonald Oak Mackey Jeanne Madigan Joan L. Madsen Mary Ann Lenz Mahan Jane Yuen-Lin Mahowald JoAnn and Ed Mako Helen J. Malby Danuta Malejka-Giganti Craig and Joy Malm Dr. Cheryl A. Maloney* Bridget Manahan and Joseph Alexander

Dr. James C. Mankey Carol Manning Joanne L. Manthe Mantra Body Temple Catherine Marien Gregory Marita Thomas and Michele Marrinan Bill and Mary Martin Patrick Martyn Barbara Marystone Maureen Mashek* Tom and Michelle Matchie Cynthia J. Matthews Kathleen and Tom Matuska Ms. Helen M. Mayer Richard and Carolyn Mayer Roy and Dorothy Mayeske Ms. Celeste Mazur Marguerite Mc Hugh Virginia McCain John and Ginny McCanna Judge and Mrs. Henry W. McCarr Mark and Katie McCartan Alexis McCarthy Joseph M. McCarthy Corrine McCarthy Charitable Gift Account at Ronald McDaniels Dr. Virginia McDermott Ms. Madeleine McElhone John and Sandra McFarland Rebecca and Russ McGill Elaine C. McGlinch Burton J. McGlynn Judy and Larry McGraw Beryl McHale* Timothy J. McKasy Mr. John I. McKigney Michael and Jane McKim John V. or Esther McLaughlin Foundation Jerry McLoone and Ann Mooney-McLoone Katie McMurray Mr. and Mrs. Michael McNabb M. Christine McNabney Bob McNamara Kevin and Mary McNamara Jim and Jennie McQuillan Frank and Susan McShane Mary Kaye Medinger* Mary Ellen Melin Steve and Jean Melin Merten-Campion Family Fund at Schwab Charitable Fund

Kathy Metry Ms. Kate Meyer* Kathleen and Gerald Meyer Mark and Stacey Meyer Alison Midden Midwest Sociological Society Frank and Katherine Miley William R. Miley David and Mary Cay Miller Marilee and John Miller Gerald M. Mitchell MN Academy of Physician Assistants Mary Lou Mohn Dr. and Mrs. Bjorn K. Monson Fr. Raymond G. Monsour Dr. Agnes H. Moon Michelle H. Mooney Robert E. Moore Ms. Mary Morehouse Ms. Ann Morrissey Barbara Wahl Irene Muhvich, Ph.D. Michelle Mulcahy Joe Mullen and Marie Louiselle Ms. Patricia Mullen Dr. Gerald and Margaret Mullin Tom Mullon E. Berenice Murphy Kathryn A. Murphy Maureen A. Murphy, M.D. Paul and Roberta Murphy Royal and Karen Murphy Tim and Beth Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murphy Pat and Mary Kay Murray Darrell and Vicki Musech* MYC Inc Patricia Bailey Myhre Ralph and Lenore Nardini Mr. Ralph Neas Jim and Ellen Nester Kristin Furth Neufeld Tom Neuville New Century Tax Pros, Inc. Kim Chau Ngo Mark and Sandra Niblick Rick and Christine Nilsen Mary Alice and Kevin Noel William Norman and Emilie Britton Norman Gary and Virginia Norstrem Northeast Bank Constance and Mathew Northrup Ms. Carol Novak Damian and Jennifer Novak Reverend Robert C. Nygaard Doris V. Oakes William C. Oberg William and Maureen Ochs


Kate O’Connell* and Gary Olson Margaret O’Connor Sharon O’Connor Paul and Melissa Odenbach Jeff Ogden and Susan Malouf Mary Ann and Raymond Ogden Kathleen M. Ogle Mary and Dan Treacy O’Keefe Robert and Dorothy Ollmann Janis and Ken Ollwerther Julia Olmstead* Terry and Mary Kay O’Loughlin Rodney Olsen Virginia Olsen David and Denise Olson Martha Rossini Olson Randy and Therese Olson Dr. Richard and Mrs. Florence Olson Tom and Wendy Olson Colleen O’Malley, CSJ and Jane McDonald, CSJ John O’Malley and Pat Thompson Donna Oman James and Lucella O’Meara Joyce S. O’Meara Mr. Joseph T. O’Neill Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. O’Neill Mary Kay and Paul Orman Michael and Rose O’Rourke Rodolfo Medel Ortiz Hilary Otey Patricia Patton O’Toole Kevin Ott Mary Lou Ott Anne S. Otterson Eugene and Mary Otto Ms. Margaret Pabst Thomas J. Pacholl Jim and Patsy Pagel Patricia Palmer Betty Pankuch Mary and Charles Papa Don and Pauline Park H. William and Molly Park Family Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David Parker Mary Parnell John and Deborah Patterson Tom Paulson and Lisa McNeill Pearle Vision Highland Park Pamela J. Pearson Mr. Michael J. Peller Richard and Nancy Perrine Rachel Peterson


Susanne and John Peterson Randy and Beth Pezon Virginia Pharr David and Sandra Phillips Mark and Sue Pilon Mitchell Pincus, M.D. Dr. Gerald A. Pitzl Ana Placencia Ms. Elizabeth J. Polakowski Anthony and Helen Pollock Margaret Post* Rev. J. Timothy Power Carolyn Puccio, CSJ Robert Puccio Patricia Purcell Jim and Jane Quass Dr. and Mrs. John E. Quast Ellen Raeker, M.D. Margaret and Richard Rafferty Ms. Holly Rausch Al and Fran Rawlings John and Betsy Raymond Mr. Richard Reber David and Katie Reeder Ms. Lisse Regehr Joseph and Sharon Reid Bill and Mary Ann Reilly Patricia M. Reisch Carole and Bud Remboldt Dr. Mary E. Reuder William Ribich Dr. Charles and Margaret Rich Tom and Kathy Richard Michelle and Mark Richards Thomas and Joan Richards Barbara Richardson Marcia Pawl Ries Carol and Dennis Robb Merle and Marguerite Robertson Dr. Timothy Robinson John and Mary Roche Richard and Marie Rodier Jesus Rodriguez Barbara and Dora Marie Rohl Margaret and Michael Roscher Carol Bauer Rose Tom and Vickie Rosenthal Kenneth and Elaine Rossow Rita M. Rost Ken Rowe Patricia and Stephen Rowley Ms. Debra Ryan Mary Catherine Ryan Noel Ryan Helen and LeRoy Sahlin Ms. Marie Salmen Lorraine and Gerry Sande

Mark Sandercott and Nancy Jacobs Sara Guild Ms. Ann Sargent Mary A. Saul Jerry and Betty Sauter Dr. and Mrs. John P. Scanlon Schadegg Mechanical, Inc. Dee Schaefer Eva Marie and Robert Schaffer Daniel J. Scherer Gerald J. Schlaeppi Mr. Peter Schlesinger Thomas and Debra Schmelz Julie Schmidt George E. Schoephoerster, M.D. Mr. James D. Schumacher Jennifer and Timothy Schutz D. Jean Schwappach Ms. Margaret J. Schwendeman* Michael and Jeannie Scott Kate Searls and Dan Rybeck Jim and Mary Anne Seaton* Dr. Karen Sedivy Jon and Maureen Segner Kathryn Sether Tamara Severtson Jerry and Marilyn Sexton Tom and Mary Jo Shamp Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Shatkin Terrence Shaughnessy and Noreen Dowd Shaughnessy Patricia A. Shea Dr. Kerry Sheehy James Sherburne Robert and Beverly Sherlock Therese Sherlock, CSJ Fr. Thomas Sieg Ms. Sandra Siegfried Marilyn Silvis Martha Anne Simms Kathleen Kay Simo, M.D. Susan Simons Tom and June Sinnett Ms. Michelle Siver Mary Jo and Richard Skaggs Fr. Michael Slusser Ms. Barbara A. Smith Edward and Melissa Smith Phyllis Smith Sue Smith Ms. Kristine A. Smyth Mark and Christine Solheim John and Sharon Spies Tim Spika Alan and Patricia Spillers Dick and Rita Battaiola Spinal Dorothy Sporney Greg and Emmy Springer Mary Beth St. Hilaire

