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Creating girls of courage, confidence and character for over 100 years.

Sunday, May 6, 2012 Calvary Assembly of God Dover, Delaware

Girl Scout Promise Girl Scout Law On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country, To help people at all times, and To live by the Girl Scout Law.

Dear Friends,

I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.

On behalf of the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay, I am pleased to welcome you to the inaugural On My Honor: A Celebration of Achievement. 2012 has been designated as The Year of the Girl in honor of Girl Scouts’ 100th Anniversary. The girls receiving awards today exemplify what The Year of the Girl is all about -- girls reaching their highest potential. These girls represent the best in Girl Scouting. Projects for the Girl Scout Bronze Award by Girl Scout Juniors may focus on service in support of the Girl Scout movement, while projects for the Girl Scout Silver Award and Girl Scout Gold Award are expected to reach beyond Girl Scouting to “make the world a better place.” The award progression offers our younger girls the opportunity to develop their planning and leadership skills within the comfort and familiarity of Girl Scouting if they so choose. As they mature within Girl Scouting, our Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors are ready to move beyond the Girl Scout family to share their leadership skills with the wider community. It is in fully exploring their communities that our older girls exemplify the Girl Scout mission to “Build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.” Today is also an opportunity to congratulate girls with 10 years of membership for their long-term dedication to Girl Scouting, as well as to recognize our graduating high school seniors as they complete their years as a girl in Girl Scouting. We wish them much success in the future and hope they continue to stay involved – as troop leaders, volunteers, alumnae and lifetime members of Girl Scouting. To the parents, families, friends and supporters in attendance today – we thank you for the support and love you have given these girls to help them achieve these honors. Yours in Girl Scouting,

Agenda Welcome

Caitlyn Naughton, Girl Scout Ambassador

Flag Ceremony

Caller, Autumn Hughes, Girl Scout Ambassador

America the Beautiful

Abigail VanderLek, Girl Scout Ambassador

Comments from Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay CEO, Anne T. Hogan and Board Chair, Lynne S. Shand

Guest Speaker

Erin Lawler, 2008 Young Woman of Distinction

Candle Ceremony Awards Presentation

Chief Executive Officer Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay

Refreshments 2


Girl Scout Bronze Award Recipients

Girl Scout Bronze Award Recipients

The Girl Scout Bronze Award Girls must be in fourth or fifth grade and a registered Girl Scout Junior. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is a team-based project earned by a group of Girl Scouts. The group’s Take Action Project focuses on something the girls care about that addresses a community need. After the project is complete, girls develop an understanding of sustainability by talking together about how solutions can be lasting. Girls spend a minimum of 20 hours working on their projects.

Troop 21

Troop 453

Troop Leader: Diana Riconda Sasha Cole Brianna Riconda April Sweed

Troop Leader: Amy Schisler Sarah Bradley Morgan Schisler

Clean Up at Battery Park

Operation Coupon Collecting

Troop 482

Troop 223

Ongoing Park Clean Up

Girl Scout 5K Walk/Run Troop Leader: Monica Kay Anna Baldwin

Troop 301

Troop Leaders: Dawn Knowles, Maribeth Miller

Stockings For Kids at Salvation Army Emily Bennett Amanda Knowles

Troop 514

Collecting Coats for the Poor and Homeless at Emanuel Dining Room

Women’s Build Luncheon Troop Leader: Cynthia Staker Allison Embert Heather Golt Angela Smith

Jessica Knowles

Troop 308

Help the Humane Society of Kent County

Troop 528

Troop Leader: Debbie Pippin Emma Covington Helen Pippin Virginia Wagenfer

Troop Leader: Clare Ross


Troop 779

Troop Leader: Elizabeth Fearnow Laura Comollo Jessica Garris Maggie Poppiti Megan Powers Shreya Venkat

Troop Leader: Pat Merritt Caroline King

Girls Growing Green

Hope Tote Bags and Baby Hats

Troop 838

Operation Helping the Homeless Troop Leader: Michelle Metcalf Sarah Metcalf

Troop 563 Food Drive

Troop 941

Troop 656

Troop Leaders: Sandra Ford, Annette Jamison Skinner JaNiece Davis Kenaé Ford Taryn Jenkins Destiney Skinner

