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Vol. XV Issue 3

Cypress Springs High School - 7909 Fry Rd. Cypress, Texas 77433

May, 2012

Principal Barbara Weiman retires After 14 years at CSHS and five as principal, Weiman prepares for life after public education by Ashlee McDaniel Reporter The woman who has represented our school so well is taking her rightful time and leaving the nest. Principal Barbara Weiman has served at Cy-Springs since 1998. Those years included working as assistant principal, associate principal, and her current place as principal for five years. In total, that is 14 long, hardworking, and passionate years to be devoted to our school. Before making Cy-Springs High School her final home, she worked at a few other schools. Her first was in the Alief district, at a high school where she worked as a biology, environmental, and IPC science teacher for five years total. She then moved into Cy-Fair ISD where Cook middle school offered her a job, and she took the role of a seventh grade teacher and specialized as a team leader in the science department where she also taught life science. She made the decision to move again, to become a cougar at Cy-Creek High School. There she taught biology and psychology. Finally, she made Cy-Springs her home for good. There was never any thought in Wieman’s early years that she would travel down this career path coming out of college. In high school, she wanted to pursue a career in Pre Med. With that not working out as she planned, she took a chance and received a certificate in teaching in the fields of English and Psy-

chology. She still continued in the things she loved and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Biology and a Master’s in administration from University of Houston. “As a child, I always ‘played’ teacher, and my parents told me I would become a teacher one day,” she said. “I never believed them until I actually became one.” Many people are wondering why Wieman is retiring. She says she has a family that she loves and cares for very much, and like most of us, family comes first. She wants to take care of her mother who is becoming ill, and she wants to be by her side every step of the way. She also has a grandson on the way whose delivery date is on graduation weekend. She says there is so much she will miss and so much she has to look forward to in her future. “I have so much ahead of me that I know will bring joy to my life,” Wieman said. “I feel this is God telling me that it’s time to move into another part of life.” Wieman stated she cherishes every moment that takes place every single day in her life. She will miss the things that happen in our school, and she doesn’t take anything for granted. She says she will miss the staff most of all, but what she loves is when students come back and tell her the great things that have happened in their lives since their graduation day. “I know I have done my job because of how I have affected so many people’s lives,” she said. “That gives me joy to hear the things they have accomplished.”

Principal Barbara Weiman's official retirement date is June 29. Weiman has been at Cypress Springs since 1998.

Cobia takes over for Gonzalez Panthers gain new Athletic Coordinator, head football coach by Cynthia Arreguin Reporter

Rick Cobia named new Athletic Coordinator and head coach of the Panthers.

Cypress Springs has welcomed a new athletic coordinator and head football coach, Richard Cobia. Next year, returning athletes are in store for new beginnings, and Coach Cobia seems ready to prepare them for what is up ahead. Our new head coach is ready to rejuvenate the athletes. He believes that everything starts with them. He wants the athletes to be responsible and disciplined, and that will reflect in their efforts on the field or the court. Cobia has plenty of experience with coaching, 29 years and counting. He has coached at Langham Creek High School and Cypress Falls High School. After spending 10 years in the Cy-Fair District, Cobia left with the advice of George Hop-

per to become a head coach at another district and would eventually return. “Ironically, my next door neighbor is George Hopper, (Hopper Middle School namesake) and he’s the guy who told me one day I would come back,” Cobia said. Then the opportunity Cobia was looking for arose when Cypress Springs was in search of a new head coach. This occurred when former athletic director Roland Gonzalez left the district. “When the opportunity for me to become a head coach here at Cypress Springs came about, I looked into it, and I felt like I was a great fit for this job,” Cobia said. “I applied for this job, and I feel really blessed to have gotten it.” Now as he has settled in, he has felt very welcomed here at Cypress Springs. Cobia has felt the excitement from the football players and has felt honored to

have been received positively. He says wants to make a difference and become a role model to all the students and help students grow. “I hope as the head football coach at Cypress Springs to not be a failure and to not let our kids down,” Cobia said.

Have a Happy, Safe Prom!


Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012

Social networking can be dangerous

Personal information easily found online by Eileen Salazar Managing Editor Social networking used to be solely about socializing and meeting new people, but in the past years, teens have taken social websites to a whole new level. At first, it was Myspace, Facebook and Twitter, but now it’s Path, Instagram and Tumblr. It seems as if you don’t have one of these pages, you’re non-existent; if you don’t have a ton of friends or followers, you’re lame.