Joyce St. John St. Patrick’s Association Klaartje J. Stegmaier David and Janet Stenglein John and Sharon Stenglein Stephen and Kathryn Stone Daniel and Maureen Stores F. Michael Streitz Rupert and Jeanne Strobel Stroh Family Foundation Catherine Sullivan Janet Sullivan Ms. Marge Sullivan Carol Summers John and Nancy Swanholm Peggy and Tom Swifka Mark and Judy Tande Drs. Jan and Mary Tanghe Catherine T. Tashjean Ms. Carol A. Tauer Mr. and Mrs. John Tauzell Mr. and Mrs. Dexter J. Taylor Ming L. Tchou Patricia Poore Temple Terry and Ann Teynor Jane Thames John and Pam Thein Richard E. Thelen Rudy and Eleanor Thell Thomas and Sharon Thieman Loyola B. Thiltgen Rita Thofern Dr. Lizbeth Thomas and Mr. George Snyder Ann Thompson Charles A. Thompson Carrie and John Tinucci Louis and Patricia Tinucci Patrick and Helen Tinucci Tita Charitable Gift Fund of the Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Dr. Joseph Tombers Deborah Torres Tourigny Dental Heather Tracey Pat and Barb Tracy Mark W. Traynor Ms. Joanne Tromiczak-Neid Susan and Sean Truman Joanne Turcotte Roberta Turgeon Eunice Tussing, CSJ Les Twedell Two Men and a Truck Sue Uhler University of St. Thomas John and Kathy Valusek Greg and Kathy Van Alstine Richard and Marlene Vanasek Sandra L. Vargas Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Ben and Brenda Verbick

Dr. Roxana Viera and Mr. Kevin Johnson John and Kristina Viktora-Croke Mary Ann and Casey Vilandre Cindy Vincent Virkelyst Women’s Organization Rose A. Vogt Tom and Nancy Vogt Susan Voigt Thomas and Barbara Votel Andrea Votruba Paul and Jocelyn Vyhanek Ann Wagner Mary Wagner and Bill Moore Bill and Judy Wallenta Leon and Lindy Webster Bonnie Wek and Michael Donahue Fr. Gregory T. Welch Kay Welsch* Benjamin R. Welshons Michele Welte Stephen and Susan Wennes Vera and John Wenzel Dorothy Werner Mark and Debbie Werner Mary Fran and Kurt Werner Gregory and Ellen Weyandt Patricia and James Whalen Deborah Wheeler Timothy Whisler and Elizabeth Stejskal James and Mary White Joe and Jeanne White Tom and Darlene White Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Wiberg Tom and Mary Ann Wier Jeannette and Michael Wier Daisy Williams Roger Wilsey and Shari Taylor Wilsey Shirley and Frank Windisch Laurel K. Winsor Linda Winsor and Andrew Prokop Beverly M. Wise Wayne and Joan Wittman* Richard and Susan Wolsfeld Rev. Richard Wolter Endowment Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Women of Senate District 67 Barbara Woodruff Judith Woodward Frank and Elaine Wray Nan Xiao Dr. Alexander and Joan Yue Patricia Zalaznik Mr. Robert Zalaznik

Tony and Kelly Zantua John H. Zimmerman Yves and Ruth Zouzouambe Barbara and Dominic Zweber Michael and Therese Zwolski Dianne and Ken Zylla

Frien d

$1 - $99 Howard J. Abbott, Jr. Steve and Linda Abbott Roberta Lopez Adame Audrey J. Adolphson Ms. Mary Ann Adrian Howard and Lorraine Agee Gehad Ahmed Michael Aldes Ms. Elaine F. Aliotta Sue* and Harv Allison Avis Allmaras, CSJ Mrs. Thecla Ambrose St. Ambrose University Theology, Philosophy, and University Ministry Departments Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Amel Sandy Anderson Mr. James Anderson Ms. Marie Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Anderson Roger and Dorothea Anderson Jean K. Andrews Anonymous Joseph and Gail Angiulo Jim and Nancy Archbold Dr. James J. Arms Jennifer Summers Arriola David and Molly Ashcraft Wayne and July Lyn Asp Mary Asselin Barb Aubert Mr. Phillip Aulwes Mary Bachhuber Elizabeth and Kenneth Backe Mary Kay Bailey Monica Baldwin John and Rose Baregi Marquita Barnard, CSJ Cathleen Barrett Mr. Neil Barrett Paul A. and Jera G. Barthol Louis and Mary Frances Bartscher S. June Bauer Jean Bauman Libera Bauman Mary C. Baumgaertner Mark Bayuk Rose and Mark Bayuk Judith and Robert Beauchane

Mary R. Beckfeld* Patricia Behrent George and Ruth Bekeris William and Frances Belford Andre E. Belland Jeannie and Dave Bendel Tom and Rita Bennett Diane G. Bergman Carol Berthiaume William and Carol Beste M. Virginia Betlach Helen and Joseph Bettendorf Ms. Janet M. Bezanson Ms. Kathleen Bieker Anne D. Biernat Mary Ann C. Bilotta Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Birk Joseph and Virginia Bisanz John Blake and Mary Monnet-Blake Robert and Bonnie Blanchette Bonnie R. Blaser Marjie and Tim Blevins Gordon and Carolyn Boerboom Margaret Boerboom Paul and Nancy Boerboom Robert and Bonnie Boerboom Deb Bohn Linda and Greg Bohrer Ms. Alysha Boie Marie J. Boler Molly Bonin Darci Bontrager Catherine A. Borer John and Anne Marie Borneman Mr. and Mrs. Armand Borocki Tom Bottolene and Pepperwolf Justin and Jennifer Bourgoine Constance Mayer Boyers John M. Boyland Carol C. Brahms Richard and Cecilia Brand Robert and Nancy Braschler Camille and Robert Brass David and Angeline Bratrud Bill and Rhonda Brau Joanne M. Braun Patrick Bray Ms. Kristine Brelje* Ms. Elizabeth Brelsford Jim and Mary Brennan Carla Breunig Nancy J. Broach Kathleen Brogan Mrs. Genevieve Brophy Ms. Patricia Brophy Michael R. Brown

Ms. Peggy Brown Brian and Carol Bruess Mark and Rita Brummel Kaira Buberl Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buchman Clara M. Bungert Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Kappel Burch Roger F. Burg Caroline Burke Elizabeth C. Burke Kristina M. Burks Elizabeth Burlingame Mary E. Burns* Irene and Clarence Bursey Sharon Bussard Patricia M. Buysse Mrs. Rose Mary Byrne Ms. Mary Ann Caesar Charles G. Calhoun James and Mary Camber Jack Cann and Ellen Baudler Mr. and Mrs. Stanley F. Capistrant Margaret and Ronald Capocasa Clifford Carlson Kay L. Carlson Marsha Carlson Matt and Meta Carlson Stephanie Carlson Mr. Conrad Carr Victor Carta Bernice Caruth Bonnie Kenney Casey Constance Casey Patricia W. Casey Paul and Colleen Casey Dennis and Mary Lou Caskey Jeanne McGillis Casselman Dorothy Casserly Ms. Karen Casserly Gerry and Kathy Caulfield Jack and Elizabeth Cedarleaf Robert and Mary Cerny Mrs. Irma Chamberlain Mary J. Charlebois Ms. Nancy J. Charlebois Claire Chase Roger and Dorothy Childers Ms. Caroline Chinquist Ms. Toni M. Chmieleski Donna Chur Julie Churchill Cecelia C. Cincoski Maria J. Cofrancesco Tom R. Collins Don and Loretta Combs Steve Conlin Carl and Margaret Corneliuson Jeanne and Dave Cornish Lila Cotten