Dare to Care

Troop Leader: Sharon Bates Natavia Galloway Zaria Henry Elizabeth McGinnis Amber Worden

Document and Maintain Meditation Garden

Troop 975

Helping Animals

Troop Leader: Mary Gallo Christina Gallo Katie Mack

Troop 696

Troop Leaders: Elisha Jenkins, Sarah Ferguson

Book Drive

Naomi Branch Sydne Jenkins Hannah Kyriss

Giving to Others: People and Pets Troop Leader: Jill Zink Mary McArtor Summer Salyer

Eryne Jenkins

Camp Todd Adventure Trail Boxes

Troop Leaders: Penny Slavin, Dawn Carey Emily Harrington Dallas Slavin

Rockin’ It Old School

Troop 1003 Flower Beds

Troop Leader: Donna Cook Lee Ann Cook Emily Ferry Abriana Stinnett

Troop 752

The Napkin and Paper Towel Mission Troop Leader: Sharon Otalor Simone Josey

Troop Leader: Melissa Wilson Kathryn Emerson Rebecca Lubbers Courtney McDowell Desirea Penix Abigail Petro Lauren Tyrell Morgan Wilson

Troop 982

Improvements to Felton Community Center

Troop 740

India Johnston Destiny Jones Ellen Knotts Natalie Ross

Socks for the Needy

Troop 555

Homeless of Talbot County Laurie Alltop Keely Hanes

Troop 355

Troop Leader: Carolyn Gatti Shelby Fallin Bryant Graybeal Connor Graybeal Destinee Lampkin

Troop Leader: Corinne Smith Jessica Bishop Kaylie Downward Maya Hagen Kaitlyn Madron Kristin McCoy Lindsay Rosenthal Bethany Smith

Brielle Stephens


Girl Scout Silver Award Recipients

Girl Scout Silver Award Recipients

Troop 479

Troop 1167

Edge Outreach Shoes for Water Program

The Girl Scout Silver Award Girls must be in sixth, seventh or eighth grade and a registered Girl Scout Cadette. To earn the Girl Scout Silver Award, they must develop an individual or group Take Action Project that makes the local neighborhood or community better. Girls connect with new friends outside their immediate community, learn how others have solved similar problems and determine if the ideas of others can help with their plan.

Troop Leaders: Sami Charkow, Angie Birney

Recycling Revolution

Troop Leader: Carla Breck Jasmyn Breck Alexis Harned Riley Vickers

Autumn Birney

Operation Helmet Safety Lizzie Birney

Troop 1300

Troop 784

Troop Leader: Mackin-Schofield

Mom’s House Mission

Toy Drive for the Homeless

Troop Leader: Angela Geist Chloe Danyo Hannah Fernsler Ashley Geist Madeline Geist Samantha Muncey

Lauren DeRocili

Solving the Problem of Hunger, One Can at a Time Kaitlin Josefowski

Clothing Drive Summer 2011 Elizabeth Schofield

Troop 827

Troop 1307

Troop Leader: Bonnie Wanex Jada Burbage

Troop Leaders: Lisa Grande, Amy Schisler Hannah Bradley Mary Kate Grande

Scrapbook and Lap Blankets for Nursing Home

Troop 48

Troop 212

Troop Leader: Sharon Warren Megan Jones

Troop Leader: Cheryl Price Kathleen Hurley

Pet Food Drive

Books 4 Life

Troop 280

Troop 51

SU25 Website

Simply Equal Education, Friendship Boxes

Troop Leader: Brenda Bilous Melinda Bilous

Troop Leader: Karen Bell Kimberly Zoller

Troop 308

Troop 144

Recycling in your Community Troop Leader: Debbie Pippin Erica Hall Emily Kate Warren

Salem UM VBS

Troop Leader: Christina Morrell Katie Grayson 6

Bookcases and Supplies for Dorothy Black Youth Center

Troop 909

Troop 4920

Composting Demonstration Area Refurbishment

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Makes a Difference

Troop Leader: Valerie Strobel Sarah Strobel

Troop Leader: Margaret Mary Loftus Carolyn Loftus

Troop 992

Delaware Wildlife Refuge Clean-up, Animal Houses, Pockets, Wish List Troop Leaders: Debbie Taylor, Tammy Ragolia Madeline Milligan Devon Ragolia Sarah Shackelford Ashley Taylor