Social networking is basically a new form of stalking. To prove this point, I typed in my name in Google’s search engine. The fourth link on the list was a link to my super- ancient MySpace page, but that wasn’t the creepy part. A link on the list was to a website. What is this mysterious website? A tell-all to your life. It asked for my name and the city I live in. After putting in that little piece of information, a picture of the street I live on popped up with detailed property information, the first six digits to my cell number, and background information over

my last name. This is what I or anyone else can get for free. If you actually paid to be a member of the website, you could get pretty much my entire life. Honestly, I’m a little frazzled by this simply because I hate social networks and make sure (on the two websites I actively use) not to put too much information on them. Tracking people has become way easier due to these social websites. It doesn’t take a genius to put pieces of information together and figure out your every move. If you aren’t careful, you may end up seriously harmed.

United We Stand

Students should not be responsible to stop others from bullying Bullying has been in the media so much in the last few years, one would think it has become an epidemic. Schools and other organizations nationwide have initiated anti-bullying programs, and a documentary film, aptly titled Bully, has even been released. Bully, directed by Lee Hirsch, follows the daily lives of five students in high schools across America. In addition to showing how the average school kid is unable to defend himself or herself against bullying, the film also focuses on the deaths of two bullying victims who took their own lives. As horrible as it is, things like this happen to young people every day. Children hide in school for fear of being

picked on, conceal such problems from the people who are most qualified to help, and, on occasion, have taken matters into their own hands. Thus, responsibility has been placed on society to intervene in the affairs of the bullied. School administrators, radio announcements, even television advertisements, advise young people to step in to stop bullying and report such incidents to adults. But a student, whose sole purpose in coming to school is to learn, should not be held responsible for the actions of others. And at the risk of sounding insensitive, other students should not have to feel compelled to put themselves in harm’s way to help another student.

The emotional toll bullying can take on a person is understandable, and its effects can be devastating, but instead of putting all responsibility on students to correct the problem, parents need to step up and encourage open dialogue with their children. When a child is being bullied and cannot properly defend him or herself, a parent needs to be the one to intervene. Parents need to discuss their child’s emotions and problems with them. Parents need to offer solutions to said problems, whether it is to enroll the child in kickboxing or to have a conversation with the school principal. But the bottom line is, children should not be responsible for other children.

Principal Barbara Weiman Adviser Shannon Casto Editor-In-Chief Dulce Soto Managing Editor Eileen Salazar Sports Editor Cynthia Arreguin Columnists Victoria Frost Barry Vaughn Photo Editors Stephanie Arce Damien Claudio Design Editors Carlos Cruz Juan Tellez Copy Editor Beatriz Barros Reporters/Photographers BreeAngela Hamilton Zeneida Ramirez Ashlee McDaniel Cristina Romo Sade Johnson Brittany Stevenson Chayenne Skeete

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Cypress Springs High School



The Voice - May, 2012

Hartman named Spotlight Teacher Social studies teacher brings home annual award by Cristina Romo Reporter Spotlight teachers are chosen yearly by every school’s principal. Principal Barbara Weiman has to go through a lot of critical thinking to determine who deserves to be named Cy-Springs spotlight teacher. Teachers are chosen to have this honor by being seen as someone who is helping the school become a better learning environment for students and for their accomplishments for our school.

This year’s spotlight teacher is Esther Hartman. Hartman teaches AP U.S. History and World History. She is also a sponsor of NHS and works very hard to make the school a better place. “It is an honor to be named spotlight teacher of the year,” Hartman said. “It makes me feel greatly appreciated.” She is a teacher who is truly committed to our school’s mission statement, which states, “To ���������������������� provide opportunities for academic, social, physical, and emotional growth in a safe environment

so that students can build the future of their choice and be productive members of society.” “She does a lot for the school,” senior Betania Maravilla said. As a teacher, Hartman has a special way of teaching. She makes learning fun by using witty and creative ways to teach. “History isn’t known to be fun, but Mrs. Hartman made it fun for us,” Maravilla said. “She is also always there for students when they need someone to ask advice. She’s amazing.”

Social studies teacher Esther Hartman is names CSHS Spotlight Teacher for the 2011-2012 school year.