James and Jenna Courrier Marguerite Lunney Coyle Ms. Mary Ellen Coyle Ms. Maureen Cronan Ms. Donna M. Cronin Linda Crosby* Crowe Construction Management Ms. Anne Crowningshield Mr. Patrick Cullen Mr. Michael Culliton Terry and Kathy Cummings Mary and Bill Cunningham Kenneth and Margaret Dahl Eleanor Dahlstrom Ms. Darlene Dailey Michael and Darlene Daniels Deborah A. Dapkus Len Davidson Dorothy and George Davies Catherine Wright Davis Norm and Jean Davis Robert and Patricia Davis Hein and Susan de Hoog Ms. Elizabeth M. De Lay Onofria De Leon Ms. Phyllis F. De Lisi Diana Deats-O’Reilly Robert and Angie Decker Jean T. DeCoster Mary Deeb Raymond and Elaine Deeney Elina Deharpporte Helen Dehen Kathryn Delarco Susan E. Demko Dr. Fisseha Demoze Dan and Andrea DeMuth Elisabeth Deutsch Doris Devereau Walter and Joanne Dick Dr. Robert and Mary Ann Dietl Richard Dillon Loralee DiLorenzo Ms. Felice P. Dircz Monica Flood Dobihal Ann Dohrmann and Matt Maruggi S. Bill Doi Cathy Dolan and Dan O’Brien Joseph and Mary Jane Doll Dan and Gretchen Donahue Jim and Judy Donnellan James and Lois Donovan David and Catherine Dooley Tom Dooley Mary-Carolyn Dorfman Mary Theresa Downing Robert Drehmel


James Duevel and Margaret Conlin-Duevel John P. Dunn Dr. Robert C. Dunn Gerald V. Dunne Pat Connolly Durkin Jennifer and Jim Dwyer Alicia Earnest Dave and Denise Eckerman Thomas Eckhardt Katherine Egan, CSJ Joan and Albert Eggert Edward and Sally Ehlinger Ross and Bobbi Eib John Eibert Joann and Marcus Eischens Kathleen Peine Eiselein Marian and Bill Eisenmann Anna Elia Tiffany Elj Ms. Janet Ellwanger Carl Erickson Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Erickson Peter Erickson and Cecelia Duplessis Erickson Claudia Ernst Marlyn K. Ervasti Susan and Charles Esch Ms. Catherine S. Etienne Mary Lou and Ken Evanoff Patricia and Richard Evans Nancy Ewbank Rudy and Lillian Fadlovich Ms. Becky Feinwachs Ms. Laurie Fellows Betsy Ferguson Francis G. Feyereisen Ms. Mary M. Fider Melinda M. Fignar Ms. Florence Finnicum Charles and Bernice Fischer Jane Canavan Fischer Ms. Sharon Fitzgerald Patrick FitzPatrick Elizabeth Floeder Agnes Fok Agnes Foley, CSJ Jay E. Foley Ms. Jo Ann Ford Mary Ellen Foster, CSJ James Fournier and Karen Zeleznak Ms. Leone Fox Ms. Rita L. Fox Rosanne Fox, CSJ Julie Frakes Mary Francis Ms. Coletta Fratus Rachael Freed Michael French Ms. Donna G. Frey Roland and Laura Friezen

Arthur and Rosemary Froehle Ms. Joan Froh Paula Fuhr Yvonne Furr Ann Margaret Gallivan Mrs. Joan Gamble Clarence and Kay Ganje Ms. Genevieve Gans Carol* and John Gariano Loretta E. Gavin Steve Geary Barb and Tom Geheren Carol Geisler and Jeff Yaw Gerald and Patricia Gelbmann Jeanne Gelinas Ms. Catherine Gennrich Dorothy R. Gerson Patricia M. Gese Mr. and Mrs. Ray Gese Teddy Gesell Edward and Mary Gibbs H. Margaret Gibbs Margaret Gibbs Richard P. Gladhill Mr. and Mrs. Tor J. Gloppen Mr. Jim Glynn Go Go Hair Salon Kathryn Kritta Goehl Patricia Goetz Merriam Gorman Roy and Ellen Gosselin Darrel and Mary Jo Grabow Dr. Carlos and Mrs. Gladys Grados Alan and Margaret Graebner Ms. Carron Graf Susan and Donald Grandquist Norma Tanata Grant Bert and Jean Greener William Gregg Robert H. Griffiths David and Teresa Groppoli Herman and Judith Gross Ms. Muriel A. Gruber Evelyn B. Grundhofer Ms. Dorothy Gryniewski Dan Gustafson Ms. Mary M. Gustafson Alice M. Haddox Sandy Howat Haftl Monica Haigh-Griak Ms. Jane Hald Mary Jane Halligan James Hamel Ms. Lois Hamilton Frank and Joan Hanak Bonnie Hancock and Joseph Weyandt Mary Ann Hanley, CSJ Deborah A. Hannasch

Ms. Megan Hannon Mike and Laurie Hannon Ms. Ruby Hanson* Caroline Wolf Harlow John J. Harrer Ms. Patricia Harrigan Carol Harrington Mary Therese Hart Kathy Harty James P Hassing James and Jeannine Hastert Mr. Walter B. Haupt Jennifer and Louis Haut-Prokop Terry and Steve Hawkins Ms. Rosemary Hayes* Sonia M. Hazard Mary L. Heaton Judith and Henry Hechtl Richard Heck William Q. Heck Gloria Heffelfinger Beverly Heinze Joe and Beverly Hendrickson Marilyn Jenson Henn Ed and Bernie Hennek John and Terry Hennen Ray and Patricia Herje Sylvia Herkenhoff Gabe and Cara Herrick Lynne and Jon Hesse Mrs. Philomena Hesse Catherine and Eugene Heuer Cathy Heying Mary K. Hiber Marcella Higgins Christine M. Higgins-Prince Susan Hill Norma and James Hingeley Mr. Rodney Hinkle Joan Hinshaw Patricia Hinton Mary D. Hinze Mr. Charlie Hipp Bob and Carmela Hobbins Kathy and Robert Hochreiter Dr. and Mrs. Albert Hoff, Jr. Norah V. Hoff Nancy Holden Mike and Sue Holzer Peter and Joanne Hense-Honsa Ken and Diane Hooge Jean Horn Paulette J. Howe George and Ann Hoxie Michael Hudak Ms. Jane Hulbert Rita Jeanne Hull Mary Hunt* Richard and Nancy Huntley James and Beverly Hurley Earl and Susan Ireland

Sam and Nancy Irving John and Mary Lu Jackson Richard and Ruth Ann Jacobs RoseAnne Jakubic Richard and Gail Janezich Ms. Anne Jansen Bernard and Kay Jansen James and Margaret Jansen Audrey L. Jarosh Evelyn A. Jensen James E. Jernberg Alice Johnson Ms. Arlyss Johnson Carmen Shaughnessy Johnson* Jack and Judy Johnson James and Mary Johnson Joan and Stuart Johnson Mary Nelson Johnson Ted and Lorraine Johnson A. Johnson & Sons Florists Brianna Jonna James and Charlotte Jordan Kathleen Judge, CSJ Maetta and Fred Jurewicz Phyllis Kahn Mary Ann & James Kaintz Ms. Debra Kammerer Mr. Martin Kampa Mr. and Mrs. A. Paul Karel Michael and Joan Karnas Mike and Mary Jo Katke Barb Kattner Ms. Claire M. Keefe Jean Hoverson Keegan Kathleen M. Keenan Stephanie Kehrley Barbara Keller and Beverly Sinniger Catherine Kelley and Vicki Glasgow Margaret Anderson Kelliher Mr. and Mrs. William Kelliher Ms. Bridgette Kelly Catherine Kelly and Dennis Grether Jerry and Charlotte Kelly James and Loretta Kelly Linda L. Kelly Mary Jean Kelly Kathleen Kennedy Mary Ellen Kennedy Joe and Sue Kenney Mark and Catherine Kenney Lynn Kerber Dennis and Shirley Kerkaert Fred and Lorrie Keup Meaza Kiflemariam Helen A. King Mr. Thomas King King’s City Restaurant, Inc. Ms. Donna Kingston Anne Marie Kjelland