Girl Scout 10 Year Pin Recipients Shelby Baxter, Troop 1493

Kathleen Hurley, Troop 212

Kaitlyn Beauchamp, Troop 15

Megan Jones, Troop 48

Autumn Birney, Troop 1167

Melissa LaRue, Troop 15

Lizzie Birney, Troop 1167

Michaela Mayson, Troop 1155

Jasmyn Breck, Troop 479

Kristen Parker, Troop 955

Abigail Brown, Troop 1015

Caitlin Ritchie, Troop 497

Jessica Chaillou, Troop 512

Kathleen Rzucidlo, Troop 15

Kelsey Chandler, Troop 4997

Sarah Shackelford, Troop 992

Jaclyn Dawson, Troop 15

Laura Sturgill, Troop 497

Jessica DeBonis, Troop 521

Ashley Taylor, Troop 992

Samantha Gillespie, Troop 4912

Anne Walker, Troop 1493

Mary Kate Grande, Troop 1307

Sara Westhafer, Troop 1030

Sarah Hartman, Troop 361

Madelyn Wojnisz, Troop 1493

Lauren Hess, Troop 15

Girl Scout Graduating Seniors Stephanie Adams, Troop 15

Melissa LaRue, Troop 15

Shelby Baxter, Troop 1493

Julia Lindley, Troop 1119

Kaitlyn Beauchamp, Troop 15

Natalee Morris, Troop 1090

Morgan Chandler, Troop 383

Kathleen Rzucidlo, Troop 15

Ashley Conroe, Troop 1015

Regina Santangelo, Troop 467

Jaclyn Dawson, Troop 15

Mary-Kate Sulser, Troop 15

Jessica DeBonis, Troop 521

Montana Thompson, Troop 512

Kayla Ennis, Troop 246

Abigail VanderLek, Troop 15

Hailey Fretz, Troop 246

Anne Walker, Troop 1493

Lauren Hess, Troop 15

Sara Westhafer, Troop 1030

Autumn Hughes, Troop 246

Madelyn Wojnisz, Troop 1493

What will you be remembered for? Girl Scout Gold Award Girls must be in ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade and a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador. The project must be sustainable and last after the girl’s involvement ends. A focus on education and raising awareness is one way to make sure a project is carried on. Workshops and hands-on learning sessions can inspire others to keep the project going. Another way to create a sustainable project is by collaborating with community groups, civic associations, non-profit agencies, local government, and/or religious organizations to ensure the project lasts beyond the girl’s involvement. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve. The Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who have earned this award have invested 80 or more hours into their projects. They have entered an elite sisterhood – only about five percent of Girl Scouts nationally have earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. If added up, the amount of hours put into these community service projects this year by the 23 Girl Scout Gold Award recipients in our council would be more than 1,800 hours!

Laurel Hutchison, Troop 15 8


Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Abigail Brown

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Ashley Conroe

Troop 1015, Ocean View, DE Honor and Appreciating Our Soldiers and Veterans First, I created a Wall of Honor at my high school, to honor the graduates who serve in the military. It includes a plaque and a banner that says, “TO HONOR ALL WHO SERVE, May they know how very much their service means to us!” I raised the money to purchase the plaque and planned a dedication ceremony that took place on July 6, 2011. I worked with a youth group making five banners honoring our military. These banners are displayed at Lord Baltimore Elementary School, Indian River High School, The VA Hospital in Wilmington, and a local VFW and American Legion Post. I also worked with school children making cards for soldiers serving overseas. Finally, I worked with youth and women’s groups making dignity bags for patients at the VA Hospital. I wanted to let soldiers and veterans know the sacrifices they make for our country are appreciated.

Morgan Chandler

Troop 383, Salisbury, MD Self Esteem Workshop

Troop 1015, Dagsboro, DE A Bridge To Safety Indian River High School‘s Cross Country team is a new team at the school. The high school put in a three mile course around the woods adjacent to the school grounds. One thing they could not do is get to different parts of the course in a hurry if they needed to because of ditches that ran along part of the course. I decided that for my Girl Scout Gold Award I would build a bridge across the ditch that would help with easier access to parts of the course, this way emergency people could get to someone if they were injured instead of having to run all the way around. The bridge can be ridden over with a golf cart. The bridge is 40 feet long and eight feet wide. The course is used by both the school and community. Now the course will be safer for all who use it.