APs' search laws revealed Smith clarifies what administrators can search and why by Sade Johnson Reporter What exactly are the assistant principal’s allowed to do while searching a student, and what circumstances are needed in order for them to do it? Many students feel being searched at school is unlawful and a violation of privacy, but

what they do not realize is that the A.P.’s have the right to search any student they want without a warrant. “The only thing we aren’t allowed to do is remove clothing,” Assistant Principal Clay Smith said. “Other than that, we can do just about anything. We can search pockets, backpacks, lockers, and even shoes. All we need to search a student is

reasonable suspicion.” Various students think searching under these circumstances is unfair. “It’s really stupid,” sophomore Miriam Medina said. “Just because a person looks like they would do something bad doesn’t mean that they are. They need a better reason to search other than appearance.” “Searching students because of

reasonable suspicion is an invasion of privacy,” junior Zakery Wright said. “Someone should change that because it makes students feel like we’re criminals.” “Having the right to search students is good because it gives everyone in the building a sense of security,” Smith said. “Even though some students might not like the idea, it keeps our building safe.”

Sophomore girls get message Tamia Brice ready for Nationals Guest speaker drives points of independencs, respect home by Brittany Stevenson Reporter On April 10, all sophomore girls were invited to the auditorium to hear from a guest speaker. The topic of discussion was how to be a lady. Be independent and respectful were the two main points. The reaction was mostly positive. “It built up my self esteem and inspired me to be a better person,” sophomore Miriam Medina said. She wasn’t the only one with that outcome effect. “It helped me build up my self esteem, leadership skills, and confidence,” sophomore Amanda Vigil said. The discussion even changed the viewpoint of some of the girls. “You have to be nice and respectful to everyone,” sophomore Consuelo Moreno-Soto said.

During the meeting, a lot of tears were being shed, and it showed the girls that they were on the same page with some of the others. “There’s more to people than you think,” Vigil said. The majority of girls believed that there should be more meetings like this, for a variety of reasons. “It helps us let out how we feel,” Vigil said. “It gives us a better lifestyle in school.” One reason for the talk was to help with people skills and motivation. “Pep talks like that motivate us to stay in school and to not let anyone put us down,” Moreno-Soto said. Some even thought it would help with friendships. “It’s good to have meetings like that,” Medina said, “to keep girls united rather than fighting against one another.”

Senior travels to Indianapolis in June by Dulce Soto Editor-in-Chief

Earlier this year, senior Tamia Brice went to the National Forensic League competition, with the Speech and Debate Team. She competed in the Original Oratory and Dramatic Interpretation sections of the competition, and after advancing six or seven rounds for each event, she won second place in both sections against all high schools in the East Texas district. “I felt overwhelmed and blessed when I found out,” Brice said about the results. Even though it was news worth celebrating, Brice was stuck in a mix of emotions as she also found out that her grandmother was in the hospital. “It was a bittersweet moment,” Brice said. “My world felt like it was spinning out of control.” Not sure of how to react, Brice simply left Cy-Falls High School, where the competition was being held, and headed straight for the hospital. “My grandmother was having problems with her heart,” Brice said.

Fortunately, Brice found out that her grandmother was going to be okay. All that left her to worry about was finding a way of going to Nationals. Since she was a finalist in the National Qualifiers, Brice advances to Nationals, which will be held in Indianapolis this June. “I’m relieved to know that my grandma is okay, but now I must worry about raising money to go to Indianapolis in the summer,” Brice said. “The district only pays for half, so I have to find a way to come up with the rest.”

Senior Tamia Brice is competing in Nationals for debate in Indianapolis in June.


Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012

YLPA step team takes first in district Ladies enjoy their first district championship by BreeAngela Hamilton Reporter March 31, 2012, a new YLPA district champion was crowned. Cypress Springs High School’s very own Lady Diamonds were awarded first place in the annual Cy-Fair District Step Show. The Lady Diamonds competed against four other district high schools for the first place title. “When we were announced as the winners, my first thought was that all of our hard work had paid off,” senior Avianca Palmer said. Second-year Lady Diamond, Eileen Salazar, added, “I kind of knew that we had won first after last year’s winners, the Cy-Lakes team, was announced as third place, but I was still excited.” This is the first district win for the Cy-Springs Lady Diamonds. “After the show, I couldn’t help but think that never before has Cy-Springs placed first,” Palmer said. “It took an entire team of great people to get there.” Practicing every afternoon until five o’clock, five days a week, the Lady Diamonds put a tremendous amount of time and dedication into their routines. The group has committed themselves to excellence this year and plans to maintain their title as “District Champs.” “We’re going to practice and work hard, now more than ever,” sophomore Jonique Mitchell said. “We’re hoping to incorporate new ideas and tricks into our routines to take our show the next level.”