Christopher and Donna Klahn Irene Klatt Richard J. Klava Kathy Klein Richard and Anne Klein Ms. Anne M. Klejment Ann Marie Knauer Mr. and Mrs. Homer Knauff Frank and Margot Knoll Andrea Knudson Frank Koenen Mary Clare Korb, CSJ Helen Kozlak Marie Kozlowski Mary Kraft, CSJ Ms. Applen Kranz Bob and Cindy Kranz Cynthia Krebsbach Margaret Krey Irene and Arnold Krippner Cornelia Kryzer Amy Kuebelbeck and Mark Neuzil Ms. Kathleen Kuelbs Ronald Kummer Mary Pat Kwaterski and Eric Moore Cecile LaBore Patricia and Adam Lagerquist Bernie and Colleen Lancette Mary Lang, CSJ Ann Walton, CSJ Cletus and Lorraine Lanners Jim and Gail Lappen Matt Larkin Ms. Mary Larsen Paula and Ernest Larsen Katherine A. Larson Kelli Larson Jane L. Laska Mr. Stephen Lauinger Dr. John Lawrow Philip and Juliana Ledermann Rosie Lee Gary and Diana Lein Bruce and Mary Lemay Mr. Raymond L. Lemmons Charlene and Joe Lentsch James and Sharon Lethert Anne M. Leverone Arlene Leyden Mr. Anthony Liberko Mr. Mark Liberko Jerome and Mary Liefert Martha Lijewski Pam Lindberg Peg Lindlof Ray and June Linn Ms. Louise Little George and Betty Livingston Dave and Karen Loegering

Joseph W. Loma Carrie Long Huang Hai Long Rose Mary Lorenz Rebecca Louisell Alice M. Louwagie Mrs. Bertha Louwagie David Louwagie Ms. Virginia M. Lowell Nancy E. Ludovissie Barb and Bud Lundell Peter and Catherine Lupori Anne Lynch and Ross Huelster Margaret A. Lynch Doralu Lynch John and Barbara Lynskey Patrick Lyon Margery Mac Neill Yvonne Macko Jim and Judy Madigan Evelie Mae Gerald and Margaret Maeckelbergh Donald and Donna Maeyaert Francis and Judy Maeyaert Kathleen Maher Steven and Lynn Maier Ms. Maureen Makens John Malecha Carol A. Malenofski Martha and Scott Malinski R.J. Malone Ivan and Ruth Maramis Sharon and George Marek Kenneth and Bernice Markwardt Cecelia A. Marrin Lois Marrinan Mrs. Marcella E. Marshall Leroy Martin Mike and Jo Martin Paul R. Martin Jean Marie Martinson Eugene and Ann Mason Leonabelle Mathison Mary Maute Ms. Patricia Mc Ardell Maxine T. Mc Garry Mary E. McCarte Corrine McCarthy Julie and Terry McCarty Dennis McCormick Ms. Mary Lou McCrady Marlys McDevitt Margaret McDonnell Kathleen McDonough Frank and Ginny McGoldrick Ms. Alice J. McGrath James and Bridget McGreevy Jean and Harold McGregor

Ms. Nancy McGrew Mac McGroarty and Donna Braun Susanne McGuire Ronee McHendrik Dan and Tammy McKanan Michele Garnett McKenzie Stella and Patrick McKinney Judith McKloskey Kathy McLaughlin G. Robert and Antonia McLean Bob and Joy McMains Lorraine M. McManmon Geraldine Greeley McManus Mary McNamara Mary Kay McNamara Sally McNamara and Bob Hickey Mary and Patrick McNeil Howard and Elizabeth McNulty Geraldine McQuillan Margaret McRaith* Patrick Meade Mr. Michael Mechtenberg Robert Medcraft and Gretchen Pederson Marie and Joe Medvec Ms. Ellen Meier Ruth and Gary Meitz Jeanne Melsha Bonnie Melzarek Michael Menner and Margaret Grosspietsch Jean Mesi Marguerite M. Messing Ms. Alice T. Meyer* David and Lynn Meyer Ms. Mary Michaels Melvin and Marie Michelson Kathryn Mikwold Mary Beth Miller Renee Miller Judy Mitchell Dr. W. Wyatt Moe Peter and Rosalise Molenda Robert C. Momsen Ms. Emily Moore Gail and John Moore Mr. and Mrs. John D. Moore Maryanne Moren Juanita M. Morgan Madeleine A. Morrissey Karol Morton Faith Moselle Jacqueline Mosio Penny Moyers Connie C. Mueller Virginia Mulcahy Daniel Mullen Maureen Mullen and Todd Davis Emmett and Marie Mulligan


Sue Mulligan Beth L. Mullinax Robert and Margaret Mary Murnane Charlene and James Murphy Jerry and Kay Murphy Ms. Margaret A. Murphy Mary A. Murray Janice Myers Ms. Florence Myslajek Michael and Lorraine Nadler Mark and Colleen Nagel Margaret and Ned Nagy Ed and Mary Costello Nakasone Mary and Paul Napier Joan and Dennis Neaton Jean and Scott Needham Chuck Neerland and Maureen Kelly Neerland Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Neher Joanne Nelson Raleigh and Barbara Nelson Mary C. Nesgoda Lawrence and Theresa Nesheim Kathleen Neuenschwander Robert and Dawna Newby Mr. Roger V. Newinski Gin and Olivia Ng Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Nichols Bettylou Noble Thomas Noonan and Annette Noonan Mies Ms. June Noronha Betty and Don Norqual Zivile Norvilaite-Peterson Denis and Mary Novak Edith M. Nowicki Thelma and Chuka Obah Ms. Judith Oberhauser* Mary Newton Obert Mary O’Brien, CSJ Dr. George E. O’Connell K. A. O’Donnell and J. A. Rooney Joyce and Dan O’Keane Polly and Don Olmstead Doug Olson Irene O’Neill, CSJ Robert M. O’Neill John and Mary O’Rourke Nora and David Osendorf Oliver and Lana Ossanna Alice T. Pahl Thomas and Jane Palmer Jennifer Parker Kurt and Caroline Partoll Mr. and Mrs. William J. Patient Al and Virginia Patnode Mary M. Patterson Ms. Teresa M. Paulzine


Chanty Pech Eleanore and William Pederson Mary and Glenn Pederson Veronica Peham Eleanor Perkins Avis Peters Ms. Janice Peters Ms. Leanne Peters Barbara Bartsh Peterson James and Bev Peterson Gloria Peterson and James McCarthy Janice and Steven Peterson Mary Jo Peterson Ms. Kathleen Petron Andy and Carol Pettit Diane Phillippi Ingrid E. Phillips Megan Phinney Antony Pieter Ms. Diane Pietrs Mary Jo and James Plantan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Ploof Stephen Plumb Gloria Pope Ann M. Porwoll Mary Alene Poss James and JoAnn Potts Kelly A. Povo Mr. John C. Powell Sister Polly Preston, CSJ Ms. Susan Pumarlo John O. Punderson Mike and Betty Quayle Ms. Dorothy Queen Sally Quesnel Paul and Betty Quie Ms. Rita Quigley* Stephanie Quinn Stephen Ragatz Darcy Rasmussen Robert and Maryann Rasmussen Mary G. Rassat Therese Ann Reardon Red Pepper Chinese Restaurant Chris and Janice Regis Dr. Daniel Reidenberg ReImagining Group of St. Paul Diane Reisdorfer Richard and Gwen Reiter Jerry and Karleen Reller* Deirdre Renchin Ms. Ann Marie Rian Mr. Patrick Ricci Mary Jo and Joseph Richardson Ms. Cindy Richter Roy Richter Brad and Melissa Riebel Ms. Mary Joy Rieder Lorraine Ries Cherie Riesenberg Beth Ringer

Joseph and Jean Riordan Paul and Laurie Ritz Br. Michael Rivers LeeAnn Robinson Stephen and Mary Robinson George and Patricia Rochefort Douglas and Kendra Rodel Thomas and Mary Jo Rogalski Ann C. Rogers Don and Nancy Rogers Jodi Rogness Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Rolfes Ms. Michelle Roman Charles and Mary Romportl Ms. Rosie Romportl Rick and Jeannie Ronning Dan Rooney Laurel and Mike Rooney Ms. Stacy Rooney Rosemary and Bill Roppeau Ms. Margaret Roth Jeanne and Richard Rothaupt Bill and Rita Roubik Quentin and Delores Rubald Terry A. Ruda Ms. Paula Ruddy Gary Rufsvold Mary Kay Rummel Mr. and Mrs. George E. Rumsey Helen Rush Thomas and Judith Russell Theresa Ruttger* Ed and Jenni Ryan Susan M. Ryan Mary Jane Ryan-Connelly Mr. Francis W. Sagstetter Ms. Michelle Sahlin Mary L. Sailer Kathleen K. Sallee Louise A. Sallmann Lolly McNeely Salmen Dan and Sue Salomone William and Kathleen Salzer Ms. Elizabeth Sands Janet P. and John M. Sands Mike and Maggie Sanger Rose Mary Satack Margaret Savelkoul John Scanlon Mary B. Schaefer Ms. Raylene Schaefer Katherine Schilling Ms. Rosemary A. Schindler Richard and Mary Schlosser Jane Schmelz Marilyn and Joe Schmit Mary Schneider Patrice Schober-Branigan Joan and Steve Schoenecker Ann Schrooten and Dawn Wieczorek David and Mary Schultz

