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Airfoil Creating products that make buildings better


Sun shading systems

Expansion joint cover systems

These words vividly demonstrate our fundamental dedication to architecture, engineering and the never-ending quest for elegant yet practical and sustainable solutions.

Over 60 years thriving for excellence Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties Inc. quickly became a manufacturer of specialty architectural building products that support the architect’s quest for brilliant and innovative yet practical and sustainable architecture. The company has a long track record of collaborating with architects and designers, building owners, facility managers and contractors to solve complex building challenges and fulfil its mission statement, “creating products that make buildings better”, “and better looking”, we might add.

Administration buildings, office buildings, car show rooms,

Our tag-line is not only a synonym for our products’ synergy of functional brilliance with exceptional appearance but also a vivid affirmation of our culture of collaboration, unmatched 60-year dedication to the commercial building community and our brand’s personality, a blend of category leadership, manufacturing excellence and superior service.

museums, shopping malls, cinemas and theatres, large glazed constructions, schools, banks, military installations, airports, universities, motorway service stations, railway stations, hospitals, sports stadiums, emergency stairways, motels, elderly homes, high schools, exhibition and conference centres, swimming pools, bus terminals, covered sports halls, post Entrance flooring systems

Milestones of our 60 year thrive CS begins manufacturing specialty building products.

1948 1951


Global expansion begins with opening of CS France, the first manufacturing plant in European territory.




Edward and Mary Ellen Hallow found Construction Specialties in Newark, USA.

CS unveils another industrychanging brand – Acrovyn®, the revolutionary wall protection.

2011 Acrovyn®Bactericide is developed. The only wall protection material certified to be truly bactericide.




1961 CS develops the first extruded aluminium blade and introduces CS Airfoil® to the architectural community.

CS Acrovyn Doors are launched, a revolutionary patented system for virtually indestructible doors.

CS introduces CS Pedisystems, beautiful architectural entrance flooring systems designed to stop dirt at the door.


offices, hotels, petrol stations, car parks, etc.

Wall protection systems

2004 CS develops the first expansion joint fire barrier to prevent the chimney effect of fires in expansion joints.

2013 2012

CS introduces Floorometry, a revolutionary, rule changing entrance flooring system.

Acrovyn 4000 ‘Imagine’ Panels Branding Solutions ®


Acrovyn®Imagine. Tough as nails Acrovyn teams up with digital print for stunning wall protection projects.


Acrovyn Wall protection systems

Truly bactericide wall protection

Protection and style

Protecting walls and patients alike.

CS Acrovyn®’s legendary robustness has been safeguarding walls, corners and doors of thousands of premises worldwide from wear, tear and deterioration with trend setting style. Behind the sleek and sophisticated designs you will find products, engineered with top quality materials and state of the art technology, that protect as good as they look.

Nosocomial infections have been identified as “one of the leading causes of death” by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are a real concern to the health sector. Acrovyn®Bactericide combines tough as nails CS Acrovyn® with truly bactericide properties, killing relentlessly any bacteria settled on its surface and contributing as a result to create safer health and sanitary environments.


Acrovyn®Bactericide is available with a textured or smooth finish

Selection of handrails and combined handrails bumper guards

Acrovyn Doors

Acrovyn Imagine Panels

Door protection

Wall protection with embedded artwork

The virtually indestructible door.

CS Acrovyn®’s legendary protection, your looks.

Conventional doors don’t stand up to daily abuse, requiring frequent repair or replacement. CS Acrovyn®Doors are designed to look good on day one and will continue to look new for years to come.

CS Acrovyn®Imagine Panels offer bespoke protection to your interiors while allowing to embed any picture, any size in CS Acrovyn® sheet. A world of creativity and design flexibility with CS Acrovyn®’s legendary protection.

Acrovyn Doors

Indoor VOC Emissions


100% recyclable

ROHS compliant



Airfoil Sun control and shading systems

Expansion joint cover systems

Efficient solar protection for captivating façade design

Market leading products and expertise.

CS has been offering architects ways to tame the sun for over 60 years. From cantilevered, suspended and vertical fixed sunshades to illuminated and noise-cancelling sun blades, we have just the right product to reduce glare, heat gain and energy usage while maximizing occupant comfort and affording distinguishing elegance to buildings, day and night.

CS is the originator of most of today’s cover technology, whether it’s seismic, thermal or wind-sway. We partner with architects to get involved with projects early so that, with our expertise, the right covers are chosen for each specific purpose. Our extensive line of products includes both architectural expansion joint covers and systems for parking structures.



CS Airfoil Lux® illuminated sun shading blade

CS Airfoil® noise-cancelling sun shading blade

Seismic expansion joint fire barrier

Pedisystems Entrance flooring and dirt containment


Stopping dirt at the door, beautifully. CS Pedisystems® has become the industry standard for architectural entrance mats and grids since its introduction over 40 years ago. Effectively stopping dirt and water from entering a building, they save facility owners significant amounts of time and money in building maintenance costs while being the architects preferred choice for its design flexibility and great looks.



Pedisystems Pedisystems Couvraneuf

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