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Solicitation for  Training  Applications  

  Judicial  Work  at  the  Interface  of  Mental  Health  and  Criminal  Justice  is   a  training  designed  for  all  judges  who  hear  criminal  cases.  The   program  was  created  by  judges  and  psychiatrists  working  in   partnership  with  the  American  Psychiatric  Foundation  (APF)  and  the   Council  of  State  Governments  (CSG)  Justice  Center  with  input  from  the   National  Judicial  College.  Presented  by  pairs  of  expert  judges  and   psychiatrists  from  the  Judges’  Criminal  Justice/Behavioral  Health   Leadership  Initiative  (JLI)  and  the  Psychiatric  Leadership  Group  for   Criminal  Justice,  Judicial  Work  at  the  Interface  of  Mental  Health  and   Criminal  Justice  provides  judges  with:   ·∙ Information  on  how  behavioral  health  issues  and  criminogenic   risk  factors  can  impact  an  individual’s  interactions  with  the   criminal  justice  system   ·∙ Tips  on  spotting  potential  behavioral  health  issues  in  the   courtroom—and  on  interacting  respectfully  and  productively   with  individuals  with  behavioral  health  issues   ·∙ Discussion  of  key  ethical  considerations   ·∙ Effective  strategies  for  collaborative  treatment  and   supervision   ·∙ And  much  more!       Judicial  Work  at  the  Interface  of  Mental  Health  and  Criminal  Justice   has  been  piloted  to  enthusiastic  audiences  in  Illinois  and  Wisconsin,   and  APF  and  the  CSG  Justice  Center  are  now  accepting  applications   from  other  states  interested  in  arranging  a  training  for  their   judiciaries.  The  program  includes  a  presentation  and  new  video  case   studies  illustrating  issues  that  often  arise  in  the  courtroom  with   discussion  to  both  provide  information  and  help  build  practical  skills.   Materials  distributed  include  the  JLI’s  popular  laminated  Judges’  Guide   to  Mental  Illnesses  in  the  Courtroom.       To  apply,  please  send  the  following  materials  to  Jackie  Cheney  at  or  by  mail  to  Council  of  State  Governments  Justice  

Center, 100  Wall  Street,  11th  Floor,  New  York,  NY  10005:       1. A  request  for  the  training  containing  the  following   information:   ·∙ Possible  dates  for  the  training  (Preference  will  be  given   to  sites  proposing  events  in  2013  or  the  first  quarter  of   2014)   ·∙ A  description  of  the  format  you  intend  for  the  training   (Will  it  be  presented  as  part  of  a  larger  program  or  by   itself?  If  part  of  a  larger  program,  what  is  the  content   of  that  program?)   ·∙ The  number  of  attendees  you  expect  (Preference  will   be  given  to  sites  convening  at  least  50  judges)   ·∙ A  description  of  your  planned  efforts  to  publicize  the   training   ·∙ The  amount  of  time  you  can  dedicate  to  this  training   (Preference  will  be  given  to  sites  that  can  dedicate  at   least  four  hours  to  cover  both  the  presentation  and   case  studies  discussion)   2. A  letter  requesting  the  training  from  the  individual  in  charge   of  judicial  education  in  your  state  and  stating  a  commitment   to:   ·∙ Pay  for  the  costs  of  meeting  materials;  these  will   include  photocopies  and  laminated  “bench  cards”   ·∙ Provide  appropriate  audio/visual  facilities  for  the   training   ·∙ Distribute  evaluation  forms  (provided  by  training   planners)  to  all  participants  at  the  training   ·∙ Provide  feedback  on  the  training  to  training  planners       ·∙ Assist  training  planners  to  distribute  an  online  survey   (provided  by  training  planners)  to  all  participants  six   weeks  after  the  training   3. A  letter  from  your  state’s  mental  health  agency  stating  its   commitment  to  provide  a  psychiatrist  or  psychologist  from   your  state  to  attend  the  training  and  provide  practical  

information on  accessing  your  state’s  behavioral  health   services  

  Applications  are  due  by  July  1,  2013.  

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