Donald and Pat Schuneman Bernie and Eileen Schwartzbauer Joseph and Maryann Schwebel Robert W. Schweich Margaret and Robert Schwob Eileen Scott Patricia Seflow Norbert and Anne Selbitschka Jack and Susan Sell Paul and Wendi Seminari Joseph and Gloria Senden Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Senninger Fran and Jack Serpe Dan and Rita Sevenich Seth Seyfert Mr. Clarence Shallbetter Ms. Sandra Shannon Mrs. Mary Shaughnessy, Jr. Mary Jo Shaver Peggy G. Shay Francis R. Sheahan Alyssa Shefveland Jo Anne Shekleton Fran Shepardson Donna Cunningham Shern Michelle Sherritt Jack and Jean Sherwood Deborah Shold Ms. RoseMary Shuda M. Dolores Siegfried Loras and Rosemary Sieve James L. Sifferle Jeannine and Charles Siggerud Paul and Karen Silgen Bob and Eileen Simon Scott and Patricia Simpson Sharanjeet and Mary Singh Akhouri and Dorothy Sinha Bernice Sisson Michael and Mary Sitek Therese Skarda and Bob Carruth Harry and Mary Ann Skinner Paul Slattery Jon Slock Christine Smeby Mrs. Mary Kate Smith Lucille and Al Smith Ms. Patricia Smith Patricia L. Smith Tom and Sarah Jane Smith Adam and Rachel Soffer Renee L. Sonka* Jane Soshnik Joe and Jennifer Soucheray Don Sovell Ray Spack and Diane Bartels James and Mary Spangler Ms. Dory Spence Ms. Sandra Spieler Mr. Stephen C. Sprint Rev. Stanley J. Srnec

St. John’s Hospital Administration Department Ms. Alice L. Stack Ms. Virginia Stadelman Francis and Mary Stadler Tricia Stahlmann Joseph and Debra Stanek Iva J. Stauffer Laverne Novak Steen LaVerne Steen Joseph and Maureen Steepleton Mary G. Steffen Dan and Andrea Steger Karen Steiner and William Dickey Mary D. Steiner Monica and John Stella Anna Stephan Mary Stephens Mr. Florian Sterner Dorothy C. Stewart Betsy Stites Ms. Genevieve Stocker Kathleen M. Stoddart Maureen Stoen Katherine Stoffels Veronica Stoltz Ms. Joanna Stone Mary and Robert Strandberg Lisa Stuhr Roxanne Stuhr Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Suess Dorothy Redmond Sullivan Thomas M. Summers Patrick Summers and Alison Cook Peggy Summers Sunny Sky Asian Antiques & Gifts Ms. Alice Swan Ms. Shirlie Swanholm Celeste and Bruce Swanson John Swanson Susan L. Swanson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swedzinski Mark and Lenore Sweeney Mary F. Sweeney Mark and Marcy Syman Klementyna and Edward Szykula Cathy and Brian Szymanski Lucille L. Szymanski Jennifer and Steven Tacheny Ramon G. Tan Andrea and Matthew Pearson Tande John and Michele Tauer Haile H. Tesfaye Duane and Teri Thein Rose Theis Duane R. Theisen

Teresa and Rudy Thell Matt Tholkes Richard Thomas and Teena Moy Ms. Marjore Thompson Elizabeth Thornton Dr. Deborah A. Thorp Glen and Janey Thorpe Ms. Mary Thul Mary Ann Thul Morida D. Tinucci Lillian and Michael Tita Gayleen Touhey* Joe and Dianne Towalski Marcelle J. Tracy Martha Boerschlein Tracy Catherine Trainor and Ana Engelhardt Robert Tranmer and Laurie Koltes Donna Falvey Trapp Mary Treacy Dolores and Jerry Tri Ms. Laurel Trimbo Ray and Jean Tuchner Paul Tuckner Ms. Cathleen Turgeon Mr. and Mrs. Larry Turner Richard Tvedten Theresa and Jerome Tweet Jill Underdahl and Cathy Steffens, CSJ University of Minnesota Medical Center Glenn C. Upton Hon. and Mrs. John Van de North, Jr. Carol Van Deusen Hans and Lorelei Van Heteren-Freeze Anthony and Kathie Van Uden Lecia VanAmerongen John Vandanacker Dorothy and Robert Vandendriessche Helen Vandendriessche Tony and Chris Vander Heyden Ms. Elvern Vanyo Mary Vavrosky James Ventura and Michele Greer Stasia Verdoljak Tim and Ruth Verschaetse Harry Villella Marilee Votel-Kvaal and Greg Kvaal Richard and Jane Wagemaker Elaine M. Wagner Ms. Barbara Wahrenbrock Pat and Sam Walker Ms. Kathleen Wallenta Mr. Jerry E. Walton Yeetee Wang

Julius and Elizabeth Waskosky Beth E. Waterhouse Kay and John Waters Virginia Webb, CSJ Jerilyn and Gerald Weber Susan Weberg Helen Weides James and Virginia Weis Susan E. Welna Steve Wenzel Kathleen and Eberhard Werthmann Mil Wesely Karen Westphall Ms. Anita Whalen Ms. Bonnie Wheeler Ms. Linda M. Wheeler Cindy Whelan Ms. Judith Whitacre Mary E. Wickersham Thea Wiesweg Ms. Linda Wilcox Bev Williams L. Jane Williams Louverne I. Williams Philip J. Williams Robert and Donna Williams Ms. Mary Lou Wilm Beth R. Wilson Dr. and Mrs. Kent Wilson Agnes Wind Mr. Gerard Wind Ms. Barbara Winkels John and Barbara Winters Robert W. Winters Darlene and Douglas Witt Georgeanne and Gerald Wobschall Bob and Grace Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wolff Dorothy Wolking* Marlys Worrel Anna Wright Betty Wright David Wright Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wyffels Sue and Jim Yanta Anthony and Agnes Yapel Mary and Dan Yarusso Rick and Sue Yonker Tom Youness George and Marilyn Youngman Dr. and Mrs. Duane O. Ytredal Kathleen Yung Mrs. Laverl Yzermans Kathy Zamora Debra Sulentic Zeien Linda and Lino Zelada John and Julie Zignego Nancy H. Zingale

Sister Mary Zirbes Jan and Steve Zitnick Ms. Mary R. Zubrzycki Eugene and Marjorie Zugschwert Bernard and Lorraine Zweber


Gifts to the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province Bequ es ts

The Estate of Robert J. Bucher The Estate of Mildred E. Neuberger The Estate of Marie Fourre Russ The Estate of Merton Willette

Con socia te Progra m

Anonymous Ms. Connie Bauer Patricia Beck* Ms. Helen C. Bisanz John Blake and Mary Monnet-Blake Robert and Bonnie Blanchette Gordon and Carolyn Boerboom Margaret Boerboom Paul and Nancy Boerboom Robert and Bonnie Boerboom Mr. Leo Bowe David and Angeline Bratrud Mr. and Mrs. Richard Buchman Mary E. Burns* Patricia M. Buysse James and Mary Camber Ms. Caroline Chinquist Pamela Conway* Linda Crosby* Kenneth and Margaret Dahl Ms. Darlene Dailey Ms. Patricia Ebbert* Joan and Albert Eggert Joann and Marcus Eischens Marian and Bill Eisenmann Dina and Robert Fassino Charles and Bernice Fischer Julie Frakes Ms. Diane Gardner* Roger and Nancy Green Ms. Kathleen Groettum Ms. Ruby Hanson* Donna Hauer* Ed and Bernie Hennek John and Terry Hennen Carmen Shaughnessy Johnson* Mary Ann and James Kaintz Mike and Mary Jo Katke Barbara Keller and Beverly Sinniger Rev. Barbara Kellett* Dennis and Shirley Kerkaert Paul and Barbara Kerwin Andrea Knudson