Bryn Crowder

Troop 529, Wilmington, DE Busy Boxes for A.I. Hospital

Throughout middle school, I struggled with my self esteem and it took me awhile to find myself. In these workshops I help girls realize their true potential by using real life situations and having them open up to themselves. I tell them “if you look at yourself in the mirror and have nothing good to say, what do others say about you?” I showed these girls that they make themselves and their future. Those that listened have made better life choices, one girl found me months later and said she decided to be a cheerleader. She hugged me and thanked me, leaving a sense of pride in my heart. I really reached out to these girls in hopes of saving them from bad decision making.

My project was very easy for me to develop. I wanted to help those at the A.I. Children’s Hospital as much as they helped me to recover from my concussion. While I feel as though I will never be able to show how much I really appreciate their services, the activity boxes I prepared for them are a great way for the therapists to entertain and work on any needed skills of their patients. These activities were well organized and easy to access by the therapists. I can only hope that my project has shown my never ending appreciation for the therapists at A.I.



Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Jaclyn Dawson

Troop 15, Wilmington, DE Faithful Friends Makeover I chose Faithful Friends No-Kill Animal Shelter for my Girl Scout Gold Award Project because of my love for animals. I wanted to improve the shelter’s curb appeal so that they might welcome more visitors and follow with more pet adoptions. After spending so much time at the shelter, I saw how boxes of kittens were just dropped off at the door. I really wanted to help the community by attracting the public to the shelter with fresh landscaping and fresh paint on the volunteer door. I also wood-burned “Faithful Friends” on a garden bench and placed it out front of the building for visitors waiting for the shelter to open. Inside, I had a glass cover made over the front counter, so that important information could be displayed. I also made new cat scratch post, of course, for the animals.

Hailey Lynn Fretz

Troop 246, Laurel, DE Delmar Middle School Sports Guide My project was to construct a never-before made sports booklet for the Delmar Middle School. Last year was the first year 5th graders attended Delmar. My book was to help inform them and their families on all requirements needed to play sports at Delmar. I’ve been in Communication Tech for the past 3 years and have greatly improved in my Photoshop/Computer skills; this helped guide me to the perfect project idea along with by strong school spirit. While creating The Delmar Middle School Sport Guide, I was able to show my creative ideas and better my skills for future in design. I hope my book encourages kids to get involved in after school activities in hopes they would continue on a successful path. I have always been a part of a team or club and my love for extracurricular activities made my project not only a success but also fun to complete. 12

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Samantha Gillespie

Troop 4912, Milford, DE Chase Rothermel Memorial and Sledding Safety Education My Girl Scout Gold Project, The Chase Rothermel Memorial at Milford Little League and Sledding Safety Project, has touched many people’s lives. This project involved two things. The first was a memorial in memory of Chase Rothermel, who died in a sledding accident. This consisted of two handmade benches, flowers, a plaque and mulch. The memorial was then squared off with chain link posts. The front side was left open so people can visit and relax. The second thing I did was give presentations to kids six and up on sledding safety. I gave them brochures for more information. This project helped kids understand the rights, wrongs, dos and don’ts of sledding. This will help more people know about sledding, so that no more accidents occur. The memorial and project touched many people and will have an effect on many generations to come.

Sarah Hartman

Troop 361, Wilmington, DE Bundles of Love I took my learnings from Girl Scouts, both my understanding of sewing and my love for the environment, to create a project that helped others. In a multi-dimensional project, I started a sewing club at my school that made quilts for a preschool in the city. The sewing club was (and still is) a club that brings sewers of all abilities, ranging from novice to expert, together to make care packages for needy people. We used recycled t-shirts and donated fabric to make 19 quilts. We were also fortunate to receive donations from local organizations that gave us children’s stories and coloring supplies. Many times last year the sewing club visited the preschool and played with children, who quickly became our friends. As a group, the club learned, grew and prospered as we saw the lives of others change in a positive way. 13

