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Home Security Protection Helps Deter Summer’s Sizzling Crime Rates Experts agree that summertime brings more than just an increase in temperatures. It also brings an increase in crime to many cities. There are several reasons for this phenomenon, and there are also several ways that you can protect yourself from this danger. Free Time Prevails Summer brings a slow-down for the kids. Extracurricular activities tied to school aren’t in session; there is no homework to do and kids have all that free time during the day. This means they are also easily bored and more prone to commit acts of vandalism and crimes of opportunity. Protect your car from summer vandals by taking the following steps:

Roll up the windows and lock your car at night and when you are out running errands.

Do not leave valuables where they can be seen in the car.

When possible, park your car in the garage to prevent vandalism and theft.

Never leave your keys in the car, even if it is parked in the garage.

Comfortable Weather for Working Homeowners spend more time working on their landscape when the weather is nice, and thieves also spend more time enjoying their favorite hobby when the temperatures are comfortable. The warm nights and dry weather make it easier for them to stroll through neighborhoods, case houses and break in. Use these burglary prevention tips to protect your home:

Never leave ladders outside.

First floor windows should be kept closed to prevent people from coming in through the screens.

Children who are staying home should be taught not to open the door for anyone.

Have newspaper and mail delivery stopped if you will be out of town.

Get to know your neighbors and keep an eye out for each other.

Rising Frustration Levels The FBI reports that crime rates increase by about 10 percent in the summer. Another potential cause for this is the frustration that comes with hot temperatures. As people

become frazzled with the heat, they are more likely to lash out at others through crime. Experts recommend being courteous to others because you never know when someone might be on the edge and just looking for a reason to become aggressive. People should also call police if they notice anything suspicious in a public area.

Year-Round Home Security Protection Tips There are also steps you can take to protect your home throughout the year. This is especially important for people living in Florida where the weather stays warm yearround, and they will prove particularly beneficial when the summer heat waves roll in.

Get the alarm—One of the best forms of home security protection is a monitored alarm. They are a proven deterrent, and they help set your mind at ease when you are away from the home.

Kick-proof the door—A good swift kick is all it takes to get through most doors. The doorjamb is the weakest spot, but a special metal plate will strengthen it.

Secure windows and doors—Make sure you have quality locks on all windows and doors. If necessary, buy higher quality locks and have them installed.

Don’t be cased—Thieves like to case houses before going to the trouble of breaking in. Make it harder to case your house. Put valuables out of sight and away of windows, so they cannot be seen by people walking by on the street. When ordering delivery, have the delivery guy wait on the porch rather than inviting him in. If you buy large-ticket items, break the boxes down before putting them on the curb to avoid advertising what you have.

These are all effective burglary prevention steps you can take to protect your home and family. Most of these steps are easy to take, and they all have the ability to make your family safer. Crime rates increase when the temperatures rise, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim.

Home security protection helps deter summer  

The warm nights and dry weather make it easier for burglars to stroll through neighborhoods, case houses and break in. Use these burglary p...