Kathleen Kolias Cornelia Kryzer Larry and Julie Kula Ralph and Louise L’Allier Cletus and Lorraine Lanners Alice M. Louwagie Mrs. Bertha Louwagie David Louwagie Yvonne Macko Donald and Donna Maeyaert Francis and Judy Maeyaert Kathleen Maher Steven and Lynn Maier Dr. Cheryl A. Maloney* Ms. Joyce Manning* Janeen and Michael McAllister Virginia McCain William and Virginia Claessens McDonald* Ms. Nancy McGrew Barbara McIlquham* Bonnie Melzarek Ms. Alice T. Meyer* Melvin and Marie Michelson Mary Beth Miller Maureen A. Murphy, M.D. Paul and Roberta Murphy Darrell and Vicki Musech* Robert and Dawna Newby Bonnie O’Connor and Ron Hopfensperger K. A. O’Donnell and J. A. Rooney Patricia Owen* Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Nancy C. Parlin* Avis Peters Ms. Susan Pumarlo Robert and Maryann Rasmussen Mary G. Rassat Dr. Daniel Reidenberg Jerry and Karleen Reller* Ms. Ann Marie Rian Barbara and Dora Marie Rohl Melanie Ruda and Katia McDonough Terry A. Ruda Mark Sandercott and Nancy Jacobs Richard and Mary Schlosser Julie Schmidt Joan Pauly Schneider Jim and Mary Anne Seaton* Marilyn Silvis

Ms. Barbara A. Smith St. John’s Hospital Administration Department Iva J. Stauffer Monica and John Stella Anna Stephan Betsy Stites Maureen Stoen Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swedzinski Ms. Joanne Tromiczak-Neid Hon. and Mrs. John Van de North, Jr. Anthony and Kathie Van Uden Dorothy and Robert Vandendriessche Helen Vandendriessche Tim and Ruth Verschaetse Mary Wagner and Bill Moore Ms. Barbara Wahrenbrock Ms. Ruth D. Weise* Ms. Bonnie Wheeler Ms. Judith Whitacre Ms. Linda Wilcox Dr. and Mrs. Kent Wilson Wayne and Joan Wittman* Ms. Karen Woehler* Dorothy Wolking* Marilyn Woolley* Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wyffels Mary and Dan Yarusso Kathy Zamora Mary Zimmer*

Frien ds of Be tha n y

Mr. and Mrs. Jean Blanchett Mary Ann Halliday Lynn Kerber Jim and Patsy Pagel Elizabeth M. Thouin

Re tirem en t Fu n d

Magdelene Maca Ballman Anne L. Boisclair-Fahey Darlene Broker Veronica Genz-Robinson and Jeffrey Tocko Mr. and Mrs. Tor J. Gloppen Dawn Hansen Marlys Johnson Mary T. Kolles James and Carol Kulstad Linda Lofte Margaret McKane Arthur and Robyn Mills

James and Margaret Ritzer Kathleen M. Robertson Jerry and Theresa Schrank William Singleton and Nancy Connelly St. Joseph Academy Alumnae St. Mary’s CCW Brian and Rosemary Thies The Estate of Merton Willette

Sa ra h ’s...a n Oa sis for Wom en

Kimberly Anderson Wachen Bedell Anderson Anonymous Mary R. Beckfeld* Marie Theresa Belanger, CSJ Susan and Daniel Bembenek Robert and Nancy Braschler Brian and Carol Bruess Mr. Philip B. Byrne Stephanie Carlson Center for Energy and Environment Susan A. Cotton Mary Ellen Cunningham Lauren and Edith Davies Barbara and Timothy Dickie Loralee DiLorenzo Joseph and Mary Jane Doll Ayoko Foli W. Curtis and Dawn Galloway Deborah A. Hannasch Mary Hasbrouck, CSJ Sonia M. Hazard Norah V. Hoff Mary Hunt* Cecilia Jaisle Erik and Karen Jothen Mary M. Wilkes Karraker Meaza Kiflemariam Maggie Kvasnicka, CSJ Anne and Charles Leck Philip and Juliana Ledermann Rosie Lee Virginia McCain Beryl McHale* Michele Garnett McKenzie Mr. John I. McKigney Carolee Mengel Midwest Sociological Society Debra and Keith Miner Hercules and Wendy Muehlberg John Nakasone

Thomas Norgel and Ellen Richter-Norgel Constance and Mathew Northrup Hilary Novecek and Nicolas Bundt Thelma and Chuka Obah Otto Bremer Foundation Linda Ovadia Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation Kelly A. Povo Ms. Dorothy Queen Karleen Reller* James and Helen Rood Stacy Rooney Alisha Rhyner The Estate of Marie Fourre Russ Timothy and Barbara Ryan The Saint Paul Area Council of Churches Kathleen K. Sallee Sisters of St. Joseph Amanda Skorich Naomi Sobel and Diana Doty Soroptomist Foundation of Greater Minneapolis St. Catherine University R.E. Syverson Target Foundation Ten Thousand Villages Heather Tracey Russell Travis University of St. Thomas Susan Weberg Tara and Leanard Weiss Bonnie Wek and Michael Donahue Kylie White

S t. Ma r y’s Hea lth Clin ics Daniel and Cheryl Ader Frank Ahmann Gehad Ahmed Karen S. Allan ALLINA Health System Ameriprise Financial Annual Giving Campaign Ameriprise Financial Employee Gift Matching Program Andersen Corporate Foundation Kenneth and Rita Anderson Mark Anderson Anonymous Judy Arms Neela Aryal The Church of The Ascension

Mary Madonna Ashton, CSJ Associates of St. Mary’s Clinics Geraldine Ayd Donna Bachmeier Robert and Patricia Baker Victor and Ruth Barela James and Kathryn Barnett Steven Barrett and Mary Kaden Richard and Arlene Bennett Sandra Bentley-Williams Ralph and Janet Bierbaum Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bierbaum Carole A. Black Blake Ridge Condominiums Blue Cross Blue Shield of MN Susan Boerboom Eugene and Barbara Boettcher Mrs. David M. Bond Boston Scientific Foundation James and Ann Boulay Erica Bouza Toni Bowles John and Marie Braun Ward J. Brennan Brennan Family Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Audrey Brucker Bernardine Bryant Connie and Gary Buescher Buffalo Exchange Brenda Burkhartzmeyer and Steven Huff Carol A. Burmaster Don Burns and Suzanne Renwick Matthew M. Burns Mary Byers Kathy and Stephen Callaghan Robert E Campbell Capistrant Law Office Ltd Victor and Marlys Carlson Joan Carr Damien and Kathrine Carufel Dolores L. Casey Barbara Castagna Debra and Charles Cathcart Dr. Joseph Cella Gregg and Teresa Chaplin Ms. Brooke Chaudhary Sheldon and Lili Chester James and Phyllis Chucker Barbara and Al Cichoski Stephen and Christine Clemens Deborah Clement Jane Clifford Daniel C. Conlon, M.D.

