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The dynamic phototypesetter Pacesetter . . . constantly improving—in reliability, quality of output and its productive capabilities. The evolution of the Pacesetter has been one of adaptation to user requirements. Initially it became the standard to which all second generation phototypesetters were compared, with its unequalled font/size ranges, mixing abilities, programmability and its reputation for "running the longest with the least maintenance." Today, there are 25 useroriented models that fit all composition requirements and budgets, including those of the most discriminating typographer. Here are but a few of the more recent improvements that are standard or optionally available with the Pacesetter line to make it unsurpassed in productive capacity and output quality. Compare the Pacesetter with any other phototypesetter ... today. Write or call for all the details.

Expanded Type Library - More than 1000 typefaces including the latest contemporary and royalty faces. Standard and Segmented Matrix Discs -Nowuserhaschoiceofstandard4,8 or16 font discs that never wear out or change character alignment; or individual 108character segments for Mark 1. Exposure Control - Programmable control of exposure by user permits optimum density for all typefaces in font dress (e.g. light scripts with heavy display). New fast on-off flash control increases crispness of character definition. Reverse Leading - Up to 22 inches is standard on all models.

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Dymo Graphic Systems

Ad set in Dymo Graphic Systems' "Chelmsford" series.


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