Bottom Row: Avianca Palmer, Jayla Blair, Jonique Mitchell, Middle Row: Moriah Palmer, Jenel Curtis, Tyra Crawford, Jahmiela Abbott, Top Row: Eileen Salazar, Morgan Jordan, LaDonna Mosley, T'iara Craig, Tia Harris, Michelle Oyeteju, Cybal Godlette, Jaya Weatherspoon, Jaliethia Walker, Sponsors: Victoria Thomas, Miyoshi Hampton-Arvie, Andrea Ledet

Sophomore Luis Olivares has eye on Olympic gold Taekwondo champion competes this summer for a spot in the Games by Eileen Salazar Reporter Every athlete dreams about becoming an Olympian. It’s one of those accomplishments that many want, but only a few achieve. After 10 years of learning and improving his skills in Tae Kwon Do, sophomore Luis Olivares, at the age of 16, has been given the chance of a lifetime to train to be in the Olympics. “It feels awesome to be offered to be in the Olympics,” Olivares said. “My goal, of course, is to get a gold medal, but I hope to get more recognition and to show people who I am.” Tae Kwon Do is one of the most popular types of martial arts in the US. It is a modern martial art form from Korea that is characterized by its fast, high, and spinning kicks. Olivares started Tae Kwon Do at the age of six after being bullied as a result of a speech impairment. “As a little kid, people use to always laugh at me because of the way I talk,” Olivares said. “One day at recess, two boys starting beating me up. I had a

broken nose, so two days later, my parents put me in Tae Kwon Do.” Olivares is now a third degree black belt and a four- year gold medalist. His 12- year-old sister is also a first degree black belt and a three-year gold medalist. Reaching this level of achievement takes a lot of drive and determination. “I have to stay focused and pay attention to the way I fight if I want to improve,” Olivares said. “I remember on March 24, at a state competition in Dallas, I finally got to meet my role model, Steven Lopez, a two-time Olympic gold medalist. He told me he had seen me fight and that I was good. It’s been an excellent motivation to continue doing my best.” Tae Kwon Do teaches students a way of life. Tae means a way of hand. Kwon means way of foot, and Do means a way of life. Olivares has been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to train to be in the Olympics. For Olivares to be on team USA for the Olympics, he must win at nationals on June 29 at the Dallas Convention Center. Tune in August 8-11 to the 2012 Olympics for the Tae Kwon Do portion, and hopefully see Olivares compete.

Sophomore Luis Olivares celebrates his latest win in taekwondo. Olivares is a third-degree black belt.

Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012


Paradise Awaits this Friday Prom arrives as last event before graduation

by Cristina Romo Reporter An epic day for seniors is approaching, prom. Seniors are rushing to find dresses, heels, tuxedos and dates. This is a very significant day in the life of a senior. It can be said it is the highlight of the year. “Prom was the best night of my life so far,” former student Estefanie Martinez said. She described how prom was an unforgettable night for her and her

fellow seniors. But it’s not all fun and games. “It’s so stressful,” senior Lorena Gonzalez said last month. “I haven’t found my dress yet, and prom is less than a month away,” For girls, prom can be seen as a practice wedding day. “It’s hard to find the perfect dress,” Gonzalez said. “There’s so many colors and styles, it’s hard to choose. Guys have it so much easier.”

Boys traditionally wear tuxedos and match their ties and vests with their dates dresses. “The hardest thing about being a guy is choosing between a bow and a tie,” senior best dressed nominee Chayanne Solorzano said. Prom is also a stressful time for guys. They have to worry about asking their dates out and not being rejected. “I asked my date out during B-lunch with roses

and banners, and she said yes,” senior Gerson Diaz said. Guys have to think of something cute to assure that their desired date will say yes. Cy-Spring’s prom is traditionally held at the Berry Center. It is this Friday, May 25. This year’s theme is “Paradise Awaits.” This greatly anticipated day is closing in fast and seniors are nervously excited.


Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012

More celebrity look-a-likes at CSHS by Juan Tellez Reporter

Disney Channels hottest princess Selena Gomez is best known for starring in “Wizards of Waverly Place.” At the age of 19, she has conquered the big screen, the stage, and the catwalk. Gomez is the lead singer and founder of the pop band Selena Gomez & The Scene, which has released three Gold certified studio albums, Kiss & Tell, A Year Without Rain, and When the Sun Goes Down. The singles have earned her four number one Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs. Senior Melony isn’t surprised when she gets compared to Gomez, “I have a lot in common with Selena, we are stunning, divine, and appealing to all eyes.”

African icon, songwriter, singer, and record producer Akon has set the name of his mother land high. Being the first solo artist to hold both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100 charts twice is pretty impressive. Akon is credited on helping the poor in Africa. Unfortunately we cannot say the same thing about the ruthless leader Kony. Senior, William Mulbah is beyond proud on being African, “I’m proud and honored of being African and it makes me feel even better as a person to be compared to a great leader Akon. However, I may look like Kony on the outside but am completely opposite on the inside.”

Brandy Norwood better known as “Moesha” is an American actress and singer. Despite being a successful singer and selling millions of albums worldwide, Norwood is highly known for her role in American sitcom Moesha.Senior Tishanna Athill is not surprised with her comparison, “I’ve gotten Moesha alot before. My friends call me Brandy or Moe for fun all the time. I personally don’t have a problem with it. She’s a beautiful black woman, but has a flat face.”

Model, actor, and dancer Channing Tatum has starred in numerous movies around the world. All his movies combined are estimated to have a profit of over one billion dollars. Like Tatum, American figure Scotty McCreery winner of Season ten of American Idol has reached fame beyond borders. McCreery’s album “Clear as Day” was certified platinum in 2011. Sophmore Barry Vaughn is very alike the celebs, he “sings like McCreery” and “acts like Tatum.”

Comedian and actor Ed Helms is one of the diverting guys from The Hangover movies. Both movies have grossed over one billion dollars in wolrdwide sales. Chemistry teacher Mr. Breerwood, is honored with being compared to a talented movie star. “I’ll leave the comedy to the professionals. Certainly Ed Helms is a talented actor and comedian, I wonder how we’d do in reversed roles…I have lived in Pennsylvania, though.”

Actress Sophie Oda played Cody’s nerdy girlfriend on “The Suit Life of Zack and Cody.” Many mistake her for London Tipton. Aside from appearing on the hit show, Oda has started on numerous Disney Channel movies. Junior Khanh Tran not only looks like her but is just as smart and amusing. “Im flattered on my celebrity comparison. I’m happy with being compared with an Asian star. I saw the last newspaper article with the celebirty twins and I would have never imagined on being on the next issue.”

Cypress Springs High School


Not all flattered by their celebrity

The Voice - May, 2012


Things that make you say, "Hmm" by Ashlee McDaniel

How is it that a careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire? What is the speed of dark?

Elizabeth Short better known as “The Black Dahlia” was an aspiring Hollywood actress. Sadly, the young and beautiful star became a victim of a gruesome and muchpublicized murder. Short was mutilated, her body sliced in half at the waist, in 1947, in Los Angeles, California. Her unsolved murder has been the source of widespread speculation, leading to many suspects along with several books and film adaptations of the story. The Hollywood murder case has become so popular that it held at the same level as that of the Manson family. Physics teacher Mrs. Kingwell is shocked with her unexpected twin. “I never thought I would be considered a “dead ringer” for the Black Dahlia!”

Do jellyfish get gas from eating jellybeans? Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, “I think I’ll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out?”

Does the Little Mermaid wear an algebra? Rapper Eminem has dominated the music industry for over a decade selling more than 90 million records worldwide. He has been crowned The King of Hip Hop nailing ten number one albums on the Billboard 200. The rapper is also a proud owner of 13 Grammies. Junior Jordan Smith has always been call Eminem’s younger missing brother. “I’m always compared with Eminem. It’s cool because I enjoy his music.”

French supermodel Baptiste Giabiconi is the world highest paid male model. He is currently the face of high end luxury brands such as Chanel, Fendi, and Karl Lagerfeld. Junior Diego Paz is blown away with the resemblance of Giabiconi, “When I heard I was going to be in the next big celebrity lookalike article I was thinking Diego from Go Diego Go. Unexpectedly, I am shocked with how much I look like a high end model.”


Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012

by Carlos Cruz, Dulce Soto & Stephanie Arce

One Direction Chances are you might have never heard of One Direction, or chances are you probably already have a secret obsession over them. One Direction is the newest boy band from the United Kingdom. It consists of five very attractive fellows: Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. The group started only two years ago, when each of the boys was offered to compete in the UK version of ‘The X Factor’ after being rejected as solo contestants. Although they did not win the competition, social media has brought One Direction to fame as word spread around about their music and their group. One Direction released their debut album, Up All Night in the US March 23, and since then, their hit single, “What Makes You Beautiful” has quickly risen to the top of the charts. They have gained popularity around the world very quickly, and they’re expected to get bigger. One Direction could seem like they’re just another five Justin Biebers that are taking over, but they’ve proven that they are much more than that.

The Hunger Games Whether you have read the books or not, The Hunger Games is one of the best new movie series to be obsessed with. Set in the ruins of a post-war world, the nation of Panem hosts a yearly Hunger Games to remind the outlying twelve districts of their previous rebellion, and it also provides the Capitol a way to govern what is left of their society. The Capitol forces each district to provide one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to fight to the death against each other on live TV for everyone to see. Sixteen-year-old, Katniss Everdeen steps in for her sister to compete in the Hunger Games, and she is faced with the challenges of survival--which she has become a pro at for years—and the fight that weighs life against love. This movie has some disturbing moments of gore, but it’s very crucial for it to make an impact on you. You might get confused at first if you haven’t read the book, but it is a good movie worth watching.

Titanic While everyone knows about the sinking of the Titanic and her story, not everyone seems to understand why producers decided to bring back the very well-known movie. The Titanic was found by Robert Ballard back on September 1, 1985. Of course this was all over the headlines during that time, and producer James Cameron soon would bring the elegant and sophisticated ship back to life. The movie couldn’t have been made without the help of Robert Ballard. They came together to recreate the ship that had gone out of everyone’s sight that cold night on April 4, 1912. Then after two years in the making, people were able to relive or see the ship for the very first time. Titanic premiered on December 13, 1997. The Academy Award-winning movie is a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, with a romance story to the real life story of the Titanic. Now 15 years later, the movie is back. The recreation of the Titanic premiered on April 4, 2012 in 3D for the very first time. This so happened to be the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic’s finding. The movie did not change much. It is still the same love story and, of course, the tragic ending. But everything was enhanced, and the 3D gives the movie a whole new perspective. The viewer is able to see the Titanic in a more dramatic and intense view. Those who have seen the movie before its recreation will definitely see the difference. If you haven’t ever seen the movie, you have to go see it. Titanic is worth revisiting.

Punk'd 2012 Many people know Ashton Kutcher, also known as Kelso, from That 70s show a hilarious comedian and amazing actor. He also had a hit prank show called Punk’d that started 2003. Kutcher would find people that would want to prank there friends or family and make it happen, but he always made sure he made it funny for his viewers. In 2007 the show was ended. Five years later, Kutcher has handed over the show to various hosts for season nine of the show. For example Bam Margera, Justin Bieber, and Hayden Panettiere, and many more have hosted. Season nine of Punk’d now has a new twist. Every week, a new celebrity hosts Punk’d for their own pranks on friends and celebrities. Justin Bieber started off the show back on March 29 punking Taylor Swift by making her “accidentally” catch a wedding boat on fire with fireworks then leaving her to blame. Punk’d is a hilarious show to watch with friends and family and may give you a few ideas if you want to prank friends. Be sure to watch Punk’d on Mtv every Thursday night at 10 pm.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 When Sonic the Hedgehog debuted back in 1991 on the Sega Genesis, many gamers were surprised how this hedgehog could run fast in 2D. After a few sequels on the Genesis, and a rough time in 3D, Sega decided to return Sonic back to its roots with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1. While many fans were excited to see him back in his roots, many were quite disappointed that it felt more like a 3D game than a 2D one. Two years after the release of Episode 1, Sonic returns to 2D the way it was 21 years ago in the form of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2. The episode takes place roughly six months after the events of Episode 1, in which a small planet simply called Little Planet revolves around Earth once a year. The evil genius known as Dr. Robotnik begins his next plans that started in Episode 1 and revives one of his creations known as Metal Sonic, whom Sonic defeated in Sonic CD. After learning about the plans, and with help of his friend, Tails, Sonic heads to Little Planet to foil Robotnik’s plans once again. Episode 2 is played like Episode 1; the controls are fairly simple just using the analog stick and one button. Many of the features of the game are like Episode 1 with many abilities that Sonic has such as the spin dash and homing attack. A new ability that Sonic obtains is the rolling combo that he does with Tails and the ability to fly with Tails to avoid any danger. Tails can also be playable either online or with a friend. There are some flaws in the game. For example some of the enemies are somewhat tough as compared to Episode 1, and you can’t play as Sonic only. Many Sonic fans who have waited for Episode 2 will be satisfied with the game as it shows a lot of nostalgia and smooth gameplay. If this would be the last episode of the Sonic 4 saga, then it went out with a bang. The game is available for Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network, iOS, and Android.