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients Julia Lindley

Laurel Hutchison

Troop 15, Wilmington, DE Girls Inc. Pad For my Girl Scout Gold Award, I renovated a room for Girls Incorporated, a non-profit organization that empowers girls to reach their full potential. The project included re-painting, carpeting and decorating the room with wall hangings and furniture. I also worked with the girls teaching them to tye-dye t-shirts. I was pointed in the direction of Girls Inc. by my Girl Scout Leader, Sandra Witman, who had heard of the organization. After completion, my project was able to give the girls a space where they can relax and do homework or play games and read books. I’d like to thank everyone who helped me, including my parents! This project wouldn’t have run as smoothly and been as successful without you.

Melissa LaRue

Troop 15, Wilmington, DE Faithful Friends Animal Shelter Lobby Improvements Faithful Friends is a non-profit organization that supports the community not just by the adoption of cats and dogs, but as an outreach to the community. I chose Faithful Friends as my project because they have not had work done at their facility for quite a while, and was in desperate need of a fresh look. The purpose of my project was to upgrade the foyer and lobby with fresh paint and staining to give a more inviting and pleasant look to the shelter. Also, I saw a need for a new donations box which I wanted to provide, as well as a pamphlet of hazardous items to pets for visitors to take home. I also framed pictures and posters to showcase some of the animals for adoption. To showcase the improvement and work completed, I held an Open House for friends, family and shelter volunteers of Faithful Friends on Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011. I am proud of my accomplishment and feel good about helping Faithful Friends! 14

Troop 1119, Newark, DE Food “Raiser” For my project I decided to do a dinner since that is what I aspire to do in my future. Guest paid an entry fee and then brought a bag of dry or canned goods to be donated to the Milford Branch Food Bank of Delaware. I had to coordinate menus and tickets with different communities. In the end I raised over 500 pounds of food with about 40 attendees.

Brandy Midzinski

Troop 15, Hockessin, DE Relocating, Reorganizing and Refurbishing the St. Barnabas Sunday School Supply Closet After having our Girl Scout meetings in the main hall at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church for many years, I wanted to give back to the church community. Knowing that the main arts and crafts storage area was in need of major help, I decided to clean out and reorganize their materials and donated their extra supplies to a local pre-school, Nathalie B. Hammond. With these extra materials, I taught a lesson to a group of young students who attend the school. They learned about recycling and how they themselves can help change and protect their world.

Natalee Morris

Troop 1090, Dover, DE A Healthy Summer Snack The issue my project addressed was that students do not eat healthy during the day. During the school year I see kids bring in chips, candy, cookies, etc. I wanted to introduce a healthier snack alternative. I hoped that at the end of my project those students will choose healthier foods to eat throughout the day. The project included promoting healthy eating through advertising and a guide, and handing out healthy snacks at school. 15

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Megan Mulrooney

Troop 1048, Wilmington, DE Revision and Redesign of the St. Mary Magdalen Website For my project I redesigned the St. Mary Magdalen school website. My project addressed the issue of outdated technology and website information and the issue of a lack of communication between teachers and parents. With the help of the school’s computer teacher and principal, we were able to update almost all of the site’s information. We also came up with a new format to make the website easier to use. From this project, I learned that I can overcome any obstacle if I keep a positive mind.

Misty Rose Norman

Troop 7, Berlin, MD Fathers Matter to Daughters A father’s positive involvement and support of his daughter has an impact that lasts a lifetime. Daughters with an active father are more likely to succeed in school. This Girl Scout Gold Award Project focused on developing an event with fun and interactive activities for fathers and daughters to do together. A followup package was created for future interaction. Of her project, Misty said, “I will continue sharing why I think girls and dads need more time spent together. I have found it is rewarding to balance responsibilities, delegate fairly and consider many possible outcomes when dealing with any group.”