Irma F. Conroy Consulate of Mexico Beverly Cory Ellen Courtemanche Gaye and Craig Crandall Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Creegan Terry and Jeanne Creegan Margaret M. Day Joan Delich Gregory and Lucy DesLauriers Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Devereaux Kelly-Ann and William Diehl Doolittles Woodfire Grill Mary Dorn George C. Dorsey Daniel Dudon Yen Duong Jon and Patricia Eagle Theodore and Judith Edin Mr. and Mrs. Polly Edmunds Peter and Jane Eichten Mr. and Mrs. John E. Engel Adelina Eres Esperanza Espinoza Fairview Health Services Tamra Falk Marjorie and Kevin Farley Lawrence and Catherine Farley Edith Farnham and Mary Hartman Louis and Geraldine Farrell Dr. and Mrs. Albert Fetzek Michael and Diane Fewer Dave and Helen Fitzgerald Veronica Fitzgerald Carole Flavin Mr. and Mrs. David Foley Eileen Foley Paul and Nancy Foley Ann and William Fox James and Barbara Freeman George and Ginny Frey The Furst Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gabrik Camille D. Gallagher Duncan and Pamela Gallagher Tim Gallagher Mrs. Jacqui Gardner James and June Gates Rolf and Mary Gilbertson Lorna Gipp Nancy Goldstein Mrs. Marcella Gordon William Gregg


Diane K. Greve Ms. Patricia Guerrero Wendel and Julie Ann Haben Corinne Hakanson Mary K. Hamann Mark and Margaret Hanna Lois M. Hanske David and Kimberly Hanson David and Nancy Harris James F. Hart, M.D. Lisa K. Hartmann Carol and William Hay Mrs. Mary H. Hayes Healthier Minnesota Community Clinic Fund, Inc. John and Gretchen Healy Robert and Colleen Healy Mary Heinen, CSJ Victoria Helgeson John B. Hemkes Ramona Hennen Priscilla Herbison Gregorio Castillo Hernandez Kristine and Christopher Hesch Catherine and Eugene Heuer Earl and Audrey Higley John and Mary Himrod Ms. Margaret Hinton Richard and Mary Hoeg Patty and Tom Holloran Morris Holm John Hoshal and Mary Sumpmann Paul and Jennifer Hovelsrud Stephen Howe and Mary Gregg-Howe Thomas and LaDonna Hoy James and Judith Hronek John and Penny Hughes John and Jeanne Hynes ING Charitable Giving Program Dr. Timothy Isaacson Jane Jasperson Nicholas and Christina Jermihov Ms. Evelyn Johnson Judith A. Johnson Martha Johnson and Timothy Ramer Mary Sweetser Johnson Mick and Susan Johnson Randall Johnson Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Donald and Mary Johnstone Darold Jolliff and Jill Ramsey Hugh and Marilyn Jones

Robert and Stephanie Kampa Kenneth Kane Dorothy Kapelle Carole Keehn Barbara Kelley John C. Kelly Mary Kennedy James and Frances Kiedrowski Edward and Marilyn Klis Knights of Columbus #526 William A. Koester Marjorie T. Kolar Patricia Korn Gail Ann Kraemer Greg Laberge Curtis and Patricia Lack Ms. Jane Letourneau Peter and Sheila Lind Dean and Mary Jo Lindholm Gary and Angela Lindholm Jeanne Louis and Nancy Anderson Ms. Virginia M. Lowell Karen Kosel Lundgren Martin E.W. and Mary Kay Luther Mackall Crounse & Moore Gehad Mahmoud Church of St. Mark Kenneth and Kathleen Marsh Mary, Mother of the Church Richard and Joyce May Thomas and Susan McGuire Stephen McKeown Susan McKevitt John and Linda McNally Medica Foundation Mr. Terry A. Merritt Judith Miller Minnesota Center for Healthcare Ethics John and Geri Minton Charitable Fund of the Catholic Community Foundation Ms. Maria Montes-Leon Wade and Barbara Moran Helen A. Morrell Eileen Moses David Mott Virginia Mulcahy Dan and Carol Mulheran Andrew and Kristine Mullmann Kevin and Camille Murphy Timothy and Elizabeth Murphy Kate Neis Mr. and Mrs. William G. Nelson

Gabriela Neri The Estate of Mildred E. Neuberger Mrs. Anne Newhart James and Mary Nikolai Dr. and Mrs. John A. Nilsen North Maplewood Lioness Club North Suburban Hospital District Mary and Wallace Nosek Denis and Mary Novak Denise Novak Kent and Susan Oachs Bonnie O’Connor and Ron Hopfensperger Mr. Thomas P. O’Connor Josephine Olson Sally Lewis Olson Gilber Ortiz-Toledo and Elga Sanchez-Bunay Jennifer and Steven Ott Mary Lou Ott Ray Ott and Mary Williams William and Lucille Ott Jerry Palmer Park Nicollet Foundation Charles and Joanne Parsons Angelo and Mary Percich Richard and Nancy Perrine James and Donna Peter David and Patricia Peterson Tom and Linda Peterson Deb and Christopher Pflug Hal and Colette Picquet Anthony and Helen Pollock Gordon and Christy Powers Maureen Provost Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation Lawrence Quinn and Yvonne Duperon Donald A. Quinn, Sr. Vicki E. Raabe Ms. Jacqueline Radde Donna Ramsay Alta Ramsey Bruce Ramsey and Janet Ichikawa-Ramsey Alicia Reeves and John Haugen Dr. and Mrs. William D. Remole Thomas R. Render Dr. and Mrs. Michael Renier Shirley and Arne Rian Patti Richardson Rudolph and Mary Ripple Mary and Peter Ritten Luverne and Patricia Ann Ritter

Nancy Ritzman Julie A. Robbins Ralph Roberts Mrs. Gertrude O. Rocheford Colleen M. Roethke James and Sharon Rogers Ruth Rolfes The Saint Paul Foundation Lavyrne M. Samco Glenn and Kathy Sansburn James and Diane Sarosiek Ms. Marcia Schug Pauline Schuller Margaret Seiwert Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Selleck Jerry and Marilyn Sexton Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community Mr. and Mrs. R.J. Shannon Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church John and Marla Simmet Dr. and Mrs. Richard Simmons Sovanna Sok Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sontag Martha J. Spaeth Darran Spence St. Bridget’s Guild of the Church of St. Patrick Church of St. Edward of Bloomington Church of St. Mary James and Julie Stark David and Lynn Steichen Dale and Sandra Stoffel Ms. Muriel Stringer Kay and Richard Student Joseph and Therese Sullivan Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Phyllis Sutcliffe David and Marylee Sutton David and Catherine Swanson Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Tambornino Mary K. Tambornino Drs. Jan and Mary Tanghe Ms. Carol A. Tauer Jerome Tews William and Susan Tews John and Betty Thole Dr. Joseph Tombers Laurie Gleason Trow Tien Truong Anne Elise Tschida, CSJ Lisa W. Turner

Universal Hospital Services, Inc. Mary Vacek Mary L. Vanek* Dorothy Vawter and David Dudycha Melanie Volk Joyce A. Waddick Carol Walker Ann Warner Karoline and David Warner Diane A. Wartnick Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Watson Theodore Watson and Emma McGraw Watson Todd and Kathryn Watson Beverly Weber Ms. Marlys Weber Margaret Whalin James and Mary White Tom and Darlene White Tom and Cindy Winter William and Mary Winum Dean and Pamela Wohlers Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wolff John Woodward Ms. Marian E. Wright Ms. Marj Wunder

U n res tricted

Elizabeth W. Baker Fund of The St. Paul Foundation Marjorie Bartho Bruce Dusbiber Judith and Henry Hechtl Marguerite Hessian-Gatz Horncrest Foundation, Inc. Ms. Irene Kaempfer Daniel and Penny Malecha James McShane Michelle Moran* and Christina Payton Margaret and Ned Nagy Charles and Joyce Owsley Larry Russ Mark Shields Janet Sletten Susan Smith, CSJ Jane Ellen Spriggs Lynn Stang Monica and John Stella Linda Taylor, CSJ Henry Van Hout


Wisdom Wa ys

Ms. Mary Ann Adrian Shelby Andress Anonymous Peter Bailey Mary Farrell Bednarowski Lois Berns* Amy Blumenshine and Michael Troutman Douglas Brown and Gail Korell Ms. Donna Coleman Linda Crosby* Jeanne Danmeier Lou Cooney Erickson* Dianne Feltham Ms. Mary Furman Ms. Diane Gardner* Ms. Jean Grover Kathleen Haley Rev. Barbara Kellett* Paula King Myron Lowe Laura Lundgren Mary Madill Janet Mallak Rosa Marroquin Patty McGrath Beryl McHale* Mary Nelson Ms. Debra Ost Mary Ann Peterson Lee Ann Pomrenke Barbara and Dora Marie Rohl Dr. Phil and Mrs. Barbara Roy Arthur R. Stoeberl Pastor Carol Tomer Jerry Vandrovec Mary L. Vanek* Mary K. Vrabel Elaine M. Wagner Kathryn Warneke Ms. Janell Weum Rebecca Wigley Ms. Louise Ziegler Mary Zimmer*