Cypress Springs High School


The Voice - May, 2012


Baseball players reflect on season Track seaby Ashlee McDaniel Reporter

The baseball team showed excellent team work this season. Although their wins were limited, they still continued to put forth effort. With every team there are goals set before a season starts, and one goal for baseball was “win as much as we can by as much as we can,” Kiethan Kelly said. With three seniors on varsity, it was a great experience for them this year with the journey they have traveled. All of the seniors basically said the same thing when it came to the question of the team benefits. “Our strongest strength on the field was our communication, senior Marcus Cruz said. “We carried each other with so much love, and we worked together like we had been playing together

for the longest; our chemistry with one another is what helps us get along.” Baseball is important when it comes to these boys’ lives. They practice it, dream it, and live it. They named a few famous baseball players they considered role models such as Jason Haywood, who plays for the Atlanta Braves. He has a batting average of .258 and was named baseball Rookie of the Year in 2012.

Another role model for the team is Josh Hamilton. Hamilton has been playing for the Cincinnati Reds since 2007 and has an average of 126 home runs. They say baseball is America’s pastime, but for the Panther baseball team members, it’s a lot more than that. “I am destined to play baseball,” senior baseball scholarship recipient Brenden Twomey said. “There is nothing else I would rather do.”

The Panther varsity baseball team takes a moment before the last home game.

Water Polo harder than it looks Players discuss difficulty of sport by BrittanyStevenson Reporter Water polo may look like an easy sport to the people that are watching them play, but there are a lot of things that go on in the water that nobody really sees. “The hardest thing about water polo is that we can’t touch the bottom of the pool,” sophomore Ian Lopez said. “Having to tread is really tiring.”

Although it may not be the easiest thing to continue swimming, some players focus on other things. “Keeping your defender off and your frustration level down is a very difficult task,” junior Amanda Hecox said. Students joined water polo for a variety of reasons. “I used to have a huge passion for basketball, and I still have a passion for swimming,” Hecox said,” and water polo being a combination of both made me

want to join.” While some joined because it was the best-of-both-worlds kind of thing, others joined to be a part of something amazing. “My freshman year, the team had made it to the state tournament, and I wanted to be a part of a winning team,” senior Aaron Espinosa said. Espinosa has been in water polo for four years. “Although it’s hard not to drown,” he said, “water polo is really fun.”

son produces stars by Sade Johnson Reporter Throughout this track season, our girls and boys teams accomplished a lot, causing everyone to recognize Cy-Springs. From going to Regionals to placing first in the four by four, The Cy-Springs track team definitely made a name for itself in the district. Senior Travis Watson isn’t just recognized in the district, but state wide. “I became the faster runner in Texas for the 400” Watson said. “Also, I was first in the district four by four.” Watson achieved his wins by working hard during practice, running summer track, and receiving support from his family. Another runner on the team was sophomore Troy Brown. “I feel that our team attained these wins by working hard and depending on each other,” Brown said. “Coach Cahee does a good job preparing us for our meets, and we appreciate him.” The boys aren’t the only ones who brought home wins. The girls track team was just as successful. “Our team placed second in the state four by four,” freshman Shaunique Murray said. “As a freshman, it is a privilege to be on varsity track. I even received second place in the high jump. I always give myself a pep talk before a meet to help me run my fastest and make my team proud.”

Panther athletes sign college letters of intent

Senior Devin Cash signs to play football at Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

Senior Kiersten Duncan signs to run track at the University of Texas.

Senior Brendon Twomey signs to play baseball at Prairie View A&M University.

Richard Benedyth is going to NW Florida JC to play Basketball.

May 2012 Issue  

May 2012 Issue of the Cypress Springs High School Voice Newspaper

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