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C A R I B B E A N S E A J A Z Z F E S T I VA L 2 0 1 5



The relationship between music and the visual arts, two elements that nourish the soul, in their creation and appreciation, has long been recognized not only by intellectuals but by all levels of art lovers in our society. Scholars have long reflected on those aspects of culture involved in the world of music and art sciences. They have studied the relationship between the two arts and their mutual elements of creativity, enjoying them in conjunction. We, even though, not conscious, have found that the contemplation of a beautiful work of art is enhanced while listening to music that seems appropriate. Invariably, art gallery openings are often orchestrated by music, which sets the mood and harmonizes with the work of the artist.

The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Art Gallery offers you an experience to enjoy the synergy between “Music and Visual Arts: There will be a variety of displays of paintings, photography, sculptures, and arts &crafts by local and some international artists during the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. Once again, the exhibition participating artists will get together to create a cooperative painting on the spot. The last year’s cooperative painting will be raffled by the end of the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival. There will be some silent auctions as well during the exhibition. We invite you to come and feast your senses, enjoy the ambiance, and feed your soul!

GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKET FOR ONLY AFL. 5,- AND MAYBE YOU'RE THE NEW LUCKY OWNER OF THIS BEAUTIFUL PAINTING! Michiko Takatsu Curators on the go! “A Foundation for Artists by Artist”- bring community together with Creativity. 588-2267 /


Booklet jazz 2015 website  
Booklet jazz 2015 website