Gifts in Kin d

The following individuals and businesses donated gift certificates, special items, or their services to the Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation or to a ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph. We are grateful for their participation and support. Jeff and Jill Abrahamson AmeriPride Services Anodyne Coffeehouse Arthur Murray Dance Studio (Minneapolis) Arthur Murray Studio (St. Paul) Associated Dentists Assure Shipping, LLC Assure Quality Painting, LLC Nan Ayers Don Bange Katherine Barton and Jerry Kettunen The Basilica Landmark BB&G Limo Enterprise Kevin and Jennifer Berg The Bibelot Shop, Inc. Big Bowl Fresh Chinese and Thai Cuisine blackbird cafe Black Forest Inn Bloomington Chop House Bloomington Theatre and Art Center Irene Bohn Alysha Boie Kate Brady and Dave Zumeta Brave New Workshop Breadsmith Emile Britton Margaret Brown, CSJ Brown & Greene Floral Market Bryant-Lake Bowl Cafe Latte Cafe Maude The Cake Diva Kathleen Calabria Cannon River Winery Carmelo’s Ristorante Caron Chiropractic Clinic, PA Carter Avenue Frame Shop

Cecil’s Delicatessen & Restaurant Chanhassen Dinner Theatres Citizen Cafe Clancy’s Meats & Fish Coat of Many Colors College Nannies and Tutors Cork & Barrel Wine & Sprits Cossetta’s Italian Market Cretin-Derham Hall Scott and Winnie Yuen-Yee Crosbie Crowne Plaza St. Paul Riverfront Douglas Cuomo Dancers Studio Barbara and Timothy Dickie Mel Dickie Pat Doyle DSC Image Dunn Bros Coffee The Dwelling in the Woods Alicia Earnest East Lake Liquor Dr. Steven Edlund Robin Eggert and Family Electra Tune EnergyWorks Fabulous Fern’s Bar and Grill Ann Fairbairn Fat Lorenzo’s Finnegans Irish Amber First Tech-Apple Specialists Dr. Terrence and Margaret Flower Foss Swim School Ann Fox The FrameWorks French Meadow Bakery & Cafe Gandhi Mahal Ken Gardner Gingham Life Glaciers Café Grand Marias Hotel Company Grandview Grill Great Harvest Bread Co. Haskell’s Hawks View Cottages and Lodges Ken Hayes Heidi’s Hell’s Kitchen Alyson Henning, NCTMB Highland Grill

Hillyard: The Cleaning Resource Hilton Minneapolis/Bloomington The Home Depot Ideal Printers Illusion Theater In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theatre Inn at Terrace Point Izzy’s Ice Cream Café Alexander Jacobs Jawaahir Dance Company & The Cassandra School Jenny B Jewelry as Art Althea Johns, CSJ Charles and Karen Olson Johnson David and Mary Beth Johnson J’s Family Restaurant The Jungle Theater Lynne Rossetto Kasper Father Kevin Kenney Elizabeth Kerwin, CSJ and Mary Clare Korb, CSJ Kowalski’s Market Terri Larson Le Blanc House Bed & Breakfast Leitner’s Garden Center Dr. Loie Lenarz Lettuce Entertain You Bridget Levin Sally Lieberman Lilydale Pool and Yacht Club Karen Linder Linder’s Garden Center Longfellow Grill Loyola Spirituality Center Luci Ancora & Ristorante Luci Lunds, Highland Village Lylee Heart Designs Mary Lynch Chuck MacDonald Magers & Quinn Booksellers Emily Maher Jane Mahowald Mango Thai Maria’s Cafe Max’s McCormick Spices Mary Pat McManus and Mike Wier Doug and Mary Louise Menikheim

Kate Meyer Milda’s Cafe CSJ Ministries Foundation Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Minnesota Opera Minnesota Orchestra Minnesota State Fair Minnesota Twins Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op Mother Earth Gardens Mu Performing Arts Mytech Partners, Inc Jean Nelson, CSJ Kevin Newbury The New Louisiana Cafe The New Uptown Diner Brad and Laurie Niles Northern Brewer Dolores Oakes, CSJ and Suzanne Herder, CSJ Bonnie O’Connor The Olive Grove Olive Oil Company Open Arms of Minnesota Ordway Center for the Performing Arts Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Park Square Theatre Peace Coffee Peninsula Malaysian Cuisine Chuck Percival Periwinkle Concepts Pet Portraits Pizza Luce Jen Haut-Prokop Pumphouse Creamery Punch Neapolitan Pizza Purple Apple Arts Red Chair Design Rice Paper Restaurant Mark Ritchie Riverstone Salon Spa Riverview Theater The Saint Paul Hotel Saint Paul Saints Nick and Erin Schneeman Schuler Shoes Ralph and Trish Scorpio Sebastian Joe’s Ice Cream Seven Hawks Vineyards

Miriam Shea, CSJ Sheraton Minneapolis Midtown Hotel Tim Smith Special Events Catering The Splendid Table Squeegee Squad St. Francis Regional Medical Center St. Joseph Worker Program St. Patrick’s Guild St. Paul Corner Drug St. Paul JCC Supatra’s Thai Cuisine Sysco Sweets Bakeshop Andrea Pearson Tandy Theatre in the Round Players Thomas Liquor and Fine Wines Three Rivers Park District Tinucci’s Restaurant Colleen Tollefson Treadle Yard Goods Toast Wine Bar & Café Mary Rose Vanpoperin Donna Vosika, CSJ W.A. Frost and Company Mary and Rob Weber Weber Electric, Inc. Widmer’s Supermarket Wild Birds Unlimited Women’s Environmental Institute (WEI) Sang Yim Tom Youness YWCA of Minneapolis


Pa trimon y Our thanks to the many Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet who have made personal gifts from their patrimony to the Province, the Retirement Fund, or to the Ministries Foundation this year, including those listed below as well as the Sisters who prefer to remain anonymous.

Mary Madonna Ashton, CSJ

Grace Maertens, CSJ

Marquita Barnard, CSJ

Mary Mark Mahoney, CSJ

Mary Calder, CSJ

Shirley Oeffling, CSJ

Elaine Conrad, CSJ

Susan Oeffling, CSJ

Catherine Coté, CSJ

Polly Preston, CSJ

Patricia DeBlieck, CSJ

Ann Redmond, CSJ

Agnes Foley, CSJ

John Ellen Rogers, CSJ

Agatha Grossman, CSJ

Angela Schreiber, CSJ

Marie Grossman, CSJ

Helena Sheridan, CSJ

Mary F. Heinen, CSJ

Catherine Steffens, CSJ

Jeanne Heiss, CSJ

Florence Steichen, CSJ

Suzanne Herder, CSJ

Marguerite Turgeon, CSJ

Ansgar Holmberg, CSJ

Evelyn Wadsworth, CSJ

Diane Hunker, CSJ

Karen Wadsworth, CSJ

Althea Johns, CSJ

Esperance Wittry, CSJ

Dorothy Jorgenson, CSJ

John Christine Wolkerstorfer, CSJ

Karen Kennelly, CSJ

Dorothy Wyant, CSJ

Mary Lamski, CSJ

Dorothy Zahler, CSJ

Tha n k you. Without your gracious support we would be unable to do the work we are called to do — create a network of help and hope for those who need it most. With your help we have been able to accomplish great things. Still, there is much to do. More and more people come to our ministries in profound need of material and spiritual sustenance. We are working hard to develop new strategies to carry out our mission of service in “love of God and Neighbor without distinction.” Your continued help will make this possible.

Ma y you be blessed for the gifts you so gen erousl y give.

The mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province, is to continue the mission of Jesus, to share the task of identifying and responding to spiritual and material needs. The expression of these needs varies with times, cultures, and conditions of persons. #21, Constitution of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet

Note from resident left in suggestion box at Sarah’s.


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The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet Ministries Foundation is a partnership among people who recognize the value of the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and seek to make a difference in the lives of those in need by generating and allocating funds to support present and future ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

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Sisters of St. Joseph Ministries Foundation Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2011-2012