Kathleen Rzucidlo

Troop 15, Landenberg, PA Introduction to Kennett High School The Introduction to Kennett High School video displays my high school in a new light for new students thinking of attending the high school. Each new student receives a blue “Go Kennett” spirit band. The video has interviews and clips from teachers as well as a sneak peek of what Kennett High School is truly about. 16

Regina Santangelo

Troop 467, Middletown, DE Cozy Comforts I chose the topic of domestic violence for my project because I wanted to help the women and children who are fleeing their homes due to abusive relationships. I held an event at Silver Lake Elementary School to educate the community and receive help making blankets to donate to People’s Place, a shelter for victims of domestic violence. Speaker Quincy Lucas, founder and president of Witney’s Lights, an organization dedicated to informing the public about domestic abuse, spoke to the girls in the group about bullying and dating violence. Fifty fleece blankets were completed that night, and overall I collected in excess of six hundred items, such as women’s toiletries and baby products, to donate to the shelter. Cozy Comforts benefited people in my community by shining a light on these sensitive issues. The donations helped to give over one hundred people a fresh start.

Rebecca Schisler

Troop 453, Easton, MD Saving Act Carnival My Girl Scout Gold Award Project was done because of my dedication to our local crisis pregnancy center. The center helps young women with unexpected pregnancies to be able to keep their babies or put them up for adoption. In order to continue doing this, the center was in the process of becoming a fully certified medical center where woman could seek sonograms and advice from a medical doctor. While the center was successfully raising the money for the machine, it was not going to be able to purchase the supplies to go along with it. I raised enough money through my carnival to purchase all of the supplies. I led a team of 44 people ranging in age from 7 to 75, and we put together a one-day carnival with games that I made with the help of my family, door prizes, food and baked goods all donated by our community. 17

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Mary-Kate Sulser

Troop 15, Newark, DE The Importance of Being Remodeled I chose to remodel the basement of the Saint Mark’s High School auditorium for my Girl Scout Gold Award Project. The basement is used as a green room for the theatrical productions held on the Saint Mark’s stage. Remodeling the area has given everyone involved in productions at Saint Mark’s a cleaner and more professional space to rehearse and prepare in for productions. I also cleaned and reorganized the dressing rooms. This has allowed the performers to keep their costumes and stage props in better condition. Alumni who have seen the completed room are thrilled to see that someone has taken it upon themselves to turn that area into a respectable, clean working environment.

Anne Walker

Troop 1493, New Castle, DE A Swimmer’s Guide to College

Girl Scout Gold Award Recipients

Sara Westhafer

Troop 1030, Ocean View, DE Expanding Education through the Environment I chose this project because I believe that children need a stimulating environment that will motivate them to learn. For my project I rejuvenated the outdoor classroom area at John M. Clayton Elementary School. With the help of volunteers, I removed the overgrowth and weeds and planted beneficial native plants. I solved the issue of the eroding soil by putting rocks down. I also created lesson plans to do with the children to get them excited about their “new” outdoor learning area. My project addressed the lack of incorporating learning with interaction in an outdoor setting. My project brought many benefits and opened up a lot of possibilities to the community. With an outdoor classroom close to the school, the teachers can easily get their students outside to partake in an educational activity. This, in time, will lead to the growth of exploratory minds.

Madelyn Wojnisz

Troop 1493, Wilmington, DE For The Love of Pink

I have been a competitive swimmer for 13 years since the age of 5. I wanted to combine my love of Girl Scouting and swimming in my Girl Scout Gold Award. With the help of my advisors, Leader Diana Wojnisz and Adam Braun the Director of Competitive Swimming at the Western YMCA, I developed The Swimmer’s Guide to College. I wrote to over 65 colleges asking what the coaches look for in their swimmers. The guide complies all of their responses. It is divided into four chapters; Division I, II, III and The Big 10. “The Swimmer’s Guide to College” was shared with the state Director of DIAA and in turn shared with all high school athletic directors in the State of Delaware.

For my project, I created a website designed to help children of all ages cope with a loved one’s diagnosis with cancer. I also collected donations of lotion, mints, candles and other essentials to put into homemade care packages to be given to patients undergoing chemotherapy. I chose this project for many reasons. Not only did I lose a young aunt to breast cancer, but my grandmother had recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had a hard time coping with it, and I didn’t want other children to feel the same way. My project has helped the community because it has shown those affected by cancer that people care about them, and that they still deserve to be treated as normal people.



2012 On My Honor Ceremony pamphlet  

Celebrating girl scouting's highest achievements.