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Initial Puzzle

By J.G.

Names are pinned on us when we're rather defenseless in the matter. If we can live with our parents' judgment, all well and good, but that's not always the case. History is replete with people who took on pseudonyms and even lived out their lives being called by some descriptive epithet. One popular compromise is to use initials, a practice or affectation oncefashionable in England around the Victorian Era and with some currency in this country, particularly in the South. Not one to allow all those initial letters to languish unidentified, we've compiled a list of prominent initial users and worked it into a "Who's Whose"for your entertainment. This is a roster (not definitive) offamous personalities in their respectivefield.s of accomplishment who are best known, and in some cases only known, by theirfirst two initials. The challenge is tofill in the correct last name. For example, under the O's you'll see O.J. Our hint will tell you he's in sports. Well, how many 2,000-yard running backs do you know who run around with a moniker of O.J. ? Of the entire list, there are only two who use or have used initials that do not represent a name. You will notice there are an additionalfour personalities (one a woman) who like a threeinitial running start. To give you a running start, we've indicated thefield in which you willfind the missing name. That should make things a lot simpler. You may also notice that the literary types seem more addicted to the initial habit. Justfill in the blank space with your educated guess as to what last name goes with the initials and mail in the entire page of answers, or a copy to U&lc. Don'tforget tofill in your name, address, and occupation in the allotted space. Your name andfield of endeavor will be immortalized in the pages of U&lc if you score heavily. Initially speaking, there should befun,followed by a bit of edification, and an amusing surprise or two between A.A. and Y.A. When THIS ARTICLE WAS SET IN ITC BOOKMAN ITALIC

Artist, Writer

we print the answers in our next issue, we will give you notjust the last names but the names infull hidden behind those mysterious majuscules.


A.A. A.A. A. B. A. E. A. E. A.J. A.J. A.J.



Government Literature Visual Art Literature Literature Philosophy Sports Journalism

J. K. J. P. J. P. J. P. J. R. R.

J. S. L. C. L. L.

B. B. B. F. B. F.

Music Business M.F.K. Science N. C.

C. L.

Journalism O. E. Literature/Science O. J. Literature 0. 0. Literature P. G. Sports P.J. Literature P.J. Theatre P. T. essmormâ– Ek Science R. D. Theatre R. F. Literature R. H. Literature R. L. Theatre Theatre S. I. Literature S. J. Journalism S. N. S. S. Business Business T. E. T. S. Theatre Literature U. S.

C. P. C. S. C. S. D. D. D. H. D. W. E.A.

E.A. E. B. E. E. E. G. E. H. E. M.

E. w. F. A. O. F. W.

G. B. G. K. H. A. H. H.

H. J. H. L. H. T.

1. F. I. M. J. B. J. B. S. J. D. J. E. B. J. J.

Literature Literature Literature Business Literature Music Sports Business Literature Visual Art Literature Sports Journalism Literature Business Business Theatre Science Visual Art Business History Science Literature Theatre Literature Literature Literature Government

V. 1. V. L. V.S. V.S.

Government Science Literature Literature

W.A. Journalism W.A. Technical Art W. B.

W. H. W. S.

Technical Art Music Literature Music Literature Literature Literature



Science Literature Science Journalism Visual Art

Science Science Literature Government Music

W. C. W. D.


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